Sleepy Selfie Sunday: The Couch Slowly Fills

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Lucy taking a lazy Sunday nap.

Chia joins her.

Chia gets her new, organic flea collar on. They both turn around, and Chia decides Lucy is more comfy to lay on than the pillow.

Riley completes the trio.

Happy Sleepy Sunday.

Sunday Afternoon Walk

It’s been raining, then the sun has been coming out and it has been “steaming.” In between the rain and the steam, we took a walk today.

Me getting whacked with Riley's tail
Me getting whacked with Riley’s tail

A smarter way to walk.
A smarter way to walk.

Notice the NPR leash? It’s mine. It was my pledge that Mommy paid that got us that gift. Sometimes I let Riley use it. I am generous that way.

Notice the pinch collar around my neck? Mommy says it is so I don’t choke myself with my own collar. It’s true that I never pull when I wear the dreaded pinch collar. *sigh* Is it my fault that I am so enthusiastic?

We usually walk down the road in our subdivision and circle around the cul-de-sac. I used to do my “business” there because there is an island in the middle with trees and weeds and bushes. Now I am not allowed in it because Mommy thinks that is where I got poison ivy on my hair and then rubbed against her or the bed sheets. She has blisters on her legs and rashes all the way around her neck. So I held it until we got back home. BOL, what good is a walk if you can’t do your business? Oh well, I really don’t want Mommy to be miserable.

Everyone have a good Sunday!