Grooming with Mom: Georgia and Chief

Hello friends. Lucy Ace Reporter back with you on the Groom Beat.

Xena: Hey Lucy, I thought I would continue with my story today on my blog.

Lucy: First of all, it’s our blog. And Mom asked me to report on our latest new groom today, so you will have to wait until another day. I was just giving Sweetheart Bear some loving time since you’ve been ignoring her lately.

Xena: Coming next week: Xe Tours Paris on her Magic Flying Carpet

Lucy: Hmm, that was easier than I expected. So, moving on, in today’s edition of Grooming with Mom, I bring you Georgia A. Georgia is a very tiny yorkie puppy. She is less than three months old, and this is her first groom. Mom’s previous client – the man named John who sent his daughter here for her tiny yorkie’s first groom (click here if you missed that) – sent Georgia’s family here too. John can’t come any more because he no longer has his own yorkie, but we bet he gets lots of yorkie loving from his friend’s yorkie puppie Georgia and his daughter’s yorkie puppy Chief.

Georgia before her groom

During the groom, Georgia alternated between wanting to crawl onto Mom’s head and giving her sass about everything Mom was doing. Mom instantly fell in love with her and wanted to keep her, but didn’t think that dog-napping would go well for her grooming career.

About 90 minutes later, Georgia looked like this.

Mom trimmed under her eyes more after the picture was taken. We sure hope she grows into her ears.

When her dad picked her up, he told Mom who his folks are. They have Maggie, a poodle /shih tzu mix (pictured here) that Mom has been grooming for several years. Many of you sent prayers and positive thoughts for Maggie’s Mama, who had cancer, and she is fully recovered.

So this was actually a double referral to Mom, from both sets of Georgia’s grandpawrents. And speaking of yorkie puppies Chief was back this past week for his second groom. He did quite a bit better this time, but he screamed with every little bit of hair Mom had to pull from his ears. She was afraid the neighbors would think she was torturing someone, and was glad that the cops didn’t show up. Chief had a dark hair coat his first time here, but he is getting really light.

From what his undercoat shows, we think he is going to be even lighter next time.

Aren’t puppies great?

This is Lucy Ace Reporter signing off with wags and wiggles and a reminder to watch for Xena’s next episode of her adventure tales, coming soon.

Thankful Thursday and Grooming with Mom: Bailey

Hello friends. Lucy, Ace Reporter here today to report on another fantastic groom. It all started at a party…a Super Bowl party to be exact. Mom went to the party thrown by her work-place, and she sat down to eat with some of the people who attend that synagogue. The couple next to her said they were looking for a new groomer for their sweet shih tzu, and mentioned that Aoife’s Mom had told them what a good job Mom does on Aoife. A few weeks later they called Mom for an appointment. Mom didn’t bother with a “before” picture, because Bailey wasn’t in bad shape. He mostly needed his face and paws and certain other areas trimmed. Here he is after his mini-groom and bath.

Bailey is a little over two years old. Mom said he’s one of the best behaved pups she’s ever had the pleasure to groom.

Do y’all remember Rhett?


He came to us to be groomed for the first time last September, and has been coming back every six weeks.

And Maggie, whose Mom is a cancer survivor. We know all your prayers and POTP helped!


Maggie is coming every six weeks now, too.

And lots of other regulars like Maggie the schnauzer and her sister Dora the explorer shih tzu, who come to see us every three weeks.

Dora (L) and Maggie

As well as two of our yorkie friends, Slider and Peyton, who come every six weeks.

OK, so maybe Peyton (top) isn’t really a yorkie, but that’s what the guy who sold her to them said.

We’re thankful for all the wonderful pups who come to get groomed and loved-on by me and Mom. There’s lots more, and each one is special in his or her own way.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with wags and kisses. I hope you enjoyed this segment of Grooming with Mom.

Just Pictures on Almost Wordless Wednesday


Chaz after his January groom
Chaz’s sister Chloe after her January groom


Sometimes Xena has to sleep in her own bed.
Lucy doesn’t like to sleep alone.


from left: Xena, Riley, Lucy

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It’s a Sign!

groom signMy subdivision, Port Royal, is relatively small, maybe 30 or 40 houses. It is also on a cul-de-sac, so we have no through traffic. There are two houses for sale on our street. Earlier this week I got a call from a lady who had been house-shopping and wrote down my number from the sign in my front yard.

She had looked at so many houses that she couldn’t even remember where I was located, but she wanted to bring  Winston, her 10 month old multi-poo-shih-tzu to me to groom. It ended up being a 20 minute drive this morning, but she didn’t seem to mind. What a wiggle butt, and a sweet boy!

After the groom, Winston’s Mom couldn’t come for him for over an hour, so after I grabbed a bite of lunch I carried the little guy upstairs to meet Lucy. She was very gentle with him while he sat in my lap and made friends with her.

My next groom had rescheduled for Good Friday, so I thought I was done for the day. After returning from a quick run to Walmart, which, for an early Friday afternoon, was uncharacteristically packed, my mobile rang with a local number I didn’t recognize. Unbelievably, it was another person who had driven through the neighborhood to look at the houses for sale and had seen my sign. They were a retired couple who had just returned from three months of wintering in Florida. She claimed they couldn’t find a groomer there for their three pound yorkie. Huh?? They lived nearby, so I told her to bring 15 year old Daisy on over. This was definitely another one of those “I wouldn’t normally groom her this way, but if it’s what you want” grooms.

Isn’t this Senior Lady precious? Their granddaughter convinced them to adopt this cutie as a rescue when Daisy was four years old. Daisy is also an experienced girl on the groom table. Such a delight!

Out of curiosity, I did a spread sheet on the origin of all my active grooms. The results are 20% from my yard sign, 55% from the neighborhood blog, 15% from referrals, and 10% from people in the neighborhood asking who groomed my dog (Lexi) when we were out walking.