Xena’s Selfie and Aoife in Denver

Xena: Mommy just groomed me, so I’ll start with a picture of me for selfie Sunday.

Now that you have seen how pretty I look, we can move on to Aoife. Aoife is a soft-coated wheaten terrier, and the largest dog Mommy would groom, so as to keep her trips to the chiro to a minimum. We always liked it when Aoife was done with her groom and ran upstairs to say hi to us. A while back she moved with her pawrents to a place far away called Denver. Her Mom sent us a picture this week:

Aoife is absolutely loving the snow! Maybe she could teach us how to play in snow!!

I gotta go now. Mommy’s going downstairs to groom another dog, and then we are going to Freestyle practice. Chia’s going too, which I don’t mind since I get a whole ton more floor time than she does!

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Home Alone (with Miss Christy)with No Selfies

Lucy: Miss Christy, I love you and love having you here so much I forgot to ask where Dad and Mom went?
Miss Christy: My sweet Lucy, (*whispers* You know you are my favorite girl.) I love being here, too.

Your Mom and Dad just needed a little break, so they went to stay in a cabin in the middle of Norris Dam State Park.

Chia: You said a bad word!

Miss Christy (ignoring Chia’s comment): It’s a huge park with lots of trees and trails and sits on the mountains surrounding Knoxville, Tennessee.

Chia: But what are they doing at the dam state park?

Miss Christy: *sigh* Let’s see…Friday night they got dressed up and went to a ballroom dance studio. They said the music was really good and the people were all very nice and welcoming. There is a dance there every other week, and your folks will probably be going back several times throughout the year and spend the night in Knoxville. The drive is only a little over two hours. But don’t worry, I’ll come and stay with you sweet pups.

Lucy: If that’s all they did, why aren’t they home yet?

Miss Christy: No, they rented the cabin for three nights and during the day, instead of exploring trails, they explored restaurants and historical places.

Chia: I’d a rather done the trails. I coulda’ run like the wind through those forests and maybe even caught a squirrel or a rabbit!

Miss Christy: Yes, you are very fast, Chia girl! But it was too cold for them, down in the 30’s and 40’s. So they did indoor stuff. Since your Dad is very allergic to foods with gluten, corn or soy, they tried out a restaurant called Benefit Your Life Bakery. Absolutely nothing in it had gluten, corn or soy.

Lucy: That was good for our Dad, right?

Miss Christy: So good, your Mom said he was standing at the front looking in the case and seemed to be having something like a religious experience. He was saying, “I’ll have one of those and one of those and one of those and oh my, this is so wonderful, and one of those, etc.” She was on the verge of being embarrassed.

Chia: That’s nothing new. I embarrass her on most of our walks! And it’s always ’cause I’m so excited about something, too.

Miss Christy: Yes, Chia, I understand that. Anyhow, on Saturdays they serve breakfast, so yourDdad got a biscuit and gravy and your Mom, who doesn’t always like GF baked goods, got a bacon, egg and cheese GF biscuit. They were both so impressed they vowed to eat there every time they spent the night for a dance.

Xena: Are they bringing us any?
Miss Christy: Your Dad bought several of the sweets to bring home, but I don’t think they were for you pups. Sorry XeXe.

After that they went to the University of Tennessee McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture. The stories of the first exhibit they saw told of what your Mom felt were the Native American artist’s existential experiences and understanding of life movement through each “season.” The plaques next to each painting had explanatory quotes.

Shane Pickett's Paintings installed

Shane Pickett: Djinong Djina Boodja (Look at the Land that I Have Traveled)

They learned a lot about the generals and tactics used locally during the Civil War.

First Light, November 29, 1863, Painting by Ken Smith

The Civil War in Knoxville: The Battle of Fort Sanders

Your Mom has always loved the Egyptian exhibits, where they saw a real mummy case, hieroglyphics, and lots more.

Ancient Egypt exhibit entrance

Ancient Egypt: The Eternal Voice

Painting by Greg Harlin

Archaeology & the Native Peoples of Tennessee

Human Origins Ceiling

Human Origins: Searching for our Fossil Ancestors

There were more, but these were some of their favorites. Your Dad said that something in this last exhibit reminded him of you, Chia.

Chia: Was I the mighty hunter?
Miss Christy: Ummm, more like one of the predators in the origin of all mammals, ummm, so yes! You were the mighty hunter.
Chia: *whole body wiggles*

Lucy: Tell us more, Miss Christy *wags*.

It was cold and raining when they left the museum, but decided to press on to their next destination. The Historic Ramsey House was built in 1797 by Knoxville’s first builder, Thomas Hope, for Francis Alexander Ramsey. The home is constructed of Tennessee pink marble and blue limestone. It was known at that time as the finest home in Tennessee. The structure is significant for its original interior and exterior architectural features and its period decorative art collection.

The Ramsey Family was one of the first families to settle the Knoxville area. They played vital roles in developing civic, educational and cultural institutions. Colonel Francis A. Ramsey was one of the founding trustees of Blount College, now the University of Tennessee. Mr. Ramsey lived there through the marriage and death of two wives, from whom he had several boy children. He then married his third wife, who had also been widowed twice. They were together less than a year when he died of malaria, leaving her pregnant with her sixth child, a girl. One of his sons, Dr. J.G.M. Ramsey authored an early history of the state, The Annals of Tennessee. Another son, William B.A. Ramsey, was the first elected mayor of Knoxville and the Secretary of State for Tennessee.

Xena: *yawn* This is boring. Can we see pictures?
Miss Christy: Here you go, baby girl.

Riley: *yawn* I’m going to take my after breakfast nap now. They’ll be back. They always come back.
Xena: I miss Mommy and Daddy. Hold me, Miss Christy.
Chia: I’m gonna go take a nap on Lucy’s back now.

Miss Christy: Let’s all go take a nap in the bed together and then we can get a snack and play when we get up. Your folks will be home tomorrow.

Chia: That sounds dam good!

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Sunday Selfie Naps

The Mom: Since the girls were napping after a good breakfast, I helped them with their “selfies.”

If these sweeties were awake, I know they would send tail wags and wishes for a happy week.

Many thanks to  The Cat on My Head  for hosting Sunday Selfies!

Sunday Selfies Show & Tell

Lucy: Hi, and Happy New Year, friends! *wiggles* When last we met, Mom was going to take me to the Smart Pet store for a new sweater. That was great! So many people pet me while I was there! I got a really pretty sweater too, and it even fits me like it was made for me (but not made by Mom, BOL!). Then I found out I had to pose for a picture. I really don’t like getting my picture made.

Chia: C’mon Lucy, you can do this! I just got lots of pictures taken and it doesn’t hurt a bit. Give Mom a good picture and it’ll all be over and you can go back to doing nothing.

Lucy: *gulp* OK, I’ll try. But it’s hard to look happy like Xena does in her pictures when I’m doin’ something I don’t wanna do.

Lucy: There. I hope everyone can see my pretty new sweater. I’m done.

Mom: No you’re not, sweet girl. Chia photo bombed you.

Chia: I was just giving moral support.

Lucy: Are we done yet?

Chia: Yep, it’s my turn. First, you probably noticed I’m wearing my big girl panties. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to wear them.

I managed to get them off during the night and now there’s blood on the bedsheets and Dad’s underwear. I was laying up against him. Hmmm. I didn’t know that would happen. Xena! Are you back there photo bombing my picture?
So, what I really wanted to tell you is, I got another present, too. Mom decided I needed a new collar after she put my pretty pink collar on me and I made choking sounds, sorta like, “ghagrk.” I’m a big 1 1/2 years old now and I outgrew it. Off we went to the Smart Pet store!

Can you see it? Instead of a bow it has a pretty sunflower on it. And it’s not pink, yay! No, you can’t see it? Well, that’s ok, there’ll be plenty more pictures of me wearing it other days.

Xena: My turn! I got new stairs to be able to get on the bed without hopping up and down asking Mommy to pick me up. Riley’s bed is always on the side where the rug is, and the floor on Mommy’s side is too slippery for me to try to jump up. I wasn’t too sure about these stairs at first. But when treats suddenly appeared on them, I made it the whole way up to the top.

Now the trick is to get back down. Riley’s sleeping on his bed, so I can’t jump down that way. OK, I’m gonna try this…

OK, I think I can do this. One step at a time.

I’m doing it, Mommy!

Chia: Did you see me run up and down and back up the stairs, Mom? I’m so fast, just like the Flash! You probably missed it. That’s OK, I’ll do it again!

The next night….

Xena: Mommy, Mommy, Mommy lift me into bed Mommy.

Mommy: *sigh*

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Sleepy Selfie Sunday: The Couch Slowly Fills

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Lucy taking a lazy Sunday nap.

Chia joins her.

Chia gets her new, organic flea collar on. They both turn around, and Chia decides Lucy is more comfy to lay on than the pillow.

Riley completes the trio.

Happy Sleepy Sunday.

Busy Sunday Selfies

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Chia: Lucy! Play with me!

Lucy: I’m resting…I. Said. No!

Chia: Xena, play with me!

Xena: OK, first, let’s play “singing.” I’ll teach you a song. I’ll sing my part first, then you sing your part.

Xena: “I ain’t nothin’ but a schnauzer, woo, woo woo.”

Chia: “I ain’t nothin but a Jacksund, woo, woo, woo.”

We hope you enjoyed our busy selfies today.

Woo, woo, woo from Xena and Chia

Xena’s Sunday Selfie with Mommy

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Mommy, I’m comfy here in your lap and don’t want to go fetch the selfie stick. Will you take my selfie today, please?

Ok, baby girl, look pretty for me. Ready? *click*

Xena: What’s Chia barking at!?

Darn that jacksund, she ruined my selfie!

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess with a better than nothing selfie.

Sunday Selfie Sleepy Crew with Xena

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Xena: It’s selfie time and I think it’s Riley’s turn. Now where did he go? Ah, there he is in our favorite red chair. Ri! Wake up for your selfie! Riley! *click*


That didn’t work out so well. Guess he forfeited his turn. I think that long mess called Chia is next in line for a selfie. I know she’s around here somewhere; she and Lucy were just playing. Or maybe I should say she was just grabbing Lucy’s face and stretching the skin as far as it would go while Lucy pawed at her to get her loose. Oh! There they are.

Well, so much for either of them doing a selfie. At least Lucy still has a face. *click*

I guess it’ll be my turn after all. But first, I wanna tell you about Chia “grossing Mommy out.”

Mommy was sitting on the rug on the porch, taping down the edges so that Chia couldn’t turn it over and tear it up. She got one side done and put her hand down on the rug to lift up to turn the corner. Her hand pushed on something soft and small and kinda gooey. Chia had killed one of my lizards, and it was laying there without it’s tail. I’ve never seen Mommy wash her hands for so long.

A few days later Mommy and Daddy were having lunch on the porch, and Mommy had laid her eyeglasses on the table while she ate. She looked down and saw a “twig” on the floor. Chia’s always bringing sticks and stones in from the dog lot, and Mommy picks them up so she doesn’t eat them. She realized when she laid the “twig” on the table that it didn’t look quite like a stick. When she put her glasses on she discovered it used to be a grasshopper, but now had no legs to hop.

If that put all kinds of icky image in your head, let me replace them with one of pretty little me.

Hoping you have a grossed-out-free week (which is much more likely without Chia around).

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

The Sunday Selfie Five

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Today we are starting with the founder and original author of this blog, our Angel sister, Lexi the Schnauzer.

Now we each get to take a turn so there’s no resentment or fighting. Since I, Xena, am the schnauzer who inherited this blog, I get to go next. Yesterday I got my monthly groom and weekly bath so I could look nice for you.

Don’t you just love how Mommy made my picture extra special to make me the focus of your attention?

You wanna guess what happened next? All of a sudden, Larry the Lemur, who had been missing since June, appeared from a field of flowers on our back porch! But where did the flowers come from!?

I was never very crazy about Larry, but he seemed changed. He said he’s been hiding because of Chia. Yep, I get that.

And can you guess what happened next? Chia zoomed past me, grabbing up Larry on her way.

Larry’s worst fears came true. Chia’s mouth is open, ready to deadie my stuffie. It was like the movie Nightmare on Elm Street. Do you see him covering his head to try to protect himself? Chia wouldn’t give him up to Mommy, so Mommy pulled her tail. When she looked back to see what was happening, Mommy grabbed Larry and helped him find a high place to hide again. Hey Chia, that was your turn for your selfie, BOL!

Riley’s up next. Mommy gave him a bath in the big tub yesterday, and she hurt her back trying to get all 75 pounds of him out of the tub. She told him he was on his own and left him there. Obviously, he did. (She’s going to the chiro doctor tomorrow.) Anyhoo, Riley said it was his nap time, so just get this picture thing over with. Riley, you’re not gonna get very far with that attitude!

Riley: Grrr.
Xena: OK, big buddy, all done!

Finally, we have Lucy, who wanted us to make her picture pretty like mine.

That’s all of us! So, who do you think has the prettiest picture. If you vote for me, I’ll…

Lucy: Xena! You’re doing it again! It’s not a contest!! And there’s no voting, either.

Xena: Well, if it was, Chia would lose.

XOXOX Lucy, Riley, Chia and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess.

Chia’s First Birthday

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Hi, hi, hi! I’m Chia and I get to do my very first selfie today ’cause it’s the day we’re celebrating as my birthday.

Oops, first try.

Lucy, will you help me with my selfie?

Lucy: Then it won’t be a selfie.
Chia: But no one has to know. Please, please, please, please…
Lucy: Ok, ok. *sigh*

*snap* Oops. Well, at least you got my body. I wonder if we could glue the head shot onto the body one…
Wait! Mom, will you take a picture for my first selfie?

Let me see! Let me See! Oh no! My face is blurry.
Mom: If you would stand still, Chia, your picture wouldn’t be blurry.

Today is also the day we celebrate our country’s independence from England. I heard we’re having grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and sweet potato chips and I get some ’cause it’s my birthday, too!

Lucy: Mom said I could re-run a video my Dad helped me make for the 4th of July. I get to star in this one. It’s one of our favorites, and we hope you enjoy it too.

Wishing all our friends in the USA a good holiday enjoying the freedom that was won for us in the American war for independence.

XOXOX Lucy, Chia, Xena and Riley

Happy Birthday Me (Riley)

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Yesterday, May Day, was my eleventeenth birthday! Dad Andrew and Mom Amy had a big yard sale that took up most of the day, so I didn’t get to do too much. But then Mom Amy came in and gave me the biggest meaty bone in the package! Me and Lucy and Xena all went outside with our bones and chewed happily for a long time. I left a lot of the marrow and some of the meat on it so I could work on it again today. I couldn’t figure out what the rush was with Luce and the schnauzer cleaning theirs off as fast as they could. Then, when we all got up to come in, Luce grabbed my bone and tried to take off with it! Mom Amy put a stop to that! She washed it off, bagged it, and saved it in the fridge for me. Lucy got a scolding, but that didn’t stop her from grabbing the smaller bone the the schnauzer had brought in and left on the couch.

Mom Amy’s no dummy, and neither is that little schnauzer. She said, “Xena, do you want to go out and get Lucy’s bone to chew on?” Xena ran outside, then through the porch doggie door, found the bigger bone, and claimed it as her own.

Anyhoo, I’ll get my BIG bone to chew again when Mom Amy gets home from seeing my peeps bro Adam for the first time since the beginning of March last year. And maybe she’ll have something else for me, too!

Here’s my selfie. I asked for it to be a side shot so you don’t have to see my vampire red right eye.

I get to lose that cone for good (I hope) Monday week. (That’s the southern way of saying a week from this Monday, for all you who aren’t schooled in the proper way of speaking.)

Don’t I look good? I feel good too! My happy indicator is wagging all the time now.
The red film sewn over my right eye looks awfully scary, but my eye isn’t hurting and we think it’s healing. The doc got my eye culture back and changed my antibiotics. I don’t care. They taste the same in the big hunk of Philadelphia Cream Cheese as the the other pills.

Have a happy Sunday and happy birthday to everyone else who has a birthday soon. May you get great big meaty bones (or whatever you like best).

XOX Riley *wags, wags, wags*

Xena’s Sunday Selfie Poem

I once was a puppy in Jackson.
At three months I moved to my mansion.
And there I stood still
Looking out from my hill
While perched on my red leather stanchion.

I remember doing this when I was a puppy. I guess things haven’t changed much.

I remain Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

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A Shared Sunday Selfie (or Riley’s Revenge)

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Lucy: Mom, could I do the Sunday Selfie today? Please? I’ve been a good girl all week, and I’ll pose real pretty.

Hey, wait, what’s Riley doing there behind me?

Dagnabbit! Get outa my selfie, Riley!

Riley: You photo bombed my selfie. (See here.) Fair’s fair.

Riley: Ahhh, I finally got my selfie.

Xena’s Sunday Selfie

We want to thank The Cat on My Head for hosting Sunday Selfies.

Xena: Here’s my selfie. Did it turn out good? I’m kinda’ all paws at this.

Mom: Mmm, it really doesn’t show off your beauty, Xena. Want some help?

Xena: How’s this?

Xena: Did this one show off my beauty? Wait, don’t answer, I can tell by the look on your face it didn’t turn out good. This blanket will show off my nice colors. Take my picture here on our bed, Mommy.

How’s this, Mommy?

Mom: I think we can still do better. Let’s try some more.

Lucy: Hey, what are you guys doing? Did you want to take my picture, Mom?

Xena: We are creating art for Selfie Sunday. It’s my turn, so scram!

Lucy: Well, you don’t have to be so hateful about it. You hurt my feelings.

Mom: I think there’s room here for a selfie of my beautiful, sweet, big girl, too. Come on into the kitchen.

Lucy: Thank you Mom, I love you.

We are Lucy and Xena the cheated out of my Sunday Selfie Schnauzer

Sunday Selfie

We want to thank The Cat on My Head for hosting Sunday Selfies.

Hi friends. This is Lucy, and Mom said I could try my paw at doing a Sunday selfie. *paws crossed* that I do a good one. Oh, wait, I can’t take my selfie with my paws crossed! Anyhoo, here’s my first try.

I guess I was thinking about my paws instead of my face. Let me try again.

How’s this? Hmmm, I look way too serious. One more try.

I got a little bit of Mom and of Xena in this one, but that’s ok. They’re my pack.

Love and wiggles, Lucy

Sunday Selfie by Riley

We’re joining The Cat on My Head for their Sunday Selfie blog hop.

I never get to steal use Lexi’s blog any more since I moved out of the house with my Dad Andrew. I got to thinking about it and asked my friend Lucy (who I knew would say yes, as opposed to Xena who would have woofed not just no, but heck no!)

My Dad brought me over to Lucy’s house to get a good flea bath. The funny part was that he was almost done with my bath before anyone realized we were even here. I don’t really like baths (who does?) but I know they get rid of fleas and make me feel better and less itchy, so I consent to them. I’m 70 pounds of (mostly) muscle, so consent is pretty high up on the list when trying to get me to do stuff. Now if Lucy’s Mom had given me the bath, she would have put me in the big tub where I slip around and can’t fight very much when she cuts my nails. Dad didn’t bother with that this time, and he got a gentle reprimand from Lucy’s (and his) Mom when she saw how long they are. Hey lady, if you don’t like it, just don’t look at them, right? There was even something about “for my own good” thrown in there. She’s a groomer, so she thinks she knows this stuff.

Don’t you think I’m a handsome nine-year-old? I wanted to make the picture bigger, but there was something about blowing up phones, and I’m not a terriorist.

Dad stayed and ate supper with his Mom, then he left to take me home to feed me since there’s no kibble or canned dog food in the house. I love my Dad and he loves me. I’m his heart dog. It’s good to be someone’s heart dog.

XOX Riley (thanks, Lucy)

Selfie Sunday: Xena, Lucy & Mom at the Dog Park

We’re joining The Cat on My Head for their Selfie Sunday blog hop.

Mom, look at the camera phone. I’m about to do our selfie.

You blew it Mom. Hey, what are you looking at anyhow?

Oh no, my beard got really dirty at the park. But wait, look over there at Lucy. Let’s help her do her selfie while she’s got two droolcicles goin’ on.

Te he, he. I’ll pay later for this one, but it’s worth it! And she’s covered in dirt. Bet she gets a bath when we get home.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess and Lucy with a droolcicle.