Video Star

I, Lexi, now star in my very own video on You Tube. My Dad made the video. It is inspirational, as well as very good because, well, because I am the star.

We are very sad to inform you that Lexi passed on September 4, 2016 at the age of 13. She was the originator of this blog, and has left big pawprints to fill. Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley are doing their best to make her proud.

116 thoughts on “Video Star

  1. Angel lexie was truly a Star, a wonderful video. the part with the book called visualations for dogs . Lexie and you Xena look a lot alike, but I think she was a little darker. I was about to make the comment, what wolfgang said, then i had it translated and it doesn’t fit us at all..
    we have a different dog,but so do you…. hugs to all of you

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  2. You are a total star and your dad is a great producer director and whatever else you call it to create the video. Wild clapping!

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    1. Hi Atlas. Nice to meet you. Thank you, but this was my predecessor, Lexi the schnauzer. She really was a star! The early posts were all about her, cause she started this blog. I got adopted in 2017, a year after she went to the rainbow bridge, and things over. XOX Xena

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