Happy Tuesday Visitors

First, many thanks to Comedy Plus for hosting Happy Tuesday!

Hey there, Xena here. I want to tell you about visitors we had over the weekend.

Mommy is from Pee Aye, up north where it’s cold now. Rhonda, her best friend from there, brought her fiance with her to visit. It was only fair because Mommy took Daddy up to visit Rhonda to get her approval before her and Daddy got married. Obviously, Rhonda approved. Or Rhonda didn’t approve and Mommy did it anyway, which is kinda like something my Mommy would do…Mommy?

The Mommy: Yes, Xena, Rhonda gave her approval.

Xena: Yay!!! *hop, hop* I’m so happy and excited, cause I got my Daddy!! Daddy, Daddy, hold me!

pause while Daddy lifts Xena into his arms

Now, where was I? Oh yes. So they went without me to another Octoberfest event, this time on Signal Mountain, Tennessee. They said there wasn’t much to do there but look at all the vendors’ stuff and eat and drink beer and dance polka and talk to strangers and drink beer. The Wurstbrats band that Daddy leads was there playing the whole time, too. I wish I coulda gone….

But, mostly, everyone stayed home. I really, really liked Rhonda. Mommy said this is unusual, cause I normally ask the men to hold me, not the women. But Miss Rhonda is special! Here’s some pictures of us all out on the porch.

This is Chia with my Daddy.

I think this picture is funny cause Chia looks so big there. I guess it’s cause she was closer to the camera than Daddy, right?

Here I am with Rhonda. She held me for a long, long time. She kept saying how sweet I am, and what a different personality I have from Angel Lexi.

I even let her baby-hold me. This picture was taken right before I fell asleep.
Next is Rhonda’s husband-to-be. They’re getting married next month!

His name is Steve, and he’s always cracking jokes. This is his senior pup Toby, asleep on his lap. Steve is Toby’s “person.” I guess I didn’t ask Steve to hold me cause I knew Toby needed him instead. Toby was a nice pup and made up to all of us. Chia even got the “dog who doesn’t play” to play with her a little bit. I have to admit, she’s really good at that. It must be her super power.

Before I go, I want to show you a couple more pictures from Rocktoberfest, the huge celebration that happens every year on Lookout Mountain. Can you guess who the puppy is that my Daddy’s holding in the first picture. I’d offer you a prize for guessing right, but Lucy would yell at me and say “No!” and I know that none of us want to hear that again.

Did you guess? It’s me! I’m five now, and look all grown up in the second picture, taken this year. By the way, that’s the red and black harness I slipped out of so it’s now gone in the garbage, and I have a brand new, slip-proof, turquois-blue harness that I told you about in a previous post.

I guess that’s all that’s awww-worthy today. See y’all again soon! XOXOX Your friend, Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Last Day of Rocktoberfest

Sunday was the last day of Rocktoberfest 2018 and it was my turn to go! It was a different band, and they were fun to listen to. Come on, Mommy, let’s go ‘sploring!So Mommy helped me off with my sweater, since the day was warming up, and I went on a long walk through the Fat Man’s Squeeze and caverns and magical places. (And I wasn’t a-scared at all!) We didn’t see any fairies this time, even though I checked in all the places they might hide.



Nope, nothing up there but my shadow. Hi, shadow!







These rocks were much too slippery to try to explore.









Oooh, it looks like jewels up on the rocks. Maybe there are fairies here!






Are we lost, Mommy? I heard something behind us. Oh look, directions, sorta’. Now let’s see if we can find any gnomes.We only found Ik, and he’s not a gnome. I turned and headed back to the pavilion to find my Daddy. I could hear him teaching polka, so I followed the sound of his voice. When we got back, I got my very own sauerkraut, and then I ate half a nice lady’s sauerkraut, too. (She said it was ok, she was done with it.) A few minutes later I gave them back their sauerkraut, as well as a bonus of some of chicken innards from my breakfast, too. Mommy had to find someone to help clean up the mess.Before the day was over Daddy grabbed Mommy to dance a swing and a foxtrot. The guy who played the elk horn and the ringy dingy bells came over to make me stop barking pet me while I watched, tied to a bench.  I just wanted to dance, too!

So that was the end of the fun at Rocktoberfest 2018. We all hope you enjoyed hearing about it. Goodbye, dear October. We’ll enjoy you again next year.

Xena the Rocktoberfest Barfing Schnauzer Warrior Princess


Lucy and Ella at Rocktoberfest

Hi friends! My bestie, Ella, met me at Rocktoberfest, and before we could hang out, she had to do a photo op with Rocky the Elf. Then we had a great time together!We watched Mom and Dad polka and we watched Auntie Jen and Dad polka and we watched Mom and Uncle Bill try to polka, BOL! Talk about a total failure!Mom and Dad doing the polka.

We hung out like the best buds that we are. Together, we people-watched.We listened to the band and watched peeps learn to do the Chicken Dance. Of course the peeps had to have their fun with us, too.








Even Achilles wasn’t exempt from humiliation.  I found out that this was his first time to go anywhere away from home (he’s 4, but was recently adopted by my Uncle and Auntie), so he was a bit freaked. I think that’s why he snapped at me every time I sneaked a kiss on his mouth.

After we got done laughing at Achilles in his silly hat, Ella told me to cool it with Achilles. She said they have been making out, and he’s a good kisser. She said we could all be BFF’s, though. I said I was good with that(he, he, yeah, sure, right).Achilles was so into me that he laid with his back right up against me until his folks took him to the other end of the pavilion.Ella, stop giving your Dad the stink eye. They’re just getting a funny picture drawn…they’ll be back, and Mom’s here with us.Look, there’s the nice man who was petting us earlier. Doesn’t he look silly doing the Chicken Dance?

It was finally time for Ella and Achilles to go home with Mom and Auntie Jen so they could get ready for the Vow Renewal Saturday night. I stayed with Uncle Bill and Dad until Dad got off work. I guess it doesn’t take guys as long to get ready as it does the ladies, BOL!

I’ve gotta go get some pictures ready from the church part of the night. Come back tomorrow, please. Or, as they say, to be continued…

Love and wiggles, Lucy

Xena at Rocktoberfest 2018

Last Saturday I kept saying, “Come on, come on, let’s go! I’ll drive!”Daddy said, “No, I’m here, little girl. You sit with your Mom and I’ll get you both there safe.” So Daddy drove up Lookout Mountain to Rocktoberfest at Rock City. On our way in, we passed by some pretty flowers, but we are going to save those pictures for Flower Friday. I also got to check out some pumpkins. I tried to carry it so Mommy could make us pumpkin pie, but she said it is easier to buy the kind growing in the can in the store.So that I didn’t get scared by the band like last year when I was only 4 months old, we found a seat down below the pavilion. This year, it didn’t scare me at all!Hey Mommy, where’s that polka music coming from? Can we go see? I think my Daddy’s up there. After we went to the pavilion and listened to the music for a while, we went ‘sploring. There are lots of trails and I found some interesting pee mail to read.It felt chilly outside, so I wore my nice sweater from last year. I hear the styles haven’t changed much, but I’m still asking Santa to bring me some new clothes this Christmas.

We walked on trails that were up high. Did you know that when you are up high, the things below you look small? Mommy discovered that I’m not afraid of heights. In fact I jumped up on a great big rock and started to climb it before anyone could stop me. No wonder the place is called Rock City!There was a steep drop off into a raving vine or something like that, so I turned around and went back to the trail. It was not because Mommy was coaxing me back to her. See, I’m not a-scared at all!

We walked around to where we could see a waterfall, as well as the people up even higher looking out over seven states. I said just get it over with and take me somewhere safer. Daddy said to cut off the top third of the picture to make it balance. Mommy said no way, she wants everyone to see all of it. You can see who won.Then we went into these dark caverns. Soon, I came upon a gnome making moonshine. Can you see him back there behind me?I found out that moonshine isn’t light from the moon. Noooo, it’s illegal whiskey, like what Daddy drinks, only his is legal. I don’t really understand the difference. But maybe that’s why the gnome is behind bars, right?You still there, Mommy? It’s getting pretty dark in here.

Then things went from pretty dark to pretty purple.

There was sparkly, purple light coming from the rocks. I thought maybe it was fairy dust, especially since we had just met a great big fairy person. I looked up and just about jumped out of my skin! A real, live fairy person! The fairy was real sweet to me and we got to be friends right away. She and Mommy knew each other. Before she was a fairy, she was a Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Yep, that Angel Lexi thing again.  We kept walking and finally came to the end of the cave (or light at the end of the tunnel?)The danger – er, I mean fun – wasn’t over yet! Mommy insisted I take a selfie under a boulder (that’s a great big rock) that was balancing on another boulder. I said if I got smooshed, it would be all her fault.I don’t look scared at all, do I?

We finally made it safe and sound back to the pavilion and my Daddy. Look, I even found my accordion from last year and couldn’t wait to play it. I hear that Lucy gets to go back this coming weekend, so maybe I can go again the last weekend of the month. We all love Rocktoberfest!

Xena Schnauzer Rocktoberfest Warrior Princess

Lucy’s First Rocktoberfest

Wow, did I ever have an exciting Sunday. Dad drove me and Mom way up to the top of a big mountain, and I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. My ears even popped! Once we got parked and out of the car, I knew it was going to be great. I could hear people, and what’s better than that?! If you remember, Xena got to go last year right after we adopted her, and she got wasted on beer float foam!They didn’t have beer floats this year, so I didn’t get a chance to do that!

We walked to a covered place called a pavilion where the Wurstbraut band was waiting to play. It seemed like Mom and Dad know all of the musicians, and a lot of them came over to pet me. One – I think his name is Ray – let me kiss him on the lips and kept coming back to love on me some more. His wife – Carla – sat next to me and Mom, and I think she is the dog whisperer.Every time I got a little nervous, I scooted between her legs and she helped me to calm down. I didn’t even mind sitting with her while Mom and Dad did the polka.

At first, the loud band really freaked me out, and Mom had to take me far, far away from all that racket. That was ok, ’cause there were lots of people walking around who wanted to pet me. I would look at everyone with my friendliest expression and wag my tail so hard that my whole body wagged. There were other dogs there, too. Some of them gave me a friend request, and I always answered with a yes!

Did you know that my Dad teaches polka? Oh yeah, he’s great at it. Everyone dances and laughs and I can tell they are happy. I wanted to try to help teach like Angel Lexi used to do with the ballroom dancers, but I wasn’t allowed to. I still made friends with one of the students.One lady even came out of the lesson just to meet me!She pet me and we got to be friends.Sunday is sometimes me and Xena’s day to not eat breakfast. Mom calls it fasting, but like Xena is quick to point out, there is nothing fast about those days! So, when Mom bought me my very own basket of Rocktoberfest sauerkraut to eat at lunchtime, she made me promise not to tell my sister. I convinced her to give me some of hers before I promised. But wouldn’t you know, the first thing that little schnauzer did when I got home was smell my breath…and she knew! At least I didn’t break my promise, right?

By the end of the day I was so used to the band that I just chilled with the wonderful Carla. Finally, after an exciting day in the sun with tons of people loving me, it was time to go home. I was too exhausted to even get nervous on the ride back down the mountain. In fact, I went to bed right after supper. I hear Rocktoberfest is every weekend in October. I sure hope the folks take me back!

Love and wiggles, Lucy