Grooming with Mom: Then and Now

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, with pupdates on Millie, Gus and JoJo

Gus and Mille began coming to “Small Dog Grooming” (Groomer Mom) back in June of last year after their previous groomer passed. You can click here to read the story and see the pictures of their first groom by Small Dog Grooming. They have been coming every month since then. Groomer Mom took fresh pictures the last time they were here in February.

Next up is JoJo, a yorkie who has come every three weeks since April of last year. She is five now. You can click here if you want to see the story and picture from her first groom at Small Dog Grooming.

She got a real different groom from previously…more off her face and less off her body. Her Mom said the cold makes her eyes run. We like this look better.

Chia has been bugging me during this entire report. She wants me to post a picture of her.

Are you taking pictures of me while I’m asleep?

Lucy: There you go, Chia, not one, but two pictures.

Chia: Sheesh, Lucy, I didn’t mean those pictures!

Lucy, Ace Reporter signing off with groom updates (and sweet revenge).

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Wordy Wednesday Grooming with Mom:Griffin

Lucy, Ace Reporter, on the Groom Beat

Hi again friends! Griffin is a shih tzu who Groomer Mom doesn’t think looks like a shih tzu. You can tell us what you think in the comment section below. He comes every couple of months, and always has mats to the skin. Groomer Mom asked me to include a collage she made of Griffin pre-groom.

It used to take Dad holding him to get his nails done. He’s a sweetie, and he’s also a busy boy who doesn’t stand still for long. Griffin was extra good this time; no help was needed. His Mom wanted a longer shave, but the long blade on the clippers refused to go through his extremely thick hair. So Groomer Mom cleaned out his ears and clipped his nails before giving him a nice warm bath. After he dried, slightly shorter clippers did start cutting his hair, with a bit of encouragement. His legs called for the next size down in blades because of the mats. It took a couple of hours to get this finished cut.

Groomer Mom looks forward to doing it all over again sometime in March. With m any thanks to Comedy Plus for hosting Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, Lucy, Ace Reporter on the Groom Beat, signing off with wags and licks.

Grooming with Mom on Thankful Thursday: Chub

Lucy, Ace Reporter on the Groom Beat.

Xena: One of Mom’s long time clients who have Laila and Louis started bringing two of their offspring, Maggie and Bentley, who live with the client’s sister. Then her sister started bringing them, as well as Tyrian, who is their not-biological brother. Then her sister started also bringing her mother-in-law’s dog, Oreo. This time, Oreo’s brother Chub also came. That’s what this post is about.

Lucy: Thank you, Xena, for that introduction and history on this family of dog grooms. As Xena-Not-Ace-Reporter pointed out, Chub came along with his sister and cousins. That made for a total of five dogs last Monday.

First, Groomer Mom serviced Oreo. Because she’s blind, she moves around a lot, and it’s important to be sure she does not fall off the table! Here are her after pics:

Next up was Chub. Chub is also a 14-year-old shih-tzu, and litter mate with Oreo. When he got on the groom table he looked like this:

His Mom just wanted him to get a winter groom. His ears were very matted. She warned Groomer Mom that he didn’t like his face “messed with,” especially around his mouth. Yep, Groomer Mom should have listened.

Chub was loving on Groomer Mom, giving her nose kisses and wagging his tail. He didn’t even mind her working out all those ear mats. Then she took the curved scissors to trim around his mouth. Let’s just say that if his teeth were sharp, Groomer Mom would have a great big hole in the middle finger of her right hand. At that, she said, and I quote, “We aren’t friends anymore, Chub Chub.” Then she decided to try it with the clippers. She got one swipe on each side before he launched his assault on the running clippers. Groomer Mom just held the clippers there and let him attack them, thinking maybe he would get it out of his system. He kept up his voracious attack on the clippers with voracity, and Groomer Mom gave up. Therefore, here is his “after” picture:

Groomer Mom is thankful today that she still has all her fingers without any holes in any of them. This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with licks and wags from a report on a semi-successful groom.

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Grooming with Mom: Oreo

We are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

Lucy, Ace Reporter here with another episode of Grooming with Mom.

As I stated last Monday, Groomer Mom’s clients are referring their friends, relatives and co-workers so fast that I can barely keep up with the reports. But I am dedicated to furthering my career, so you will get the news as the news happens, or at least not too terribly long afterwards.

Oreo is a 14-year-old shih tzu. He is blind and mostly deaf. He also has bad hips. Even with all that, he was wild on the grooming table, and it took a lot of patience and petting to try to calm him.

His Mom had been referred to us by her sister. She has been here several times before with her other two shih tzus, Maggie and Bentley, as well as their son’s chiweenie, Tyrian.

Groomer Assistant Dad held Oreo while he got the hair pulled out of his ears. It draped out of his ears as long as his face hair. The theory was set forth that no other groomer had been able to remove the hair. Oreo fought his bath like a wild dog. But at least he never tried to bite.

This is the groom Oreo’s mom had asked for. Merry Christmas Oreo, and may Santa Paws bring you a warm sweater.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with another successful groom.

Grooming and Company on Awww Monday

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Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat with another new groom.

Hi folks! It hardly seems like it’s been only a week since I last reported on a new groom — yet here is a new one yet again. And, once again, this pup’s mom was referred to us by one of our current clients. Lily is a 2-year-old shih tzu who couldn’t get in to see her regular groomer for 2 months. Here’s what she looked like when she arrived at our door.

She didn’t weigh more than three or four pounds, just a wee bit of a girl with more mats than anything. Groomer Mom felt her over real quick-like and delivered the bad news that she would have to shave Lily down (that’s a grooming term) everywhere – even her face. Her mom said to do whatever she needed to do, that she wouldn’t be upset.

Lily was a mover-around-the-tabler (that’s a reporting term) but a real sweet little girl. I thought you might like to see a mid-groom picture, too.

The part where the hair is close to the skin was matted like felt, so the shaving was real slow-going. Groomer Mom shaved a big tick off before she could see it, so she had to use her special tick tool to get the head out of Lily’s skin. Then she grabbed her super-duper flea spray as those nasty buggers started emerging from under all that matted hair.

Groomer Mom knew this wasn’t going to end in a pretty groom. But sweet Lily was going to feel so much better, and her Mom would have a blank slate to start with to keep this from happening again.

The new appointment she made for 6 weeks out would also be an important part of that, too!

To finish up, I want to report that everything has mostly calmed down around here. Our aunt and cousin have gone off to do whitewater rafting today before they leave out for home. Jemma has done well, and most of us have been real nice to her. Chia started nipping at her, so Jemma started nipping Chia’s butt, BOL! Jemma can whip around real fast like most dogs of that breed, so Chia doesn’t stand a chance. We aren’t sure if she understands that it’s her own fault.

Jemma: You’re a good reporter, Lucy. You tell it like it is.

Lucy: Thanks, Jemma.

Then we all got new, meaty stew bones to chew outside. Chia got in Xena’s face about it, and it turned into a real, honest-to-goodness dog fight! I stood back to let them sort it out, and the only peep to jump in and stop it was Mom.

Xena: She didn’t have to, I was whooping that little brat’s butt!

Lucy: Like I was saying, Mom grabbed Chia, but that pup is so long that she slipped out of Mom’s hands and she and Xena went at it again. Mom grabbed up Chia again and threw her in the kennel, getting a bad scatch on her leg in the process. Dad was sitting right there and didn’t do anything at all. Boy, was he ever in trouble when the dust settled.

Xena: That wouldn’t have happened if Mom had let me finish it myself! I’m in charge, and that long brat isn’t going to usurp me as alpha here.

Lucy: What about Riley?
Xena: I stay outa his way.

I’m innocent, Your Honor.

So, folks, that’s our calmer weekend. Hope your week includes only nice things.

Lots of licks and wags, Lucy, Ace Reporter

Grooming with Mom: Gus

Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat.

Once again we have a new pup to groom. And when I say pup, I mean a little, four-month-old puppy named Gus. Do you remember at the end of April when one of Mom’s wonderful long-time clients suggested that little Jo Jo’s mom bring her to groomer Mom? If you missed that one, just click here to see an adorable yorkie!

Then Jo Jo’s mom told Gus’ mom, and Gus came for his very first groom at 7:30 in the morning. I’d had my breakfast and didn’t really want to get up out of bed again so early, but I knew puppy’s first groom would be good reporting material.

Here is Gus before his first groom. He is a shih tzu, maltese mix. We couldn’t find the maltese part.

Gus only weighs about 2 or 3 pounds, so you know he’s tiny. He’s a happy puppy, too. While he got his nails cut he learned to count how many feet he has and how many toenails on each foot. He liked that, too. Won’t his mom be surprised when she says, “Give me your paw,” and he answers, “Which one? I have four.” BOL

Oops, I think Xena’s long, rambling stories have influenced me! Back to reporting.
Gus didn’t much care for his bath, but then who does?

Groomer Mom took her time with him, kissing him and talking to him and showing him all the grooming tools before she used them. He was very interested, too!

About an hour or so later, Gus wanted to know if it was time to go and what would happen if he jumped off the table.

Thankfully, he didn’t get a chance to find out. But he did get a little scarf and a big kiss goodbye!

Uh Mom, it looks like you missed some hair under Gus’s wiggly chin.
I am Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with wags and licky kisses. Oh, and we are very Thankful today for Gus and all the other wonderful pups – big and small, young and old – who come to my Mom for grooming.

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Awww Monday’s Grooming with Mom: Griffin

Lucy, Ace Reporter here on the Groom Beat today.

We got another new pup in to groom. His name is Griffin and he’s a four-year-old shih tzu. The person who has been grooming Griffin since he was a pup has been closed because of that awful flu thing that ate up 2020. One of Groomer Mom’s long-time clients suggested he come here.

His Mom didn’t really want him shaved, but realized he was pretty matted, so go ahead if it was necessary. As you might have guessed, it was necessary. Once again, Groomer Mom forgot to get before pictures. But, unlike some pups that come here, you couldn’t really see how much he was matted. Let’s hop to the end of the story and get you a picture of a totally groomed Griffin.

Is that my Mom’s car I hear?

Griffin is a lover and a hopper, and a wiggler and a fighter and was almost a biter. He’s complex. My peeps bro came downstairs and held him while Mom cut his back nails. We think he was throwing such a fit about it because one of his nails was almost grown into his skin. He started to act the same way when she began to get the hair out of his ears, and that’s when Groomer Mom “read him the riot act. *shudder* ” I sure hope she never gets in my face and says in her firmest voice that there is no reason for me to act like that and to be still and that she is in charge and that I will be still and behave. And do you understand?

Griffin understood and behaved until he didn’t. Then he got “read the riot act” Part Two. After that everything was fine and Groomer Mom got lots more kisses.

Thank you, Miss Amy. I feel tons better.

And Griffon’s Mom said he looked really cute, too!

Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with hopes that no one gets read the riot act this week.

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Almost Wordless Wednesday-Landry

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Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

Lucy, Ace Reporter here, reporting on another spectacular groom done the weekend before Christmas. It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so two pictures will suffice on Wordless Wednesday.

Thanks Lucy. Great job as always. This is Groomer Mom and I do want to say a little about this groom.

But Mom, this is Almost Wordless Wednesday, and I’ve already used up over two thousand words with the pictures!

It’s OK Lucy, dear. I think folks will make an exception.
Landry, along with his yorkie brother Dallas and his pomeranian sister Bonnie Blue were all here February of 2019. If you missed it, you are welcome to take a look here. They haven’t been groomed since. I started thinking about them, concerned for them, and even knowing what I was getting into, I contacted their mom. She told me that Dallas died of cancer in August, and his sister Bonnie Blue died of cancer the following month. But Landry sure could use a groom. Well, I knew what that meant, and what to expect, so I was prepared with a muzzle, kind words, and a bottle of CBD oil. His dad brought him, and told me he tried to give Landry a bath, but Landry bit him “pretty bad.” “He’s fast,” he said. With his dad’s permission, I squirted a half dropperful of CBD oil in his mouth. An hour had passed by the time he was mostly shaved and I had him in the tub. I decided to try it without a mask. Well, the CBD oil had kicked in, and Landry not only let me wash him all over, including his face three times, he also let me get the hair out of his ears and finish cutting his nails, all the time wagging his tail. Thanks, Monika, for a great product and a bite-free bath! You helped make Landry a happy boy. Landry’s dad agreed to start bringing him four times a year. I’ll have the CBD oil ready!

Grooming with Mom: Pebbles and Meeka

Hello friends. Lucy Ace Reporter back with you again on the Groom Beat

Next up is a pair of shih tzus. Their dad is brothers with one of Mom’s other clients, who referred them to her.
Mom began with Pebbles, who is almost nine years old and the dominant one in the family. Pebbles tried to bite her while she was removing the hair from her ears. Mom stopped working long enough to have a “come to Jesus” meeting with her. Pebbles said she understood, and, just to be sure, Dad held her while Mom cut her nails. Pebbles didn’t give her any more trouble after that. Well, OK, she gave Mom lots of trouble, but didn’t try to bite her.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pebbles-clark.jpg
I don’t want to stand up!

Pebble’s Mom wanted her shaved and her face trimmed short. Mom remembered to take the “before” picture shortly after she started shaving Pebbles. She refused to stand up or cooperate in any way. She actually jumped out of the sink onto the table once during her bath. *sigh* Anyhoo, she made it through the groom alive even if she did poop on the table and in the sink.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pebbles-giving-stink-eye.jpg
I may not be allowed to bite you, but how’s this for a stink eye.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pebbles-clark-after-groom.jpg
Did you say my peep sisters are coming to get me?

Next up was Stink-Eye’s submissive sister, Meeka. Meeka pooped all over the floor while she was waiting her turn. *If I talk funny now ith becawwz I’m holding my nothe.

I heard what you said to my sister. Please don’t send me to Jesus.

Nine-year-old Meeka is just the opposite of Stink-Eye, er, Pebbles. She is what Mom calls passive-aggressive in the groom world. She didn’t want her front paws touched, so she kept laying her head on them while Mom was trying to shave them. She kept tucking herself into a ball until Mom finally used the loop thingy – like you saw around Stink Eye – to keep her standing.

She didn’t like her bath either, but Mom managed to keep her in the tub. Dried, groomed and finished! Pee Ess, when she lifts her ears, her hair stands up like that. She really doesn’t have horns, BOL.

Are we going home now?

Mom asked me to quote her here. I think this is how to do it:
A reliable source just informed me that both these dogs were covered underneath and in the back area with dried feces. My sourse is pretty sure that Pebbles has a bacterial infection on the insides of her back legs and her abdomen from the dried feces against their skin. She alerted their sisters – who picked them up – to this. She also advised them not to wait so long to get them groomed, suggesting every six to eight weeks.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with more wags and wiggles.

Thankful Thursday and Grooming with Mom: Bailey

Hello friends. Lucy, Ace Reporter here today to report on another fantastic groom. It all started at a party…a Super Bowl party to be exact. Mom went to the party thrown by her work-place, and she sat down to eat with some of the people who attend that synagogue. The couple next to her said they were looking for a new groomer for their sweet shih tzu, and mentioned that Aoife’s Mom had told them what a good job Mom does on Aoife. A few weeks later they called Mom for an appointment. Mom didn’t bother with a “before” picture, because Bailey wasn’t in bad shape. He mostly needed his face and paws and certain other areas trimmed. Here he is after his mini-groom and bath.

Bailey is a little over two years old. Mom said he’s one of the best behaved pups she’s ever had the pleasure to groom.

Do y’all remember Rhett?


He came to us to be groomed for the first time last September, and has been coming back every six weeks.

And Maggie, whose Mom is a cancer survivor. We know all your prayers and POTP helped!


Maggie is coming every six weeks now, too.

And lots of other regulars like Maggie the schnauzer and her sister Dora the explorer shih tzu, who come to see us every three weeks.

Dora (L) and Maggie

As well as two of our yorkie friends, Slider and Peyton, who come every six weeks.

OK, so maybe Peyton (top) isn’t really a yorkie, but that’s what the guy who sold her to them said.

We’re thankful for all the wonderful pups who come to get groomed and loved-on by me and Mom. There’s lots more, and each one is special in his or her own way.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with wags and kisses. I hope you enjoyed this segment of Grooming with Mom.

Grooming with Mom

Hi friends! It’s me, Lucy, back with all the news worth reporting from the Groom Room. Today I want to introduce a new pup by the name of Gryff. But before I do, it’s important for you to get the back story (that’s a reporting term, you know) on how this all happened. First, though, here is Gryff before being groomed.

The day before Gryff came over, the Groomer aka Mom was grooming another little shih tzu, who we will just call “Ann” to protect the innocent. She’s been here a couple of times before, and is a sweet, if squirmy pup, under a year old. When the Groomer was done, she let “Ann’s” Mom know to come get her. Her Mom replied that her husband would pick up “Ann.” Mom packed me and Xena in the car to go to the vet, so we could leave as soon as “Ann” went home. We sat in there for almost an hour waiting, while Mom, er, the Groomer sat in the groom room with “Ann” in her lap, also waiting, for the pick up. Fifty minutes and several phone calls later, the husband showed up with both a stinky attitude and stinky breath. Mom, er, the Groomer figured out right away that he had been watching football and was unhappy about having to come pick up “Ann.”

We missed our vet appointment (I love going to the vet and always want to stay with those fun people) and we had to get out of the car. Mom called Dad and vented. She was really mad. She said if the guy had even said he was sorry, she would have been over it. But no, not even a thanks. Anyhoo, Mom finally asked God to take away the anger and forgive her for her mean thoughts. You won’t believe what happened next! A lady texted her saying “Ann’s” Mom had given her Mom’s number and she wanted to make a grooming appointment for her shih tzu! Mom called her and Gryff came the next day. Here he is after his groom.

Mom felt like God had answered her prayer, and not only forgave her, but sent her a blessing.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off.

Pup Invasion

Lucy: We had an invasion.

Xena: It wasn’t good, but at least it wasn’t alien balls this time.

Are you making our brekkies?

Lucy: Their names are Louis (L)and Laila (R). Louis is a Brussels Griffon and Shih tzu mix. Laila is a shih tzu and poodle mix. Mom grooms them, but this time they are staying with us, for about 87 days, I think. They are the couple who kept having puppies, but now Laila has had her big girl surgery.

Xena: Louis kept sniffing our bee-hinds and jumped on me from bee-hind. Mommy and I both yelled at him for that. Sometimes I stand with my bee-hind against a wall, now.

Lucy: Laila was OK except she kept pooping and peeing in the house. Mom put one of Xena’s Big Girl Time panties on her, and that took care of that. Louis has finally figured out he will never be popular by putting his nose or anything else near our bee-hinds. The only things we still don’t like is that they are Mom hogs.

We’re hoping everyone (including us) has a good week.

Wags and wiggles, Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess (and Louis and Laila)

Grooming with Mom: Art Imitating Groom

Lucy, Ace Reporter on the Groom Beat, here. Today I have a bit of a different report. You have already met Maggie the schnauzer and Dora the shih tzu. They have been coming to Mom to be groomed for six years. Their mom’s sister-in-law is an artist. Can you see the pictures she is painting? On the left is the picture their mom took, and on the right is the painted portrait.

In other news, most of the folks wanting their pups groomed before Easter came by the weekend before. Our friend Pete the Chorkie lives in the neighborhood and his mom goes to church with our folks, so Petey came Easter Saturday and got lots of special attention. He’s been having some health problems, including a collapsing trachea and he coughs when he’s nervous.

I stayed with him to help him be calm, and we were glad to report to his mom that he only coughed once while he was here. He’s also had to get sub-q fluids every week. His mom said that he hates it so much that he runs and hides when he sees her getting things ready to do that. So she has decided to stop and hope and pray for the best. Maybe you could send him some POTP too. It sure has helped some of our other friends who sit on Mom’s table.

This is Lucy Ace Reporter signing off. *wags*

Grooming and More: Roxxii, Dora and Maggie

Today, Ace Reporter Lucy on the Groom Beat. First, we have Roxxii. Isn’t she a doll? Mom did what she calls a “Winter Groom,” leaving her body and leg hair long to help her stay warm.

Her Mom had to leave her for three hours while she worked, so Roxxii came upstairs to stay with us.Xena: Who are you and why are you here? I play bowed and you didn’t respond. Don’t even think about taking my Mommy or stealing my food or my pressies from under the tree.

Roxxii: I hadn’t thought about any of those things until you mentioned them, schnauzer dog. Where are the pressies? I don’t see any.

Xena: Just never mind. I already hid my reindeer when I saw you coming.

30 minutes later after Roxxii ran all over the house looking for Xena’s reindeer…Roxxii: I want my Mommy.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the grooming room…Dora the shih tzu: Maggie, did you see if that other dog ever came back? What happened to her?

Maggie the schnauzer: I don’t know, Dora, but I’ll protect you.

Maggie: Miss Amy, where did that other dog go? Is she staying with you while her Mom and Dad go away like we stayed a few weeks ago? Is she OK?

Dora: (As their Mom pulls into the driveway) Can we go home now, Miss Amy? Are we staying with you again, too? I really want to go home.

Angel Lexi: There’s no place like home.

Well, I seem to have totally lost control of my article, so I guess that’s all for today, folks. Wags and wiggles from Lucy, Ace Reporter who needs a lock on her computer.



Grooming with Mom: Roxxii

Hmm, I wonder if her name is really Roxy or R O twenty three. 

Hi, friends, this is Lucy with another episode of “Grooming with Mom.” In this episode, my peeps brother Andrew was hangin’ with one of his friends…I wonder if Riley was with them and if he was thinking about me. Anyhow, his friend’s girlfriend was there with her 8-year-old shih tzu, Roxxii.  He, he.

So Andrew said, “Oh my God, that dog is an unholy mess! You need to go see my Mom right away!” OK, maybe not exactly like that, but she got the message, right?

Here’s Roxxii’s before picture: Andrew was right, right? Mom said that Roxxii is a very good girl. Mom’s thinking maybe a scissor cut next time would be more attractive, but it will be whatever Roxxii and her Mom want. Well, mostly what her Mom wants. When Roxxii was done, she looked like this:Her Mom was so happy that she asked if she should bring her back in two weeks. My Mom tried not to laugh when she said she thought six weeks might be just about right. 

This is Lucy, signing off with licks and wiggles from Grooming with Mommy.


Lucy: So, Xena, what do you think of the new dogs in the house? They’ve been here over a week. I wonder if that means we are keeping them.

Xena: They do look familiar. I think Mommy grooms them. But they won’t play with me. I try and try. I grab their stuffies and shake them in their faces and run, and nothing. Then I do the same with my stuffies.  Nothing.

Lucy: That’s ’cause Maggie is 10 years old. But I did see her chewing on your new birthday bully horn.

                                                      Who? Me?

Xena: That’s not exactly a group activity. So I took it away from her. ‘Cause it’s mine. And she can’t have it.

Lucy: And Dora forgets who Dad is and barks at him every day when he gets home from work.

Xena: Maybe that’s what happens when you turn nine.

                                                         Who are you?

Lucy: Just before their folks left, I heard their Dad mumble something about Dora not being the brightest bulb in the lamp. 

Xena: Well, they have just about stolen our Mommy and Daddy. 

Is that good, Maggie? A little more to the left, Mr. Jeff.

Lucy: I don’t mind Mom sleeping in the other bedroom with them. That means I can sleep in the big bed with Dad all night long. 

Mom and Dad are coming for us today. I am so outa’ here.

We are Lucy and Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess, the ONLY permanent resident dogs in our house.

Grooming with Mom

Hi friends. This is Lucy, reporting on a new episode of Grooming with Mom.

Maggie isn’t a newbie. She has been here before. This is her before and after picture from the first time she was here in October last year. 

She has been back twice since that. This time, however, Maggie’s Dad brought her and told my Mom to give her a short poodle cut. She is half poodle and half shih tzu, and definitely looks more poodlish.  Her “before” look isn’t nearly as bad as it was the first time she was on Mom’s torture grooming table.After a lot of shaving and some arguing over getting her face shaved, here’s how she looked in her “after.” We found out that her Mama was about to have surgery for breast cancer, and needed Maggie to have an easy haircut to manage. Please send up your POTP, good thoughts and prayers for Miss Marcia, Maggie’s Mom.

Licks and wiggles, Lucy

Tubbie Barker Gets Groomed

Hi, this is Lucy here to tell you about Mom’s latest new groom. (looks around) OK, just wanted to be sure Xena wasn’t going to interrupt me this time with more wild tales.

First up is this 3 month old shih-tzu-Havanese mix who was purchased at a truck stop. Mr. and Mrs. Barker (yes, that’s really their name) were at an Interstate truck stop when this woman approached them with a puppy. The woman said that someone was supposed to meet her there to give her $150 for that puppy, but the buyer never showed up. She asked the Barkers (he,he, I’m sorry, he, he) if they wanted to buy him. She showed them pictures of his litter mates at home. Mrs. Barker looked in her wallet and offered her all she had – $8. The woman said she would take it, since she needed gas money! Mr. Barker came up with another $20, and they now had a new addition to the family. Here is Tubby before and after grooming:Mom said he was a “handful,” just because he was a puppy. Mrs. Barker (he, he, he, he…sorry) was delighted and said he looked like a little boy. She had already asked Mom if she could bring Roxie when she picked up Tubby, so Mom got a bonus groom on Friday. You might remember Roxie, an 11 year old shih tzu poodle mix. This is a picture from the last time Mom groomed her:

This time Mrs. Barker (I’m not gonna laugh, I’m not gonna laugh) wanted most of the hair cut off her legs, so Mom trimmed them really short, but didn’t shave them. Mom said Roxi is almost as sweet as me!

Mom was getting ready to go pull weeds at the church when she got a call from a lady who hadn’t brought her two schnauzers back to Mom to groom for eleven months. Mom thought she had found another groomer. Wrong! Mom told her to come on, she could groom them right then. Here they are pre-and post-groom:

This is Dexter. He’s a 3 year old schnauzer. Yep, same dog in both pictures. He also had some fleas and ticks. He and his sister are outside a lot of the time, running free through the woods and stuff. That sounds like fun.

This is 10 year old Sophie. Sophie had big thick mats and a couple of ticks. When last we met (I heard that phrase and have been waiting to be able to use it), Sophie had a tumor on her ear. It didn’t look good, and Mom was scared it was something bad. Sophie’s Mom took her to the dogtor, who took off the tumor and had it checked. Mom had asked for your prayers for Sophie, and we want to say thank you, because she is fine.

That’s it for this edition of When Mom Grooms.

Love and wiggles, Lucy

Pee Ess: The first picture is of Tubby Barker. *rolls on floor laughing*

Scooter and Maggie on the Table

Hi my friends. It’s Lucy, your favorite pup (in this home).  Mom got some new dogs in to groom, and I get to tell you about them. This first one is Scooter. Scooter is a 9-year-old multi-poo. That is a maltese mixed with a poodle. I guess you could also say he is a pootese, he, he. He belongs to some friends of my peeps brother, Andrew. Scooter cries and screams, but he doesn’t try to bite. Mom just needs to get ear protectors. Heck, we all need ear protectors with Xena around. Scooter was covered with fleas and flea dirt, and his hair was a bit matted. He got 3 – yes three – baths while he was here. I’m lucky to make it through one bath.

Scooter had bad teeth, so his Mom, Beth, took him to the doggie dentist and they pulled about 12 of his teeth. They wanted to pull a bunch more, but his Mom said, “No.” Beth called my Mom to see what she thought. Mom said she could go to a different dogtor to get another opinion. Isn’t my Mom smart?

This next pup is named Maggie. Maggie is a 2 (almost 3) year old – wait! I just watched Xena bark at Riley and chase him out of “his” chair in the library. He’s like 87 gazillion times bigger than her! Dad warned us she would take over the house.

Anyhow, where was I? Oh yes, Maggie. Maggie is a poodle/shih tzu mix. Mom said she could have tons of fun with the names for that combination, but it’s best to leave it up to your imagination. Maggie was very good on the grooming table and has a sweet personality, kind of like me! She was matted to the max, and the lady did not want her shaved. Mom worked and worked on her, using her best grooming tricks and tools to get out all the mats, until Maggie looked as sweet as she was.

In closing, I remember the days before a certain schnauzer puppy took over.

Our feet and tummies and Mom’s flip flops were all safe. Life seemed much simpler back then. It seems so long ago…

Love and wiggles, Lucy.

Grooming With(out) Lucy

I’ve given up. Mom’s never going to let me groom dogs. A couple of weeks ago she got a 15 year old miniature poodle dog named Muffy in to groom. Do you think Mom let me help? Right. Mom forgot to get a “before” picture, but she remembers thinking that under all that hair there has to be a poodle. It took her two hours to find the poodle, though. Muffy is also a screamer. Speaking of screaming, I can hardly wait for Mom to let me tell you what Riley did at the vet. (he, he)



This morning Mom did a mini-groom on Dora the shih Tzu and Maggie the schnauzer. I’ve told you about them before.




Then a newer client asked if Mom could groom Daisy, her cockapoo. Of course Mom said, “Come on!” and there was one more dog I didn’t get to groom. *sad sigh*  Daisy will be one year old next month and her Mom is planning her a birthday party. I bet she would have been tons of fun to play with. Oh, wait. Maybe that’s why Mom won’t let me groom.

Daisy before groom

    Daisy after groom

Love and wiggles, Lucy