Pup Invasion

Lucy: We had an invasion.

Xena: It wasn’t good, but at least it wasn’t alien balls this time.

Are you making our brekkies?

Lucy: Their names are Louis (L)and Laila (R). Louis is a Brussels Griffon and Shih tzu mix. Laila is a shih tzu and poodle mix. Mom grooms them, but this time they are staying with us, for about 87 days, I think. They are the couple who kept having puppies, but now Laila has had her big girl surgery.

Xena: Louis kept sniffing our bee-hinds and jumped on me from bee-hind. Mommy and I both yelled at him for that. Sometimes I stand with my bee-hind against a wall, now.

Lucy: Laila was OK except she kept pooping and peeing in the house. Mom put one of Xena’s Big Girl Time panties on her, and that took care of that. Louis has finally figured out he will never be popular by putting his nose or anything else near our bee-hinds. The only things we still don’t like is that they are Mom hogs.

We’re hoping everyone (including us) has a good week.

Wags and wiggles, Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess (and Louis and Laila)

Grooming with Mom – Christmas Puppies

Today I, Lucy Ace Reporter, bring you a fun episode of Grooming with Mommy. You may remember Louis and Laila, proud three time parents. They came to get groomed, like usual. What wasn’t usual was that after they were finished, their Mom brought their last three puppies that hadn’t gone to new homes yet. They are 12 weeks old, and all are little boys. Mom asked me to come downstairs to help her.This little guy was first up, and he was really terrified. I gave him some thoughts of confidence that no one was going to hurt him, and to just relax. He listened to me, and while we passed thoughts back and forth Mom was able to hold him in her lap to finish cutting his nails. He is to be a Christmas present from a fire fighter in Georgia for his little girl. The puppy promised me that he would be a good boy for her.

I checked on the other boys in the kennel to be sure they were doing ok. The one with hair like his daddy growled at me. If you look hard, you can see my tail wagging, ’cause this little guy fussing at a big girl like me made me laugh.

The other two boys were much easier, and I didn’t really have to do anything else. Even so, I stayed just in case Mom needed me again. Besides, their Mom came back and pet me a lot while she told me how beautiful I am. I think I made her feel good, too!Mom said, “Sit,” and we all sat. The growler (he, he) is up front. He is the only one with a single coat (that means no undercoat), like his Dad. The one that I helped with is in the middle, all groomed and ready to go make a little girl happy. Mom’s favorite is the one in the back. Just looking in his face, we could tell he is smart. He’s really good-natured too, and has a thick coat. He’s in the middle in the next picture.Mom said me and Xena are enough for this home, so I won’t get to raise a baby brother.

Love and wiggles from Lucy, Ace Reporter and Doggie Therapist


Lucy: Hi Friends. Since I am the official reporter on the grooming beat, I get to go first. Some of you might remember Laila and Louie. I reported on their grooms and Laila’s pregnancy. Her Mama sent us a pretty picture of all the puppies. Why so many? Because she has had two litters. The one in the top left corner is called Cow Puppy, he, he. The only one to look like his daddy is the second one on the bottom row. And you will never guess…Laila is in a delicate condition again, due on September 15. Her Mama said it happened while she was on vacation and didn’t know what was going on. My Mom suggested she get Louie “fixed” right now before this third litter of puppies are even born. I sure wouldn’t want to have that many kids! Thankfully, they did all get good homes. This is Louie and Laila after they got home from being groomed last weekend. Mom hates Laila’s haircut, but it’s how her Mama wants her done.

Xena: My turn, Lucy Goosey. I want to tell everyone how I finished up my Agility Won training and I was sooo good that I passed without even going to the last class. I wanted to go, but see, here’s what happened. Me and Lucy went to the dog park on Monday morning and that’s when Mommy stuck her hand in the poop bag container and got stung and her hand swelled up like a balloon and she had to take bennies and she couldn’t drive. So she called Miss Nancy who is my teacher and Miss Nancy loves me and said she already knew that I’m ready to move on to the next level so she would still give us my graduation certificate the next time she saw us. I still wish we could have gone to class…it is sooo much fun!

Lucy: Umm, I still have some groom client updates to do, Xena, then you can tell more stuff. You might remember Maggie. We had asked for POTP for her Mama who was having surgery for breast cancer. Wonderful news! Her Mama did great and doesn’t even have to have poison to finish up. (I think it is called keemo.) Mom groomed Maggie last Saturday while our peeps brother Adam ran the yard sale. I offered to help, but he said he had it. OK, Xena, you can finish up, but don’t write a novel.

Xena: All right Luce the Sweet Goose. Here’s what I’ve got. Check it out.Daddy’s been working on a dead lion for his job. I don’t understand how he can work two weeks of hours when only one week has gone by, but that’s what did, and he’s not done yet. Daddy’s gotten to bed very late every night, so Lucy and I keep his spot warm. You can see that Mommy covers the bed with a sheet because of all the nasty dog fur from Lucy. It gets on everything, even me. It goes down my throat and makes me gag, too. So that’s Lucy keeping the middle of the bed warm, and Mommy keeping her side warm, and me warming Daddy’s pillow so I don’t have to lay in all the nasty dog fur. Us schnauzers have hair, not nasty fur, you know. I just learned this from Angel Lexi – she was close by all day on Tuesday because it was her two year angel-versary. Then she had to go back to do stuff for the Big Guy and play with Spike the Unicorn, as well as Dorothy and the Lion and the Scarecrow and all her other friends. Lucy’s doing that cut her throat sign with her paw again, which means I’m going into novel mode again.

Love and barks and wiggles from Lucy Goosey and Xena Princess Schnauzer Warrior