Grooming with Mom: Chiefly

Lucy, Ace Reporter here to tell you about a new groom who came to us as a result of COVID-19. Our client, Angela – who has the schnauzers Sophie and Dexter – recommended us Mom when her friend asked if she knew anyone who was grooming right now.

This is Master Chief – Chiefly for short – before his groom. Mom forgot to get a picture until after she had started, so that’s why you see hair on the table.

Chiefly is a 5-year-old yorkie-poo. He definitely has the tight, curly, poodle hair. He was pretty stressed, as you can see, with his tongue hanging out.

Mom called me to come help calm him down.

Xena ran in the room first and they growled at each other. Then Chiefly growled at me. I knew it was just because he was scared, so I started sending zen thoughts his way. Mom told him that’s what I was doing, and that he should be a good boy and let me help him. He did, and I did. I helped so much that when Xena came running back in and put her front paws on the table to look at him, they touched noses and called a truce. Good boy, Chiefly!

Chiefly’s Mom, Maryanne, said to shave him from his head to the end of his tail. Mom called her to be sure she got it right, cause who gets pretty ears like that shaved, right? The conversation went sorta like this:

Mom: Hi, everything’s good, I just want to check, do you want his ears shaved.
Maryanne: Yes, shave his ears please.
Mom: You really want his tail shaved?
Maryanne: Yes.
Mom: What about his face?
Maryanne: Shave it.
Mom: Shave the whole face, short, like his body? No mustache? No beard?
Maryanne: Right. I want him to be cool for the summer
Mom: OK, bye.

Chiefly: I look pretty, don’t I?

Yes, Chiefly, you look pretty, or handsome, as the case may be.

Chiefly: Is my Mom coming now? I’m ready to go home.

You can’t see from the pictures, but Mom left a bobble of hair on the end of his tail, almost like a poodle. His Mom and sister loved it, as well as his cool summer cut.

Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with another success story.