Lucy’s 2nd Rocktoberfest Day

It’s still Rocktoberfest Time on Lookout Mountain, GA. Xena went on Saturday when our cousins from Ft. Wayne Indiana visited, and Mom forgot her phone at home, so no pictures. But she did remember her phone on Sunday when I went, so lots of pictures of me and Dad and Rock City and other Rocktoberfest dogs.

Besides being the best Dad in the whole world, and smarter even than me, and a fantastic polka teacher, my Dad can sing! So the band asked him to join them in singing some of their special German songs, like The Pennsylvania Polka.

First, though, he sang a song that made me feel bad, ’cause I thought he was singing it to me.

Dad, are you singing that song to me?

Last year my Aunt Bobbi told Dad that I am fat, and because I am not fat! him and Mom joke about it all the time. But then he sang this song that goes I don’t want her, you can have her, she’s too fat for me…

To help me recover from that trauma Mom said, “Let’s go explore the trails.”

Hey, let’s go this way, Mom!

We took off down a less busy trail and I enjoyed the smells and the beauty.

The Goblins Underpass sounded foreboding, but I had to be at least as brave as my sister was when she entered the Under-Cliff Passage.

There wasn’t anything too scary, or even any munchrooms to eat, and pretty soon I saw daylight and the stairs leading outside.

Once I got out from underground, I found these gnomes busy doing something, I don’t know what.

We went back to the pavilion where there was lots of music and I visited with a couple who were from Atlanta. They met Xena last year, and they are really good petters. I only got in a little bit of trouble when I ate the rest of the lady’s hot dog. She said it was ok, though, that she didn’t really want it anyhow. Mom took a lot of pictures of the other dogs enjoying Rocktoberfest, and she will share those next time. Let’s close with Dad singing the song about where Mom was born.

Licks and wiggles, Lucy