Thanksgiving Exhaustion

Xena: Mommy was on her feet working in the house and preparing food all day. She’s more used to a desk job, not being on her feet all day. It’s 8:30 at night, we’ve all had turkey, and Mommy’s ready to sleep. But she thinks that would be rude with our peep brothers still here.

Lucy: We’re sleepy too, but no one thinks we’re rude if we nap.

It’s really nice to see Riley again. We are still friends. Of course, Dad had to rescue Mr. Elephant from him. I didn’t want to have to perform emergency surgery again (see here). Then Dad put all of Xena’s stuffies in their basket and up on the fireplace mantle, out of Riley’s reach.

Xena: Our brother Adam is staying with us for a few days. I like having Adam here. He sits out back with us. And he asks if we are allowed to have treats. I just wish he gave us treats without asking, but I guess he’s well-trained. *yawn* I’m just so sleepy from the turkey neck and liver and some other guts. Mmmm.

Lucy: Tomorrow we’re having some other friends over to play games and visit and eat leftovers. I hear that there is more turkey waiting for us to eat, too!

Xena: Mommy’s also tired because her and Daddy stayed up late last night moving furniture. They wanted to move the dining table to the other side of the room so they could use the fireplace. Then they had to figure out how to arrange the rest of the furniture, make it look right, re-hang pictures, re-configure electronics, move stuff down from the attic and in from the utility shed. It wasn’t just exhausting watching all this, it was something I hear is called “disconcerting” for me. I kept asking Mommy to hold me, to assure me that everything was still ok in our world.

Some of that stuff they waited to do today. Even so, it was almost worse than missing supper time. I wanted us all to go to bed, and I wanted everything to be the same when I got up in the morning as how it had always been. Why did they have to change things? Everything in the room has been moved! Not only that, but the front room –the one they call the library — has been changed, too. At least my red chair is in the same place.

We hope all our friends in the US of A had a good Thanksgiving and had enough food.

Love and tail wags and full bellies, Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess