Grooming with Mom on Awww Monday

Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat with another new groom.

Hi friends and followers. It’s me, Lucy, here to show you another new pup who came with his brother and sister to be groomed. His siblings, Maggie and Bentley, have been here several times. They are the 3-year-old pups of Laila and Louis, who come to us very often.

Hi! We’re Maggie and Bentley. We came and got groomed too! Don’t forget US!

The new pup is Tyrian. He is a chiweenie. His hair is naturally a little over an inch long, so he wasn’t a “mess.” But his folks wanted help with the shedding. The curry comb (that’s a grooming term) didn’t remove much hair, so Groomer Mom used a #7.5 blade (that’ a grooming term) and shaved him all over and neatened up his ears. Dad had to hold him to get his nails cut, then he settled down and stopped being afraid.

Groomer Mom noticed similarities in personality between Tyrian and Chia, and knew it must come from the daschund part of each of them. His eyes and the looks he gave her were almost identical to Chia’s. Mom said she has decided she really likes daschunds! We all like our own little half daschund an awful lot, too.

This is Lucy, signing off with wags and licks until the next great groom!

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Grooming with Mom: Bentley and Maggie

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, coming to you just minutes after two successful grooms.

Those of you who have been following our grooming stories may remember Louis and Laila, proud parents of three litters of beautiful puppies. Two of the pups from the second litter went to live with relatives, so they get to hang out with their pup pawrents a lot. The pups are mixes of shih tzu, Brussels Griffon and poodle, and are two years old now. Groomer Mom had all four of them – mom, dad, daughter and son – in for grooms.

Pictured is Bentley pre-groom. He’s a real good boy, probably 12 or 15 pounds.
His litter mate Maggie is a petite little girl, pobably not more than about 7 pounds. She is sweet, yet feisty. No pre-groom picture of her, but she was in the same condition as Bentley.

Groomer Mom guessed two hours to get them both done and she was right on the money. Here they are after being groomed, bathed and loved on!

Their Mom and peeps sisters were thrilled with the results and will be back with them next time.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter signing off with wags and licks.