Xena Does Rocktoberfest

Can you believe that I got stuck in my kennel all day on Saturday while Mom and Dad took Lucy somewhere. The only place I could think of was that they took her to the vet. I was mad about being left at home, but I hope she’s ok. She was too worn out when she got home to tell me anything.

My peeps must have felt bad about leaving me home cause they took me up the mountain today to Rock City’s Rocktoberfest.

Daddy needed to warm up his dancing, so he (sorta) asked me to dance with him.

There was more fun stuff and other stuff that was kinda scary. Mr Rocky was in the pavilion dancing, and then he ran over to the bench where I was sitting with my Daddy and grabbed a tam grrr eeen.

He terrorized me with it! Daddy said Rocky was just having fun and entertaining everyone, but it sure made a lot of noise.

Mommy took me walking along the trails. The temperature was real nice, what Mommy calls “sweater weather.”

This little gnome was watching to be sure everyone stayed on the trail, like the sign said. I told him I was sorry, but I had to go off-trail for a quick potty break. He was nice about it and didn’t chase me away.

Next, Mommy took me exploring. We went into the mountain. I remember doing this last year, and I survived it, so I screwed up my courage and off we went.

This strange-looking guy was behind these bars, but he looked pretty happy. He had a big jug of something and a giant mushroom. Mmmm, mushroom.

A little further down was this old man and woman sleeping in their bed, and they were also behind bars.

I wonder if they are dangerous, or being punished for something, or maybe it’s just like my kennel, to keep them safe. I wonder if they get a food puzzle when they get stuck in their kennel.

Before I knew it, things got really dark.

I could hardly see going down the stone stairs or around corners, and I’m a lot closer to the ground than most peeps.

Soon, everything got weird, kinda psychedelic.

Maybe I shouldn’t have tried that munchroom, er mushroom, the fellow behind the bars offered me.

When we finally got out of the mountain, a woman was standing as still as a statue, with a bird sitting in her hand.

She welcomed us back from Sheol and made the munchroom effects go away.

We finally got back to the pavilion where there was food and beer.

Daddy had bought a new mug, so Mommy got it filled with beer and she got a beer cheese bowl to eat. While she was eating, Daddy held me in front of the pavilion and people asked if they could pet me and take my picture. I would have rather sat and ate with Mommy, but no one asked me what I wanted. I sure hope I get to go back (and get some cheese and beer)!

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess at Rocktoberfest 2019!

Lucy Celebrates Rocktoberfest

I got to go to Rocktoberfest on the very first day with Mom and Dad. Just me! Mom says please forgive the shadow–the day was sunny and warm with a nice breeze, and Mom got in the way of the sun.

We walked the trails, up and down stairs, through fat man’s squeeze, and saw some strange things, like this fellow here.

This is a gnome. He was distracted and didn’t see us.

Along the trail, I posed on this hard block shelf in a cutout in the mountain.

Then I decided it was time to keep exploring.

Which way now?

It was time to take a drink and snack break. Mom shared her pork and sauerkraut with me, and let me taste her locally brewed Rocktoberfest beer.

I didn’t like it very much, so I decided to stick with water.

But do you know the very best part of Rocktoberfest?

Everybody asked if they could pet me. And they did! And they told me how beautiful I am and sweet, too. I had to keep apologizing for hitting them with my tail; I just couldn’t help it cause I was so happy!

With wags and wiggles and smiles, I am Lucy the happy Rocktoberfest dog.

We are joining Comedy Plus for Happy Tuesday.

Xena’s First Rocktoberfest

First, let me tell you about the ride up to the top of Lookout Mountain yesterday to a place called Rock City. It took 87 minutes or maybe a whole hour to get there and it is even in a different state called Georgia – where I was born. Mommy got me a dog car seat. She said it was to make us both safer in the car and that I would like it ’cause I would be able to see out the windows better. Well, here’s how that went:

Mommy? I still can’t see out.

Look, Mommy, it’s so low I can almost touch the seat.

Na, na, I can get out!

Wait! I’m stuck!

I’m exhausted. I think I lost this round.

Ahh, better.  Now I can see out!

Now, for my day at Rock City’s Rocktoberfest:

Mommy and I were sitting up close to all these things called instruments when suddenly, all at once, some people started blowing in them and hitting them and making a terribly loud racket. It scared me a whole lot, and I shook so hard I almost lost all my puppy teeth! Mommy carried me ways away from all that loud noise until I stopped shaking. A lot of people asked to pet me while Mommy carried me around the park. I got so distracted that I didn’t even notice that we were back in the place called a pa villa yawn where all the music was playing.

Daddy is the musician in the family, so he helped me play the Xena-sized accordion. 

Then Daddy used me as something called a “prop” and people came by to get their picture taken with me (and him).

Mommy had a beer drink called Octoberfest that smelled really good. I wasn’t fast enough to get any.

We went back into the pa villa yawn where Daddy taught a funny dance called poke-a. Poke a what? Don’t poke a sleeping bear, he, he, he. Then him and Mommy danced a poke-a and everyone clapped their hands. (I was glad they were done, too.)

So, I figured out the loud instruments weren’t going to kill me and that I have a silly Daddy. It was also my first time around sooooo many people, and I did really good with that. I missed both my morning naps and my first afternoon nap, so I mostly slept the rest of the time there. I am now a Rocktober Fest pup! Hey Mommy, when are we going back?

I am Xena, the Warrior Princess