The Demise of Mr. Otto Man

Mommy walked throught the house and said, “Eww, something smells like pee.” She sniffed around like a bloodhound and said, “Eww, this ottoman stinks.” She grabbed her gallon bottle of white vinegar and soaked poor Mr. Otto Man with it. After about a week, she took another whiff and said the vinegar didn’t work. “Jeff!” she said, “Help me carry this big heavy thing out into the sun. Maybe that will take care of the smell.” Every night she went out and tucked Otto Man in for the night with a big blue plastic cover. And every morning she went out and uncovered him. But, alas, he was “sick unto death” as they say. Mommy and Daddy loaded Otto Man into the back of the truck and Daddy took him to the Otto Man graveyard. Here is my memorial to Mr. Otto Man.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess and Angel Lexi

Who Rules the Throne Now?

I asked Mr Google why a ginormous footstool is called an ottoman, and he said that it is called that after the ginormous Ottoman empire. I guess that’s why Angel Lexi always called it her “throne,” and delighted in laying on it.This is Lexi, seven years old in 2010. She was the reigning queen on her throne.

My Guardian Angel Lexi bequeathed her throne to me, the warrior princess. Here I am on the same ottoman throne. Someday, when I am a little older, I will be the reigning queen, too!

I am Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess