Xena: My Daddy is my only Valentine, so Mommy helped me and Lucy make him a card.

We’re going to print it to give it to him, maybe with one of the cookies Mommy made for us and our friends.

Lucy: Xena, I know you mean well, and even though the cookies are made with yummy stuff that he could eat, I really don’t think Dad wants dog cookies.

Xena: Phtthh.
Anyhow, Mommy made cookies to send to Achilles, Ella, and Morty the pig — if they want to share with the pig. One broke, so we got to taste test them. Mmmmm. Cheesy goodness. We heard that Ella loves cheese. Well, who doesn’t, right? Then we made a card to go in the package with the cookies that we’re mailing. I wrote a note on the back, too.

Lucy: I made a special card just for my special guy, Achilles, that’s going in with the cookies too. I sure hope he likes it. I wrote a note on the back of mine to Achilles, too.

We hope you have a good Valentine’s Day and get lots of love and treats.

XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO from Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Happy Hearts Day 2

I found this badge that Miss Ann from Zoolatry made and decided it was meant just for today. Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends. May you have love all your lives.

I want to wish my wonderful big sissie, Lucy, a happy Valentine’s Day. I don’t tell her very often that I love her, but I think I would feel totally lost without her. I love you, Lucy. (Just don’t get any ideas about eating my food.)

Your little sister, Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

My First Valentine

I got so excited about Valentine’s Day this year that I made my honey a pretty card with my picture on it and sent it to him early. Here it is. Do you see my best happy face? I hope my pose isn’t too provocative. I sure do hope BB likes my card. I made it with love.

Look what Big Boy sent me! He even put me in a heart. ❤  Don’t we look like we belong together?Yes, Big Boy! I will be your Valentine!!

Lots of love, Lucy

Oui, Oui, Paris!

Mom: Surprise Xena! We are in Paris for Valentine’s Day!

Xena: Oh. My. Dog. So that’s why you gave me this scarf that says Paris all over it. Quick, take my picture in front of that pointy thing, or nobody is going to believe this.

Mom: Don’t you want to get closer?

Xena: Nope. This is close enough. It’s big and pointy and I’m not sure if it would hurt me.  *click*

Mom: How about this, Xena? It’s not as big and it sure isn’t pointy.

Xena: But what is it?

Mom: It’s a national monument, and it’s called the Arc de Triomphe. Napoleon, the French Emperor, had the Arc built over 200 years ago . He wanted to honor the Grande Armee, the name of the French army at that time. The Grande Armee had conquered most of Europe and was then considered invincible. In other words, no one could beat them at war.

Xena: That’s nice. Now can we go somewhere more interesting?

Mom: Sure, honey. Let’s walk around Paris for a while.

Xena: Look Mommy! It’s a pet store like the Smart Pet place back home, but it’s got my name, “Moustaches.” Let’s go in here!!

Mom: Yes, we can go in, but what do you mean? Your name is Xena, not Moustache.

Xena: My name is Xena the Schnauzer, and schnauzer means both snout and mustache in German. That’s how my breed got that name.

Mom: Huh? How do you know that, Xe Xe?

Xena: Sometimes, when I’m working on my new puter – you know, the one I got for Christmas – I talk to Mr. Google and he told me.  *whispers* But I only do that on my official breaks and at home.

Mom: If you are done browsing in Moustaches, let’s go get something to eat.

Xena: How about here? It’s real pretty and it smells good, too.

Xena: Oh goodness, my chicken salad was good. I thought le garçon was going to faint when I asked for the chicken livers raw. Et la steak tartare, oo la la! C’est magnifique!

Mom: Xena! You’re speaking French!

Xena: Really? The words just sort of came out. Did it sound ok? Could you understand me? 

Mom: Certainement! How about if we go up to montmartre. Are you ready for lots of outside stair steps, like over 300?

Xena: Race you!

Mom: *pant pant* Here is one of the most famous cathedrals in all the world. It is called *pant pant* Sacré-Cœur, or *pant pant* Sacred Heart.

Xena: Ohhhh, let’s go inside.

Mom: Well, if they’ll let us.

Xena: I’m the church puppy. Of course they will let us!

See, I told you they would let us in. My, this is so, so big! Does God live in here?

Mom: No, sweetie. God lives in you and me and all of his creatures. People come to places like this to worship God together, and to feel his love and  his presence within themselves. God is the goodness glue that holds all of the universe together.

Xena: Do you mean the Methodists, Mommy? Cause that’s the only church I’ve been to.

Mom: Not just the Methodists, Xe Xe. God loves everyone: all Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, people of all faiths, and even people who don’t have their own faith. We are all his Valentines and he loves us all.

Xena: Happy Valentine’s Day, God!!

Mom: *smile* Let’s look around, precious girl. Do you see all the little alcoves off of the nave?

Xena: What’s a nave, Mommy?

Mom: It’s another word for a sanctuary, like we have at work at St. Luke. Anyhow, two hundred years ago when France had kings and queens and other aristocracy, those families paid the Catholic Church to have their own little chapels to worship in, right there off of the main cathedral. They could also pay to have a crypt where they would be buried after they died.

Xena: Ewwww. Do you mean someone dead is in that box? Ewwww.

Mom: Uh, maybe we should look around outside some more in montemartre…

Xena: Mommy, I’m really tired. Can we go home now? Will you carry me?

Mom: Sure, Xena. I love you, my little Valentine.

Xena: Happy Valentines Day, Mommy. I love you to Paris and back!

Mom’s note: Please click Xena’s postcard to find everyone else who celebrated in Paris.

Lucy’s First Valentine

Just when I was feeling really low ’cause of my (ex)boyfriend skipping out on me, a very handsome kittie with a heart as big as Texas (or Canada) put a smile on my face and wag in my tail. Purrince Siddhartha Henry sent me my first ever Valentine’s Day Card.

Yes! I will be your Valentine, Siddhartha Henry. (I think that will make me your Purrincess for the day.)

With love always,


Hopeful Lucy

I’ve had what Mom calls the doldrums since my Riley left. I haven’t seen or heard from him for at least 87 days. Him and Andrew went away and their room is cleaned out and I can’t even smell him anymore. This is the last I saw of him, walking away from me.

I sure do miss my Riley, but Mom says I need to move on. She says there’s plenty more dogs where he came from.  In other words, she explained, he’s not the only dog on the block. I think she’s trying to tell me that I could have another boyfriend if I wanted.

I’m feeling pretty low, and I know Valentine’s Day is next week. (I’m available).

A little bit about me:

I don’t hunt cause the guns would scare me but I sure can chase a squirrel faster than lightening. I’ve never had a chance to go fishing but I bet I would like it ’cause I love to splash in puddles. I’m a play puppy and a cuddler. I never want to fight or have anyone mad at me. I am OK sharing my food and water. I am a svelt 56 pounds (and large chested). All I really need is love and attention and to be treated well, and I will be yours forever. So, does anyone want to be my boyfriend? At least for this month?

Love and half-wiggles,

A hopeful Lucy



Preparing for the Big Day

Piper is head over paws about Shelby, and we think Shelby may feel the same way. However, not wanting to take any chances of someone else sweeping in, Piper screws up his courage and asks…
Pipers valentine to Shelby

❤                   ❤                    ❤                    ❤                    ❤                    ❤                   ❤

In other news, Gracie went to Florida to meet up with Noodle for the big party tomorrow. Since Lexi loved them both, they decided to honor her by going to the Valentine’s Day Bash together as friends. They thought it would be a good idea to get to know each other first…

Listen, Gracie. I think Mom’s calling us for dinner.

You kids have fun and don’t do anything Lexi wouldn’t have. (Oh boy, I think I just opened it up for too much fun…)


Gifts from the Heart


I want to showcase the beautiful sampler that Sidney, Shelby and Sophie’s Mom, Susan, made in honor of Lexi:


I just love this, not just because it is lovely and commemorates my girl, but also because of the heart and thoughtfulness that went into it. It is sitting on display with my other “Lexi things.”

As you may already know, Piper and Shelby have started up a bit of a romance. In case you missed their second date, you can go here to learn all about it. Ms. Susan also made a cross stitch for Piper and his Mom:


So what do you think? Is this a bit of a bribe to ensure Piper’s Mom lets him continue to court her daughter? Or a thank you to Piper for staying with me for two weeks to comfort me after Lexi crossed the rainbow bridge?  Whatever the reason, you can see the love stitched into these works of art. Piper’s Mom sends her huge thanks and appreciation to Susan as well.

In any case, Piper will be showing up at the Valentine’s Party with Shelby. ❤

Our Valiversary

Valentine + Anniversary = Valiversary.

That’s what my sweet Noodle and I have today. My crew worked really hard to come up with something special enough for my fantastic guy. Well, most of them did, anyway. I finally decided that anything short of the personal touch would not be enough, so I brought on some so-called experts. They wasted no time checking out different internet sites, did a search on “love” and found that women sometimes dance for their guys… and their guys like it.

big dog eyes 1 bigdogeyes3 bigdogeyes 2

big eyes collage

After the crew did more research, there was a massive scrubbing of computers. I’m still not sure what happened. So…

I did my own dance for you, honey.  Mom helped me dance while Dad recorded it for you. There were times I was dreaming of dancing alone, just for you. I hope you enjoy my personal present to you:. (Be sure to keep watching when the butterflies appear at the end!)

Valentine’s Preparations

Today we have all been hustling (he, he) (OK, tomorrow you will get my little joke) to prepare for the day of love. Mommy and Daddy helped me first thing this morning, and what fun we had! I sure wish I could tell you about it, but then it would ruin Noodle’s surprise. I’ve been in an extra-good mood all day from it, though. I had forgotten how much I like to d…oops, almost gave it away there!

While Dad was continuing to work on Noodle’s surprise, Mom started working on Daddy’s surprise. I helped by keeping Mom company and eating the stray apple peel.

Mommy's love pie
                                                    Mommy’s love pie

We don’t know yet if it tastes good. We have to wait for Daddy to get home from his band gig, and Mommy says it will be so late that we may just eat it for breakfast!
Here’s the recipe if you want to give it a go.

Our Upcoming Valentine Anniversary

Dear Noodle,

I have been thinking for a while about what to do for you for our Valentine Anniversary. Yes, one year ago Sunday you asked me to be your Valentine, and I have been sweet on you ever since. Saying “yes” was a good decision. I thought and thought, and finally called on the crew to come up with some ideas. They all got on their computers to try to help me give you the best Valiversary ever.

The schnauzer team is working hard on this. No, no, not ON the computer!
The schnauzer team is working hard on this. No, no, not ON the computer!

I even recruited a poodle to help with the “oodle” side of you, as well as someone who looks like she is related to my friend Ella.

No! Get OFF the computer! Good help is hard to come by.
No! Get OFF the computer! (*sigh* Good help is hard to come by.)

I have to hop off here for now to review the drafts before the conference call. I can’t wait for our Valiversary! Love and kisses!

Your girl, Lexi ❤

Hoping to Skype

I was supposed to Skype with Noodle last Friday, but I told him that I had to wash my hair. Now I feel bad. I miss my Valentine boy. I wonder if he would Skype with me this weekend… To help Noodle forgive me for breaking our Skype date last week, I am showing him this picture of me as a puppy. I was about eight weeks old here. Who can resist a puppy? Can someone put in a good word for me? Maybe ask him to look at this picture? I am Lexi, the contrite schnauzer.

Too adorable to be denied.
Too adorable to be denied.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Noodle

To Noodle, the best schnoodle anywhere!
                                            To Noodle, the best schnoodle anywhere!

Love, Lexi
                                                                                                                                                   Love, Lexi