In Purrsuit of Flavours – Mom and Xena’s Choices

Thanks to Shoko and Tyebe of the Canadian Cats and Nelly and Phenny of Easy Blog for hosting this yummy day.

Mom’s favorite childhood treat is really funny. It’s not food at all. It’s a drink. And she got it every day! The recipe is easy. Walk to the corner grocery. Insert a dime into the machine outside the store. Pop the cap and drink.

Actually Mom liked hers unfizzy, so she popped the cap and let it sit around for a few hours before drinking.

This is Xena, and it’s my turn for my favorite food. It’s easy, just like Mommy’s. Get someone to go to the store and buy an apple. Then have that someone cut it in pieces and give it to you.

Lucy: *shaking head* Dear friends, maybe you should go visit some of the other posts if you want a good recipe.