Xena’s Story: Magic Carpet Time

Lucy: Your story really had some punch last time. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Why don’t you take a break from practicing your Freestyle and write another one, Xexe?

Xena: Great idea, Lucy. Although I sure do love the cheese I get when I work my Freestyle figures with Mommy! Let’s see, where were we…

Part 3 Chapter 5: Magic Carpet Time

The day after the party, the sun was barely peeking over the tree tops when Sho began to purr in Tye’s ear.

“Rise and shine, little sister. It’s time to go pick up our renovated magic carpet and see how much we can carry on it to take to Canada. Wake up our friend, Xe, too.”

When Tye heard that they were going back to the magic carpet emporium, she shook herself awake, then shook Xe awake. She was secretly hoping that she would get a parting gift of her very own carpet from her friends in Tyeland.

“There’s something I haven’t told you.” Xena was trying to hold back a big smile as they entered the store. “I emailed my Mommy and told her that even though I love you a lot, Tye, we might need some time apart. So, you’ll never guess…she bought me my very own magic carpet. Apparently the emporium takes credit card payments over the phone!”

At this unexpected news, Tyes eyes got huge. She jumped up, grabbed Xe’s paws and they both hopped around together with joy.

“Have you picked it out?” asked Sho.

“Even though I explained that I am a ‘sperienced carpet driver, Mommy said I had to get the new, self-driving model with auto-pilot,” answered Xe. “Here’s the one I chose.”

When Tye saw the carpet Xe had bought, her face went whiter than it usually is, and tears filled her eyes. “But that’s the one I wanted,” she sobbed.

“We know,” purred Sho as she stroked Tye’s head. “That’s why I splurged with the rent money we got and bought you the same one. Now you and your BDFF (Best Dog Friend Forever) have matching flying carpets.”

Tye started sobbing harder with joy, and pulled her sis and her BDFF both in for a group hug.

“How about if we take them for a spin,” suggested Xe as she hopped up on hers. Tye didn’t have to be asked twice.

“Sho, take our picture,” the BFF’s said in unison, before breaking out in giggles.

Off they both flew out the door and across the top of the jungle. They could see King the snake and little Missy the mouse taking a leisurely stroll on the jungle path; lots of beautifully colored birds they didn’t know, as well as Tyeko, their next door neighbor; and various other inhabitants of the jungle. Soon, their growling stomachs urged them to tell the carpets to take them to Hut Canada, where they were hoping for more banana splits. Being mischievious youngsters, they got distracted once they arrived at the hut.

“Hey, Xe, do you want to try jumping onto the roof of Hut Canada with me?” meowed Tye.

Lost in her own thoughts, Xe mused, “I wonder what would happen if I climbed onto Tye’s carpet…”

“Girls!” cried out Sho. “I thought you were mature enough to have your own carpets, but maybe I was wrong.”

Startled, Xe said the first thing that came to mind. “Will you make me a banana split to go? I need to pack my suitcase. It’s a long way to Paris, even with my new carpet,” she explained.

Paris?” Sho and Tye both exclaimed as the carpets settled softly onto the grass.

“That’s my second surprise,” giggled Xe. “Mommy also said that with my new self-driving carpet, plus me being three whole years old now, that I’m allowed to take a trip. I picked Paris. That’s where Mommy took me our first summer together, and I’ve been wanting to go back and see more of the city.”

While Sho made breakfast banana splits (they had granola sprinkled on top), they all chatted about everything Xe would see see and do in Paris. Sho also said that they planned on leaving for the country Canada the next day, so they still had some preparations to make. Then the sisters hurridly cleaned up the kitchen while Xe packed her suitcase.

“Give your carpet good directions, and listen to its warnings,” advised Sho.
“Have fun and send us postcards from Paris!” added Tye as she waved bye-bye.
“Text me your new address and I will send them there,” Xe answered with a woofy smile.

With barely a whisper, the new carpet rose from the green grass of Sho and Tye’s lawn. With a course set directly across two continents, Xe headed off to her next adventure.

The Bears are Back

Xena: Who’s up there on the bed whispering? Make way, I’m coming up.

Yay! You’re all out of hibernation, and look! There’s our missing Mr. Eleephant!! Sweetheart, your eye looks odd. Do you have pink-eye?

Sweetheart Bear: No, Xena, that’s just my pink furs that got in it. You can lick them away from my eye if you want. And yes, we found Mr. Eleephant. Well, actually, Rainbow bear found him sitting on the front step. He was a bit hungry and cold, but otherwise he’s ok.

Elle: The bears are having a post-hibernation confab and I was invited because I’m Mr. Eleephant’s care-taker when he is here.

Jen Jen Bear: Yes we’re discussing how to keep everyone alive and safe from that Riley dog, as well as what to do about that Scoundrel Ludwig.

Riley: Why does everybody always pick on me?

Ludwig suddenly appears: Mr. Eleephant, it’s good to see you’re alive and well. I had urgent business to…

Rainbow Bear: Ludwig, you scoundrel! We take care of our own around here. How dare you abandon Mr. Eleephant on the front porch while you tried to spy on Xena! (click here if you missed this)

Ludwig: Mr. Eleephant is OK – he’s a tough old coot. And well, I, I, I already wore the cone of shame. Isn’t that enough? Can’t we all be friends again?

The bears and the elephants discussed how they wanted to handle this, and what to do next. An executive decision was made…

OK, all y’all, game’s on. Last one to Xena’ kennel is a rotten Ludwig!

This is Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess and Chippy the chipmunk with a hoard travelling to my kennel.