Chia’s Runabout

Hi, this is Chia. First, don’t worry, I’m OK. But I did have a fun/harrowing experience. I heard that I scared my Mom and Dad and made them cry and not sleep. And that half the neighborhood was looking for me, and my dog sitter went to every house and knocked on the door and missed work that day. And that my brother Andrew tramped through the woods and all over creation and got poison ivy and mosquito bit, and so did Riley. And that Mom contacted all her neighborhood friends and groom friends and posted me missing on our Nexdoor App, and asked everyone to watch for me and to pray I came home safely. Gee, I didn’t know everyone loved me that much. Maybe I should quit running off…

See, what happened was this. Mom and Dad left at o’dark-thirty on Thursday morning – taking Lucy and Xena with them – after feeding us all our usual good breakfast. In a few hours our sitter showed up. She harnessed Riley and put my pinch collar on me and headed out the front door with us. She didn’t know that 1. I am stronger than Superman and 2. I am faster than the Flash.

I immediately yanked the leash out of her hand (Superman strength) and took off (with Flash speed). She and Riley tried to stop me, BOL, BOL, BOL! Anyhow, when I didn’t come back after a half hour, she texted Mom, who was well on her way to visit relatives in a sick, noisy state. I think she called it Ill in Noise. Then, as I already described, the dog hunt began in earnest.

The hunt ended on Friday morning when the man across the street saw me going up my driveway, dragging my red leash. He grabbed his mobile phone and headed my way. After verifying I was who he thought I was, he opened the back porch door and let me in. I heard my Mom on the phone crying and saying thank you over and over again. Suddenly the lock on the door opened and I saw Riley standing on the other side wagging his tail as fast as he could. I wonder if he knows how to unlock the door…

I had spent Thursday night out on my own. Mom and Dad say they will never know where I was or what I did all night, and I don’t really want to bark about it. It sure was nice getting to eat again, and to curl up in the bed with my new sitter.

I do want to tell Mom and Dad I’m sorry; I only meant to run around the neighborhood for a few minutes, and I didn’t mean to make you feel so bad. I will give you lots of love and wiggles and tail wags and licky kisses when you come home from that sick state.

Lots of love, Chia