Lucy’s First Vacation

I went in the car with My Jeff Dad on Monday morning after he had stuffed his gut and didn’t give me any eaten breakfast and packed a whole bunch of stuff in the trunk and on the front and back seats. I got to sit in the back (as usual) on a black and silver colored bed that smelled like another dog. I notice that smell around the house a lot, too, and sometimes I get inspiration from it. You know, great ideas, like to go beg for food at the kitchen table.

Bye Chattanooga
Goodbye Chattanooga. I hope to see you and My Amy Mom again someday. 😦 

Since I didn’t even know what a vacation was, I was pretty nervous all day in the car. Where were we going and what would happen if My Amy Mom came home from work and I wasn’t there? I wouldn’t go peepee or drink any water when we stopped, and we seemed to stop a lot.

Lucy in car tongue out
I want to go home.

At the next stop My Jeff Dad pulled off a back road by a really huge field, took me out in the middle of it, and unsnapped my leash. I took this chance to go potty in some bushes. Suddenly, I spotted a rabbit!

Theres a rabbit
You can’t get away from me, you wascally wabbit!

I could have caught the bunny, you know, but it is too close to Easter to take that chance.

After 87 hours, we went into this really huge house with so many smells I couldn’t read all of them, and with lots and lots of bedrooms. Can you believe My Jeff Dad closed me in the bathroom while he went out and feasted on something? I sat on my new bed thinking about how I coulda-shouda caught the rabbit to snack on while he was gone. When he got back, he put my bed next to something called a meer. I could see myself in it, and I wagged my tail and stared at myself for a long time. I then chose to sleep in my very own peeps bed all night long.

Lucy in hotel
For fun, I tried to see if I could blend in with the carpet. (darn red collar)

The next morning My Jeff Dad brought me my own scrambled eggs. This time, I wasn’t nervous when we got in the car. This vacation thing was beginning to seem like a fun thing. I didn’t pant any more and My Jeff Dad figured out that if he took me over to the bushes, I would do my bizness even when he was standing there holding the leash. Then he started explaining to me that I was going to meet my Grandma and that I would love her and she would love me. He also eased my mind by saying we would stay just a few nights, then go back home to Chattanooga and My Amy Mom.

Jeff Dad weren't we supposed to turn there
Hey Jeff Dad, I think you missed your turn. Hey Jeff Dad, did you see that place that smells like hamburgers? Hey Jeff Dad…

It was only day two and My Jeff Dad said I was acting like a seasoned traveller. I’m not sure what that is, but he laughed and said it like it was a good thing.

We finally got to my new Grandma’s house, and she came outside to meet me. I knew she was a person of many years and I was careful not to jump or push against her. I wagged a lot and gently nudged her with my nose. She smiled and petted me and said I am a good dog. I spent most of the evening under her walker, cuddled up against her legs. It’s getting late here in this place called Ill in Noise, so I am going to go sleep on my new bed and dream about wascally wabbits and what fun we will have tomorrow.

Love and wags from Ill in Noise, Lucy.

Pee Ess: Even in Ill in Noise, I heard that my new friend Dory lost her fight with heart disease this week and has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Her family greatly appreciates all the support they have received from their friends in Blogville. If you haven’t reached out to them, you can go here to do that.

Over the River and through the Woods, to Grandmother’s House We Go

Yes, we crossed some pretty big rivers to get to Grandma Jean’s, among them the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers. Once we hit the area where Grandma lives, called The Territories, we saw lots of wooded areas. So I am sticking with my Christmas song for Thanksgiving week. If you remember, it had started to snow just before we pulled into the garage. It snowed all evening and all night and most of the next morning. There was about 8 inches of snow here in Northwestern Illinois and the temperature outside was down in the teens. Today it warmed up into the 40’s and the snow started to melt.

I am coming in from where I go out to potty. I can smell where the herd of deer ran through the front yard.
I am coming in from where I go out to potty. I can smell where the herd of deer ran through the front yard.

My bestest and only boyfriend Noodle has blogged about sitting in his Grandma’s lap when she comes to visit. It looks very cozy.

My newest friend Dante just finished a long visit with his Grandma. He rode around on her walker and got lots of kissies.

I miss my Grandma who went to Heaven. I spent a lot of time with her, almost every day for awhile until she had to move to assisted care. It is nice to remember that I have another granny, Grandma Jean, even if she is so far away. While I am here, I decided to try one of Dante’s favorite things with his granny.

I've been a good girl and get a ride.
I’ve been a good girl and get a ride.

Today, everyone left without me.

*stretch* They have been gone for hours.
*stretch* They have been gone for hours.

When everyone came home, I spent some time with my peep cousin, Josie. She is a good petter.

I have a new friend.
       I have a new friend.

We are heading home in two days. Just when I started getting used to everything and everyone. Oh wait, that means… Road Trip!

Memory Monday: Nursing Home Therapy

I don’t get to go to nursing homes anymore, not since my Grandma died. Sometimes I still think about it, though, because I still like older people. And sometimes when we go to the children’s hospital, we sneak into the section where there are sick big people – mostly older – and I feel their need. I give them the very best therapy possible. Hmmm. I think I will ask Mom to start taking me to nursing homes again. They need me. I have asked Mommy to type my memory Monday part in blue so you will know when it ends and we are back to now.

Memory Monday: My first trip to a nursing home.

March 20, 2007: Mom came home from work early on Friday and took me to a nursing home. At first I thought I was going to see my Grandma who lives near there, but I got to see lots and lots of other people who are old like my Grandma. Their rooms all open out to hallways, too, so they wouldn’t be able to let me stay all day either. They all talked to me nice and petted me. Mom told everyone about me being Toto in the Wizard of Oz. The bling on my collar was the picture button with me and Dorothy on it. No one had met a real, live star before, and I think they liked that. I felt very proud. There were a lot of cookie crumbs and I cleaned them up for everyone. I am a good helper.  It was hot and stuffy in there and my throat got parched. It smelled funny too, like stuff I am not allowed to do in the house. I started whining and Mommy looked like she was going to be sick, so we left. She said we might go to a different nursing home next time.

I am a therapy dog now. I hope I don’t have to learn a new name again, like I did for the play.

Saturday I get to see my good schnauzer friends, Piper and Marley.

Lexi_Piper_Marley on patio 07
The Three Amigos: (L-R) Piper, Marley and Me

We are all going to get tested to be therapy dogs for hospitals that take care of children. I like all the children petting me. I am so sure I will pass whatever the test is. I hear that Marley is a little worried about this because she never liked kids. I think I will talk to her about it. After all, I never liked kids either until the Wizard of Oz. I will let her know they are really OK. Sometimes they are yummy sticky and they usually drop food, so it’s good to hang around them. I am Lexi, the new nursing home dog.

See, I even said way back when I was only 4 years old that I am a nursing home dog. Yep, gotta’ get that going again.

Noodle 2Now for a Memory Memory post from my bestest guy, Noodle.

Eye better; market good

May 23, 2006
My eye is all better now. No more horrible collar thingy. I am free! Life is good again.

Lexi at market I went to the downtown market Sunday and got to see lots of people and dogs. The band was playing and Grandma made me stay with her while Mom danced. I wanted to go out on the dance floor too, but no one would let me. So Mom took me out on the dance floor when it was all over and asked me to dance with her, but I didn’t want to anymore because the band had quit playing. I saw a couple of my favorite people but no one seemed happy when I jumped up on them and got them all dirty with my paws. I still had a good time and was exhausted when I got home.

I am learning Bolero. Mom has a tape, and I watch it with her and watch her practice. I think I can do this. She is going to have to take smaller steps, though.

More later from the “dancing Schnauzer.” (Has a nice sound to it, don’t you think?)


Grandma’s here!

February 26, 2006
Hey everyone, you are simply not going to believe this. Now I get to live at both my old apartment and at my new house, and I am almost never alone! My Grandma moved here from Pennsylvania and she is living in my apartment. In the morning I go there to stay with her and then Mom picks me up at lunch time and takes me home. My Grandma is really old and I have to be careful not to hurt her. Grandma is still in bed in the morning when Mom leaves me – Mom still has a key – and I run and jump in bed with Grandma and get under the covers with her until I think it is time for her to get up. I get impatient because she always shares her toast with me. In fact, she has started making me my very own toast with black raspberry jam on it. Grandma is always very nice to me and says sweet things and feeds me pretzels. Now I have my Grandma and my apartment that I was missing, too!

One day while I was there, Grandma got sick and was sitting on the side of the bed holding her head. I felt really bad for her, so I gently put my paw on her arm to comfort her. She told Mom that I am a kind schnauzer and Mom kept telling me what a good girl I am. Like I said, I felt bad Grandma was sick, so I only tried to make her feel better. I am glad it was the right thing to do. I am still young and learning what to do in different situations. I usually do ok if I follow my instincts instead of my stomach. That can be quite a reach for a hungry schnauzer like me!

Lexi the kind schnauzer