Xena’s Birthday Weekend

Xena: Since it’s almost my birthday, can I lay in your Porch Bed, Lucy?

Lucy: You mean the Bed Formerly Known as Riley’s? Sure. I’m good right where I am.

Xena: Did you hear what Mommy was saying earlier about my birthday? She was talking about getting me a special treat and yummy food. She didn’t know I was cooling off behind her chair and could hear every word she said.

Me cooling off behind Mommy’s chair

Lucy: I heard some of it, but I was under the table dozing. I don’t think she saw me, either.

Xena: I also got to see what she had up on her ‘puter screen. Look at this!

(Click on picture for link to site.)

Xena: Then I heard her on the phone with someone saying she wanted the Tripe-stuffed cow hoof and two packs of the plain cow hooves and a case of the XKaliber mix like I used to eat growing up and would you be able to eat it too and I don’t know what the person answered her. Aaaand, she said she wanted to take me with her almost to Atlanta to pick it all up.

She asked if I could eat it, too?!?

Lucy: You know, Xena, you could always ask Mom about it. Even if that ruins her surprise for you, I know you won’t let it go until you find out. Here she comes now.

Xena: Mommy, are we going to Atlanta to get my birthday surprise?

The Mom: No. (We’re actually going to Marietta, north of Atlanta, but I’m not telling her that.)

This is Xena the almost birthday girl, wondering if I should get my ears checked. I was sure I heard her say… *sigh*