World Kindness Day: Words Matter

Xena: Hey Lucy Deucy, do you think that’s true, that words really matter?

Lucy: Well, how does it make you feel when I call you Xena Weena?

Xena: Grrr. It hurts my feelings.Sometimes it makes me feel sad, and sometimes I just want to bite you.

Lucy: And what about when Mom tells you that you are a good girl and she loves you?Xena: I feel happy and all warm and cuddly inside.

Lucy: So, little sister, do you think words matter?

Mom: Years ago I was given some wise advise. When you see someone who looks sad, or bored or uninterested, find something to compliment them about. And mean it. You can change the direction of their whole day.

Xena: Like what, Mommy? Like tell them they’re the smartest person you ever met or that they have the most gorgeous furs ever?

Mom: No, no, little one. Something simple, such as, “I just love your earrings,” or “You have such pretty hair,” or even, “Great shoes! Where did you get them?” I remember the time I did that with a totally disconnected convenience store clerk and she looked up and smiled, her whole face lighting up.

Xena: Huh. *thinking* Hey Lucy Deu…I mean Lucy! Your furs are very shiny today.

Lucy: Aw, Xena, thanks. That made me feel really good. *grin*Xena: I’m glad, ’cause I love you. and your furs are so shiny I’m going to need sunglasses.  Now, can I have your supper?

Lucy: *sigh*

This is Lucy with the Shiny Furs and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess thanking you for being our friends and wishing you only kind words today.