New Patio and Ants

Today we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday

Lucy: Our brother Andrew came over and power washed our fence and patio and the parts of our house that needed it. While he was working on the fence, he left Mom a message on the patio.

The top part says “ADR,” which are Andrew’s intials. And we are sure you can read the bottom part. This put a big smile on Mom’s face.

We’re having a new patio built on the back of our house. That is the reason Mom asked Andrew to come over and power wash the patio. At first, after the old, temporary patio enclosure was removed, we still had a “temporary” fence to keep us in the dog lot area. After that was taken down, we became “free range.”

We keep finding different paths out to the yard as the building progresses. But we aren’t allowed outside unless Mom or Dad are with us. Me and Xena, we’re very good about staying in – or at least close to – the yard. And we come when called. You might remember when I used to run off with Riley. That was right after Xena came to live with us, and, well, I’ll admit it: I was jealous. Now I understand that life is better with a little sis, and that Mom and Dad love me just as much as before she came – maybe even more!

Xena: Big Black Ants have been invading our home. They look like this.

They’re called carpenter ants, which is silly, since I never saw them building anything. Hey, wait, maybe they’re carpenters’ ants, and the guys building our new patio brought them!

They don’t taste as good as the little brown ants, though.

In any case, I’ve been following them around and trying to eat them. Now that I know they taste yucky I just show Mommy where they are, and she comes and steps on them. When Daddy sees one, he steps on it too. I can hear them crunch. Since Mommy only runs the scary vacuum once a week, the bodies started piling up. After the weekly vacuuming we noticed something interesting. No more ants appeared. Now we think they were all coming for the funerals of their fallen comrades.

Lucy: Mom keeps talking about how nice the new patio will be, and how we can all sit outside without being devoured by mosquitoes. We will be sure to show you pictures of us enjoying our new outside space when it is (finally) done. We’re even going to have a doggie door between the patio and the dog lot! And it won’t be one made by Xexe, like the last one was.

Both: So, today we are thankful that we’ll soon have a nice new patio where Mommy will spend all her time outside with us and we are also thankful that the ant invasion has ended.

XOX from Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess