Home Alone (with Miss Christy)with No Selfies

Lucy: Miss Christy, I love you and love having you here so much I forgot to ask where Dad and Mom went?
Miss Christy: My sweet Lucy, (*whispers* You know you are my favorite girl.) I love being here, too.

Your Mom and Dad just needed a little break, so they went to stay in a cabin in the middle of Norris Dam State Park.

Chia: You said a bad word!

Miss Christy (ignoring Chia’s comment): It’s a huge park with lots of trees and trails and sits on the mountains surrounding Knoxville, Tennessee.

Chia: But what are they doing at the dam state park?

Miss Christy: *sigh* Let’s see…Friday night they got dressed up and went to a ballroom dance studio. They said the music was really good and the people were all very nice and welcoming. There is a dance there every other week, and your folks will probably be going back several times throughout the year and spend the night in Knoxville. The drive is only a little over two hours. But don’t worry, I’ll come and stay with you sweet pups.

Lucy: If that’s all they did, why aren’t they home yet?

Miss Christy: No, they rented the cabin for three nights and during the day, instead of exploring trails, they explored restaurants and historical places.

Chia: I’d a rather done the trails. I coulda’ run like the wind through those forests and maybe even caught a squirrel or a rabbit!

Miss Christy: Yes, you are very fast, Chia girl! But it was too cold for them, down in the 30’s and 40’s. So they did indoor stuff. Since your Dad is very allergic to foods with gluten, corn or soy, they tried out a restaurant called Benefit Your Life Bakery. Absolutely nothing in it had gluten, corn or soy.

Lucy: That was good for our Dad, right?

Miss Christy: So good, your Mom said he was standing at the front looking in the case and seemed to be having something like a religious experience. He was saying, “I’ll have one of those and one of those and one of those and oh my, this is so wonderful, and one of those, etc.” She was on the verge of being embarrassed.

Chia: That’s nothing new. I embarrass her on most of our walks! And it’s always ’cause I’m so excited about something, too.

Miss Christy: Yes, Chia, I understand that. Anyhow, on Saturdays they serve breakfast, so yourDdad got a biscuit and gravy and your Mom, who doesn’t always like GF baked goods, got a bacon, egg and cheese GF biscuit. They were both so impressed they vowed to eat there every time they spent the night for a dance.

Xena: Are they bringing us any?
Miss Christy: Your Dad bought several of the sweets to bring home, but I don’t think they were for you pups. Sorry XeXe.

After that they went to the University of Tennessee McClung Museum of Natural History & Culture. The stories of the first exhibit they saw told of what your Mom felt were the Native American artist’s existential experiences and understanding of life movement through each “season.” The plaques next to each painting had explanatory quotes.

Shane Pickett's Paintings installed

Shane Pickett: Djinong Djina Boodja (Look at the Land that I Have Traveled)

They learned a lot about the generals and tactics used locally during the Civil War.

First Light, November 29, 1863, Painting by Ken Smith

The Civil War in Knoxville: The Battle of Fort Sanders

Your Mom has always loved the Egyptian exhibits, where they saw a real mummy case, hieroglyphics, and lots more.

Ancient Egypt exhibit entrance

Ancient Egypt: The Eternal Voice

Painting by Greg Harlin

Archaeology & the Native Peoples of Tennessee

Human Origins Ceiling

Human Origins: Searching for our Fossil Ancestors

There were more, but these were some of their favorites. Your Dad said that something in this last exhibit reminded him of you, Chia.

Chia: Was I the mighty hunter?
Miss Christy: Ummm, more like one of the predators in the origin of all mammals, ummm, so yes! You were the mighty hunter.
Chia: *whole body wiggles*

Lucy: Tell us more, Miss Christy *wags*.

It was cold and raining when they left the museum, but decided to press on to their next destination. The Historic Ramsey House was built in 1797 by Knoxville’s first builder, Thomas Hope, for Francis Alexander Ramsey. The home is constructed of Tennessee pink marble and blue limestone. It was known at that time as the finest home in Tennessee. The structure is significant for its original interior and exterior architectural features and its period decorative art collection.

The Ramsey Family was one of the first families to settle the Knoxville area. They played vital roles in developing civic, educational and cultural institutions. Colonel Francis A. Ramsey was one of the founding trustees of Blount College, now the University of Tennessee. Mr. Ramsey lived there through the marriage and death of two wives, from whom he had several boy children. He then married his third wife, who had also been widowed twice. They were together less than a year when he died of malaria, leaving her pregnant with her sixth child, a girl. One of his sons, Dr. J.G.M. Ramsey authored an early history of the state, The Annals of Tennessee. Another son, William B.A. Ramsey, was the first elected mayor of Knoxville and the Secretary of State for Tennessee.

Xena: *yawn* This is boring. Can we see pictures?
Miss Christy: Here you go, baby girl.

Riley: *yawn* I’m going to take my after breakfast nap now. They’ll be back. They always come back.
Xena: I miss Mommy and Daddy. Hold me, Miss Christy.
Chia: I’m gonna go take a nap on Lucy’s back now.

Miss Christy: Let’s all go take a nap in the bed together and then we can get a snack and play when we get up. Your folks will be home tomorrow.

Chia: That sounds dam good!

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Mom’s Trip Part 1: Parrot Mountain

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Lucy: Our Mom’s home! (So’s Dad.) Dad got home Saturday afternoon in plenty of time to feed us our supper. Mom had everything all pre-made with instructions of what to add. He did a good job…16 paws up. (Me, Xena, Chia and Riley). In fact, he did a good job every morning and night until Mom finally got home around noon on Monday, just in time for our mid-day snacks. Great planning, Mom!

Today Mom wants us to share with you one of the highlights of her trip — Parrot Mountain and Gardens just outside of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It is a peaceful Bible-inspired garden & parrot preserve offering chances to interact with rare birds. Many of the birds are given to the preserve when their owners are either too old to care for them or by their estate once their mom or dad have crossed the rainbow bridge. Others are hatched there and raised by their own moms!

The weather has been very hot with almost 100% humidity. That, along with the fronds and trees and all the other greenery and the many birds who had their freedom to sit in trees and pn perches gave the illusion of being in the Amazon where many of them originated.

This Blue and Gold Macaw and Red and Green Macaw are two of the handsome birds who reside here. Can you guess which is which, BOL?

Some posts had the words, “Birds bite, do not touch.” Everyone was supposed to leave those birds alone except to just stop and look at them. For the rest, you could offer your hand or arm for the bird to step on if they wanted. Some did, others had had enough of it for the day.

This pretty Macaw liked Mom’s friend, who we will call “Rhonda.”

Xena: Why are we “calling” her “Rhonda?” That’s her name.

Lucy: Can you just go with it for once, Xe? It’s a literary style I’m trying!
Where was I? Oh, yes. This bird – whose name is Rosy – decided she wanted the clasp on “Rhonda’s” pack.

Every time Mom tried to get Rosy to step onto her hand, Rosy bit at her. It seemed “Rhonda” was going to have to surrender her pack! Then, she got the idea to turn the pack around…

She finally got the clasp away from Rosy and returned her to her own perch.

This yellow parrot was a friendly bird, but didn’t want held.

This Macaw had fluffed up all his feathers. I think this is where the phrase, “Don’t get your feathers ruffled” comes from!

That’s it for today. We’ll be back on Nature Friday with Rosy and the Gang with more pictures and stories from Mom’s visit to Parrot Mountain and Gatlinburg.

Love and wags, Lucy and Xena

Pee Ess: This is for everyone who came here to see us, not birds. Xena

Xena and Lucy

Xena’s Story: Paris

“I made it here to the City of Lights before dark,” thought Xe as her magic flying carpet hovered close to the iconic Eiffel Tower. “La Ville–Lumière,” she thought to herself. “Yes, I must start using the French I learned for when I got a chance to come here.”

“I’m sure glad I tied my suitcase to my collar,” she continued to muse. “There was quite a bit of turbulance over Turkey. All those big birds must have stirred up the air something fierce. Speaking of turkeys, my tummy’s starting to rumble. “Swirl,” Xe said to her carpet, that she had named Swirl, “take me to a cafe to get something to eat, please.” Xe had been taught well, and carried her manners over even to her flying carpet.

“It’s really late for my supper, but I remember that Parisians eat later than we do at home. Hmm, this place looks busy. I bet they have good food. I think I’ll ask if they serve steak tartare — two of my favorite foods in one dish. I love that the restaurants in beautiful Paris allow dogs to dine with the peeps. I might have to ask for some help with the menu if they don’t have what I want.”

As Xe walked into the patio area, a nearby couple stopped her and – with a lovely British accent – the lady asked if she was with anyone. With only a slight hesitation, she admitted that she was in town by herself, doing some sightseeing. At that, the couple smiled and invited her to dine with them, even offering it to be their treat. Of course, Xe thought they were going to share their food treats with her, and was only mildly disappointed when she realized at the end of the meal that they meant they would pay her bill. She did indeed dine on raw ground meat and egg, while often wiping her beard so as to not appear uncivilized. Not wanting to offend anyone, she accepted a very small glass of red wine and spoke as much French as she could remember. Mostly though, Xe lapped a lot of water after her long flight from Tyeland.

That night, Xe slept soundly in a quiet little B&B that her Mommy had booked for her. Her hosts were ex-pats from the U.S. and were excited to hear about her life in Tennessee. When she fell asleep in the man’s lap, he gently carried her to a quiet little room of her own and tucked her into a soft bed where, with a full tumy, she snoozed away the night.

Xe snoozed soundly until the dawn light peeked through the window.

Waking refreshed and ready to see the sights, Xe thanked her wonderful hosts with much tail wagging and promises to give them rave reviews on the Air B&B site. Off went the brave little schnauzer to visit the icon of Paris that she had spotted from the sky the previous evening: the Eiffel Tower.

On the way, Xe wondered about all the people playing in the Seine. Since the day proved to be heating up quickly, she decided to grab her ball from her little rucksack and jump in the water.

She swam up to a man who was all alone and asked, “Vux-tu jouer au ballon?” When he looked at her puzzled, she realized he was also American, so she said, “Do you want to play ball?” He readily agreed, tossing it only a short way. After many swims to retrieve the ball, Xe decided that although she was having fun, she didn’t want to wear herself out in the water. There was so much more to do and see in the City of Lights! She bade him adieu and swam to shore – with her ball.

She soon reached the boulevard around the Eiffel Tower, where she stopped to eat a bit of brunch. All that swimming had made her famished.

Xe bowed her head and gave thanks for her safe trip to Paris, for her new friends, for her Mommy, and for her food. While her eyes were closed, a French Poodle came up to her to see what she was “looking at.”

“Qu’est ce que tu regardes?” inquired the poodle.
Startled, Xe jumped and barely stopped a growl before the poodle could hear it. She covered her reaction by asking the dog’s name. “Comment t’appelles-tu?”
“Je m’appelle Gigi,” she replied in a soft voice. “Et tu?”
“Je m’appelle Xexe,” Xe smiled.
“Gigi et XeXe!” they both exclaimed, and thus began a new friendship.

Our Grandma’s 90th Birthday

Hi friends! Like we mentioned on Monday, we went away for a long weekend. We rode for about 87 hours from our home in Chattanooga to Dad’s hometown, Fort Wayne, Indiana. We were going to celebrate our Grandma’s birthday. She will be a zillion 90 years old this month. She usually gets around in a wheelchair now, but her mind is really sharp and she loves us pups.

Lucy: I was at Grandma’s home in Ill-in- noise a couple of years ago, and she loves me most. Here’s a picture to prove it.

Xena: You’re full of bull bark Lucy. Grandma may have just met me, but didn’t you hear all the nice things she said about me?

Lucy: Bull bark? Bull bark?? Do you think you are swearing at me, Xena? Oh never mind. I want to talk about the trip, not argue with you. So anyway, every little and big space in the car was packed full. The trunk was full to busting, there was stuff packed on the floor of the back seat, and stuff under the passenger’s feet. Dad was planning on cooking a big Mexican meal for everyone…

Xena: Tell them who everyone is, Lucy.

Lucy: I will, but first I want to tell about the trip up. Everyone thinks I’m happy going on a trip, ’cause it looks like I’m smiling.

But the truth is, I get real nervous. Pretty soon I start panting. And I keep asking if we’re there yet. I even tried to climb into the front seat with Mom and Dad.

Mom finally stopped the car, put me in a harness and strapped me in so all I could do was sit or lay down. And pant. I got some of Xena’s special CB radio oil and that chilled me out for about an hour before I went back to panting.

Xena: It’s not CB radio oil, silly Lucy. It’s Sea Beady oil. It’s kinda like my Sea Rum, but I don’t have to get stuck with a needle, and I still get a treat with it.

Also, I was a “perfect child” the whole way there and back. I know I was, ’cause I heard Mommy say so.

Lucy: Yeah, sure. Anyhoo, on the way, we got detoured through a very rural area, down the backroads of Kentucky. All of a sudden, five teenager cows – I heard they are called calfs or maybe calves, but definitely not caves – scooted under a fence and walked into the road right in front of our car! Good thing Mommy saw them coming and slowed down. I saw them too, and got so excited that I started screaming at them. I wanted to get out of the car and make friends, but no one would unstrap me and open my door. We rolled along at the calfs’ (or calves’) pace for a short while until they all walked back onto the grass off the side of the road. We didn’t see a barn or a house or we would have stopped and told their mom and dad that their teenagers were playing chicken with the car.

We hadn’t gotten past the cows for long when Mom put on the brakes for a squirrel who decided he had the right of way. Shortly after that, a red fox ran across the road just up ahead of us. We think that might be a sign of good luck, when a red fox runs in front of your car and doesn’t end up under it’s wheels.

Xena: That was all the excitement on the way there. On the way back – yes, I’m jumping ahead, so don’t even say it, Luce the Deuce Lucy – a cat crossed the road a few yards up from the car. Mommy was driving and Daddy was resting his eyes. Immediately after Mommy said, “Oh, there’s a cat crossing the road,” she ran over a great big stick that made a crunching noise. Daddy’s eyes flew open, and I bet you know what he was thinking!

We finally got to a house, and got everything inside, including me and Lucy, and Mommy fed us an early dinner. I thought this was going to be great until we heard, “See you later,” and our peeps left in the car. Thankfully, there was a big chair in front of the window facing the road where I could lay for almost 87 hours to watch for them to come back. I wanted to be mad and tell and show them how upset I was at being left. But dagnabit, I was too happy to see them when they got back that night. And you won’t believe what happened the next day… yep. The. Same. Thing. Twice. There was a good part though.

I’m exploring the back yard and looking for critters.

The house was way, way, way, way out in the country and we had a ton of yard to run in and explore. And we went for long walks down the country road.

Lucy: Xena wants me to introduce everyone that Dad was cooking for, and who me and Xena finally got to visit with on Sunday night. Oh, and I found out that Bobbi and Jennifer are Dad’s sisters, and Josie is his niece.

Lucy: This is just a small part of the really wonderful big yard we got to run and play in. The peeps had put their chairs in a circle under a huge tree. I went around and greeted everyone, then Xena and me, we started playing. We went to the outside of the circle and played chase, round and round the circle of people, as fast as we could go. Sometimes we cut through the middle, too. It was kinda like tag. When one of us caught the other, we would turn around and change who was chasing who. Everyone seemed to enjoy watching us.

Xena: Then my Aunt Jennifer and her daughter Josie wanted to see some of the dance moves we do for Freestyle. Mommy ran in the house fast to find me some treats, and she grabbed the walnuts off the counter. Everyone seemed fascinated that I would eat walnuts. What stange people…why wouldn’t I eat walnuts? They’re yummy! Then Mommy and me, we got in the center of the circle and showed them a lot of our moves, including our special Viennese Waltz figure that I made up and that the judges loved!.

Lucy: Finally, it was time to make the long trip home. I panted the whole way and Xena was the “perfect child.” *sigh*

Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Xena's Story Part 4

Lucy: Xena, you’re on a roll, so take it away!

Xena: Take it away where? What are you talking about, Lucy? I’m watching to see where this squirrel goes.

Lucy: I mean, go ahead with more of your story. Your adoring fans are waiting to hear what happens next. *sigh* I’ll watch the squirrel for you.

If you missed any of our story, you can click on Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3. It’ll help Part 4 make more sense…

Xena’s story: A Dog and her Cat Friends, with another Plot Hound, Part Four

With a newly-found resolve, Xe and Tye headed in the general direction they thought was toward Tennessee. It was early morning, so they kept the sun on their right as they walked. From old habits in Siam, where Tye was from, they kept away from the water as they traveled, so nothing could jump out and eat them. As they walked they talked about many things. The pair recalled the fun they had together in Siam, and how Tye would catch mice to throw at any leopards or tigers they might encounter. That led to Tye relating her voyage from Siam to Texas and the mice she caught and cared for. Then the conversation took a more serious turn.

“You know what happened to you when you got off the ship wasn’t right.” Xe got angry just thinking about it. “We need to do something so it doesn’t happen to any more Siamese cats.”

“It’s true, Xe. I was so excited, thinking about seeing you again and the fun we would have, and the next thing I knew I was sitting in that detention center eating rotten vegetables. I hadn’t done anything wrong! I don’t understand why I got treated like that!”

“We need to go to the big white house and ask the people in charge to make those ICY people stop doing that,” exclaimed Xe. But it’s a long walk; we’re going to need a ride.”

No sooner did Xe woof their need for a ride than a horse came galloping up to them.

“I hear you’re in need of a ride.” The horse bowed her head as she addressed Xe. “How can I help you free everyone of tyranny and oppression and rotten vegetables?”

Xe and Tye looked up at this huge horse, who seemed to genuinely want to help them, even if she was a bit zealous and also a bit off the mark of their goal. “What is your name?” they asked in unison, both with a slight quiver of fear in their voices.

“I am a Horse with No Name,” replied the magnificent creature. “Tell me why you are out here in the middle of nowhere, and where you want to go.”

Xe was spell-bound that there could be a Horse with No Name. Ignoring the horse’s question, Xe asked, “Have you been to the desert? I hear in the desert you can remember your name.”

When the Horse with No Name didn’t reply, Tye and Xe related their experiences over the past few days.

“Stay here,” said the horse as she wheeled about on her hind legs and cantered off into the scrub brush, just out of earshot. They could hear her whinnying and nodding her head, but couldn’t make out what she was saying into her iphone.

“Both of you, climb on my back and I will get you as far as I can,” the Horse with No Name told them as she skidded to a stop in front of them.

The two friends looked at each other, and, with unspoken agreement leaped upon the Horse with No Name’s back.

As their newest friend started off at a full gallop, Xe and Tye laid down and hung on for dear life. “Ho No!” they screamed,” we’re going to die!”

“How did you guess that I go by ‘Ho No?’ asked the Horse with No Name.

“Is that a Hawaiian word?” asked Tye.

“No, it’s short for HOrse with NO Name,” replied the horse. “And I won’t let you die. I’ll stop if I feel one of you slipping off.”

On like that they went for about 87 miles, with Ho No settling into a smooth trot that she could keep up for hours. The riders kept their eyes closed for a long time, pressing themselves against her broad, flat back. Except for an occasional grunt, their claws digging into her sides didn’t seem to bother Ho No at all. At one point, Tye opened her eyes, and seeing how pretty Ho No’s mane was braided, asked her about it. “It’s because I’m a girl,” Ho No said as if that was the only explanation needed.

After what felt like 87 hours Ho No came to a halt. “This is the end of the line for me, girls,” she whinnied. I’ve gotten you as far as northeast Georgia. I spoke with one of my friends, who is going to pick you up and take you the rest of the way to the big white house.”

“Will we see you again?” Tye began to ask, but Ho No had already disappeared down the back dirt road in a cloud of dust. Or maybe it was a cloud of red clay since they were, after all, in Georgia

They waited there for about 87 minutes, watching for another horse to appear, hopefully one with a real name. They were taking advantage of the fresh water nearby (that Ho No had promised was safe), when an old truck came charging down the road.

“Xe Xe,” whispered Tye, ” get your nose out of the grass and look at this. I think maybe the ICY Plott Hound has found us, but something looks different about him.”

At that, Xe whipped around, ready to make a run for it with Tye.

To be continued…

On Our Way

Hey Mom, where are we going? We sure have a lot of stuff in the car and I’m packed in here pretty tight.

Really! We’re going to see my bestie Ella and my guy Achilles?

This is the rest of my birthday gift? Woohoo! Sure, we can keep celebrating Dad’s birthday too. Saturday is Auntie Jen’s birthday? Does that mean more cake?

Lucy, will you quit blabbering. I finally found a way to travel where I feel safe, and now I have to listen to all this. I’m trying to nap cause there’s going to be a lot to bark at when we get there.

Are we there yet?

Check back soon to find out how much Morty has grown and if Ella is still queen of her domain.

Birthday Trip to Nashville by Xena

Hi there. Well, we’re back from our visit and I panted and shook in the car some on the way home but mostly I slept on Mommy’s lap while Daddy drove. It’s a good thing Daddy was driving ’cause Mommy was sleeping, too. We meant to leave early, but first the folks went to Sunday school and church together and then they went out to eat at Moby Dicky’s Restaurant in Hendersonville near the church they had gone to. Then, when they got back to us, everyone was sleepy, so the guys took a nap while Mom and Aunty Jen curled up on the couch with me and Morty. Ella and Lucy took turns getting on the couch with us cause there wasn’t room for everyone. Anyhow, that’s why we didn’t get home until 9:00 at night and why me and Lucy didn’t get any supper. Grrr. That’s the sound our tummy’s made all night.

Don’t Lucy and I look happy to be at our aunt and uncle’s?

Morty and I are still the same size. I think I could take him in a fair fight, but I keep getting yelled at when I chase and bark at him. Hey, he grunted at me first!

Outside, Morty always kept his nose in the grass.

What are you doing, Morty? Hey you! Answer me.
Hey, someone tell me what this pig is doing! Eating grass? Really?
I’m not allowed to fight Morty. So, you know that old saying: If you can’t lick ’em, join ’em.

My Uncle Bill held me whenever I asked him to. He’s a good schnauzer holder. And I ran and ran in their big back yard. I got Lucy to chase me, too. She got too hot and would start to chase me when I asked her to, then stand back and let me run the big circle by myself.

You know what else happened while we were gone? Why Lucy didn’t want me to blog about us being there? Like Mommy told her, “If you don’t want Xena to tell everyone, then don’t do it in front of her.” Have you guessed?

Yep! Her and Achilles played kissie face. It was pretty disgusting. They kept licking each other’s tongues and mouth and sometimes Achilles would walk past her and give her a quick kiss. I think my sister’s in love.

I am the Grossed-out Xena Schnauzer Princess Warrior

Birthday Trip to Nashville by Lucy

When last we met, we were on our way to visit our Uncle Bill and Aunty Jen and our cousins, Ella and Achilles and piggy Morty. Even with her Thundershirt on, Xena panted and shook like a freight train the entire three hour drive. For a short time she fell asleep and we had some peace.

Ella and I picked up right where we left off as BFF’s. When she first saw me jump out of the car and run to the gate she growled and I stopped. Then she apologized and said she was just out of her mind excited that I was there!

I love you, Lucy, you’re my bestest friend in the whole world.

I dared Ella to try to curl her tongue like I did. She sure did try! She even threw her head back to get her tongue to curl better.

Shortly after we arrived Achilles got stuck in his kennel, Morty got stuck in the bathroom, and everyone left us to our own devices. (I heard that somewhere and have been waiting for a chance to use it.) The peeps took Mom out for another birthday dinner. Well, it was actually a lunch, so I guess that’s one of each. They went somewhere that there was an antique car show with really old cars parked up and down the road, their hoods up and doors open. They ate at an Italian restaurant, where Mom got the lasagna that was dripping with hot, gooey cheese. (Please excuse me while I wipe the drool from my mouth.) They got home early afternoon, and then the fun for us began.

Achilles wanted me to watch him play with his ball. He loves to run and play with balls.

We had all been wandering over to where Morty was chomping on the grass because he is such a curiosity to us. Achilles even offered him his ball, but Morty wasn’t interested.

Us woofers ran and played together in the big back yard. Morty and Xena oinked and woofed at each other occasionally, but no blood was shed.

Later that night all the peeps went dancing. They went to National Ballroom and Co., owned by David Hamilton, worldwide ballroom dance champion. Mom was hoping to get to dance with David, but he wasn’t there. She and Dad had even taken a lesson from him once when he was in Chattanooga. Mom gave Uncle Bill a refresher course in rumba.

“…side together forward, side together back…”

Him and Aunty Jen, they danced all the rumbas and the ones Mom calls “belly rubbers.” The rest of the time they enjoyed watching everyone else dance. They took this picture of Mom and Dad swing dancing, but the lighting wasn’t very good.

Before we left the next day I got on the couch and saw Morty on Aunty Jen’s lap, with his little snout sticking out of the covers.

I tried to do a nose touch to say, “Let’s be friends,” but he tried to bite my nose. I guess he didn’t want to be friends. Aunty Jen explained that I don’t speak pig latin and he doesn’t speak dog sign language. So I guess it was just a miscommunication. In any case, I won’t be trying that again.

Tomorrow, Xena will tell you more about our visit. I tried to tell Mom that no more needed to be told, but she just laughed and shook her head.

Wiggles and licks, Lucy

When Mom Deserted Us (or, I Might Get a Snake)

Xena: How could she do this? How could Mommy go away and leave me all alone all day and all night and all day again when I am in this condition?

Lucy: You aren’t alone, Xexe. I’m here and Dad’s here with you. And you’re not in a “condition.” You’re just having your big girl time. Stop being such a baby.

Xena: I’m NOT a baby. I’m a big girl. And it’s just not the same with Mommy gone. She knows I feel miserable and she deserted us. I need baby-held.

Lucy: I saw Dad baby-hold you like Mom showed him to do. And like I said…oh forget it. Mom went to Nashville to spend time with her BFF from PA. Come look at the pictures she sent. First they went to a Greek restaurant called Taziki’s, then to an art museum in Centennial Park called the Parthenon, just like in Greece. It was only $4 to go inside to see the pretty pictures because they got the “senior” discount, BOL! On the second floor they even got to visit the Goddess Athena.Xena: Is that a snake next to her?!

Lucy: Good eye, Xena.  In folklore snakes are usually depicted to be cunning creatures and, among other things,  Athena was the goddess of intelligent activity and battle strategy. You might take some lessons from her.

Xena: Phthh 

Lucy: Saturday night Mom and her friend went downtown to Music Row on Broadway Street. Mom wrote that the crowds on the sidewalks were so thick that you could hardly walk. There were street musicians and performers everywhere. They went into a restaurant called Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville for supper and entertainment…and, of course, margarita’s. Her friend even treated her to dinner for her birthday.Xena: Was Ruby the Airedale there? I hear it’s Margaritaville wherever she goes. If Ruby was there, why didn’t Mommy take me?

Lucy: Umm, I don’t think so, Xe.

On Sunday they went to the Opry Mills Mall. There was a new restaurant called the Aquarium that had a huge fish tank wrapped all around the inside of the restaurant.There was even a diver cleaning it like Mom cleans the house.

Xena: I wish she was here cleaning the house now. And holding me.

Lucy: Dad already cleaned the house as a birthday surprise for Mom. And she can’t hold you while she cleans, Xexe, you know that. Back to what I was saying. Hmm, where was I? Oh yes, restaurants. They didn’t eat there, ’cause Mom wanted her PA friend to experience real southern pulled pork with all the trimmings. So they walked through the mall to a real Southern BBQ joint and chowed down.

Xena: Now I’m hungry. When are we going to eat?

Lucy: Dad already gave us our supper. And it was more than even Mom gives us.

Xena: Yeah, well, I just hope she comes home soon. Lucy: She will be home soon, little sister. I can’t wait for her to open the card we got her:

Like I said, Dad’s fed us our supper and I am just going to take a little nap and wait.This is Lucy and Xena waiting for the deserter Mom.

PeeS: I’m thinkin’ about getting me a snake  so I can be just like Athena. ~Xena Schnauzer Goddess Princess

Xena Meets Her New Cousin

Within minutes of being strapped into the back seat with Lucy, I was free. I don’t like being in the back seat. When Mommy stopped for gas, she strapped me in again, so I tortured her by panting real loud the rest of the three and one half hour trip. You should have seen how far my tongue can hang out! Mommy was too busy driving to get a picture. When we got to Auntie Jen’s, Mommy left me in the car, with a dried out tongue and starved half to death while Lucy got introduced to the new boy, Achilles.

It was finally time for me, the starved schnauzer, to meet Achilles.He didn’t look so big from up here in my Daddy’s arms. Really, all I could think about was why my dinner was so late.Did Lucy bribe you to keep my cornered here? You’d better move along before me and my shadow go all schnauzer warrior princess on you.

I didn’t have much peace the rest of the weekend. Achilles seemed to be fascinated with me. Yes, it’s me, Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess, and I’ll warrior all over you if you don’t get your nose out of my bee hind.

Now what do you want, big dog? No, I won’t be your girlfriend.

In case you are wondering, the green scarf isn’t a fashion statement. Mommy puts essential oils on it to keep the bugs away from me. It didn’t work on keeping Achilles away, though, BOL.You promise to stop bugging me if I what?! Well, OK, maybe just one quick kiss.

That was a mistake, ’cause then what I think I overheard Achilles say to my Daddy was, “Mr. Jeff, can I marry your daughter, the little one, the pretty one?” After Daddy said no, Achilles settled for a taste of Daddy’s coffee.

All in all, it was a good trip. I got to know my Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill better, and had a good time playing with Ella and Lucy. Mommy, do we really have to leave now? When can we come back and visit our new cousins?

Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Lucy Meets Her New Cousin

Dad and Mom packed me and Xena in the backseat of the car like so much luggage and took off down the road. Uh oh, Mom’s giving me the stink-eye. Well, it’s true. We didn’t get any snacks or Netflix to watch or toys to play with. So. Luggage, right?

After 87 hours we got to our friends’ new house near a big city called Nashville. They live out in the country with 4 acres of land and a great big fenced back yard. Friday night was mostly getting Achilles introduced to me and Xena. I showed him a lot of submission so he wouldn’t hurt me wouldn’t feel threatened by me. On the plus side, he did take care of the pesky little sister issue for a while.By Saturday the peeps were all more comfortable letting us play together with minimal supervision. Ella and I remembered each other and played together.Here we are smiling and getting ready to play .Ella is a good player and I don’t have to be gentle with her like with my little sister. In the meantime, Achilles was still busy trying to eat figure out Xena. I decided Mom and Dad had that part covered.When they went out on Saturday Ella and I had the house to ourselves. The eater and eatee Achilles and Xena had to stay in their crates.  Uncle Bill had used zip ties on Achilles’ crate and pushed furniture up against it, too, to try to keep Achilles-dini from escaping. (It worked.) Then the peeps went to a winery and tried all different kinds of wines. I don’t know why…I could have given them some good whines for free, he,he! In the front is my Auntie Jen, then Uncle Bill, then Dad and Mom.

Dad and Auntie Jen love to cook, so, later,they worked together in the kitchen and made mashed cauliflower and  meatballs and portabella mushrooms with special 100%  grass-fed beef.Here, Dad is waving the smells from the pan into his nose. How silly! I could smell it from across the room and knew it was just right! Needless to say, I didn’t get any.

Achilles and I finally got to be friends and played together, too.He is a big boy, though – 70  pounds to my 50 – so sometimes his Dad had to hold him and let Xena play with me and Ella. (You can just ignore the peep’s talking – if you want.)

Tomorrow – or sometime soon –  Xena is going to tell you her version more about “her” part of the trip.

Love and wiggles, Lucy

PeeS: If you can’t play with the big dogs, stay on the porch. ~Xena

PeeSS: Xena, get outa here, this is MY post! ~Lucy

Oui, Oui, Paris!

Mom: Surprise Xena! We are in Paris for Valentine’s Day!

Xena: Oh. My. Dog. So that’s why you gave me this scarf that says Paris all over it. Quick, take my picture in front of that pointy thing, or nobody is going to believe this.

Mom: Don’t you want to get closer?

Xena: Nope. This is close enough. It’s big and pointy and I’m not sure if it would hurt me.  *click*

Mom: How about this, Xena? It’s not as big and it sure isn’t pointy.

Xena: But what is it?

Mom: It’s a national monument, and it’s called the Arc de Triomphe. Napoleon, the French Emperor, had the Arc built over 200 years ago . He wanted to honor the Grande Armee, the name of the French army at that time. The Grande Armee had conquered most of Europe and was then considered invincible. In other words, no one could beat them at war.

Xena: That’s nice. Now can we go somewhere more interesting?

Mom: Sure, honey. Let’s walk around Paris for a while.

Xena: Look Mommy! It’s a pet store like the Smart Pet place back home, but it’s got my name, “Moustaches.” Let’s go in here!!

Mom: Yes, we can go in, but what do you mean? Your name is Xena, not Moustache.

Xena: My name is Xena the Schnauzer, and schnauzer means both snout and mustache in German. That’s how my breed got that name.

Mom: Huh? How do you know that, Xe Xe?

Xena: Sometimes, when I’m working on my new puter – you know, the one I got for Christmas – I talk to Mr. Google and he told me.  *whispers* But I only do that on my official breaks and at home.

Mom: If you are done browsing in Moustaches, let’s go get something to eat.

Xena: How about here? It’s real pretty and it smells good, too.

Xena: Oh goodness, my chicken salad was good. I thought le garçon was going to faint when I asked for the chicken livers raw. Et la steak tartare, oo la la! C’est magnifique!

Mom: Xena! You’re speaking French!

Xena: Really? The words just sort of came out. Did it sound ok? Could you understand me? 

Mom: Certainement! How about if we go up to montmartre. Are you ready for lots of outside stair steps, like over 300?

Xena: Race you!

Mom: *pant pant* Here is one of the most famous cathedrals in all the world. It is called *pant pant* Sacré-Cœur, or *pant pant* Sacred Heart.

Xena: Ohhhh, let’s go inside.

Mom: Well, if they’ll let us.

Xena: I’m the church puppy. Of course they will let us!

See, I told you they would let us in. My, this is so, so big! Does God live in here?

Mom: No, sweetie. God lives in you and me and all of his creatures. People come to places like this to worship God together, and to feel his love and  his presence within themselves. God is the goodness glue that holds all of the universe together.

Xena: Do you mean the Methodists, Mommy? Cause that’s the only church I’ve been to.

Mom: Not just the Methodists, Xe Xe. God loves everyone: all Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, people of all faiths, and even people who don’t have their own faith. We are all his Valentines and he loves us all.

Xena: Happy Valentine’s Day, God!!

Mom: *smile* Let’s look around, precious girl. Do you see all the little alcoves off of the nave?

Xena: What’s a nave, Mommy?

Mom: It’s another word for a sanctuary, like we have at work at St. Luke. Anyhow, two hundred years ago when France had kings and queens and other aristocracy, those families paid the Catholic Church to have their own little chapels to worship in, right there off of the main cathedral. They could also pay to have a crypt where they would be buried after they died.

Xena: Ewwww. Do you mean someone dead is in that box? Ewwww.

Mom: Uh, maybe we should look around outside some more in montemartre…

Xena: Mommy, I’m really tired. Can we go home now? Will you carry me?

Mom: Sure, Xena. I love you, my little Valentine.

Xena: Happy Valentines Day, Mommy. I love you to Paris and back!

Mom’s note: Please click Xena’s postcard to find everyone else who celebrated in Paris.

Lucy’s First Vacation

I went in the car with My Jeff Dad on Monday morning after he had stuffed his gut and didn’t give me any eaten breakfast and packed a whole bunch of stuff in the trunk and on the front and back seats. I got to sit in the back (as usual) on a black and silver colored bed that smelled like another dog. I notice that smell around the house a lot, too, and sometimes I get inspiration from it. You know, great ideas, like to go beg for food at the kitchen table.

Bye Chattanooga
Goodbye Chattanooga. I hope to see you and My Amy Mom again someday. 😦 

Since I didn’t even know what a vacation was, I was pretty nervous all day in the car. Where were we going and what would happen if My Amy Mom came home from work and I wasn’t there? I wouldn’t go peepee or drink any water when we stopped, and we seemed to stop a lot.

Lucy in car tongue out
I want to go home.

At the next stop My Jeff Dad pulled off a back road by a really huge field, took me out in the middle of it, and unsnapped my leash. I took this chance to go potty in some bushes. Suddenly, I spotted a rabbit!

Theres a rabbit
You can’t get away from me, you wascally wabbit!

I could have caught the bunny, you know, but it is too close to Easter to take that chance.

After 87 hours, we went into this really huge house with so many smells I couldn’t read all of them, and with lots and lots of bedrooms. Can you believe My Jeff Dad closed me in the bathroom while he went out and feasted on something? I sat on my new bed thinking about how I coulda-shouda caught the rabbit to snack on while he was gone. When he got back, he put my bed next to something called a meer. I could see myself in it, and I wagged my tail and stared at myself for a long time. I then chose to sleep in my very own peeps bed all night long.

Lucy in hotel
For fun, I tried to see if I could blend in with the carpet. (darn red collar)

The next morning My Jeff Dad brought me my own scrambled eggs. This time, I wasn’t nervous when we got in the car. This vacation thing was beginning to seem like a fun thing. I didn’t pant any more and My Jeff Dad figured out that if he took me over to the bushes, I would do my bizness even when he was standing there holding the leash. Then he started explaining to me that I was going to meet my Grandma and that I would love her and she would love me. He also eased my mind by saying we would stay just a few nights, then go back home to Chattanooga and My Amy Mom.

Jeff Dad weren't we supposed to turn there
Hey Jeff Dad, I think you missed your turn. Hey Jeff Dad, did you see that place that smells like hamburgers? Hey Jeff Dad…

It was only day two and My Jeff Dad said I was acting like a seasoned traveller. I’m not sure what that is, but he laughed and said it like it was a good thing.

We finally got to my new Grandma’s house, and she came outside to meet me. I knew she was a person of many years and I was careful not to jump or push against her. I wagged a lot and gently nudged her with my nose. She smiled and petted me and said I am a good dog. I spent most of the evening under her walker, cuddled up against her legs. It’s getting late here in this place called Ill in Noise, so I am going to go sleep on my new bed and dream about wascally wabbits and what fun we will have tomorrow.

Love and wags from Ill in Noise, Lucy.

Pee Ess: Even in Ill in Noise, I heard that my new friend Dory lost her fight with heart disease this week and has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Her family greatly appreciates all the support they have received from their friends in Blogville. If you haven’t reached out to them, you can go here to do that.

Piper’s Big Date

I knew Shelby had been stuck in the house with her brother and sister for 87 weeks after her surgery and was needing some peace and quiet. I thought about the beach, but Shelby was concerned about sand and bacteria getting in her incision, even if it was completely healed. So for our first date all alone, I took Shelby to a lovely little cabin in the mountains. Heck, I can hang out just about anywhere and be ok, but I wanted my girl to have some comfort and pretty surroundings. She isgirl after all, and I learned from my Mom that girls like those things.

I thought we could start with a little stroll leading up to the cabin.


We arrived just before the sun started to drop behind the trees. I was a little nervous about the cabin being nice enough.

Shelby, do you like the cabin?

Once inside, we thought we would rest in front of the TV for a while.




We watched a show, but all I could see on the TV was Shelby.. so I tried to look at some books, but again, all I could see was Shelby!



By now we were both hungry. I heard that Shelby loves mangoes, so I made sure to get some. I didn’t know if she liked her steak cooked or raw, so I had Mom pack both.



We had a big day, and with our tummies full, we started to nod off. We each went to our own bedrooms, ’cause we are good pups. However, someon started hearing things and got scared.



I might have awakened Shelby, but I felt safe I knew she was safe, and we I slept well the rest of the night.



We got up early the next morning to do a bit of fishing, then watched the sun rise over the lake. What a beautiful finish to a perfect date. I sure hope Shelby felt the same way.



Note: the graphics in this post were made possible through the help of Noodle’s Mom, Samantha.

What is Rocktoberfest?

If you have ever been on I-75 in Tennessee or Georgia, you have no doubt seen the billboards for Rock City, and maybe even seen the barn roofs or sides painted with the Rock City ad. The Rock City bird houses are famous around here.

Life-size birdhouse in which tourists can have their pictures taken

For thousands of visitors from all over the world each October, Rocktoberfest is a fun tourist destination where, once they make the drive to the top of Lookout Mountain, they can enjoy nature amongst huge rock formations, dizzying heights and natural flora. They also get to enjoy polka bands and dancing, and locally brewed beer, the best of which (IMHO) is the Octoberfest beer.

For Jeff and me, it means much more. This was the first year that Rocktoberfest has been in existence that Lexi did not attend. Sometimes she was frustrated by not being allowed to help teach polka with Jeff, and sometimes humiliated by being used as a prop when Jeff MC’ed and announced she was the “German dog helping out today”. She was recognized by the bands for singing with them from the sidelines and pet by many children of all nationalities. She often saw friends whom she always recognized from year to year, such as her beloved Dorothy from her first Wizard of Oz, as well as some band members. She loved walking the trails and smelling the pee mail. This year, Jeff worked there every Saturday and Sunday as usual, and I went every weekend to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and try to heal from her loss.

There is a different band each weekend , although sometimes a band will perform two weekends when there are five weekends, like this year. Last Saturday, a boy about 5 years old walked up to the band with his fingers in his ears, removing one long enough to try to grab the instruments. He managed to snag the slide on the trombone while it was being played as well as one of the bells. We were sitting on the bench just to the left of this picture, and when Jeff jumped up to rescue the bell, the kid’s Mom stopped laughing and ran up and grabbed the kid. Since I keep this a “G rated” blog, I won’t voice my feelings on the entire episode. Moving on. At least two of the bands had alphorns, the instrument used to play the famous “Ri-co-la.” I hear there’s even a ringtone with that three note cough drop tune.

Oompah band from Alabama
Oompah band from Birmingham, Alabama. Notice the alphorn lying in the front. 

The Birds of Prey show with different species of owls, a comical vulture, several falcons. and an American bald eagle is quite impressive, with the birds release to fly just above the heads of the seated audience. This all happens within an enclosed space. All these birds have been rescued, either from being raised in captivity or found with injuries too severe to treat and release back into the wild. The eagle, for example, only has one wing due to illegal poaching. No photography allowed during the show. 😦 And no dogs allowed anywhere near it. They are, after all, birds of prey, and some are quite large. If one should escape, well, there might be one less chihuahua or yorkie in the world.

Here is the overlook where you can see 7 states – Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia and South Carolina. It helps to put a quarter in the telescopic viewers.

See 7 states with an American and state flag for each one
See 7 states. Each has an American and state flag in a rock base with important stats for each state.

There is one large waterfall as well as a small one very close to the overlook. I took all these pictures the last day of Rocktoberfest (last Sunday) and was too lazy to walk to the big falls again. So here is the smaller one. falls

ikSince Rock City strives to be child-friendly, there are some fun costumed characters. One of the most famous is Ik, King of the Trolls. This guy has been playing Ik at different venues for 20 years, and comes across as bigger than life. He says that he doesn’t eat children for three reasons:

  1. Children are not fully ripe.
  2. Children are not even a mouthful.
  3. Children are full of toxins such as sugar, GMO’s, and high-fructose corn syrup.

He will make an exception for free-range children that contain no antibiotics or growth hormones.





Rock City picsWhile at Rock City, there are plenty of souvenirs to buy. We have some very large beer mugs and steins that we take back every year, since the beer refill is only $2!

Jeff uses his special floor mat to stand on to keep his back from hurting. Come back tomorrow to find out who wins in Jeff’s battle with Rocky the Gnome for the mat. Also tomorrow I will highlight the dogs of Rocktoberfest. Well, at least all the dogs that were there last Sunday – and did’t get eaten by a bird of prey, bwahaha!



Catching Up

My BFF Piper left me.
              I’m Ella.   My BFF Piper left me.

You may remember that Mom took me and Piper on a road trip over the Fourth of July weekend. We went Up North to Pee Yay to see my bestest friend Rhonda. Ella had to stay at our house with my Dad, who also had to stay at our house. I don’t know why, so don’t ask.

Piper totally under blanket at Rhondas
He, he, they can’t find me.

While we were there, Piper invented a new game of hide and seek. Mom watched the whole thing, but my friend Rhonda suddenly saw something moving around under the blanket, and out popped Piper’s head!






Bed rest is prescribed for my knee.
Bed rest is prescribed for my knee.

Also while we were Up North, I fell down the stairs going up to the bedroom. You see, I was following Mom up these wooden stairs and my left leg sort of gave out on me because of the hip dysplasia. I slid backwards down 3 steps. When I tried to stop myself with my right back leg, I twisted my knee. *sigh* This week Dr. Karen checked my knee and it is sprained. I am supposed to try to stay off it as much as possible, take my pain pills and ice it several times a day.  I get 3 pain pills, which makes me sleep a lot, which keeps me off my leg! Brilliant!


Why are we here?
Why are we here?

After returning home, Piper cried and fussed and drove Dad crazy hid behind the toilet when me and Mom went to work. Mom said she would try taking him to work with us the next day. Daddy cried with joy and kissed Mommy’s feet. Dad thought that was a good idea. Piper is not a working dog like me. He doesn’t know how to behave in an office. He kept running down the office hallway and barking at the nice man fixing our air conditioning. He tried to leave with some people that we didn’t know. And someone  left a puddle in our boss’ office. What Mom? No, why would you think I was jealous and acted out because the pastor held Piper in her lap?  I guess no one will ever know “who done it”!



This is a good place to eat my lunch.
This is a good place to eat my lunch.

Since then, Mom has been taking only me to work, which is as it should be. She has to carry me up and down the stairs to protect my knee. We go upstairs to the big hall to eat our lunch because 99 degrees is too hot to sit outside. Mommy does take me outside a couple of times a day, though, to roll in the grass and soak up some of that wonderful sun.

I'm a good boy riding in the car.
I’m a good boy riding in the car.

Piper has always hated riding in the car because it made him feel sick to his tummy. He would run and hide if he suspected a ride was imminent. Not anymore! Now he wants to go everywhere we go. As a treat, Mom took him for a ride to Walgreen’s to get my pain medicine. Mom apologizes for the bad picture. She said it was hard to get while driving idling at a red light. You can see he is sitting up on the back seat. His normal riding position used to be as low as he could get on the floor of the back seat. Mom says we have made a breakthrough!

I think that gets us all caught up. I had better go and put ice on my knee now. Oh wait! Be sure to come back for a visit on Tuesday. Us Mayoral Candy Dates have HUGE announcements to make, and I don’t want you to miss it. We will all be linking to each other’s blogs so everyone knows everything!   I can’t wait!

Are We There Yet?



My cousins Piper and his housemate Ella came to stay with us last Wednesday while their peeps moved and got settled in.

Then, early Friday morning, Mom packed the car, kissed Dad goodbye, and took me and Piper for a ride. Ella stayed home to keep Dad company.

Yay! Road trip!
                     Yay! Road trip! (8:30 a.m)

Are we there yet?
            Are we there yet? (9:30 a.m.)


Wake me when we get there. (nnon)
Wake me when we get there. (11:00 a.m.)

Finally, 87 hours later (no, Lexi, it was 10 1/2 hours later~Mom) we got there. Where’s there? Pee A. Also known as Pencil Vain Ya. There were a lot of women there eating and laughing and they were all very nice to us, even if they couldn’t keep straight who was Piper and who was me. After a couple of hours they all left and we have been visiting with Mommy’s friend Rhonda and my friend Paisana, who everyone calls Pai (pronounced Pie).Pai                                                                     Pai

Yesterday, Piper made a new friend. Rhonda’s brother dropped by and we sat outside and visited. I remembered John Paul from when we all vacationed together at the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Piper sat in J.P.’s lap for at least 87 minutes and got a back rub. J.P. liked Piper a lot and thought all the noises he makes are really funny.

Claud, hiding in the closet

Later that evening, everything was going just fine…then… Piper got in a lot of trouble for trying to attack Claud (short for Claudia) while Claud was in her Mommy’s lap. Piper got scolded and sent to his room. That upset Pipe so much that he has been pretending Claud doesn’t exist, which is better than scaring her.

The Moms have been having way too much fun going out during the day and leaving us all alone. We aren’t telling them about any parties that may or may not have happened while they were gone. *burp*  Here is all three of us outside with Ms. Rhonda:


Mom finally got us all to look the same direction, even if it wasn’t at the camera.

Firecrackers have been making lots of noise all weekend, which bothers Pai; however, her Mom said she hasn’t been as freaked out as usual, and she thinks it is because we are here, ignoring all the noise. Glad to be of service, Ms. Rhonda. I AM a service dog, you know. Well, therapy dog, anyhow.

We are getting back in the car tomorrow and going home. Mom and I wish all our American friends a happy and safe Independence Day.

Debate Tuesday: Vote for Lexi!

Introducing, Debate Tuesday!! That’s right, every Tuesday we, the Candy Dates,  will answer five questions concerning our platforms and information about Us!! 
For the first three Tuesdays we, the Candy Dates,  will be asking the questions of each other. After that, we will be answering YOUR questions!! So make sure to ask us questions in the comments, and, no worries, we should be able to all of them in the course of the campaign!! Make sure to visit all the Candy Dates!

Now, On to this Tuesday’s questions, submitted by Christmas!!
1.What is your campaign slogan and why is that your slogan? If you don’t have one, what would your slogan be if you made one?
Christmas: My campaign slogan is “death for Vacula” because obviously, Vaculas are the worst thing ever.

Arty: My Campaign Slogan is “Keep Blogville Fun”. I love hosting parties, dances and contests (you might be able to tell that from the rest of my answers 😉
Lexi: I haven’t decided yet. Slogans are so limiting. I want options, don’t you? But if I had to chose one right now perhaps Peace Be with You would be fitting.
2.  If you become mayor, how will you announce it on your blog?
Christmas: I will do a long post about how grateful I am to Blogville for their support and I will give my mommy a big slobbery kiss on the face for being my awesome assistant and always supporting me.
Arty: After I thank all of Blogville for their support, I hope to host an Inaugural Ball. In fact, no matter who wins, I will most likely have a big pawty of the winners choice!!
Lexi: Fireworks. Definitely, fireworks. The fireworks may even have my face in them. I’ll have to work on that – or work on Dad to work on that.

3. How will you advertise your run for mayor and will you do it alone or recruit others?
Christmas: Around my blog, I like to post fun campaign posters. The ladies love my handsome hound dog face! Oh, and I’ve actually recruited my pal Oreo as my campaign manager.
Arty: I have a great team I am working with, Mabel (from Idaho Pugs) is my Campaign Manager and my brother Jakey is my Press Secredude! I hope to be on at least one talk show (I hope my running mates will join me, but more info on that later!). Dory has promised me at least 2 days a week of Blog-Air time so anything is possible!
Lexi: I have posted my platform and have started posting some of the very best reasons to Vote for Lexi! on my own blog. I wanted Mom to hang posters around our neighborhood but she said that wouldn’t help. It is early in the race, and I am still weighing my options for my team. There are so many good bloggers/friends out there, I must choose wisely.

4. What will you do about the tree rats and Vaculas that are ruining our country?
Christmas: I will send out a notice to all tree rats that they must stay in their trees so we won’t have to chase them back up the trees 87 times a day! Oh, and about the Vaculas? I think if our police squad here in Blogville is strong enough, they can help destroy all Vaculas.
Arty: If I become Mayor, one of the first groups I will form will be a Tree Rat S.W.A.T. Team. We have a definite Squirrel Cartel problem that needs to be addressed! I agree with Christmas and, as a Junior Police Officer,  I can assure Blogville we will keep the Vacula problems to a minimum!
Lexi: Tree rats? I don’t think we have any of those around here, unless you are referring to those cute, cuddly squirrels that populate my backwoods area. I will listen to my future constituents about what they want done, if anything. Vaculas? If you are referring to vacuums, just stay out of their way, like on the bed, and they will not harm you. I support vacuums’ rights to come out of the closet. Can’t we all live in harmony?

5. How will you get Blogville members involved? What events/activities would you plan in Blogville?
Christmas: Every three months, I think I would do a seasonal post where every Blogville member that wanted to participate could send in a photo of them enjoying that season and we would share it in one big post.
Arty: I am very lucky that my Mama can do the Photoshops really good, and my brother Jakey is teaching me lots about Pizap and PicMonkey. I hope to have a few campaign events. Right now, Dory and I are helping Mama organize the B.A.R.. We hope to have a BBQ this summer, and of course, the Summer Olympics are coming up!!

Lexi: I think we could all go on trips together. We have already tried digging tunnels, and that didn’t work really well; instead, we could use big boats to visit across the oceans and do fun cruise things on the way.