Selfie Sunday at RocktoberFest

Hi friends! Xena here. It’s my turn to do my Sunday Selfie — oh yes, thank you  Kitties Blue for hosting it — and I was supposed to do a boring old selfie with a quiz to see how well you know me. But I got to go to the first RocktoberFest of the season at Rock City yesterday, and I want to share that with you instead. It’s lots more fun! I’ll woof Mommy into letting me do my original Selfie Sunday next week, OK?

It’s been two whole years since I was there; they didn’t have the festival cause of COVID. I was only three years old then, and the band scared me when they played. Guess what? I wasn’t scared at all this time!

It was a little chilly on Lookout Mountain so I wore my sweater under my harness most of the morning. I liked listening to the music and to Daddy announce the songs, saying funny things about them. I wanted to run out to him, but Mommy kept me in her lap. Then something smelled really bad.

At first I thought Mommy pooted, then I realized it was her Octoberfest beer. Ick.

We took a walk around the park, and Mommy had to go into the little girl’s room. That was my first time in a place like that. Did you know that they sprinkle crumbs of Tostitos on the floor? Oh my, they’re good!

Can you see my happy smile?

When we got back to the pavilion, I had a run-in with a chicken. Well, at least with its head.

Does this chicken head belong to anyone? I don’t like the way it’s looking at me.

Then Mommy danced a little bit with me, but I was more interested in checking under the tables for food. Later, while Daddy was announcing one of the songs, he held me and told everyone I am a schnauzer, a German dog who came for the good food and good music.

Too bad I didn’t get much more of the good food, although I got my first little taste of fudge. It was great! Then I was declared the official band dog, so I got my picture taken with the band.

Can you see me there right up front? I could see all the other dogs from there. I bet they wished they were me!

That pretty much covers it. Anyhoo, if I have to post a selfie, I choose the picture with me covering my nose, BOL!

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Nature Friday

We are joining Arty, Jakey, Rosy and Sunny of the LLB Gang for Nature Friday, and thank them for hosting it.

Xena: During October we are usually up at Rock City dancing and drinking beer at Rocktoberfest.

Lucy: I don’t dance there or drink beer. I could be a Baptist dog.

Xena: Well, I decided I’m Episcopalian, and I do both. Here’s proof I dance, and drink beer.

Lucy: But this year that stupid Covid-19 thing kept them from having the month-long celebration. So instead, Mom’s been taking us to the Greenway, only about 10 minutes from the house, instead of almost an hour away up the mountain to Rock City.
We usually walk one or two hours on the different trails. This is the main trail that is all pebbly stones, where all the other trails start. The whole Greenway is at the foot of what is called Big Ridge.

Can you see the big hill behind us? There’s a road goes up there, and people live in nice houses near the road. I think I’d be afraid I would fall off!

After we walked some of the trails, Mom has started taking us into the dog park area where we are allowed to run off-leash. There was a huge white dog there who made me look little. He was friendly, but I rolled over onto my back just to let him know I didn’t want to be in charge.

Xena: Yep, y’all shoulda seen her acting like a sissy. I stood up to the other dogs and barked at them to let them know who was really in charge!

Lucy: Sure right, while you were in Mom’s arms! When Mom put you down, one of the dogs came toward you and you thought you were being attacked. I saw you run between the two dogs who were my size, screaming in your highest pitch. It sounded like someone was killing you, but you were running in the wrong direction, BOL, BOL!

Xena: Grr. I was using my Xena Princess Warrior scream, just like Lucy Lovelace used to do on the TV show. And she runs right into the midst of them screaming like that, just like I did!

Lucy: Yeah, well, I’m pretty sure she keeps her eyes open when she does it.

Love and wiggles from Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Lucy’s 2nd Rocktoberfest Day

It’s still Rocktoberfest Time on Lookout Mountain, GA. Xena went on Saturday when our cousins from Ft. Wayne Indiana visited, and Mom forgot her phone at home, so no pictures. But she did remember her phone on Sunday when I went, so lots of pictures of me and Dad and Rock City and other Rocktoberfest dogs.

Besides being the best Dad in the whole world, and smarter even than me, and a fantastic polka teacher, my Dad can sing! So the band asked him to join them in singing some of their special German songs, like The Pennsylvania Polka.

First, though, he sang a song that made me feel bad, ’cause I thought he was singing it to me.

Dad, are you singing that song to me?

Last year my Aunt Bobbi told Dad that I am fat, and because I am not fat! him and Mom joke about it all the time. But then he sang this song that goes I don’t want her, you can have her, she’s too fat for me…

To help me recover from that trauma Mom said, “Let’s go explore the trails.”

Hey, let’s go this way, Mom!

We took off down a less busy trail and I enjoyed the smells and the beauty.

The Goblins Underpass sounded foreboding, but I had to be at least as brave as my sister was when she entered the Under-Cliff Passage.

There wasn’t anything too scary, or even any munchrooms to eat, and pretty soon I saw daylight and the stairs leading outside.

Once I got out from underground, I found these gnomes busy doing something, I don’t know what.

We went back to the pavilion where there was lots of music and I visited with a couple who were from Atlanta. They met Xena last year, and they are really good petters. I only got in a little bit of trouble when I ate the rest of the lady’s hot dog. She said it was ok, though, that she didn’t really want it anyhow. Mom took a lot of pictures of the other dogs enjoying Rocktoberfest, and she will share those next time. Let’s close with Dad singing the song about where Mom was born.

Licks and wiggles, Lucy

Xena Does Rocktoberfest

Can you believe that I got stuck in my kennel all day on Saturday while Mom and Dad took Lucy somewhere. The only place I could think of was that they took her to the vet. I was mad about being left at home, but I hope she’s ok. She was too worn out when she got home to tell me anything.

My peeps must have felt bad about leaving me home cause they took me up the mountain today to Rock City’s Rocktoberfest.

Daddy needed to warm up his dancing, so he (sorta) asked me to dance with him.

There was more fun stuff and other stuff that was kinda scary. Mr Rocky was in the pavilion dancing, and then he ran over to the bench where I was sitting with my Daddy and grabbed a tam grrr eeen.

He terrorized me with it! Daddy said Rocky was just having fun and entertaining everyone, but it sure made a lot of noise.

Mommy took me walking along the trails. The temperature was real nice, what Mommy calls “sweater weather.”

This little gnome was watching to be sure everyone stayed on the trail, like the sign said. I told him I was sorry, but I had to go off-trail for a quick potty break. He was nice about it and didn’t chase me away.

Next, Mommy took me exploring. We went into the mountain. I remember doing this last year, and I survived it, so I screwed up my courage and off we went.

This strange-looking guy was behind these bars, but he looked pretty happy. He had a big jug of something and a giant mushroom. Mmmm, mushroom.

A little further down was this old man and woman sleeping in their bed, and they were also behind bars.

I wonder if they are dangerous, or being punished for something, or maybe it’s just like my kennel, to keep them safe. I wonder if they get a food puzzle when they get stuck in their kennel.

Before I knew it, things got really dark.

I could hardly see going down the stone stairs or around corners, and I’m a lot closer to the ground than most peeps.

Soon, everything got weird, kinda psychedelic.

Maybe I shouldn’t have tried that munchroom, er mushroom, the fellow behind the bars offered me.

When we finally got out of the mountain, a woman was standing as still as a statue, with a bird sitting in her hand.

She welcomed us back from Sheol and made the munchroom effects go away.

We finally got back to the pavilion where there was food and beer.

Daddy had bought a new mug, so Mommy got it filled with beer and she got a beer cheese bowl to eat. While she was eating, Daddy held me in front of the pavilion and people asked if they could pet me and take my picture. I would have rather sat and ate with Mommy, but no one asked me what I wanted. I sure hope I get to go back (and get some cheese and beer)!

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess at Rocktoberfest 2019!

Lucy Celebrates Rocktoberfest

I got to go to Rocktoberfest on the very first day with Mom and Dad. Just me! Mom says please forgive the shadow–the day was sunny and warm with a nice breeze, and Mom got in the way of the sun.

We walked the trails, up and down stairs, through fat man’s squeeze, and saw some strange things, like this fellow here.

This is a gnome. He was distracted and didn’t see us.

Along the trail, I posed on this hard block shelf in a cutout in the mountain.

Then I decided it was time to keep exploring.

Which way now?

It was time to take a drink and snack break. Mom shared her pork and sauerkraut with me, and let me taste her locally brewed Rocktoberfest beer.

I didn’t like it very much, so I decided to stick with water.

But do you know the very best part of Rocktoberfest?

Everybody asked if they could pet me. And they did! And they told me how beautiful I am and sweet, too. I had to keep apologizing for hitting them with my tail; I just couldn’t help it cause I was so happy!

With wags and wiggles and smiles, I am Lucy the happy Rocktoberfest dog.

We are joining Comedy Plus for Happy Tuesday.

Last Day of Rocktoberfest

Sunday was the last day of Rocktoberfest 2018 and it was my turn to go! It was a different band, and they were fun to listen to. Come on, Mommy, let’s go ‘sploring!So Mommy helped me off with my sweater, since the day was warming up, and I went on a long walk through the Fat Man’s Squeeze and caverns and magical places. (And I wasn’t a-scared at all!) We didn’t see any fairies this time, even though I checked in all the places they might hide.



Nope, nothing up there but my shadow. Hi, shadow!







These rocks were much too slippery to try to explore.









Oooh, it looks like jewels up on the rocks. Maybe there are fairies here!






Are we lost, Mommy? I heard something behind us. Oh look, directions, sorta’. Now let’s see if we can find any gnomes.We only found Ik, and he’s not a gnome. I turned and headed back to the pavilion to find my Daddy. I could hear him teaching polka, so I followed the sound of his voice. When we got back, I got my very own sauerkraut, and then I ate half a nice lady’s sauerkraut, too. (She said it was ok, she was done with it.) A few minutes later I gave them back their sauerkraut, as well as a bonus of some of chicken innards from my breakfast, too. Mommy had to find someone to help clean up the mess.Before the day was over Daddy grabbed Mommy to dance a swing and a foxtrot. The guy who played the elk horn and the ringy dingy bells came over to make me stop barking pet me while I watched, tied to a bench.  I just wanted to dance, too!

So that was the end of the fun at Rocktoberfest 2018. We all hope you enjoyed hearing about it. Goodbye, dear October. We’ll enjoy you again next year.

Xena the Rocktoberfest Barfing Schnauzer Warrior Princess


Lucy and Ella at Rocktoberfest

Hi friends! My bestie, Ella, met me at Rocktoberfest, and before we could hang out, she had to do a photo op with Rocky the Elf. Then we had a great time together!We watched Mom and Dad polka and we watched Auntie Jen and Dad polka and we watched Mom and Uncle Bill try to polka, BOL! Talk about a total failure!Mom and Dad doing the polka.

We hung out like the best buds that we are. Together, we people-watched.We listened to the band and watched peeps learn to do the Chicken Dance. Of course the peeps had to have their fun with us, too.








Even Achilles wasn’t exempt from humiliation.  I found out that this was his first time to go anywhere away from home (he’s 4, but was recently adopted by my Uncle and Auntie), so he was a bit freaked. I think that’s why he snapped at me every time I sneaked a kiss on his mouth.

After we got done laughing at Achilles in his silly hat, Ella told me to cool it with Achilles. She said they have been making out, and he’s a good kisser. She said we could all be BFF’s, though. I said I was good with that(he, he, yeah, sure, right).Achilles was so into me that he laid with his back right up against me until his folks took him to the other end of the pavilion.Ella, stop giving your Dad the stink eye. They’re just getting a funny picture drawn…they’ll be back, and Mom’s here with us.Look, there’s the nice man who was petting us earlier. Doesn’t he look silly doing the Chicken Dance?

It was finally time for Ella and Achilles to go home with Mom and Auntie Jen so they could get ready for the Vow Renewal Saturday night. I stayed with Uncle Bill and Dad until Dad got off work. I guess it doesn’t take guys as long to get ready as it does the ladies, BOL!

I’ve gotta go get some pictures ready from the church part of the night. Come back tomorrow, please. Or, as they say, to be continued…

Love and wiggles, Lucy

Fall Flower Friday with Vow Renewals

Xena: Oh boy, oh boy, I can’t wait for tomorrow. I’m so excited I don’t think I will even sleep tonight. My Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill are coming to watch Mommy and Daddy get married. 

Lucy: No, no, no! Tuesday was Mom and Dad’s 10 year wedding anniversary. They are already married, Xena the Weinah. And I’m really excited about Ella and Achilles coming with them to play with me.

Xena: Don’t call me names, Lucy Ducey. If they are already married, why are they going to get dressed up and go to the church and have a special ceremony with the priest?

Lucy: They’re getting confirmed. No wait. They’re getting, umm, oh, Xee Pee, you have me all confused now. Wait, I’ve got it! They are doing a Renewal of Vows. 

Xena: But why do their bowels need renewed, Luce the Goose? Can’t they go potty?

Lucy: No, Xena! Vows! Vows! Renewal of Wedding Vows!

Xena: Stop barking at me! Why are they doing that?

Lucy: It was Dad’s idea, and Mom thought it was very romantic, so they are having the same peeps come that were invited when they got married in their back yard 10 years ago. If Mom seems a little sad, too, it’s because Angel Lexi can’t be there this time. Mom gave me this picture to use from 10 years ago.Xena: I see Angel Lexi watching Mommy cut the cake. And that must be Angel Ivy and Angel Lily, too, in the bottom picture.

Lucy: Mom’s even going to wear the same dress. We can’t go this time, but I’ll send some of my hair with her.

Xena: Well, Mr. I Want To Marry You Achilles had better be singing a different tune this time when I see him. I hear he got his junk removed, so maybe he will leave me alone.

Anyhow, I want to do Flower Friday now, like I promised. with some flowers from Rock City’s Rocktoberfest, where I went last Saturday.I don’t know if these ferns count, since they don’t have flowers on them.

I wouldn’t sit still here, and a young guy kept laughing at Mommy trying to take a picture before I moved again.So I got stuck up here on a bale of straw next to these mums that aren’t even blooming yet. Tricky Mommy.


We want to thank Mayor Artie and the gang at LLB in Our Back Yard for hosting Flower Friday. You can visit their blog to see all the other entries. Then vote for me to win.

Lucy: There’s no voting or winning, Xena. It’s a blog hop.

Xena: I am Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess (vote for me)



Xena at Rocktoberfest 2018

Last Saturday I kept saying, “Come on, come on, let’s go! I’ll drive!”Daddy said, “No, I’m here, little girl. You sit with your Mom and I’ll get you both there safe.” So Daddy drove up Lookout Mountain to Rocktoberfest at Rock City. On our way in, we passed by some pretty flowers, but we are going to save those pictures for Flower Friday. I also got to check out some pumpkins. I tried to carry it so Mommy could make us pumpkin pie, but she said it is easier to buy the kind growing in the can in the store.So that I didn’t get scared by the band like last year when I was only 4 months old, we found a seat down below the pavilion. This year, it didn’t scare me at all!Hey Mommy, where’s that polka music coming from? Can we go see? I think my Daddy’s up there. After we went to the pavilion and listened to the music for a while, we went ‘sploring. There are lots of trails and I found some interesting pee mail to read.It felt chilly outside, so I wore my nice sweater from last year. I hear the styles haven’t changed much, but I’m still asking Santa to bring me some new clothes this Christmas.

We walked on trails that were up high. Did you know that when you are up high, the things below you look small? Mommy discovered that I’m not afraid of heights. In fact I jumped up on a great big rock and started to climb it before anyone could stop me. No wonder the place is called Rock City!There was a steep drop off into a raving vine or something like that, so I turned around and went back to the trail. It was not because Mommy was coaxing me back to her. See, I’m not a-scared at all!

We walked around to where we could see a waterfall, as well as the people up even higher looking out over seven states. I said just get it over with and take me somewhere safer. Daddy said to cut off the top third of the picture to make it balance. Mommy said no way, she wants everyone to see all of it. You can see who won.Then we went into these dark caverns. Soon, I came upon a gnome making moonshine. Can you see him back there behind me?I found out that moonshine isn’t light from the moon. Noooo, it’s illegal whiskey, like what Daddy drinks, only his is legal. I don’t really understand the difference. But maybe that’s why the gnome is behind bars, right?You still there, Mommy? It’s getting pretty dark in here.

Then things went from pretty dark to pretty purple.

There was sparkly, purple light coming from the rocks. I thought maybe it was fairy dust, especially since we had just met a great big fairy person. I looked up and just about jumped out of my skin! A real, live fairy person! The fairy was real sweet to me and we got to be friends right away. She and Mommy knew each other. Before she was a fairy, she was a Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Yep, that Angel Lexi thing again.  We kept walking and finally came to the end of the cave (or light at the end of the tunnel?)The danger – er, I mean fun – wasn’t over yet! Mommy insisted I take a selfie under a boulder (that’s a great big rock) that was balancing on another boulder. I said if I got smooshed, it would be all her fault.I don’t look scared at all, do I?

We finally made it safe and sound back to the pavilion and my Daddy. Look, I even found my accordion from last year and couldn’t wait to play it. I hear that Lucy gets to go back this coming weekend, so maybe I can go again the last weekend of the month. We all love Rocktoberfest!

Xena Schnauzer Rocktoberfest Warrior Princess

Lucy’s First Rocktoberfest

Wow, did I ever have an exciting Sunday. Dad drove me and Mom way up to the top of a big mountain, and I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. My ears even popped! Once we got parked and out of the car, I knew it was going to be great. I could hear people, and what’s better than that?! If you remember, Xena got to go last year right after we adopted her, and she got wasted on beer float foam!They didn’t have beer floats this year, so I didn’t get a chance to do that!

We walked to a covered place called a pavilion where the Wurstbraut band was waiting to play. It seemed like Mom and Dad know all of the musicians, and a lot of them came over to pet me. One – I think his name is Ray – let me kiss him on the lips and kept coming back to love on me some more. His wife – Carla – sat next to me and Mom, and I think she is the dog whisperer.Every time I got a little nervous, I scooted between her legs and she helped me to calm down. I didn’t even mind sitting with her while Mom and Dad did the polka.

At first, the loud band really freaked me out, and Mom had to take me far, far away from all that racket. That was ok, ’cause there were lots of people walking around who wanted to pet me. I would look at everyone with my friendliest expression and wag my tail so hard that my whole body wagged. There were other dogs there, too. Some of them gave me a friend request, and I always answered with a yes!

Did you know that my Dad teaches polka? Oh yeah, he’s great at it. Everyone dances and laughs and I can tell they are happy. I wanted to try to help teach like Angel Lexi used to do with the ballroom dancers, but I wasn’t allowed to. I still made friends with one of the students.One lady even came out of the lesson just to meet me!She pet me and we got to be friends.Sunday is sometimes me and Xena’s day to not eat breakfast. Mom calls it fasting, but like Xena is quick to point out, there is nothing fast about those days! So, when Mom bought me my very own basket of Rocktoberfest sauerkraut to eat at lunchtime, she made me promise not to tell my sister. I convinced her to give me some of hers before I promised. But wouldn’t you know, the first thing that little schnauzer did when I got home was smell my breath…and she knew! At least I didn’t break my promise, right?

By the end of the day I was so used to the band that I just chilled with the wonderful Carla. Finally, after an exciting day in the sun with tons of people loving me, it was time to go home. I was too exhausted to even get nervous on the ride back down the mountain. In fact, I went to bed right after supper. I hear Rocktoberfest is every weekend in October. I sure hope the folks take me back!

Love and wiggles, Lucy

At Heaven’s Gate

At Heaven’s Gate

I don’t want to go mom,
And leave Ella, you and dad.
My time is getting nearer mom,
But oh the fun we’ve had.

We’ve been so many places,
We’ve had so many friends.
We’ve had our share of hard times,
But they were great in the end.

I fought hard for you mom,
For you I stayed so strong.
I’m going to miss you and dad,
Oh mom it won’t be long.

You say I’ll see my friends mom,
All that have gone before.
I’ll even see GOD mom!
And he’s who DOGs are named for.

I don’t want to to leave you mom,
But oh won’t it be great.
I know you’ll love me forever mom,
And I’ll be waiting at Heavens gate.


We will love you always, Piper.

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January 10, 2004 – July 24, 2018


Xena’s Big Adventure at Shamrock City

Hi, this is Lucy with another installment of Mom Grooming.

Xena: Wait! I want to tell about my adventures at Shamrock City on St. Patrick’s Day.

Lucy: So that’s where everyone went without me yesterday.

Xena: Yep, and I got poop-faced.

Lucy: Oh, no! Go ahead…I can’t wait to hear about this!

Xena: Te he, well, it started like this. Daddy is the Em Cee during the two weekends of Shamrock City and he teaches Irish folk dance, so he has to go. Mommy doesn’t usually go to Rock City in March ’cause it’s either cold or raining or both. But this year, it was a perfect day with sunshine and the temperature in the 70’s F. On the way up Lookout Mountain Mommy reminded me that I went to Rock City last October, right after my adoption. She said at first I was very scared of the band, but then I realized it wasn’t a monster chasing after me and I relaxed and enjoyed myself.

Mommy, everyone here is wearing green. Why didn’t you get me a St. Patty’s day shirt? Look! The band is getting ready to play!Daddy said they are called the Olta Band and they all live in Chattanooga.

When the Olta Band went on break, Mommy and I (Mommy taught me that is the right way to say that instead of me and Mommy) anyhow me and Mommy and I walked around the park. I read some pee mail and also left some of my own. We saw this amazing green water fall…

…and a plaque that told about the married couple who started Rock City. Their names are Garnet and Frieda Carter. Click on the picture to read about that, but be sure to come back, ’cause I haven’t gotten to the good part yet.

Lucy: So, Xena, where’s the part where you got in trouble?

Xena: I didn’t get in trouble. And I’m getting to it. Be patient!

When we got back to the pavilion, scary Mr. Rocky was there. He tried to be nice to me, but jeepers creepers, wouldn’t you run if you saw him coming at you? But then Mommy wanted to take our picture all together and I was in Daddy’s arm and I knew Daddy wouldn’t let anything bad happen, soooo…I decided to take this opportunity to check out Rocky’s big nose.

Lucy: So did you go get poop-faced to calm your nerves after that?

Xena: No! Will you pleeeease let me tell my story!?

I went to the patio outside the pavilion and relaxed while Mommy finished her Guinness Beer Float. These two came over to steal Mommy’s beer meet us .

The little girl is a miniature schnauzer, like me, only I think God gave her a double portion when he handed out ears. The big girl is half giant schnauzer and half standard poodle.  I don’t remember their names or where they live. You see, I was concentrating on the cup in Mommy’s hand.

They finally left, and Mommy put down her “empty” cup and picked up her Fire tablet to read a book. She looked down when she heard a man behind her laughing.I looked up too, but the cup was stuck on my face.  Mommy got it off right away, ’cause she knows that can be very dangerous. At the time, I didn’t care, ’cause OMD, that Guinness flavored ice cream stuck to the insides of the cup was sooooo tasty!Yep, that’s ice cream residue all over my face, and I couldn’t stop grinning.

So, Lucy, that’s why I want to tell my story today. Can you tell the grooming story another day? Please?

Lucy: Uh, yep. And now I know why you didn’t go to Shamrock City with Dad today.

This is Xena, the brave Schnauzer Warrior Princess taking a “rest” day at home.



Lookout, Here I Come, Rocktoberfest!

Sunday I went back to Rocktoberfest with Mommy and Daddy. I didn’t get stuck in the car torture seat this time because it is gone, gone forever! Take that bad puppy car seat! I did see some people I remember, especially the man named Tommy who plays something called an Alpine horn. It is about 87 times longer than me and makes pretty sounds.

This lady didn’t tell me her name, but I think she was in charge of the Polka Band. She wanted to take me home with her, but Mommy said, “No.”  Sometimes it is good when Mommy says, “No.”

A man with a funny hat on his head took our pictures with one of those pencils I am supposed to chew. I didn’t know someone could take my picture without a phone in their hand. Another dog named Maxwell came up to get his picture drawn and I growled at him to go away, ’cause I needed to concentrate my cuteness on the funny hat man. Maxwell didn’t listen, probably ’cause everyone was laughing at me him. Grrrr.

It is called a carrot sir and it sure does make me look silly!

The sun kept playing peek-a-boo with the clouds. Sometimes the dark clouds threatened to dump water on us, but they were just kidding. (That’s what Mommy told me.) It kept their temper down just enough so we weren’t too hot or too cold.  Do you see the sunglasses on Mommy’s head? The ones Andrew gave her 87 moons ago because he didn’t want them? The ones that have a name Ray Ban? Well, take a good look, ’cause it’s the last time you will ever see them. Daddy knocked them off her head while they were dancing and now they are Ray Ban garbage. At least I didn’t do it this time.

Another big day at Rocktoberfest is behind us. Lots of little people pet me, and so did lots of big people. Mommy got to practice saying, “What’s in your mouth?” and “Xena, stop it.” and “Give that to me.” (You will notice there are no sunglasses on her head anymore, either.) I got lose from the chair and joined my folks on the dance floor. And I heard a lot of people say, “Look, a schnauzer!” Yep, that’s me…

Xena, the Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Xena’s First Rocktoberfest

First, let me tell you about the ride up to the top of Lookout Mountain yesterday to a place called Rock City. It took 87 minutes or maybe a whole hour to get there and it is even in a different state called Georgia – where I was born. Mommy got me a dog car seat. She said it was to make us both safer in the car and that I would like it ’cause I would be able to see out the windows better. Well, here’s how that went:

Mommy? I still can’t see out.

Look, Mommy, it’s so low I can almost touch the seat.

Na, na, I can get out!

Wait! I’m stuck!

I’m exhausted. I think I lost this round.

Ahh, better.  Now I can see out!

Now, for my day at Rock City’s Rocktoberfest:

Mommy and I were sitting up close to all these things called instruments when suddenly, all at once, some people started blowing in them and hitting them and making a terribly loud racket. It scared me a whole lot, and I shook so hard I almost lost all my puppy teeth! Mommy carried me ways away from all that loud noise until I stopped shaking. A lot of people asked to pet me while Mommy carried me around the park. I got so distracted that I didn’t even notice that we were back in the place called a pa villa yawn where all the music was playing.

Daddy is the musician in the family, so he helped me play the Xena-sized accordion. 

Then Daddy used me as something called a “prop” and people came by to get their picture taken with me (and him).

Mommy had a beer drink called Octoberfest that smelled really good. I wasn’t fast enough to get any.

We went back into the pa villa yawn where Daddy taught a funny dance called poke-a. Poke a what? Don’t poke a sleeping bear, he, he, he. Then him and Mommy danced a poke-a and everyone clapped their hands. (I was glad they were done, too.)

So, I figured out the loud instruments weren’t going to kill me and that I have a silly Daddy. It was also my first time around sooooo many people, and I did really good with that. I missed both my morning naps and my first afternoon nap, so I mostly slept the rest of the time there. I am now a Rocktober Fest pup! Hey Mommy, when are we going back?

I am Xena, the Warrior Princess


The Dogs of Rocktoberfest and a Rocky Adventure

First, let’s look at what happened between Jeff and Rocky the Gnome last Sunday at Rocktoberfest in Rock City on Lookout Mountain, Georgia.

Jeff is having a great time greeting people outside of the pavilion. Note the incoming Gnome to Jeff's left.
Jeff is having a great time greeting people outside of the pavilion. Note the incoming Gnome to Jeff’s left.

Rocky had his eye on Jeff's mat from the beginning, and now makes his move.
Rocky had his eye on Jeff’s mat from the beginning, and now makes his move.















Having knocked Jeff out of the way, Rocky takes up his position.
Having knocked Jeff out of the way, Rocky takes up his position.

Jeff attempts to retrieve his mat, but Rocky grabs it and runs.
Jeff attempts to retrieve his mat, but Rocky grabs it and runs.












Victorious, Jeff sends Rocky the Gnome scuttling back into the pavilion!
Victorious, Jeff sends Rocky the Gnome scuttling back into the pavilion!

Ready for some great dogs having fun at Rocktoberfest? By the way, Sam the Golden Retriever was the only one who asked Rocky to pet him. The rest either ran, barked or tried to bite Rocky. What would you do?


Top left the Yorkie is all ready for Halloween; right is a blue tick beale
Top left the Yorkie is all ready for Halloween; right is a blue tick beagle; bottom left is a Jack Russell Mix, right a mixed breed supergirl, with the sweetest smile!


You're not seeing triple. These 3 Aidales were with one family. What a happy black lab.
You’re not seeing triple. These 3 Airedales were with one family. What a happy black lab.


Top left is the popular Labradoodle, right is a regal Dobie who didn't want her picture taken. Botom left a Siberian Husky with startling ice blue eyes and right is sweet Sam, who just lost his brother. :(
Top left is the popular Labradoodle, right is a regal Dobie who didn’t want her picture taken. Bottom left a Siberian Husky with startling ice blue eyes and right is sweet Sam, who just lost his brother. 😦


Top left is a yellow lab; right is a Gordon Setter. Bottom left is another Yorkie who forgot to dress for Halloween; and a pomeranian, shaved for the heat
Top left is a yellow lab; right is a Gordon Setter. Bottom left is another Yorkie who forgot to dress for Halloween; and a pomeranian, shaved for the heat


Left -Lhasa Apso; right, I couldn't resist this second picture of our little mixed breed. Lexi would have been proud of the cocky sneer. Don't you wonder what she was thinking?
Left -Lhasa Apso; right, I couldn’t resist this second picture of our little mixed breed. Lexi would have been proud of the cocky sneer. Don’t you wonder what she was thinking?

Memory Monday: Whose Interview Is This, Anyhow?

I promised to do Memory Mondays after Lexi left for the rainbow bridge. Even though I have been following your blogs and getting smiles from them, it has been too painful to post anything, other than helping Piper from time to time. Every time I think I am beginning to heal, the wound rips wide open again. My precious husband is grieving much more quietly, but still grieving nonetheless. He has lost so much weight that his pants bag and try to slide off, and he is pulling out the clothes that fit him several years ago. We miss our little girl terribly. The house feels so empty with just Jeff and me here. Everyone else has moved on, one way or another.

It helps that it is October, with Jeff working Rocktoberfest every weekend and me accompanying him every Saturday. Even there, though, there are so many memories, as Lexi always went with us.


Last week our eight year wedding anniversary came and went, with neither of us feeling like celebrating.

So today I am determined to tell a story I promised one of Lexi’s wonderful blogging friends not long ago. It is the story of how Lexi helped me get my job at St. Luke, where she was so loved, even to the point of a memorial service after her passing. So here goes.

In the spring of 2015, the Ochs Center – Lexi and my Tuesday and Thursday job – closed up their offices. Lexi loved going there and it was quite difficult to leave that last day.

Lexi leaving ochs
Last time at the Ochs Center: I know this is our last day here. So many good memories. I don’t want to leave…

The board president told me about her church needing a part-time office administrator and said she would recommend me for the position. Happily, I got the call and scheduled an interview. The next Wednesday we celebrated Lexi’s 12th birthday at St. Timothy’s, where I worked the other three days of the week, and where Lexi usually joined me on Wednesdays and Fridays. I brought cookies and people came by my office to wish Lexi a happy birthday and to eat a cookie. That afternoon it suddenly dawned on me that my interview at St. Luke was immediately after work that day. In looking forward to celebrating Lexi’s birthday, I had completely forgotten, and it would take me an extra hour to take her home and drive back into town.  I decided I would call to see if I could bring Lexi with me to the interview. Bold move, but I was desperate. As a contingency plan, I called Jeff, who said he would meet me at the foot of Signal Mountain to take the schnauzer if they said no. I made the call, explained the situation and made my request. Unbeknownst to me, I was speaking with a volunteer. He said, “Well, we don’t usually encourage dogs at the Sunday service, but I reckon it would be ok to bring her with you to your interview.” So I did.

It was certainly providence that the three ladies who interviewed me were – and still are – dog lovers. Lexi was on her best behavior as she sniffed around the room and under the table, then, not finding any food, sat quietly beside me. The interviewers were all impressed with my resume, but I think even more impressed with Lexi. After a rather brief interview, I was offered the position with the caveat that Lexi would also come work with me.  We started work the next week. She always believed she was the reason I got the job, and I won’t be the one to argue with that.

I had been sitting while being trained on phones, but decided I could learn as much in a more comfortable position.
I (Lexi) had been sitting while being trained on the new phones, but decided I could learn as much in a more comfortable position.

How my Week Turned Around by Piper

About 87 weeks ago I agreed to go home with my Aunt Amy and Uncle Jeff ’cause I knew they were sad and I wanted to help. But it’s been real hard for me. I missed my own Mom and Dad and my sis Ella so much. At Aunt Amy’s, I would sit at the top of the stairs where I know people come up from their cars and I would watch down to the driveway from the patio to see if my Mom was coming. I whined and breathed hard and refused to take my pills (they got stuck down my throat anyhow) and didn’t much feel like eating. Finally, Aunt Amy told my Mom I really needed to come back home because this was too hard on me. I really wanted to be here but I wanted my Mom to be here too.

Aunt Amy would not take me to work with her on Tuesdays because I have never liked being around little kids, and the Parents Day Out program kids come to the church on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I tried my best to go, but she still left me all alone at home. By the time she and Uncle Jeff got home last Tuesday night I was a wreck. I even had what she thinks was a little seizure from getting so worked up.

Thursday: a happy, relaxed boy

Wednesday morning finally arrived and I got to go to work. It was just me and Aunt Amy there. I was very, very  good. I got to run all over the church – except for the place where they hold the Sunday worship service – and I wasn’t nervous so I didn’t mess anywhere. I was such a wreck home alone on Tuesday and so good at work with Aunt Amy on Wednesday that she decided to “go against her better judgement” and take me on Thursday. Thursday is the day the people come in to get their food vouchers to go to the Food Bank and get their food. That opening you see behind my foot goes between Aunt Amy’s office and the volunteer office where those people come. I thought about what Lexi had told me, how she always went to them very calmly and suggested that they pet her. I thought I would give it a try with the first two ladies that came in and guess what? It worked!  So this is therapizing, the therapizing that Lexi loved to do and was so good at it. Well, I could be good at it too. In my desire to therapize, I forgot about what color people were, what they smelled like and how big or little they were. I made them feel happy and they pet me and made me feel happy. No wonder Lexi loved to do this!

In between therapizing, I ran downstairs to see what was up with all the little kids. I have a reputation of not being especially fond of little kids. I decided right then that if I could therapize people in the office, I could therapize little kids in their classrooms too. Twice Aunt Amy called me to come back upstairs. The third time that I ran down, she just said, “Well Piper, you know who is down there and you go at your own risk. Come back when you are ready.” I discovered when I went in the first classroom that the kids loved me. I mean they loved me! They were sweet with me and pet me gently. I made sure everyone was happy and then went into the second classroom. Sure enough, the same thing happened. And guess what? Lexi never did this!!  I think I finally got one up on my cousin. I even think I heard someone say that I could be the church dog!

So you think this is good? I have to tell ya’, things only got better from there. Over the weekend I went for a ride up Lookout Mountain to Rock City with Aunt Amy. On the way, she said we would see my Uncle Jeff and, 15886-1and, and my Mom!! Woohoo! I got to lead the way on the trails and sit with my Momma while we listened to the oompah band, the Wurstbrauts. Mom even helped Uncle Jeff teach polka. The only bad part was when I got tied to a chair. Momma was on the dance floor and Aunt Amy was taking pictures. All these middling size kids kept running past and it kind of scared me. I started yelling “Momma! Amy!, Momma! Amy!” My Mom finally heard me and pointed at me and Aunt Amy saved me. Whew, that was a close call.

Now I am safely and wonderfully home in Kentucky with my Mom and Dad and Ella. I miss Aunt Amy and Uncle Jeff.

I am Piper, the why-can’t-everyone-just-live-together schnauzer.

The Day of the Dog at Rocktoberfest

I was having a lovely day last Sunday at Rocktoberfest. Dad did NOT use me as a prop, the sun was shining and I was enjoying the music and attention of hundreds of tourists passing through. My Lion from the Wizard of Oz was there working — without the Lion costume — and he came over and took pictures of me to show to my last Dorothy. She also works there, but was off that weekend.


Then this started happening:1018151557
And this:
Then someone spilled beer:

and they came from all over.
and they came from all over.

Busy weekend, fun weekend

I know everyone has been waiting to find out how my weekend went after all the build-up. On Friday I discovered that the air vent under my kitchen chair tastes really good.

Yummy! I hope my tongue doesn't get stuck.
Yummy! I hope my tongue doesn’t get stuck.

It did rain on Saturday, so we slept in before going to my Auntie Jen’s to visit and help with the yard sale which was now a garage sale. Mom sold enough to cover the gas there and home, but that was all. The day was more about visiting with good friends. I was happy to see my schnauzer cousin Piper, my enthusiasm only dampened when we all got left while Mom and Auntie Jen went wedding dress shopping. Piper is going to have a new Daddy. I tried to tell him how great that is, but he insisted he already loved his Daddy-to-be and didn’t need to be told. I hate it when Piper acts like he knows as much as me.

Mommy couldn’t talk Dad out of helping with the preparations at church on Sunday, but they compromised. The Boy stayed overnight with us, and me and him and Mom met Dad down at the church so we could all go to Rocktoberfest together.

1011151120 1011151202

See Dad holding me? He used me for a prop during his first announcements. I get no respect. Hey, maybe this will be the picture for the billboards next year! The weather was perfect – no rain and temperatures in the high sixties and low seventies. I walked the trails and read everybody’s stories. We went really slow so that I didn’t have to miss much. Back at the pavilion I barked at Mom until she picked me up and danced with me. I love to dance, even if it is with Mom holding me in her arms. Lots of people spoke to me and pet me. I was very popular. I decided I didn’t want any beer today, but cleaned up all the food that got dropped on the floor and in the grass and bushes. I got a bit bored toward the end of the day so I decided to sing from the sidelines with the band. I would have joined them up front, except Mom had a good hold on my leash. When the song was done the band members tipped their hats and thanked me for the solo.

Because I had done such a good job singing, several children came over to pet me. One boy who was maybe seven or eight years old seemed hesitant to touch me. So what did I do? I climbed in his lap, pushed him over onto his back and stood on him. When he rolled to the side I climbed back on him. Then he rolled to the other side and I did the same thing. He was smiling and started laughing because he figured out I was playing a game with him. He was no longer afraid. Mission accomplished.

Yep it was a great end to a good day and a fun weekend. Tomorrow I am going to work with Mommy to the church on the  hill. After that we are going to a different vet for a consultation. This vet practice does something called holistic medicine, stuff like cold laser therapy and acupuncture. I would be up for a nice massage…

It’s been a busy weekend and I am ready for my night-night treat and bed. Sweet dreams to all.



Big Band, Yard Sale and Polka

Me and Mom are home by ourselves, and not much is happening. My Dad plays in a big band called Sweet Georgia Sound. They are playing at Covenant College on Lookout Mountain tonight. It is Daddy’s favorite “gig.”  He plays his sax, which Mom says is worth more than our car, but I’m not sure that is saying much. Sometimes he will know one of the ladies in the audience, and she will ask him to dance with her. That’s because he teaches ballroom dance and is a good dancer. I used to help teach too, but no one ever asks me to dance! I really need to get out more. It is all home or work for me.


Dad is in the front next to my friend Cathy (who has moved up North). He is the only one still wearing his tux coat.

Tomorrow Mommy is taking me to my bestest friend Jen’s house to see my schnauzer cousin Piper (and his adopted sister Ella) while she and Auntie Jen  have a yard sale. It’s going to be a fun day. Then, if Mom can talk Dad into not going to his church to help the A/V team before he goes to Rock City on Sunday, we are going with him to Rocktober Fest. I love to go to Rocktober Fest. There is music and dancing and my favorite beer. Most of all there are lots of people who drop pieces of bratwurst and potatoes. There are trails to explore and so many smells to smell.  Sometimes Mom picks me up and twirls me around the floor. Sometimes people come up and ask to pet me and I pretend that I like it so Mom and Dad will bring me back.

Daddy teaching polka. That's my bestest friend Jen in the foreground holding some unknown child.
Daddy teaching polka. That’s my bestest friend Jen in the foreground holding some unknown child who is way too young to learn to dance. Jen is in costume, too.

Daddy’s picture was in the promotional material this year. I am going to ask Mommy to take lots of pictures of me at Rocktoberfest and maybe they will use my picture on the billboard next year.

Three years ago my-ex-brother who moved away and deserted us Riley usurped my place at Rocktoberfest. He met a girl whose name was – you guessed it – Riley. Her shirt says Smile and it looks like that’s what they are both doing.

Riley (L) and Riley (R)
Riley (L) and Riley (R)


Uh, oh, it just stared storming, so the yard sale may be off (again). They  – and my bestest friend Jentry – have been trying to do this for three weeks. I might get to sleep in after all…

I am Lexi, the yard sale, polka dancing schnauzer.