Memory Monday – Cat antics

Dear Friends,

I asked Mommy to run this for me while I am getting my teeth cleaned. I was shaking in the arms of the tech when Mom left…

It’s here again, friends, the first Monday of the month. This time I find myself thinking about the first time I found out that cats can be ok. I had never had much luck with them in the past. They either tried to kill me (Mom says I am a bit melodramatic with this) or got me in trouble by making me cross the street to chase them, or just scared me a lot. Let me tell you what happened to change my mind.

    (L-R) Piper, Marley, me

Mom went away and my BFF Auntie Jen picked me up to stay with her and her two schnauzers, Piper and Marley. Note: Marley no longer lives with Auntie Jen.  I didn’t know there was going to be a cat involved! But, sure enough, there was a cat in her house, big as day. Not only that, Piper and Marley played with her. Can you believe it? When the cat started trying to get me to chase her for fun, I didn’t trust her. I have been tricked like that before, and it never ended well for me. (At this point in my story, please imagine me rubbing my nose with my paw, tears in my eyes.) This crazy cat was so persistent about it that I finally couldn’t help myself – I chased her. Then she chased me, but not mean-like. She was kind of laughing, in a cat way. Then she let me chase her some more. I liked this cat. I drew the line on cuddling with her like little Marley did. I did cuddle with Marley, though. Everyone cuddles with Marley.The last night I was there both my dog friends went to stay with their grandmother and I got to snuggle in bed all night with their Mom and Dad all by myself – no other dogs to take the attention I should be getting. I hoped Auntie Jen would come and get me again sometime. The next night I got to stay with my Grandma and sleep under the covers with her and eat toast and jam the next morning. I loved my Grandma.

I was Lexi, the cat-playing, snuggling schnauzer.