Nature Friday Around Our Neighborhood

Hi there! Mommy said if I want my picture taken with the mums (I still think that’s funny, they aren’t anyone’s “mum” that I know of) then I need to tell you about them. So here goes. She got the pot of flowers last year, set it out somewhere in the yard, the weather got cold, she stuck it somewhere else, found it this spring and dropped it pot and all in the hole in front of the house were she had dug out a bush and they’ve grown crazy big. There, I did it without even taking a breath.

She’s wondering if it will bloom again next year and if she should take it out of the pot and plant it in the ground now or in the spring or if she should just store the whole thing in the shed or what to do with it. I wonder if she wonders a bunch of stuff like that about me.

Then we all took a walk, and this is us turning the corner out of our driveway. Notice anything odd about our mailbox?

Daddy’s here, so I can’t tell you who backed our truck into it and then tried to straighten it back up and got it straight enough so it won’t fall over but it is still the leaning tower of mailbox. Mommy tried to push it but decided it must weigh about 87 tons.

A few houses up the road, we stopped to look at a pretty bug. I wonder if it tastes good.

Anyhoo, there were little bees trying to get the pollen out of the flowers there too, and the butterbug kept moving to a different flower when a bee would get too near. Smart bug!

At another neighbor’s, who we call the chicken people because they raise chickens, we got a picture of this tall plant. It has little purple flowers laid flat against the stem with white parts sticking out.

We’ve never seen a plant like this before and don’t know what it is (which isn’t unusual for us. Do you?

After a great walk on a beautiful, warm, sunny day, our schnauzer flag greets us home.

Do you see how it works for both Halloween and Thanksgiving?

If you’ll excuse me now, I have some running and playing to do with Lucy in our front yard before we go inside for an afternoon nap.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

We are joining Arty, Jakey, Rosy and Sunny of the LLB Gang for Nature Friday, and thank them for hosting it.

Flower Friday with Xena

Hey Luce, can you believe it’s already been a whole year since I had to pose for this picture?

We had a new azalea last year. That’s the one you posed beside. It’s a nice picture of you, too, Lucy.

That was our new, 3 season azalea. It bloomed again in the spring for a short time. In the spring it looked like this.

Later in the spring, Mommy called the place where she got it, Holcomb’s Garden Center. It had a warranty, and she was thinking about returning it. They told her that it doesn’t bloom continuously for 3 seasons, but it would bloom again in the summer. Well, in the summer, it was deader than a thumbnail.

Lucy: That’s a door nail, Xena.

Xena: Whatever. Anyhoo. by then Holcomb’s was OOB. That’s short for Out of Business. Can you believe it? So now it looks like this.

In case you’re wondering, that’s a hole in the ground where the azalea bush used to be.

Well then today, Mommy ran out to the store without me ’cause we live in the USA where they have stupid laws about dogs and stores and she came home with a mum. Mom came home with a mum! BOL, BOL! So, to kill two words with one stone…

Lucy: It’s birds, Xena. It’s to kill two birds with one stone.

Xena: Why word you want to kill birds? And I really don’t see how you could kill two of them with the same stone. Anyhoo, no matter what you kill with one stone, or if yo don’t want to kill anything at all, or if you just want to kill one word or bird or…

Lucy: Xena, enough. Please just get to the point.

Xena; Mommy decided to put the table out over top of the hole where the azalea used to be and put that mum that is not her on it and take my picture with it again. Happy Flower Friday, folks.

Pee S, The pretty plastic aura around my head is ’cause I itched a hot spot under my ear. More about that later.

Thanks to Rosy from the LLB Gang for hosting another edition of Flower Friday

Fall Flower Friday

Lucy: Mom played supermom and removed old stumps and roots from dead bushes by pushing them out of the ground with her feet. How? Glad you asked. She put her back against the house and pushed with her supermom legs. (When she gets determined, stay out of her way!) She bought bags and bags of new pine mulch and dumped it all over the ground in front of the house. Then, after researching the 3 season azalea bushes on-line, she picked out an Encore Azalea at a plant nursery. She dug and scraped and dug some more and finally got it planted in front of the house, right where she wanted it. I told her to quick, get some pictures, ’cause we all know what happens to most of the stuff she plants, BOL!  Don’t you think the color goes pretty with my furs? 

Xena: Mommy also got a mum. (He, he, I think that is really funny…Mom got a mum.) First, she set it on top of her new mulch, but we live on a hill, so no one could see her pretty flowers from down at the road. So she found an old plastic white table to set them on. She spray-painted a plastic chair Tennessee Vols orange to add even more color to the front of the house and to make the crazy college football people in the neighborhood like her. It was nice to sit in the orange chair and…smell the roses mums.

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Love and wiggles from Lucy and Xena Warrior Princess.