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Memorial Video for Lexi, September 2016

Video Star

Xena’s First Freestyle Competition and Title

Xena’s First Freestyle Competition and Title in Winston-Salem NC Spring of 2020

Xena’s Scary Birthday Ball June 2019

Xena’s Scary Birthday Ball June 2019

Shanah Tovah

Xena found a chipmunk, Spring 2020
Lucy and Xena catch watermelon pieces summer 2019

Xena and Lucy running in yard summer 2020

A Scary Singing Turkey

Lucy Repentant in Tub

Mommy’s Home!

Xena Training at Play Dog Excellent

Mechanically Inclined June 2018

Baby Pool

Xena & Lucy Running in Yard/Playing Bitey Face May 2018

Xena plays Tug o’ War April 2018

Can Xena Keep Up April 2018

Lucy’s Salute to the USA July 4, 2017

Lunch Break, with Lucy and Riley, June 2017

Breakthrough: Riley Accepts Lucy, Feb. 2017

Riley playing in the Tennessee River, summer 2017

Lexi’s Final Children’s Therapy Visit August 2016

Noodle the Schnoodle talking to his Girlfriend Lexi August 2016
Lexi’s Food Dish Antics June 2016

Lexi Feeling Better after Affects of Chemo Wore Off, Summer 2016

Lexi and Noodle’s Valentine Anniversary February 2016

Lexi vs Her Hoodie January 2016

Large Pig Playing in Muddy Water October 2015

Riley Imitating Pig October 2015

Lexi’s Leave It Find It Game July 2015

A World without Tragedies June 2015

Rolling in the Sacred Ivy June 2015

Fun Corgi Video

French Bulldog at the Dog Park December 2015

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