Ludwig Returns

Ludwig! What are you doing here?I only wish to see you again, meine Prinzessin.  I look longingly on your beautiful face. May I stay and speak with you?Well, I guess that won’t hurt anything, especially since I’m done with my special big girl time.

I know this is true. I no longer smell that about you, Meine wunderschöne Prinzessin. *clears throat* It would make me so very happy to get a kiss. Just ein kleiner on my cheek?Like that, Herr Ludwig?

Now what are you doing? Bear! Stop the scoundrel from getting in my bed!

Ludwig! How did you get over there so fast?Please, meine Prinzessin Xena, I mean you no harm. Even a fierce bear cannot keep me from your love. I must kiss your sweet lips.To be continued…