Happy Tuesday Visitors

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Hey there, Xena here. I want to tell you about visitors we had over the weekend.

Mommy is from Pee Aye, up north where it’s cold now. Rhonda, her best friend from there, brought her fiance with her to visit. It was only fair because Mommy took Daddy up to visit Rhonda to get her approval before her and Daddy got married. Obviously, Rhonda approved. Or Rhonda didn’t approve and Mommy did it anyway, which is kinda like something my Mommy would do…Mommy?

The Mommy: Yes, Xena, Rhonda gave her approval.

Xena: Yay!!! *hop, hop* I’m so happy and excited, cause I got my Daddy!! Daddy, Daddy, hold me!

pause while Daddy lifts Xena into his arms

Now, where was I? Oh yes. So they went without me to another Octoberfest event, this time on Signal Mountain, Tennessee. They said there wasn’t much to do there but look at all the vendors’ stuff and eat and drink beer and dance polka and talk to strangers and drink beer. The Wurstbrats band that Daddy leads was there playing the whole time, too. I wish I coulda gone….

But, mostly, everyone stayed home. I really, really liked Rhonda. Mommy said this is unusual, cause I normally ask the men to hold me, not the women. But Miss Rhonda is special! Here’s some pictures of us all out on the porch.

This is Chia with my Daddy.

I think this picture is funny cause Chia looks so big there. I guess it’s cause she was closer to the camera than Daddy, right?

Here I am with Rhonda. She held me for a long, long time. She kept saying how sweet I am, and what a different personality I have from Angel Lexi.

I even let her baby-hold me. This picture was taken right before I fell asleep.
Next is Rhonda’s husband-to-be. They’re getting married next month!

His name is Steve, and he’s always cracking jokes. This is his senior pup Toby, asleep on his lap. Steve is Toby’s “person.” I guess I didn’t ask Steve to hold me cause I knew Toby needed him instead. Toby was a nice pup and made up to all of us. Chia even got the “dog who doesn’t play” to play with her a little bit. I have to admit, she’s really good at that. It must be her super power.

Before I go, I want to show you a couple more pictures from Rocktoberfest, the huge celebration that happens every year on Lookout Mountain. Can you guess who the puppy is that my Daddy’s holding in the first picture. I’d offer you a prize for guessing right, but Lucy would yell at me and say “No!” and I know that none of us want to hear that again.

Did you guess? It’s me! I’m five now, and look all grown up in the second picture, taken this year. By the way, that’s the red and black harness I slipped out of so it’s now gone in the garbage, and I have a brand new, slip-proof, turquois-blue harness that I told you about in a previous post.

I guess that’s all that’s awww-worthy today. See y’all again soon! XOXOX Your friend, Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Where, Oh Where Could my Mommy Have Gone?

Xena: Last Friday was the anniversary of our folks being married for 12 years. We thought maybe there would be a party with presents and ice cream and cake. Instead, Mommy kept talking to me about what a good time I was going to have at my Auntie Jen’s and Uncle Bill’s. And she kept telling me to please try to be nice and cuddle with Auntie Jen, ’cause it hurts her feelings when I only want Uncle Bill to hold me. This all sounded very suspicious and I made no promises.

Lucy: Mom told me, too, at the last minute before we got in the car, and I was so excited! I was going to see my BFF Ella and my boyfriend Achilles! I could hardly wait!

Xena: It’s a three hour drive to the other side of Nashville, and our dinner was very late. By the time we got there I was so hungry that I was shaking and crying. It was two hours past my suppertime, and it wasn’t even our “fast” day.

Lucy: I was so over-the-moon excited when we got there that Mom couldn’t even get my car harness off me. Ella and Achilles and I immediately started playing. After we got our supper and settled down a bit, Xena hid in the chair with Dad. Me and Achilles had been playing kissie face, and he asked me to come over to my Dad with him, ’cause he wanted to ask Dad something.

That’s when Achilles asked Dad if he could marry me! I thought I would faint for joy. Dad thought about it for a very long minute, and finally said we could be engaged. I think that’s almost married, so I was really, really happy. Xena wants to be an old spinster, but I want to be happily married like my Mom and Dad.

Xena: I don’t know what a spinster is, but I don’t like the sounds of that and I don’t want to be one. I just want to be independent. Why do you think I hate my harness so much? So quit calling me mean names just because I don’t want to play kissie face with every boy dog that comes along. Grrr.
So back to our trip. Morty the pig has gotten so much bigger. He weighs about 70 pounds now, the same as Riley. I upset him by barking and jumping at him. Lucy and I went somewhere safe.

Is Morty gone?

Yep, it’s safe to get down.

*A little later*

Achilles: Mr. Jeff, I need to tell you something. Come closer.
Achilles: *smooch* You are the bestest ever almost father-in-law.

Next thing we knew it was morning and Mommy and Daddy were carrying suitcases and stuff and going out the door. I just knew she was leaving me when she picked me up and handed me to Uncle Bill. It was terrible. I was afraid she’d never come back.

She promised she would be back, but it has been so long. Lucy doesn’t seem to care. She’d be just as happy living here. I will let you know real soon what happens. Love, Xena the desserted.

Lucy: Oh Xena, you’re so melodramatic. But you’re probably right. You’ve got those dark spots now, and, well, who knows? (te, he, he) Love, Lucy

Our Visit – Morty

Here is the answer to “Has Morty gotten any bigger?”


Hi, this is Xena here and I want to tell you a bit about our visit to the Nashville area to visit my Uncle Bill. Oh, and also Auntie Jen. And Morty the pig. And Ella and Achilles, too. Morty has had a growth spurt since he visited us a month ago. He’s a little taller and much longer than me now.

Morty’s an armful and then some. But he’s still a piglet.

Morty has a pig crush on my Daddy. Daddy loves to cook and is very good at it. Part of his birthday treat was to be able to do most of the cooking at Morty’s house this weekend, so he was in the kitchen a lot. That’s where Morty’s white mints are kept, and Daddy has fun feeding them to him. They’re like crack to Morty! He just can’t get enough.

Mommy wasn’t quick enough to get a picture of Morty standing up on his hind legs for his minty treats. None of us knew pigs could do that. Maybe he was imitating me. Next thing you know he will be hopping up and down on his back legs like I do.

Morty is on the move a lot. He spent a lot of time outside grazing on the grass in the fenced back yard. He usually won’t even go out when it’s so cold, but maybe he needed a break from four dogs in the house. When he finally came inside, his poor little hooves were all red from the cold. Later, he was sleeping under a blanket on his Mom’s lap, and we kept hearing him grunt. He had eaten so much grass that he was “passing gas.”

Because Achilles and Ella have to live with Morty, they treat him like their pesky little brother. At first they were real protective of him, but now it’s more like, “Get out of my stuff!” and “Leave me alone!” They even got in trouble today for growling at him and had to go for a time out in their kennels.

Lucy seems to like Morty just fine.

Of course, Lucy pretty much likes everyone. She is a real social butterfly. Morty wasn’t afraid of her, either.

Morty and me, we played a little bit too. Sometimes I barked and chased him down the hall, and sometimes he chased me down the hall while I growled.

At the end of the day, Morty was exhausted.

Be sure to check back soon for other adventures at Morty’s house.

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Almost Wordless Wednesday

This is Mila. She’s here at my house with her Mom. They came over to talk (otherwise known as visit), play games and eat. Mila has been stalking me. I finally let her pick me up…

so I could see what was on the kitchen table. Hmm, it’s white. Maybe it’s white chocolate. Or white frosting covered cookies. I’ve gottta get a better look.

Dagnabit, it’s just a game called dominoes. Chewable, but not edible. Now, how do I get away?

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Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Visiting Our Aunt and Uncle

Xena: Auntie Jen must have heard me say I missed her, ’cause she invited us to come to her house near Nashville. I get a bit nervous on car rides, and I panted for the whole three hour trip even though Daddy held me and pet me the whole way there while Mommy drove. At least this time I didn’t puke in the car.

Lucy: That’s only because Mom didn’t feed us before we left home.

Xena: I had a much better trip home. Auntie Jen put lavender oil on my ears, then Mommy put some on my paw pads after we got in the car. I only panted a tiny little bit once or twice. I hope we have lots of that oil around.

We returned the Santa toy that Achilles forgot at our house a couple of weeks ago. He was so over-the-moon happy that he played with it all weekend.

Lucy: He ignored me all weekend, too. Xena: That’s ’cause he remembered the talk I had with him when he was at our house! And he let me ride the horsie he got for Christmas. At first it was a little scary. I mean, I had never ridden a horsie before. I thought maybe I should watch for traffic behind us like Mommy does when she is driving.Then I said, “giddy up,” and urged horsie to go faster while I hung on tight. I rode bareback my first time out!OK, Mommy, horsie said he’s done. You can help me off now.

We all played outside, too. Here we were playing follow the leader. That’s cousin Ella in the lead.

As the day got later, something strange happened. We think that aliens were coming down and making shadow monsters out of Lucy and Ella. The girls ran into the house with me and the monsters disappeared.

That Saturday night the peeps put Achilles in his kennel and left. The rest of us got free run of the house and we were all Very. Good.  My folks brought home pictures of what they did while they were gone. 


They went ballroom dancing to celebrate Daddy’s birthday and Auntie Jen’s birthday. In that picture they were doing something called a foxtrot, he, he.

That wraps up our big out-of-town weekend. I heard that this coming weekend, Mommy and Daddy are going to something called a Convention in Knoxville. That means that our most favorite doggie sitter – other than our Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill – is coming to stay with us. We lo-o-o-ve Miss Christy!

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Pee S: I can’t wait to tell you the stories about how I stood up to two dogs who got nasty with me and They. Backed. Down! I am getting very, very brave.

Pee Pee S: I don’t never start the trouble, neither!


Christmas Time with Friends

Hi, where’s our folks, and how did you get in our house?

Mommy and Daddy left and Aunty Jen and Uncle Bill arrived.

You look different , Uncle Bill.Oh, you’ve got hair on your face now like me. I think we’re twinsies!

Ok, you can be part of our clan. You may feed me now.

I remember you now!! You just surprised me, coming in without Mom and Dad. Where’s my bestie, Ella?

It’s gonna be a fun Christmas with Ella and Achilles (and Uncle Bill and Aunty Jen)!

Love and wiggles, Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Mommy Meets Noodle and Family

Mommy left us alone with Daddy while she drove 87 zillion miles to visit my Guardian Angel Lexi’s boyfriend, Noodle. His Mom helped him blog about it already, and you can see that here.

When Mommy got home, she raved about how wonderful Noodle is – so loving and friendly and sweet and cuddly and no wonder Lexi loved him. I don’t know whether to gag or be jealous or, or, … hmmm.

Anyhoo, she talked about it feeling like she had known Noodle’s Mom for forever and they talked like they were old friends. Not only that, but one would say something and the other would be like, OMG, that’s exactly like, blah, blah, blah.  For example, Noodle’s Mom said, “We can’t have anything nice, we have dogs,” and Mommy’s mouth fell open just before she said, “Those are the exact words Jeff and I say together all the time!” Yeah, just because I ate the arm of the chair and the corner of the window sill and, a-a-and, … oh. Mommy also met Macy and Molly. Mommy said they are both very, very loving and great pups, too.  And she met the birds, the fancy chickens, the pig, the rabbits, the koi fish, and I don’t remember who all else. Noodle sat with his Dad while Molly laid on Mommy’s lap and the Moms visited. Mrs. Noodle’s Mom said to come again and be sure to bring me and Lucy, too. Oh, boy, oh boy, oh boy, I can hardly wait. Hi-i-i- Noodle. 🙂

I’m Xena the Lovely Schnauzer Warrior Princess

More News from our BFF’s

Mom and I have had a busy few days at our BFF’s. Remember Claud the c-a-t?

Claudia, aka Claud, aka the c-a-t
Claudia, aka Claud, aka the c-a-t

She now looks like this:

Claud the naked cat
Claud the naked cat

Yep, Mom brought her grooming tools from Tennessee and shaved the c-a-t. I saw the clippers come out and I know a look of panic crossed my face. Then I saw Mom carry Claud to her make-shift grooming table and watched as Claud promptly flew off the table, not to be seen again for hours. When Mom finally found Claud and got her back on the table, Mom “scruffed” her during the entire groom. She said it was the only way she could shave her. Claud was not amuzed. (I was.) In the picture above she is hiding in the closet.

Monday was our BFF’s birthday and there were people coming and going all day. I was worn out from greeting everyone with hearty barks. Tuesday was the same way. Thankfully, only one couple came by today, and they brought food. They liked me and I got some of the food. It was good eye talian food.

Mom left the house for a while yesterday and said she had a reunion with her whole family. She was gone a couple of hours. Here are the pictures she took of the reunion.

0721151631c 0721151631b 0721151631a 0721151631 0721151630a 0721151630

he Family in Oakwood Cemetery
The Family in Oakwood Cemetery

When Mommy came back to our BFF’s, her eyes were red. Her eyelids were all red, too. Apparently, the poison ivy had come back with a vengeance and had traveled to her face.

Poison Ivy by nose and on eyelids. It itches.
Poison Ivy by nose and on eyelids. It itches.

It took three days for Mom’s doctor’s office to call in a prescription to the pharmacy and the pharmacy to get the medicine in stock. The rash wasn’t bad when Mom first called the doctor on Monday. By today – Wednesday – it is on it’s way to real bad. Mom is not amused.

Today we weeded and watered our BFF’s garden. She has flowers and tomato plants.  I adopted the St. Francis of Assisi statue. Did you know he is the patron saint of animals? I will leave it for our BFF to take care of it when we go home.

0722151840 0722151830

My daddy can’t be here, so I have adopted our BFF’s husband to be my temporary daddy. He thinks it’s great that I go to him now to ask to go out and to be fed and to get treats. 🙂 I wonder why my daddy at home doesn’t appreciate all the attention…

I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.