I Shopped at Walmart

On the way home from work, I got to go shopping at Walmart with Mommy. When we first parked, I didn’t know where we were. Then I saw the sign.

I started looking for where we would go into the store.

Then Mommy told me that someone else had already done the shopping for us, so I should watch for them to come out with a big rolling cart.

I saw a lot of cars going by and hoped the store person didn’t have to cross that dangerous traffic with my food.

Then I saw the door where people were coming and going, and figured that must be where all the good food came out, too.

Since I had to wait, I decided to check out lunch leftovers. Dang, nothing but an empty bag. Yep, lunch is why my beard looks like this, BOL! I think that’s my tummy I hear growling.

Look smart! Here they come! Mmmm, I hope there’s lots of goodies in there for me and Lucy.

Hey! Stop putting those in the trunk! Put those chickie wings in the back seat where I can eat them NOW. My Guardian Angel Lexi taught me that NOW is when I should get the things I want. It was part of her mantra.

I am Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess Walmart Shopper