I almost lost my paw

July 8, 2014
Mommy said, “If you want to go to work with me today, you have to come get your beard washed.” She was truthful with me instead of trying stealth and trickery. I was surprised, so I surprised her by running down to the grooming room to get my beard washed. After my face got washed, we went back upstairs so I could run around rubbing my face on everything to try to get it dry while Mommy finished getting ready to go. Suddenly, a chair grabbed my back right paw and tried to tear it off while I was jumping off it. I saved my paw but lost the nail from my little toe. Ow, ow, ow, ouch! I screeched a little and ran into the kitchen where Mommy was packing our her our lunch. By this time the bleeding had started. I bled all over the floor and even onto the front of the stove. Mommy carried me into the bedroom and laid me on my back on the bed. I hate to be laid on my back. It is such a submissive posture. But there was no getting away. Mom used peroxide and cleaned all the blood and dirt off my paw, then wrapped it up. I got the wrap off in about three seconds after she let me go.

That was four days ago, but it still hurts a little, so I lick it a lot. I found my toenail and chewed it awhile before I took it to Mommy. I wonder if a new nail will grow on my toe.

Lexi, the poor baby (again)

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