…In Mysterious Ways

Lucy, Ace Reporter and Church Dog here to report on something that happened immediately following a groom.

Markel, aka Baby Dog, has been coming to us for almost a year now. This is Markel.

After his last groom about a week ago Groomer Mom carried him out to his Mom’s car. His Mom set him in the seat in his car and closed the door. She and Groomer Mom were looking at the calendar to schedule the next groom when they heard a “click.” Yep, our talented Markel had locked himself in. His Mom’s purse, keys and phone were all in the car with Markel. (I was hoping her didn’t start the car and drive himself home, leaving his Mom here!)

Markel’s Mom said the button to open the door was at the end of the door near the front window, much further down the car door than the first “lock” button Markel had hit that locked him in, and there was almost no chance he would hit it. Knowing Markel is a schnauzer, Groomer Mom knew he is food-driven. She went back in the grooming room and got the jar of dried liver from which he had treats during his groom. His Mom had borrowed Groomer Mom’s phone and was on a call with a locksmith while Groomer Mom shook the jar of treats near the front of the side window and prayed. Prayed hard. Markel kept edging closer and closer to the edge of the door near the front, and all of a sudden there was another “click.”

Before anything could reverse, Groomer Mom grabbed the door handle and opened it. His Mom stood there with her mouth hanging open while Groomer Mom was saying, “Praise God!” and “Good boy, Markel!” and giving him lots of treats. His Mom cancelled the locksmith.

Lucy, Ace Reporter, with a successful post-groom report! (And Lucy, Church Dog, saying “Praise God!”)

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Grooming with Mom on Thankful Thursday

Thanks to Brian for hosting Brian’s Thankful Thursday!

Lucy here, with another episode of Grooming with Mom on Thankful Thursday. We’re all real thankful today and every day that Groomer Mom’s Small Dog Grooming business is thriving, and that she’s able to offer the kind of service that creates a less stressful environment for all the pups who come to be groomed.

Today I have a new dog to introduce and a second groom on a puppy. First, the new pup.

This is Annie, a three-year-old Berma-doodle. This is the best picture we could get of her before her groom. ( I think she was looking at me, her Zen Dog.)

Annie used to belong to a family who had a lot of health issues and related expenses. When it became too much for them to take care of her, her new Mom got her. She may be three, but she’s still very puppy-ish, and very “busy” on the table. Here she is after her groom and bath.

Oops, looks like Groomer Mom missed a little strand of hair hanging on her ear. That’s OK, she clipped it after this picture was taken. Isn’t it funny how pictures show up things that someone might miss after staring at the dog (or anything) for over an hour? See ya’ next time, Annie!

You may remember Pippa, a tiny 4-month-old yorkie who was here for the first time back in February. Oops, just remembered that we never told you about Pippa. Groomer Mom forgot to get an “after” picture and when Pippa’s Mom sent her one, she forgot to have her Ace Reporter report on it. Wonder what we can do about Groomer Mom’s memory… So, better late than never, here is Pippa from February at 4 months of age. You can figure out which one is the “before” picture, BOL!

Shortly after Pippa had been here she fell off her people sister’s lap and broke her ankle! She was diagnosed with weak bones. How awful is that!

Now, three months later, Pippa came back for a “full” groom. Previously, Groomer Mom just did some touch-up, what she calls a “mini-groom.” This time Pippa’s Mom wanted “the works!” Her nails had gotten really long but were no bigger around than a tiny pin. And her hair had gotten long, too. Pippa was extremely good on the table, just like was used to it. Groomer Mom kept showing her the tools she was using and talking sweetly to her, and Pippa just let her do what needed done! And you can bet that Groomer Mom was extremely careful that Pippa didn’t fall or jump off the table! Here she is, seven months old, before and after having her “second-ever” groom.

You can probably see that she’s grown some, but she’s still really tiny, probably not more that a couple of pounds. We hope she stays well and comes back to see us soon!

What are you thankful for today?

Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with *wags* and *smiles*.

This Memorial Day, We Remember

Lucy: Mom never met her Uncle Paul. He lost his life in England for our country shortly before the end of WWII.
Mom asked us to be quiet for a moment to honor all who have served our country and who have given their lives for this great nation. That was asking a lot of 4 dogs, especially a schnauzer, but we agreed it was a small price to pay. Mom also explained that this was one of the reasons I have the freedom to be a church dog. *silence*

Who’s the Church Dog Now? Lucy’s Happy Tuesday

Monday, a week ago Xena: It’s time to go, Mommy. I’ve got JenJen Bear, we’re at the door, and we’re ready to go home and get our supper.

Yes, it’s time to go, and you may want to say goodbye to the church for a while. Over the weekend you showed me you didn’t want to work at doing Freestyle, so we’re not going to Cleveland, Ohio to try to get your Title 4. Now you left turds for the Building and Grounds guy to find…who, by the way, wasn’t too fond of you to begin with. Then you growled and barked at people as they came in. When you figured out you weren’t getting any treats for doing that, you started running up to them, wiggling and wagging your tail just long enough for you to turn around and run back to me to get a treat. I’m not sure this “church dog” thing is working out so well for you.

Last week: Tuesday and Thursday Lucy: Is Pastor coming today? I love pastor, he’s so nice and he wants to get me a new bed for me to lay in his office when he’s here. I wonder if he’ll pet me a lot. He always tells everyone who comes in that I’m a good dog. This time when he kisses me on the nose, I’ll kiss him back. Are the church ladies coming today? They all ask to pet me, and it makes me so happy I wiggle and smile at them.

Yes, Lucy. Pastor is going to visit shut-ins, but he said since you are here, he will come by the church first to see you.

Note: No dogs on Wednesday simply because of how many folks come in for meetings that day. The church is closed on Fridays. So, Lucy now has every available opening for a “church dog.”

Xena: Mommy, if I’m a good girl, can I come back to work?

We’ll see.

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Today we thank  The Cat on My Head for helping us to say Happy Mother’s Day with our Selfies! To settle the argument of who got to go first, then next, then next, Riley declared we shall go in age order, starting with the oldest. Here we go, and this one’s for you, Mom!

Mom Amy: Y’all make it a great Mother’s Day, my dear girls and sweet boy. I’m so happy everyone is healthy and happy. I love you too!

Xena: Why are you all dressed up in this picture, Mom? Are you going somewhere?
Mom: No, this is a picture from last night just before your Dad and I went out ballroom dancing.
Chia: You mean when you left us alone with no food or anyone to bug,umm, I mean, pet us?
Lucy: I was afraid you wouldn’t come back!
Riley: Happy Mother’s Day!

Grooming with Mom on Thankful Thursday: Kylo and Sunshine

Ace Reporter Lucy here again with another episode of Grooming with Mom. First, a big thanks to Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!
Today I am featuring two pups who have been coming to Groomer Mom for a while, but got very different grooms…at Groomer Mom’s suggestion. Both their Moms loved the new look. Let’s see what you think.

First up is Kylo, the Standard Brindle Poodle. He is the biggest dog that Mom grooms, and his owners bathe him the night before and stay during the groom to help with lifting, etc. Mom suggested shaving his face and his Mom readily agreed.

The lighting is different…he’s actually more the color on the left. But these pics still show the huge difference the shaved face made in his looks. Everyone loved the new look! Which groom do you like better? And yes, he’s every bit as sweet as he looks. If I was a few years younger… uh, I mean, moving on…

Sunshine is a long-haired cairn terrier/beagle mix. She has been coming to Small Dog Grooming since October of 2020 and is now 14 and a half years old. Her Mom has always let her hair grow long. She has a ton of undercoat (that was hyperbole, a method us reporters use to overstate a fact). Her hair was more and more matted (a grooming term) each time she came. So this time Groomer Mom suggested that it was time for Sunshine to get shaved. Not too short, and not too long. Her Mom had to think about it a moment, then hesitantly agreed. Here she is from a previous groom and then after this one.

Her Mom was crazy about how she looked and said, “Why didn’t we do this years ago!?”

Sunshine’s big greyhound sister, Ruthie, was a bit curious about this “new” dog that just got in the car.

Ruthie sniffed her (did she really wonder if this was her sister?) and then gave her a little kiss. We know that their Mom will have a much easier time maintaining this cut, and we hope that Sunshine will be more comfortable in it too. Which one do you like better?

Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with two more successful grooms.

Awww Monday’s Birthday Boy!

Thanks to Miss Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Awww Monday!

Hi! It’s me, Riley! I’m RiBoy, the BDay boy today! And I’m 13 years young. Mom Amy’s got a special treat for all my friends…13 pictures of me! She’s gonna start with when I was just a whippersnapper, and work her way up to now. I hope you enjoy them!

Clockwise (Mom Amy told me how to do clockwise)
1. My first week in my new home, November 2010
2. My first birthday, May 1, 2011
3. Me with my girlfriend Maebe in 2012. We’d been working on our joint Freestyle routine. A few days later when we got to the venue where we were to perform, Maebe dumped me and wouldn’t even do our routine. (She found out I’d been making eyes at a gorgeous white standard poodle.)
4. Me with my boy. He and his Mom and my person Andrew lived with us for 2 years. I moved out with them when they left. I’ve been back to stay several time since then, and I’m pretty sure this is my real home again.

Here we go with years 2014 through 2017
1. Me and Lucy were great friends (and still are) and played together and sometimes even ran away together. Mom always found us.
2. That’s me and My Person Andrew up at Rock City for Rocktoberfest.
3. 2016 is the year Lexi crossed the bridge. We’re at My Person Andrew’s house. I was telling her everything was going to be ok.
4. Me and my Little Buddy Piper in 2017. He joined Lexi the next year.

  1. Me, Lucy and Xena. I think Xena’s a bit afraid of me, so that would be why she doesn’t bother me much. Here, taken in 2020 we’re the 3 amigos!
  2. Chia appeared on the scene, as they say, and brought out the puppy in all of us.
  3. This is from Christmas last year (2022). I got my Racky D, and he’s only the second stuffie who I haven’t deadied. Right now he’s soaking up some sun in a lawn chair in the dog lot. I might go out and play with him.
  4. Chia can be braver than she is smart. Earlier this year she slid off the top of the couch onto my back, pulled the blanket down to make a bed and settled in for a nap. On me! I decided to let this travesty go and save my energy for bigger fish, as they say.

I hope you enjoyed my meander down memory lane in pictures. I hear My Person Andrew is coming over after work today, and I think there may be an order in for pizza. I love my raw diet…I’ve never had such a good appetite as for that food. I come running every morning and evening when I hear it being prepared. But pizza…*drool*

Hoping to see you again in May 2024 and lots of times in between!

Big wags! Riley the Birthday Boy

A Buttery Detente on Awww Monday

Lucy: Hey, Chia. check out this picture.

Maybe we could be nice countries, instead of you always attacking me and me attacking you back (in self-defense). You think it’s a fun kind of playing, but it upsets me terribly.

Chia: Whatcha gonna give me? Schnapps? Whiskey? Dog treats?
Lucy: I’ll give you a bite on the tail if you keep being a hostile country to me.
Chia: I’m calling for a detente while I think about this.
Lucy: Sounds good to me! I’ll take one with some butter on it, please.

Thanks to Miss Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Awww Monday!

Grooming with Mom: Bear and Rosie

Lucy, Ace Reporter, coming to you live from WGWM with another episode of Grooming with Mom. We are so thankful for all of Mom’s wonderful clients and their pups! Today we have two new ones to introduce to you.

But first, a big thanks to Miss Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Happy Tuesday Blog Hop!

First up is Bear. He’s JoJo’s brother. We introduced JoJo back in January. You can see that episode here. Some of our friends suggested in comments that JoJo be treated for yeast. This is JoJo:

She was here getting groomed with Bear, and still very “yeasty.” So Groomer Mom showed her Dad what she has been giving Xena, a set of 3 powders called “Yeast Free Fido” from Four Leaf Rover, and suggested he try it. It’s really helped my sister Xena’s yeasty ear and this is the first time her tummy has looked “normal” in years. He asked for the link and said he would try it. Groomer Mom did warn him that it would take at least a month to start seeing results. Paws crossed it works for the dear little poodle JoJo.

Back to Bear. He’s also a miniature poodle, silver, and will be 13 this July. This is Bear before grooming.

He really didn’t look too bad. And yep, he’s got a mohawk. His dad wanted him to keep it, just trim it a little shorter. Remember that when you see his “after” picture, please. Groomer Mom would never suggest a mohawk on a poodle, but she also doesn’t argue with a client (most of the time.)

Bear was very timid, and did not want his toenails cut. Who does? I mean, I don’t, but I also don’t make a big production of it. *clears throat* Sorry. Didn’t mean to make this report personal. Anyhow, here is Bear’s “after” picture.

Moving on…

This next pup, Rosie, was referred to us by Brinkley’s dad. If you missed Brinkley, you can see him here. Rosie had been going to a different groomer who had her Dad sign an agreement that said they would not groom her if she had any fleas. The last time he took her, she had 3 fleas and they refused to groom her. They set another appointment for her and he took her home and gave her a flea bath. Then they called to reschedule that appointment. That was the final straw. He loved how Brinkley was groomed, so he got the referral and came the next day.

Here’s Rosie before her groom. Well, almost before her groom. Groomer Mom had already shaved her body when she remembered to take a picture. She is a nine-year-old shih tzu, and looks and acts much younger.

When Rosie arrived Groomer Mom used three different blades on her tummy for her Dad to decide what length he wanted her hair. It ended up that he wanted the longest one. She was a very good girl on the grooming table. Then it was bath time. Groomer Mom had the sprayer hose going full blast when Rosie decided to leap out of the tub. Groomer Mom dropped the sprayer and grabbed Rosie on her way down to the floor. Meanwhile, the sprayer sprayed the ceiling, the walls, the table and the floor. “Popcorn” rained off the ceiling onto everything, including Groomer Mom. It took three big towels to sop up all the water and wet “popcorn”on the floor. Groomer Mom didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, so she laughed.

After all that, here’s Rosie’s “after” picture.

And she looks so innocent.

Ace Reporter Lucy signing off, with wishes for a great “popcorn-free” weekend!

I Went to Work!

Thursday was my first time at Mom’s work. It was new (obviously) and I explored a little bit. Mom works at a Lutheran church, and there was a really good vibe there.

I wonder what’s in that room…it has the smell of little kids having been there.

I was very good, and did my bizness outside, unlike Xena on her first day.

First thing, Mom went to the door and let a lady in who only had cats. Of course, I could tell she was a “cat person” before she even said anything about it, so I was gentle and moved slow so I didn’t scare her. I eventually got her to pet me.

The next person was also a lady, but she came in without Mom’s permission. I ran to the door to greet her, then realized I didn’t know her and she might want to kill me. So I hunkered down and gave tight, little tail wags. Then Mom called her by name and I realized she wasn’t an enemy. She stayed with us quite a while and I realized she was a good person. And I got treats out of Xena’s treat drawer while she was there, too.

Then a lot of ladies came in for their special ladies-only meeting. Mom shut the office door, but there’s big glass windows from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. Some of the ladies stopped to see me through the windows and smiled at me. That made me wiggle all over. In the meantime, the Pastor came in. He liked me a lot! As other people arrived for their meeting he introduced me and said, “She’s a good dog.” He asked me to come into his office and visit him, so I asked Mom to go with me. We stayed a few minutes, and then I followed Mom around.

“Hey Mom, what are you doing? Why are you watching that TV that’s hanging from the wall? Aren’t we supposed to be working?”

Mom answered, “Well Lucy, that’s where the people who come to church services get information. It scrolls from one picture to the next with slides that tell them important things. I just programmed the ‘stick’ that attaches to it. Hey, let’s go back to the office and get some more work done.”

I guess that’s why they call it “going to work.” And I didn’t know that you could stick ‘sticks’ into a TV! See? I’m already learning stuff.

Anyhoo, some of the ladies came into my Mom’s my office to pet me after their ladies-only meeting. Then the pastor came in to let us both know he was leaving. He told Mom that she should bring me every Thursday since she’s usually alone there all afternoon. He said I would be good protection. I don’t know why she laughed, but she said she would bring me. I think he really just wants me to come hang out with him in his office. You know, I might just start doing that.

I am Lucy, the Thursday church dog. (Shhh, don’t tell Xena.) *wags*

Thankful for Helpful Pups

First, a big thanks to Brian for hosting Thankful Thursday!

Xena: Did you hear Mommy say how thankful she is for all our help, Lucy? She even got pictures of us in action! Here we are.

Lucy: I was busy cleaning the inside of our new dishwasher, you know, prewashing all the plates and utensils, when Mom shut the door and switched the sign to dirty. I just managed to get my head out in time.

So I moved to cleaning up the outside. I was doing a good job too. Can you see me and Xe reflected in the shine? Then Xena said, “Hey Luce, let me help.” I didn’t want to be selfish, and there were other things in the kitchen that needed washed, so I told her to go ahead and clean what she could reach.

Seems she could get up almost as high as me! I started cleaning the cabinets, cause I’m a good helper. At least, that’s what Mom always tells me.

Hmmm, I think this one needs washed.

As a reward, Mom’s making me the church dog today. (Shhh, don’t tell Xena.) I got a bath last night and lost a sackful of hair. I’m a bit nervous about riding in the car, but I think all the new friends I’ll make will be worth it. Mom’s already told the pastor that he’s gonna love me! I’ll let you know how great it goes.

Love and licks from Lucy, the kitchen helper and new church dog.

A Bunny Nature Friday

Big wags to Rosy and Sunny over at the LLB Gang for hosting Nature Friday! We don’t have a lot of nature to show today, but, in keeping with Easter, we do have a coupla bunnies.

Eastern Cotton Tail

The next bunny is, well, maybe it is “somebunny.” Our friends Sunshine and Ruthie went to visit the Easter Bunny and sent us some pictures.

Above is Sunshine, a 15-year-old long haired cairn terrier/beagle mix. She’s been coming to see us to look pretty for quite a while now. Do you think that’s really the Easter bunny who’s holding her?

Here’s Ruthie, a rescued greyhound. She comes along with her sister Sunshine to get a pedicure.

Whether or not that is really the Easter Bunny, we all want to wish our friends a happy and blessed Easter and Chanukah.

Riley, Lucy, Xena, Chia, Mom Amy and Dad Jeff

Grazing at Home on Nature Friday

First, big wags to Rosy and Sunny over at the LLB Gang for hosting Nature Friday! 

Riley: Mom Amy seems to love the wild violets we’re seeing everywhere. These are in our dog lot. It’s a wonder they survive what is always happening out there.

Xena: Hey there, totally changing the subject, we’ve got our very own grazing grass right here in our side/back yard. You see, Mommy left parts of a bale of straw sitting around after Halloween last fall, and they started to grow grass. Our side and backyard is losing dirt and grass, so that was a pleasant surprise! Riley found it first and we heard him say, “Mmmmmm, so goooood!” So of course, the next time we got out in the yard, we all had to check it out!

Chia walked through first to see what all the fuss was about and to sample it.

Chia’s like our Mikey from that cereal commercial. So if Chia liked it we knew to jump right in. Lucy and me, we staked out our claim.

Then, because Chia thinks she has to be close to Lucy at all times, she went and started grazing in Lucy’s area.

Lucy: I didn’t care, as long as she didn’t start her crap with me. I am just so over that. Thank goodness she was too interested in this new treat we’d found.


Riley: Hey, where’d everyone go?

Xena, Lucy and Chia wishing everyone a happy Friday. Hey, where’d Riley go?

Great Deals in eMails on Happy Tuesday

Hey everyone! Look what I found hiding in Mommy’s junk email folder on her ‘puter. Good thing I checked it!

Xena, Lock in Up To $250k of Term Life Insurance for as little as $15/mo..
Yep, isn’t this cool? I have to ask Mommy to get this for me. Or maybe I’ll ask Daddy…

Welcome To Medicare 2023 Xena
Not sure what this one is for, but I think I need to check it out.

Xena, Get $100,000 Coverage for Only $1*
I can get $100,000 for only one dollar! Woohoo!! I bet that’ll buy lots and lots of treats!

Lucy: Xe, wasn’t there another word next to all of these?

Xena: Oh yeah, it just keeps getting better. Along with the special offers, everyone was also giving me a can of spam.
I stay home on Wednesdays, so I’ll get on Mommy’s ‘puter tomorrow while she’s gone to work and doesn’t need it and accept all of them. Won’t she be surprised!?

And a big thanks to Miss Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Happy Tuesday Blog Hop!

Grooming with Mom Recaps on Thankful Thursday

Lucy, Ace Reporter, coming to you live (well, I AM alive!) from, WGWM with another episode of Grooming with Mom. We are so thankful for all of Mom’s wonderful clients and their pups! And a shout out of thanks to Brian for hosting Thankful Thursday

My usual M.O. is to report on new grooms. Today I would like to show you how some current grooms have changed, as well as other pupdates.

Let’s get the sad one over with first. You may remember Barkley, a one-year-old rescued schnauzer/yorkie/poodle mix. He was here last December for his first groom since being rescued. A couple of months ago he escaped from his house and ran into a yard that belonged to a bigger dog. Precious Barkley didn’t survive the encounter. May he play like the puppy he is on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

We’ve been following puppy Dixie since her first groom here. She’s now nine months old. This time her front right leg had shorter, curlier hair than her other legs. Her Mom said that she had broken her leg in two places when she jumped off their bed. She had her surgery and her leg now has metal plates, but she is getting around like nothing happened.
Dixie has grown a lot and Groomer Mom decided it was time to do something different with her face. Dixie’s Mom agreed. And her Dad wanted all her leg and body hair trimmed as short as her one leg. Here are pictures of her previous groom (L) and the one done this time. Let us know which way you like her face best.

Dixie still has crazy puppy ears, and that’s just going to have to take time.

Molly came to us from downtown for her first groom here several months ago. In response to a reminder text, her Dad called from L.A. saying he was visiting his son over the Christmas holidays when he fell and broke his hip. He wasn’t going to be able to bring Molly, since she was stuck there in L.A. with him. When he was finally able to make the trip back, he hobbled into the small grooming area with his walker and Molly on a leash. He told Groomer Mom she could cut Molly’s hair how she thought it would look best this time, as opposed to making it look like a picture he had of another dog that she modeled the groom after last time. Then he asked what she’d been doing. She told him she’d been to a nearby Mexican restaurant the night before and how great the food was, and the band was really good too. At that, he said he’d go wait there, get a beer, watch the game on their many TV’s, etc. That was a great solution, since Molly was un-groomable with him here. Here’s Molly from her first (L) and second times here. Personally, this reporter really likes the second groom better.

Molly’s Dad got a late lunch and declared both the food there and the groom here excellent!

Next up is Winston. He is a multi-poo/shih tzu mix. Winston first came to Small Dog Grooming in 2017. He came back two years later, then in a year, and seems to be a more or less regular client now. His Mom gets busy and keeps forgetting to make an appointment. His last time here was the beginning of January, when he got a “mini-groom” because the weather was cold. These are his before and after pictures from this past weekend. He was terribly matted, but thankfully no fleas. And he was very good for his groom!

This time his Mom made an appointment for 6 weeks, and wants to keep doing that so she doesn’t keep forgetting.

Let’s wind this up with a wish for a Happy St. Patrick’s Day from our friend Laila.

This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with another successful episode of Grooming with Mom.

Grooming with Mom

Many thanks to Miss Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Awww Monday! And thanks to all my readers for joining me in another episode of Grooming with Mom.

Today we have a new groom to present to you, a big Aussie Doodle boy by the name of Basil. Basil’s brother, Chief, comes regularly for his grooming needs. That’s the reason Groomer Mom accepted Basil, even though he’s already bigger than any of her “small dog” grooms. Here’s Basil before his groom.

If this isn’t already Awwww-worthy, I don’t know what is! At four months he still has a lot of growing to do, which means Groomer Mom may have to decline continuing to groom him. But that decision is for the future.

Basil’s Mom and sister stayed to help. He did prove to be very difficult because 1. this was his first time on a grooming table, and 2. he’s a puppy! He had to go into the dreaded sling to get his nails and paws done. In case you don’t remember, here’s Chia in “the sling.”

Getting back to Basil, (sort of) this was the first time Groomer Mom met his Mom and sister. His Dad always brings Chief, but Basil’s appointment was for a Friday when his Dad had to work. Groomer Mom says she gets a lot of her socialization needs met from visiting with her clients, and she really enjoyed the time spent with them while they helped her with Basil. I was also called to come use my powers of Zen to help out, and I was glad to oblige. Groomer Mom forgot to get a picture of Basil when he was finished so his Mom sent us his “after” pic.

Even more adorable, right? This is Lucy, Zen Master and Ace Reporter, signing off with another successful groom.

Friendly Fill-Ins by Us All

Xena: We want to thank  Four-Legged Furballs  and 15andmeowing for hosting. Just click the blue links to get the sentences, then fill in the blanks your OWN way and link up!!

Chia: This is so super cool we each get our own sentence. I just wish I could say lots of things!

Everyone to Chia: We know.

  1. Lucy: I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Chia is now on CBD oil to calm her down.

2. Riley: I am disappointed with our lack of snacks this year for the Super Bowl.

3.Xena: I always come to the kitchen when I hear the refrigerator door open.

4. Chia: I didn’t believe Lucy would get mad when I was just trying to play with her until I saw it for myself.

Chia: I’ve got the last sentence, so I get to have my picture here. Arrr, arrr, arrr. (I talk like that a lot!)

Lucy’s Friends on Awww Monday

Xena: Mommy and Daddy went away Friday just before lunchtime. Daddy had some work thing in Nashville, and he and Mommy went from there to our Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill’s house for the night. In case you’ve forgotten, that’s where Lucy’s BFF Ella and her boyfriend Achilles live. They asked Mommy to show Lucy this, so come look, Luce!

Achilles: I love you Lucy. Do you still love me even in this cone of shame?

Xena: Lucy, stop drooling on the ‘puter.

Achilles: Lucy honey, will you come over my house and help me deadie this stuffie?

Look, Lucy, I’m playing tug o’ war with your Dad! My foot’s almost all better and I feel good enough to play with you, too.

Xena: Lucy, could you please stop licking the screen?

Ella: Hey girl! When ya’ gonna’ come visit me. I miss your pretty face. It makes me feel real good to just chill with you. You know you’re my BFF and I love you lots!

You could come in the kitchen and catch falling food with me while my Mom cooks!

Lucy: Awwww. I remember when Ella came to visit, just a couple of weeks ago. I sure do miss her!

Xena: I hope Ella can see how hard you’re wagging your tail, Luce. You remember, that tail you wrapped around hers while she was here. She really is a good friend to you. I know you would like to be friends with the pig, too, even though it’s unlikely that will ever happen. So just to make you smile some more, here’s a picture Mommy took of Morty.

Lucy: Awww.

Xena: Happy Valentine’s Day a day early, Sissie!

Me and Lucy and Ella and Achilles want to thank Miss Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Awww Monday!

We’re All Here on Awww Monday

Chia: It’s early and Mom’s taking pictures. It’s still cold out, so I pulled down my blanket – you know the one I got for Christmas and it’s all mine – off the back of the couch and wrapped it around me.

Now I’m warm and comfy.

Xena: So, my sissie Chia is happy on the couch, and I’ve claimed her place in her bed that’s in my kennel. Mommy says this is called an “on-going feud.”

Mommy has been letting my pretty hair grow out to keep me warm this winter. I got a bath, and she said to tell you this picture was taken before she got to brush my pretty hair.

Riley: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Lucy: Excuse me, I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m trying to take a sunbath.

We all want to thank Miss Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Awww Monday!