When Your Son Comes Home with a Dog

6:30 a.m. today

Jeff: Amy, I was meditating downstairs and I started hearing a dog whine. It kept getting louder. Come down and see if you hear it.

Jeff and Amy standing downstairs while Amy tries to not tell her husband she thinks he’s hearing things.

Amy: I’ll take a look outside. Begins to walk through the groom room and sees a dog in the kennel. She walks upstairs and wakes up son.

Amy: Andrew, do you know anything about the dog that’s in my grooming kennel this morning?

Andrew: *yawn* I’m keeping her there until I can figure out what to do with her. She’s only 10 months old and she poops in the house and chews up things. Followed by long explanation.

Amy: No you’re not. I’m going to clean out Xena’s nice kennel upstairs for her. Then we’ll start working on housebreaking her and she can go out in the dog lot to play. When we can’t watch her closely she can stay in Xena’s kennel in the living room. I’ll get the stuffies out of it first.

Meet and Greet

Chica (orignally named Chico, but we changed it since she’s a girl) did her business outside and is ready to play!

The girls were still trying to sort out why this new pup is here and what to do about it. They all went back out a few minutes later and played in earnest. They haven’t had this much exercise in a while. Chica went into Xena’s open kennel and is taking a nap in her own bed. We are guessing she’s a jack russel terrier terrier/dachsund mix. Her body is way too long for just a terrier. She’s good natured, willing to submit to both Lucy and Xena, and full of energy.

Who knows where this will all end…in the meantime, we’re hoping for the best with her. (Stay in a little kennel by herself downstairs indeed! Not on my watch!!)