Healing a Broken Heart

Angel Lexi here, taking my blog back for just a little while. I’ve seen my Mom tilt her head in that way that I know she is thinking hard and she’s looking at little Xena when she does it. Let’s start from the beginning so this will make sense.

I knew it would be terrible for Mom when I had to leave, so I hung on for two more months than the docs said I would. Then I had no choice but to go on back to my Creator. After four months I could see how sad Mom still was, so I asked the Big Guy to send someone to help her. I figured He would send her another schnauzer, maybe even let me pick out the right one. At first I didn’t understand why He sent her Lucy. When I asked, He said to wait and watch. I could tell she was still very sad, but the break in her heart seemed to be starting to heal, at least a little.  As the months continued to pass, I saw stitch after stitch forming, creating a heart that could once again hold love. Lucy was accomplishing the job He sent her to do.

After the first anniversary of my leaving had passed, The Big Guy called me to Him to let me know that my Mom was ready for another schnauzer, and that I could help Him find just the right one. I knew exactly what Mom needed. She needed another little girl who looked a bit like me, but not too much. She had to be spunky and smart like me, and ready to be Mom’s partner in lots of activities, including being the church dog. I always loved Mom to the moon and back, but I wasn’t a “touch” dog except for when I was therapizing. Even though that is something she wanted when she adopted me, she never held it against me that it wasn’t in my personality. This time, I wanted Mom to get a cuddly girl, too. I knew the puppy couldn’t be too far away, like in China, or Mom wouldn’t get her, so I started searching in my home state of Georgia. Of course, The Big Guy knew I would find just the right one ’cause He had already picked her out. Boy, I can’t get up early enough to outsmart Him!

When the time was right Mom contacted my breeder, Becky, who understood what Mom wanted. The litter that would be ready to go in October were from a mom and dad who had puppies with temperaments more like mine, but they were all black and all males. Nope. The litter Becky expected to get in the spring would be from a mom and dad who usually had puppies that looked like me but were all cuddly love bugs with no “attitude.” Nope. So Becky told Mom about another great breeder named Toni. Toni was three hours away, and I knew that wouldn’t be a problem since Mom had driven that far to get me.  When Mom went to see these 15 week old puppies, Toni had already picked out the one she thought would be the best match for Mom. You see, I had whispered in Toni’s ear which one to choose, and of course, it was the girl who would soon be named Xena. Even though Xena’s only been in the family for a little over two months, Mom’s heart is healing much faster so it can hold all the love welling up inside it.  And Lucy’s new job is to help raise Xena and to be a wonderful big sister to her. She sure is acing that one, too.

Next thing I know, The Big Guy informs me that I am in charge of watching over Xena. Well, I’ll tell you, that really cut down time with my friend Spike. Puppies take a lot of watching. I made sure she didn’t chew everything up like I used to do as a puppy. Yep, checked that one off my list. Other than the potty training, everything has been going along beautifully, and she is almost there with that, too. Just as I was trying to pat myself on my back, Mom sends up a prayer to The Big Guy, asking for me to give Xena some of my bravery. It seems that every morning when Mom and Xena go to work, Xena is shaking in the car for at least half of the way there. She has other fears, too. I know, I know, she is supposed to be the Schnauzer Warrior Princess, but that’s for later. Even little princes and princesses have to grow into their titles, right? I started walking around thinking about this dilemma.

While it’s true that I have always had enough bravery to share, I didn’t know just how to go about this. I was walking and thinking and not paying much attention to where I was going. When I looked up I saw that I was in a different part of over the rainbow. I had wandered into the Land of Oz, and you will never believe who I found there…My Dorothy!

After getting caught up on the latest Oz news, I asked My Dorothy if she had any ideas. She asked me if I remembered the Cowardly Lion. Of course I did! He was one of my favorites. My Dorothy reminded me that he hadn’t always been brave; it was after he met her and the Tin Man and the Scarecrow that he learned to love and found his courage. Even then, he didn’t realize he had courage until the Wizard gave him a medal with the word Courage on it.

Suddenly, I knew what to do. For now, I am going to let little Xena grow and experience life and build her courage. I will keep en”courage”ing her and do my best to instill some of my extra bravery into her. Do you remember when the little warrior princess went after the big dogs in the house because they tore up her favorite toy? Who do you think helped her?  The more she learns to love and trust, the braver she will be. Some day she will get her own medal and be the superstar she was born to be.

So back to the beginning. When Mom tilts her head in thought, it is because she sees me in Xena, and wonders. Now you know why.

I think I will take a break from puppy watching and go running with Spike for a while.

I am Angel Lexi, the Brave Guardian.


All About Xena

Hi Friends. Do you ever look at me and say, “She’s really grown!” You’re right! I did gain over a pound in just three weeks, making me 11 pounds, seven ounces heavy. And I’ve grown taller too! I’m almost 13 inches tall!! My sister Angel Lexi was 14 inches, so I’m almost as tall as her (at the shoulder). Mommy thinks I am growing up way too fast, BOL. She also thinks she didn’t get a good measurement from squirmy me, so there may be an update on that.

I have lost all my puppy teeth and have all my big dog teeth now. I really show them off when Lucy plays bitey face with me. And they work great for tearing holes in my playpen. I have a huge hole in the back side, but I have to jump up and down a lot to get the playpen to move away from the fake glass door so I can get out. I don’t know what Mommy’s thinking, pushing it up against the wall like that. To make things easier, I made a second hole in the end, and now I can come and go as I want.

Since the playpen is no good for “containing” me, Mommy shuts me in the big bathroom when she can’t take me with her, like to the store or the dentist. I learned that it is fun to pull all the tee pee paper off the roll. And I managed to get the door open that goes from there into Andrew’s bedroom. I heard Mommy come home today, so I ran into Andrew’s room, to the door that goes to the hallway.  I heard her calling me, so I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t come open the door. I didn’t know Mommy had come in behind me from the bathroom, and she scared the pee pee out of me when she touched me. The loose tee pee paper was then put to good use.

I’ve learned a lot of other things, too. If I walk under Lucy while she is walking I don’t get run over. AND  I can bite her legs. I have to be careful to not stop and laugh; that’s when she reaches down and grabs me by the beard. Barking about Lucy and my beard, she has found it keeps the flavors of my food and she likes to lick it, te, he. Also barking about my beard, Mommy washes my face every day before we go to work. I don’t like it, but that hasn’t stopped her. And I get all my longer hair – I have hair, not fur – combed out real pretty then, too.

I know “sit” and do it faster than lightening! I’m still working on “down” which means to lay clear down with my belly on the floor. I know what it means; I just don’t like doing it, and I get back up right away. I know I am supposed to potty outside All. The. Time. Sometimes I don’t know how to tell Mommy, and sometimes it hits so fast that I don’t have time to tell Mommy. So now there is a jingly thing hanging down low on the back door handle where I can reach it. Mommy keeps hitting it with her finger and sometimes takes my paw and hits it before she takes me out. I think this might have something to do with me going out to potty. I will think more about that later.

I am learning how to type. I learned the thing on the desk is called a mouse, and when Mommy moves it around I can see the very tip of its tail on the puter picture place. I watch it run all over that picture place. Daddy said if I am a good girl, Santa might bring my very own puter from a special company called Mattel. Or maybe one from Playschool. Anyhow, it’s going to be a great puter from one of the big puter companies. Then maybe I can get my own desk and chair from a great company like Mattel, too.

Every night before I go to sleep in the big bed, I put on my jammies. OK, Mommy helps me some. I love my jammies and always wag my tail and try to help. I get to wear them for my first and second outie in the early morning, too, when it is still cold outside.

Lucy is my very bestest friend. We share everything. Sometimes we even stick our heads in a food bowl at the same time and share what is in it.

We don’t fight or argue. At least not since she promised to never help He-Who-No-Longer-Exists [Riley], be mean to me.But sometimes Lucy gets up on the bed without me. I think she must forget that I can’t jump that high yet. She should stay on the couch, where I can jump up.

I hope you have liked reading all about me. I will be sure to come visit and ask Mommy to read to me, all about you!

Christmassy love from me, Xena, the Schnauzer Warrior Princess ❤


Group Photo Shoot

Mom tried to get all three of us – me, my guy, and my little sis – in a picture together. She has a new respect for all you peeps who do this on a regular basis. Here’s how it all started…

Xena: Hi Mom! Will you take my picture? Maybe another cuteness picture?

And continued…

Mom: That’s a great idea, Xena. In fact, I want to get pictures of all of you together.

Lucy: I don’t feel like getting my picture taken.

Riley: Me neither.

Mom: Come on you guys…it will be fun!

Lucy: I don’t want to do this today. And I don’t see any treats.

Xena: Is that a bug or part of the carpet? I think I’ll hop on it.

Mom: Xena, stay where you are.  Riley, come on and get in the picture.


Mom: Lucy and Riley, you can do better than that! Look how nicely your little sister is posing.


Xena: I think it might be a bug. One of those ladybugs.

Lucy: Where?

Mom: Xena! Lucy! Look at me.


Mom: Riley, buddy. Do you think you could show less enthusiasm?

Riley: No. And I know sarcasm when I hear it.


Alas, exhausted from their failed photo shoot, all dogs fell asleep. And thus ends another attempt at a group photo card.

Double-Grounded Fun

Now that I am double-grounded because I ran off about 87 times, I don’t get to run through the big yard and play with my guy, Riley. Sometimes we run up and down the fence together, with me in the dog lot and him in the big yard. And sometimes, just for me, Riley puts aside his disdain of getting his dainty paws messy in the dog lot. Yesterday was one of those times.

We walked and ran together.

We played tug-of-war and keep-away with the stick.

And Riley used his  dainty yet powerful paws to try to dig a hole big enough so I could escape.

Lucy: Riley, stop! Andrew’s looking.

Riley: I’ll just push this brick in the hole to hide your exit route.

Lucy: Hi Andrew! Us? We weren’t doing anything.

Love and Wiggles, Lucy the Convict

A Thankful Get-Together

Xena: Mommy, Mommy, where’s my breakfast? Mommy, Mommy, when am I going to meet my new friends?

Mom: I’m fixing your breakfast the same as I do first thing every morning, Xena, then we’ll be seeing your Auntie Jen, Uncle Bill and cousins Piper and Ella. 




Xena: Have they seen my latest cuteness picture? Are they going to love me?

Lucy: *sigh* I got this one, Mom. Yes Xena, they will love you. I met Auntie Jen and she is a lot like Mom. She’ll fuss over you and hold you and give you kisses. Piper has gotten to be a senior schnauzer, and he has recently gone blind, so take it easy on him, will you? And Ella is going to be MY friend, so paws off. 

Mom: Lucy….

Lucy: Ok…she can be your friend too, but mostly mine. 

(a few hours later)


Piper: Hi Lucy and Xena. I’m Piper. I used to live here before you did. I knew your sister, Angel Lexi,  87 years before she was an angel. We were BFF’s. We hung together all the time.






And this time, when Mom leaves, I’m goin’ with her. We’re a team, ya’ know.










Hi Lucy, I’m Ella. Look at pretty you! Me and you, we’re the same size! We could be friends. Wanna’ play?





Piper: Excuse me…how did I end up in this play pen? Let me out. There’s nothing wrong with my nose and I smell food.





Piper: That’s better! Oh, hi Aunt Amy. Got anything good there I can have?


So, the humans ate and drank and laughed and talked and enjoyed the day with family and friends who are also family. No one remembered to take pictures of Lucy and Ella playing. They played all day long and became the best friends we all hoped they would be. In fact, we even discussed them going back and forth between our homes in Chattanooga and Nashville each month, but no one was willing to give up their half of the duo for a month at a time.

Piper mostly tried to stay out of their way. Xena tried to keep up with them and did a lot of obnoxious schnauzer puppy yapping. Thank goodness she finally wore herself out.


Tired smiles and wiggles and snores from Lucy and Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Winding Up the Work Week

I had a good week at work. Yesterday I carried my stuffies into the hall just outside my office. I could see everyone coming and going from there.

It was a pretty quiet day, so I could relax and play with Hedgehog.

And take naps in my Mommy’s lap. She said I am getting so big that I have almost grown right off her lap.

I saw Mr. David. He is starting to warm up to me. Miss Beth came in to baby hold me and give me tummy rubs. Someone else came in to pick up a paper they use to get food, so I followed Angel Lexi’s example and therapized them. Pastor Evelyn was recovering from the crud, so she came into my office too, but didn’t want to get her germs on me. I had a good lunch and did all my potty outside.

I am Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess ❤

Lap Time at Work

At work, I get lots of nap lap time. I love when Ms. Beth comes by to see me. She holds me like a baby and says I am growing so much that I barely fit in her lap.

I like to sit on Mommy’s lap, too, and look at the thing that is like a silent TV and type on her ‘puter keyboard. And I like wearing my cuteness walking vest. It keeps me from being chilly in our office, and besides, if I have to go outside in a hurry, I already have my walking vest on.

Pretty soon I start to get sleepy…

…so I rest my head on the edge of the desk and take a little nap.

That’s when Mommy gently lays me in my bed so she can  work so I am more comfy.

A growing girl needs her sleep.

Xena the Lap Schnauzer Princess Warrior

My New Sweater

Mom took me to the smart pet place and I tried on lots of clothes. She finally decided on this sweater to keep me warm this winter. I think I look quite pretty in it. I got to wear it  for the first time today because it was 32 degrees (that’s 0 degrees centigrade, says Mom) cold out this morning.

Here comes Xena. We are getting along great now. We are playing all the time. She makes ahrahrahr noises at me and I make them back at her while we play bitey face. Sometimes we play chase, too. It’s a modified bully breed kind of playing. I know now I have to be gentle with her, because 1. She is not a bully breed and 1. She is still a baby and 1. I don’t want to get into any more trouble. And besides, now I have clothes, just like her.

I love you, little sister. *licky kisses* Mmmm, your beard tastes good.

Love, Licks and wiggles,


Grateful for Blogville

This is Amy, Mom to Lucy and Xena, as well as Angel Lexi. I am sharing my gratefulness today for Blogville. I first used Dogster. Dogster limited its users to 5 pictures and there was no real community there. Because it had been bought out with the new owners talking about closing down the blogging portion, I decided to create my own website to blog about Lexi, my thespian schnauzer. I soon became addicted, and was thrilled every time someone new found The Adventures of Lexi the Schnauzer – actually, I still am!

Of course it’s easy to become attached to animals. I was, however, a bit surprised when I found myself starting to really care about many of the people behind the keyboards. I watched a true community form whenever someone was in need – whether it was for prayer, encouragement, financial, or all three. Then, when I was losing – and lost – my heart dog Lexi I was overwhelmed by the kindness, the caring, and the support I got from this community of people I had never met in person. I don’t know what I would have done without you.

Now, you join me in enjoying the antics of my girls. You commiserate with Lucy over her trials with the “cute puppy,” applaud her in her victories, worry for her when she runs off, and rejoice when she shows the world that bullie breeds are actually sweet, loving dogs. You follow along with Xena as she learns about her world, overcomes her fears, tries to dominate her bigger siblings and grows way to fast. And you give me many smiles and some tears with pictures and stories of your own furbabies.

Thank you. thank you, thank you for all of this. I am grateful for each and every one of you — friends who have become family. Wishing you folks here in the U.S.A. a wonderful Thanksgiving and hoping everyone else celebrates right along with us.

God Bless.

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Before I Got Double-Grounded

I am not allowed loose outside at all now, not since I ran away once or twice or was it four or five times? I’ve lost count. So I like to remember how much fun I used to have playing outside with Riley.



We hunted for the best sticks and carried them around together.









And tried to take them away from each other.









And played tug-of-war.










Sometimes we chased each other.









And played tug-of-war some more.





Pleasantly exhausted, we would finish the day with a good nap together. Just me and my guy. *sigh* Before I got double-grounded.



Licks and little wiggles, Lucy




Guess Who’s In Trouble

Yep, it’s me. Can I help it if Mom doesn’t put the cotter pin in the gate and Riley opens it? We went to visit some of our favorite nearby folks. Just trying to be neighborly, ya’ know?

If it wasn’t for the new ID tag Mom got me I might have been able to stay out longer. But the neighbors called Mom and Mom called Andrew and Andrew came and got us – after he found his way back home from tromping through the woods into different neighborhoods looking for us. He was not a happy camper, I can tell you.  ~Lucy, the Delinquent

What can I say? I mean, what do you say when your girlfriend tells you she wants go go on a date? I mean, like, when she bats her big eyes at you and says things like, “You’re so good at opening gates, sweetie pie!” I’ll tell you what. You don’t say anything. You just open the gate and take her on a date. ~Riley, the Unjustly Accused



New Playmates

I have a new playmate. (Mom was so surprised that she didn’t get the video just right, so please overlook that.)

Her name is Xena. I thought and thought and finally realized I had to play more gently with her than I do with Riley. Riley and I play this way, but we are rougher. Now Xena’s not afraid and we are having tons of fun together!

Be still, Xena. Just rest for a moment, OK?


Love and wags, Lucy

I have a new playmate! (I think I could have done a better job on the video than Mommy did, but I was busy playing.  And excuse the gagging at the end…I got some hair stuck in my throat.)

Her name is Lucy. I haven’t had another dog to play with since I left my littermates. Now Lucy is playing nicely with me and I don’t feel like she is going to run me over and smoosh my brains out. We played all day long! Of course, we took little breaks to eat and go potty – outside!  Then we played again until it was time to go to bed. I can’t wait until we play together again tomorrow!

I am Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Sister Trials

Hi Lucy.


Come closer. I want to tell you something.


*Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!


Hey! Leggo my leg!


Why are you being like this, Xena?


I’m bored. Turn your head that way, Lucy. I want to tell you something else.

Whack me once, shame on you. Whack me twice, shame on me. 

OK then, I’ll lay paws on you and pray for you to recover from your recent whacking. I am the church puppy, you know. 

Love and Wiggles from “the abused patient what have I done to deserve this big sister Lucy

And from me, Xena, the Schnauzer Warrior Princess 


Things That Were, Are, and Will Be

Lucy with purple tiger

I think all our toys are deaded.

Lucy: Hey Xena, Mom said if we were good dogs, we might each get a new Bully Horn for Christmas! And some new used stuffies, too!

Bully Water Buffalo Horn

Xena: Yay! I want a bully horn! And new stuffies! Wait, what’s Christmas?

Lucy: This will be my first Christmas with Mom and Dad, too. I hear that Christmas is a magical time of the year when all your wishes come true. And some believe that if you listen closely, you can hear the animals talk.

Xena: But we talk all the time!

Lucy: I know that, but some people don’t hear us. Maybe it is Christmas Eve when they realize that we are as real as them, with feelings and thoughts and need the same kind of love and care as them.

Xena: Hmm. I will have to think about that after lunch. Hey Lucy, did I tell you what a fun time I had at Rocktoberfest with Mom and Dad? I wish you could have been there.

Amy-Xena Rocktoberfest 2017

Lucy: Maybe next year I won’t be so afraid of things and can go, too. I know it helped you get over some of your fears.

Xena: I’m not afraid. I’m a Warrior Princess! And I can eat chickie feet with the best of them! For some strange reason, Mommy took this picture for Halloween, but she didn’t get it on our blog.

Xena eating chicken foot

Lucy: Yes, pretty scary. *grin* Say, I heard you are going to Angel Lexi’s vet today. Mom is taking you to Dr. Karen to get a leap tow shot.

dog in doorway at vet

Xena: Yep, and I won’t be afraid, either. She’s something called whole is tick. I hope I don’t get any ticks from her.  I can already leap, but I have never had to tow anything. I heard Mommy talking to Dr. Karen on the phone,  and she and Mommy see things the same way and won’t argue. Mommy will protect me and say, “No,” if they try to put that glass stick up my bee hind again.

Lucy: Do you realize that none of that made any sense?

Xena: Pthhh.

I am Xena, the senselessly brave Schnauzer Warrior Princess




Holiday card list-please repost

No comments needed. Just passing the info on. I’ve already sent my email to blogillecards. Won’t you send yours?


It’s that time of year and the Blogville Holiday list is going live! To get yourself on the list  (and receive the entire list by email) please use the following template:

Blog name-

Blog url-

Email address-

Snail mail address-

Anipals (name, type)

For example:

Blog name-Kyla Scott

Blog url-kylascott.com

Email address-kyle.a.scott@gmail.com

Snail mail address-
Kyla Scott

44121 N 16th Street

New River, AZ 85087-0971


Anipals (name, type)
Kaci (dog)
Kali (dog)
Kismet (parrot)
Please have these in by November 17
Send them in an email to
The subject is important
If you don’t specify, your email will get lost. For example, I only want email cards because I don’t want a cluttered mail box and also realize that the expense (especially for international) is considerable and I can save a few trees and I don’t want to lose places to perch. Also…

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A Walk with My Mom



Mom and I went for a walk all by ourselves today, ’cause Lucy and Riley were napping with Andrew. It was 75F/22C degrees warm and partly sunny, as the weatherman would say. I got to wear my second brand new, not from Goodwill, cuteness vest. It’s soft and comfy on me, and may give me a “buy” for my next ax ee dent.


We successfully made it to the bottom of the driveway. Now, who decides which way to go? We could go that away…

Or this away.

We decided to go this away. Oooo, good smells on the road.

I’m being good and not doing bunny hops or twirls. Lucy would be proud.

Wait, what’s that in the grass?

I see you Mr. Bug. Come on out of there.

We turned around and the other way, so it was almost like I had two walks. At the corner I found the Neighborhood Central Pee Mail Station. Before heading home, we spent some time there getting caught up on what is going on in the local news.

We’re home, Mommy and I was good! I was good! Are you gonna’ tell Lucy? Huh? Huh?

Oh. You said, “Sit.”

I am Xena, the good walking Schnauzer Warrior Princess