I like pillows. A lot. I try out lots of different pillows, for lots of different purposes and in lots of different positions.

Last Christmas Mom dressed the pillow I like on the couch in a holiday dress. She didn’t fool me, though; I knew it was my big, comfy pillow.

Sometimes I hide different parts of me under or behind a pillow. I didn’t want anyone to see me wearing my big girl panties.

I’m a schnauzer sandwich.

Sometimes I try new positions on my pillows.

I fell asleep like this.

Sometimes I hide so no one knows where I am. I can watch what they are doing like this, with no one seeing me.

Mommy got me a fancy new pillow, and after the first night, I didn’t want to use it any more.

Once in a while I would carry it out of the bedroom and leave it somewhere else in the house. Then, one night, I changed my mind. I thought about it a while and got it just right.

Xena, Pillow Connoisseur and Schnauzer Warrior Princess