Lucy’s Friends on Awww Monday

Xena: Mommy and Daddy went away Friday just before lunchtime. Daddy had some work thing in Nashville, and he and Mommy went from there to our Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill’s house for the night. In case you’ve forgotten, that’s where Lucy’s BFF Ella and her boyfriend Achilles live. They asked Mommy to show Lucy this, so come look, Luce!

Achilles: I love you Lucy. Do you still love me even in this cone of shame?

Xena: Lucy, stop drooling on the ‘puter.

Achilles: Lucy honey, will you come over my house and help me deadie this stuffie?

Look, Lucy, I’m playing tug o’ war with your Dad! My foot’s almost all better and I feel good enough to play with you, too.

Xena: Lucy, could you please stop licking the screen?

Ella: Hey girl! When ya’ gonna’ come visit me. I miss your pretty face. It makes me feel real good to just chill with you. You know you’re my BFF and I love you lots!

You could come in the kitchen and catch falling food with me while my Mom cooks!

Lucy: Awwww. I remember when Ella came to visit, just a couple of weeks ago. I sure do miss her!

Xena: I hope Ella can see how hard you’re wagging your tail, Luce. You remember, that tail you wrapped around hers while she was here. She really is a good friend to you. I know you would like to be friends with the pig, too, even though it’s unlikely that will ever happen. So just to make you smile some more, here’s a picture Mommy took of Morty.

Lucy: Awww.

Xena: Happy Valentine’s Day a day early, Sissie!

Me and Lucy and Ella and Achilles want to thank Miss Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Awww Monday!

Ella on Lucy’s Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned seven years young. My BFF Ella came a long way from Nashville to visit me, and we had our usual great time together. I told her as a thank you that she could do the Sunday Selfie today. She readily agreed. Here’s my Ella.

Speaking of my birthday, I had a great day. Mom filled all our treat puzzles and we enjoyed finding and eating the treats. But mostly, I hung out with Ella. You can see us taking a break in these pictures, while Mom and Auntie Jen visited.

Here we’re resting before Ella got her nails dremeled by Mom.

And here we’re practicing synchronized sleeping.

And here we’re just holding tails.

I wish me and Ella could be together always! I guess that’s what it means to have a BFF.

Finally, I want to give a big thanks to The Cat on My Head, for hosting Sunday Selfies!

We’re leaving in a fast car…don’t know when we’ll be back again.*

Xena: It’s been quite a visit. I learned a few things, like what it’s like to have unwanted attention, how to let someone down easy, how good pig poop tastes…speaking of which…

three days ago in Auntie Jen’s back yard

Mom: Xena, stop eating that grass and come on in the house….Xena….do you hear me?? Xena!
Mommy walks toward me and sees this (WARNING: The next picture contains a poop image and may not be appropriate for all readers)

Yep, real, fresh pig poop. Mmmmm

Mommy: OMG, you’re eating pig poop!
Xena: Don’t freak, Mommy. Wait, why are you texting Auntie Jen? No, please don’t make me vomit, I won’t do it again (paws crossed).
As it ended up, I wasn’t forced to vomit and my tummy never even got upset! However, a couple of days later, Lucy also discovered these delectable morsels. Mommy suspected Lucy had eaten some, but since I didn’t get sick, she didn’t do anything about/to Lucy. Then at 2:58 a.m. Mommy woke up to a retching sound. One of the big dogs jumped off the bed and there was a vomiting sound. The culprit jumped back in the bed and acted like nothing had happened. Mommy finally got up and turned on the bedroom light. She saw a pile of fresh-ish meat, apple, broccoli, and some unidentifiable matter. . yep, it was Lucy’s. After that, she began cleaning the yard up every day and following us around outside.

Xena: Yesterday when Mommy opened Morty’s Bathroom Apartment door for him to come out for supper, she found this:

That’s Morty’s Teddy facedown in Morty’s used litter. Did Teddy need to go potty? Or maybe he was hungry!

Xena: That takes us to today, and boyfriend drama. *sigh*

heard very early this morning…

Achilles: I wish you wouldn’t keep your back to me, Lucy

Lucy: I wish you wouldn’t flirt with my little sister.

Later in the morning:

Ella: Hey girl. I hear you’re leaving soon. Love you, friend.

Lucy: Hey girl. I love you too, friend.

Xena: I’m sorry, Achilles, that I hurt your feelings. I want you to know it’s not you, it’s me. I just want to stay single and close to my Mommy.

Why are you looking over my shoulder, Achilles?

Achilles: Lucy! I’m so glad to see you! Ignore her. You’re my girlfriend, remember?

Lucy: Goodbye, Achilles. I’ll see you next time. I’m going to have to think about our relationship.

Achilles: Why do girl dogs have to make it all so difficult? I’m a good boy. Everyone says so. Xena is just…different. She looks and acts so different than me or Lucy. That’s why I keep looking at her. Maybe next time I can just look at Lucy and she’ll be happy.

Xena: Uh, Mommy, after my shampoo and blow dry and pedicure, I’m ready to go home and cuddle in my daddy’s lap. I’m even ready to play with Chia. I hear she and Riley have been playing a lot while we’ve been gone. I also heard she managed to get the porch screen door open and had a bit of a runabout.

Are you packed? Are we ready to go? I call dibs on the backseat kennel!

*John Denver, I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane lyrics:

All my bags are packed I’m ready to go I’m standin’ here outside your door I hate to wake you up to say goodbye But the dawn is breakin’ It’s early morn The taxi’s waitin’ He’s blowin’ his horn Already I’m so lonesome I could die So kiss me and smile for me Tell me that you’ll wait for me Hold me like you’ll never let me go ‘Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane Don’t know when I’ll be back again Oh babe, I hate to go There’s so many times I’ve let you down So many times I’ve played around I tell you now, they don’t mean a thing Every place I go, I’ll think of you Every song I sing, I’ll sing for you When I come back, I’ll bring your wedding ring So kiss me and smile for me Tell me that you’ll wait for me Hold me like you’ll never let me go ‘Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane Don’t know when I’ll be back again Oh babe, I hate to go Now the time has come to leave you One more time Let me kiss you Then close your eyes And I’ll be on my way Dream about the days to come When I won’t have to leave alone About the times, I won’t have to say Kiss me and smile for me Tell me that you’ll wait for me Hold me like you’ll never let me go ‘Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane Don’t know when I’ll be back again Oh babe, I hate to go But, I’m leavin’ on a jet plane Don’t know when I’ll be back again Oh babe, I hate to go.

Ella’s Sunday Selfie

Many thanks to  The Cat on My Head  for hosting Sunday Selfies! 

Ella: Auntie Amy surprised me, saying I could have the Sunday Selfie today. This is a picture from when I was tattling on Achilles informing my bestie, Lucy, that something was going on in the bathroom that she needed to check out! Click here if you missed that.

Well, Lucy got so ticked off at him that she wouldn’t even sleep in the same room last night. Achilles slept in the bed with Aunt Amy and Xena (Xena made sure Aunt Amy was between them), and Lucy slept in the living room with me. Achilles can be a real dog.

Anyhow, I hope you like my selfie. *wags* Ella

Hard Time Helpers

Hi, this is Lucy, and since I’m the Ace Reporter in the family, I was asked to let y’all know where we are. Our Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill have to be out of town for a very difficult situation in the family involving someone they love very much. I’m not at liberty to give details. But I can tell you that Mom brought me and Xena with her on a three hour drive to take care of my BFF Ella, my boyfriend Achilles, and the pig Mortimer, aka Morty. Let’s see how it’s goings…

Lucy: When we arrived last evening around supper time, Ella was super excited to see me and I was grinning from ear to ear. It was past our supper time (we had driven to where it was an hour earlier than where we live) so Mom got right on with fixing everyone their meals. She read the instructions Auntie Jen left and had just scooped Achille’s food into his bowl when Morty the pig threw his nose up against the bottom of her hand that was holding the bowl. Kibble flew everywhere and we stood back while the race was on between Mom and Morty. Who would get the most kibble from the floor!? The kitchen floor is slick for someone who walks on hooves, so Mom was able to keep pushing Morty back, but he was determined. In the end, we think it was a tie.

After breakfast today, we all got to go outside for a while.

Mom knew to shake the treat bag when she called Morty to come in. He came running!

He got a treat for coming, then some more when he followed her back to his “bathroom apartment.”

Then Mom checked on the rest of us…

Mom: Ella, what are you doing?

Xena: She’s hunting chippies, like I do, Mommy.
Ella: Mmph, mmph.
Mom: Ella, please get your head out of there.
Lucy: After Mom made Ella move her head, it appeared that Ella had been licking dirt and stones. (Sounds more like a Chia move.) So Mom put something over the hole. That’s when Ella decided she wanted to go back in the house, too.

Lucy: I spent the whole day outside enjoying the sunshine and the grass and the big yard.

I rolled and watched birds and shared the yard with Morty and sometimes Xena and Mom, too. Achilles had to stay inside most of the time because of his allergies.

But when he was out here, he had a good time. Mom threw his toys for him to chase and he played keep away with her.

After Xena snoopervized Mom “cleaning” the yard, they both went inside, too.

Mom: Come on Xe, let’s get all those allergens off you with a nice bath. Wait, what are you doing?

Xena: I’m practicing my “back” for Freestyle. See how fast I can do it?

Mom: *catching Xena* I know you had a bath yesterday, but (and here comes those dreaded words) it’ll be good for you.

Achilles: What’s goin’ on? Xena, you gettin’ a bath?

Xena: What’s it look like, Achilles? Did you think I was running the 500 or something? Sheesh, you can be almost as big a dufus as Angel Lexi used to say Riley was.

Xena: Why do you keep staring at me?
Achilles: I like to watch.


Ella: Lucy, you might want to check out what’s going on in the bathroom.

Lucy: Achilles! What are you doing?

Why are you in here with Xena when she’s taking a bath?

Xena: He said he likes…

Achilles: *interrupting Xena* Uh, well, you see, she’s your little sister, and I like to make sure she’s OK. Looks like your Mom has everything under control and I can leave now.

Lucy: Mom, when are we going home?

Mom: Well, friends, it seems my Ace Reporter is done reporting today, so I’ll help her sign off with wags and hopes that Achilles and Lucy make up tonight.

POTP for Ella

My bestie Ella has been going through some painful times. She blew out her right knee a few weeks ago and had to have surgery on it. Thankfully, her dad is working from home and has been able to help her do her physical therapy several times a day. But because of putting most of her weight on her left leg, she blew out that knee a few days ago. The pain has been bad, and she stopped eating. She lost a lot of weight.

Even just looking at her face you can see how thin she has gotten. The surgery for her left knee is scheduled for Wednesday. We love Ella, and hope you will send her prayers, healing thoughts, good wishes. We want her back looking like she did what seems like a short while ago.

This was taken in November of 2019 of me and my BFF Ella.

We think she’s on some good pain meds and probably some steroids too, ’cause she started eating heartily just a few days ago. I’m really happy about that. I’ve got my front paws crossed for her.

Ella’s best friend, Lucy

Achilles & Ella Vacation Day 8

Lucy: I came in to kiss you before I go to work. That’s what Mom and Dad always do. But I see you’re in da Hood. I’m going downstairs now. See you tonight, honey.

Achilles: What does she mean, she’s going to work?

Ella: So, this is where Aunt Amy works? She’s home with you all day?

Lucy: Yeppers. And this is where I stay with her all day and help her. Sometimes Mom’s assistant is here with her dog Hank, and sometimes Bridger, her little baby person, comes, too. I like that a lot.

Ella: I think I will stay right here and help Aunt Amy, too, since it doesn’t look like her assistant or Hank or Bridger are coming today.

Lucy: Which reminds me, where’s Morty? I was so excited about you and Achilles being here with me that I forgot all about him.

Ella: I hear that your Mom didn’t feel quite ready to take on caring for him yet. We know a vet who takes care of pigs like Mortimer, so he is boarding him while we are on vacation.

Mortimer on his way to the vet

Achilles: Hey y’all. What are you doin’?

Hi Aunt Amy. What’s everyone doin’? Can I do it too? Where’s Miss Brooke? I helped her yesterday when she went in the bathroom. I didn’t want her to be lonely in there all by herself. She sure looked surprised and didn’t get the door shut fast enough and pet me while my head was on her lap. I thought she might need some help today, too.

Xena: Hey! What’s going on here? Why’s everyone in my office?

There’s not room for two of us with cones on down here. You’re gonna knock something over or break something, Achilles. Go over by the fridge and lay down, or go upstairs or something. You’re in my way. I want in Mommy’s lap. I need to sleep there so she can work.

a few minutes later

I thought I was in da Hood [see previous post] with Xena. She sure is fickle…and bossy!

The Mom: Sometimes it’s more of a zoo than a workplace around here. It’ a perk of working from home!

Lucy, Ella, Achilles and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

They’re Here!

Priscilla, you know you can’t push me out of this chair, right?

Priscilla: I don’t know until I try.

They’re coming, I just don’t know when. It’s daylight. I thought they would have been here by now. What’s taking them so long? You can keep scratching there, Prissy, that feels good.

They’re here! Let’s go welcome our best friends!

Happy Fourth of July, Achilles! *wag, wag, wag*

Hi Lucy! You look as beautiful as in my dreams, girlfriend. Hey, do you like my new camo outfilt? I wear it when I’m itchy. Do you think I look silly?

Lucy: *swooning* You look like Rambo. He’s this tough, sexy guy on TV. Only you’re much more handsome.

Does it look good from this angle, too?

Ella: Come on Lucy, let’s go play a little. I can’t play too hard, though. I’m mostly better, but I’m still recovering from surgery. I almost died, you know.

Lucy: No!! Don’t even say that. Let’s go hang out. Are you coming, Achilles?

Achilles: What do I smell on the counter? It smells sweet.

Lucy: Oh, it’s just the 4th of July cake Mom made. She doesn’t share cake with us, but you might get some fruit later. Let’s go outside with everyone.

Achilles: Hmm. I think it’s too hot out.

I’ll just lay down here near the cake on the cool floor. You girls go on.

Xena: Where’s Achilles? I don’t trust him.

To be continued…

Lucy, Ella, Achilles and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Our Visit- Ella, et al

Hi, this is Xena again. I read in one of Angel Lexi’s posts that she loved the phrase et al, so I had to keep reading to find out what it meant. I quickly discovered it meant whatever you want it to mean. So, let’s start with who is still the reigning queen et al.

Ella, Queen of her Domain, et al

Lucy: Ella and I are still best friends, et al.

Speaking of et als, Mom asked me to include this picture in our post today. She thinks it’s a lovely picture of me in Auntie Jen’s living room.

We all fell back in like we had never been apart.

Here I am between my BFF Ella and my guy Achilles, et al, watching a black cat walking along the fence line. We saw him on and off throughout our visit.

Can you guess what had happened here?

Xena: We all spent a lot of time after lunch sitting around visiting and snoozing in our chairs. There was a dog for every person, plus a bonus pig for Auntie Jen et al.

Achilles picked Mommy as his bed.

Lucy: The real reason we came this particular weekend was to celebrate Aunty Jen’s birthday – and also Dad’s birthday that was last week. Oh yeah, and Lucy’s, too. So the peeps went out to the “Snow Ball.” Dad and Mom et al danced all evening to a big band.

Mom danced so much her left foot felt like it was getting a blister (it wasn’t), and Dad danced so much his previously injured ankle started to scream. But they said it was too much fun to worry about a little pain.

Xena: Aunty Jen and Mommy got up really early on Saturday morning to do a pod cast or something like that on Facebook, I think. All I know was that Aunty Jen was talking into a camera while holding up clothes called lularoe and Mommy was frantically unpacking a box, ripping open the bags, hanging the clothes and numbers on hangers, and handing them to Aunty Jen. I made the mistake of hanging out with them, and got used as a “sales tool.” I didn’t even have my beard washed or combed, and it was so early that I was still in my sock monkey jammies. It was rather embarrassing, but people kept typing in comments about how cute I am. *grin* So anyhow, if you want to buy any lularoe for Valentine’s Day – or anytime – Aunty Jen is selling them. Tell her Xena sent you.

Love and wiggles, Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess, back home et al.

On Our Way

Hey Mom, where are we going? We sure have a lot of stuff in the car and I’m packed in here pretty tight.

Really! We’re going to see my bestie Ella and my guy Achilles?

This is the rest of my birthday gift? Woohoo! Sure, we can keep celebrating Dad’s birthday too. Saturday is Auntie Jen’s birthday? Does that mean more cake?

Lucy, will you quit blabbering. I finally found a way to travel where I feel safe, and now I have to listen to all this. I’m trying to nap cause there’s going to be a lot to bark at when we get there.

Are we there yet?

Check back soon to find out how much Morty has grown and if Ella is still queen of her domain.

Christmas Eve

Xena: Our friends stayed the night, and the next day – Christmas Eve – they got together with their parents and other family. They were gone a-a-a-all day! In the meantime we had a P-I-G to deal with. Morty. Yesterday we told you about Lucy accidentally French kissing Morty, and Morty invading my new cave tunnel. If you missed it, you can read about it here.

When her folks left, Ella was very upset and kept watching out the window for them. Then she got in her favorite chair and struck a pose and an attitude.

I am Queen Ella and don’t care if they ever come back.
Uh, does anyone know where they went? No one asked me if it was OK.
Seriously, when are my pawrents coming back?

The day was warm – about 68F/19C – and we spent some time out back. Morty grazed (I learned that means he ate grass) and we all hung out for a while. (This pic was taken earlier in the year, but you get the picture…BOL, get the picture BOL!

Achilles has bad allergies, so he had to go in, and everyone but Mommy and Morty went in to keep him company. When it was time for them to come in too, Mom had to sort of herd him onto the back patio and into the house, but at least he listened. He actually listened good to Mommy all day. Next thing you know she will be teaching him tricks, he, he!

Inside, Achilles followed Mom’s every step. Morty followed her around too, but sometimes went off to oink somewhere else in the house. Achilles saw Mommy wrap one of his pressies, and he kept trying to get up high on our Troll named Vic (he’s an old-fashioned record player), so she had to put it wa-a-ay up high on the kitchen cabinets. Then he discovered our magic red chair in the front library, the one where we watch all the world go by, and bark when needed. He thought he had to bark at everything: kids, adults, cars, squirrels, leaves, and probably ants, too. I’m more selective – I never bark at ants or leaves. That soon got on Mommy’s last nerve and she made encouraged him to get down and play with Ella and Lucy. I joined in by barking. She said that somehow the situation had not improved. By the end of the day Lucy and her boyfriend Achilles were worn out.

Achilles got too hot, so he laid on the cool tile floor.

I may have been a bit worn out myself. But at least I had my chair back.

87 hours later, Uncle Bill and Auntie Jen returned, and then Mommy and Daddy came home from Christmas Eve church. We all fell exhausted into bed, hoping Santa Paws would come and bring us good things.

Please come back tomorrow to find out about our Christmas Day! I am Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Christmas Eve Eve

Lucy: My bestie Ella and my guy, Achilles came with my Uncle Bill and Auntie Jen to spend Christmas with us. Morty the pig came too. I loved having them all here. Morty made himself right at home.

Morty is 9 months old, so he’s still a baby even though he has grown a lot since we saw him last. He’s now 21 pounds and a little bigger than Xena.

Xena’s new favorite place is between the otto man and the love seat. It didn’t take Morty long to discover this cave-like area and try to claim it as his own. Xena was laying there with Mom’s legs over her, spanning the gap between the love seat and otto man when Morty entered the tunnel and laid down facing Xena.

He kept creeping closer to her, and she got scared and backed around the corner away from him.

Xena: I wasn’t scared! I was just practicing safe pig. Not like you were doing, Lucy. We all saw you kiss him with your tongue halfway down his throat! Mom just wasn’t quick enough to get a picture of it.

Lucy: It’s not what it looked like! I was just trying to give him a little hello kiss on the snout when he opened his mouth in a big yawn.

Anyhoo, the peeps sat around talking the first night, and it got kind of boring.

So Ella decided to turn the attention on her, while Achilles sought attention from his Dad.

Hi Uncle Jeff. Do you remember me, Queen Ella?
Ella: Hold still and let go of me, I want to kiss you!

Achilles: Ella, let me show you the way to do it.

You’ve gotta get your paws up around his neck and lean in. Aghh! He’s got me by the ears!

Xena: While they were attacking my Daddy, I cuddled up in my Uncle Bill’s arms. (I knew Daddy could take care of himself–he’s big and strong and my hero.)

I love Uncle Bill and he held and pet me until I was so tired that I had to lay on the floor and go to sleep cause no one would go to bed with me. Besides that, I could see Achilles running back and forth around our bed looking for my basket of stuffies that Mommy had put up. We found out that he is another stuffie killer, just like Riley. You sure know how to pick them, Lucy.

Lucy: He’s just got that one little fault…

Lucy and Xena: Come back tomorrow for Christmas Eve adventures, when we (Xena, Lucy, Mom and Dad) are left alone all day with Morty (and Ella and Achilles). XOX Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess


Hi, I’m Ella, Lucy’s BFF.

Today, I’m pretending that I am Queen over all I see.

Queen Sarabi: Soon, Ella-Mufassa, you will be ruler over all this land.

Hi, I’m Achilles, Lucy’s boyfriend.

Today I’m pretending that I am a Major League outfielder.

Did you see that catch? Huh, huh, didja?

I caught this one for you, Lucy!

Hi, I’m Morty, and I’m pretending that…

I am Pumba, and they call me MR. PIG.

Hi, I’m Xena, and I’m pretending my Daddy could stay home and play with me every day.

What do you want to play now, Daddy?

Hi, I’m Lucy, and I’m pretending…

to be the subject of a famous picture by a famous artist, and everyone would know my name.

We are Achilles, Ella, Morty, Xena and Lucy, the Pretenders.

Achilles, Ella, and the Tin Schnauzer

I have been “on guard” all weekend with Achilles around. He has been ignoring me, but I know that could change at any moment. Ella told Lucy that they have something going on, but he might be doing that just to make me jealous. (I’m not.)He found my vibrating dog – the one I hate – and tried to make me jealous (I’m not) by carrying it all over the house, like it was his girlfriend or something. Doesn’t it look just like him? Twinsies!  Mommy said he could keep the doggie, ’cause Lucy and I don’t like it anyhow. Once they got home from Octoberfest Saturday afternoon, Achilles totally ignored Lucy. There she is in the chair behind him, mooning over the big lunk. Ella: Achilles, Mom said it is time to go home. I call dibs on the drivers side of the back seat. Achilles: But what about my new friend, Doggie? Can he come, too? I’m not done deading him.Ella: That’s what Aunt Amy just said!   Achilles: OK, I’m outa’ here.

And so they both left, without even a goodbye or a glance back at me.At least I still had the tin schnauzer my Auntie and Uncle gave us. They said tin is the correct gift for wedding anniversary number ten. (He, he, that’s funny — tin for ten.) Now, if I can just get to the wine bottle inside of it… I know that always makes Mommy feel better.

I am Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess with the Tin Schnauzer Friend.


Lucy and Ella at Rocktoberfest

Hi friends! My bestie, Ella, met me at Rocktoberfest, and before we could hang out, she had to do a photo op with Rocky the Elf. Then we had a great time together!We watched Mom and Dad polka and we watched Auntie Jen and Dad polka and we watched Mom and Uncle Bill try to polka, BOL! Talk about a total failure!Mom and Dad doing the polka.

We hung out like the best buds that we are. Together, we people-watched.We listened to the band and watched peeps learn to do the Chicken Dance. Of course the peeps had to have their fun with us, too.








Even Achilles wasn’t exempt from humiliation.  I found out that this was his first time to go anywhere away from home (he’s 4, but was recently adopted by my Uncle and Auntie), so he was a bit freaked. I think that’s why he snapped at me every time I sneaked a kiss on his mouth.

After we got done laughing at Achilles in his silly hat, Ella told me to cool it with Achilles. She said they have been making out, and he’s a good kisser. She said we could all be BFF’s, though. I said I was good with that(he, he, yeah, sure, right).Achilles was so into me that he laid with his back right up against me until his folks took him to the other end of the pavilion.Ella, stop giving your Dad the stink eye. They’re just getting a funny picture drawn…they’ll be back, and Mom’s here with us.Look, there’s the nice man who was petting us earlier. Doesn’t he look silly doing the Chicken Dance?

It was finally time for Ella and Achilles to go home with Mom and Auntie Jen so they could get ready for the Vow Renewal Saturday night. I stayed with Uncle Bill and Dad until Dad got off work. I guess it doesn’t take guys as long to get ready as it does the ladies, BOL!

I’ve gotta go get some pictures ready from the church part of the night. Come back tomorrow, please. Or, as they say, to be continued…

Love and wiggles, Lucy

Lucy’s Artsy 4th of July

Since Ella – who I have never met  – got to star in her own artsy fartsy day on Saturday, I politely asked for equal time. After all, I was also neglected (OK, Dad was here, but ya’ll know it’s not the same) while Mom went and lavished all her love on that Piper dog. But I’ve already told you about that earlier today. Mom said she would make an exception to her no-more-than-one -post-a-day rule just for me. That means I get to join in the Cat on my Head Sunday Selfies! Yay! Mom made it all patriotic for the birthday of our country, the already great U.S. of A. I tried to pose extra pretty, so I hope you like it.

Love and wags, Lucy

Artsy Fartsy Ella’s Day

Ella, the sister of Piper the schnauzer

Ella is Piper’s sister, who has not appeared in Angel Lexi/Lucy’s blog very often, so you may not be acquainted with this young, vivacious boxer mix who loves everyone. Before Piper had to be kept calm because of his heart, they  chased and caught rabbits together in their backyard, along with other adventures. Ella helped him “stay young.” They still sleep together in their large wire kennel as best friends do.

During my visit at their house a week ago, I was naturally very focused on Piper, and Ella didn’t get much attention. Neither did she get mentioned in the blog posts about the trip. I’m afraid she is feeling a bit neglected and has demanded recompense by way of starring in the Caturday Art Blog Hop. “Starring” was her word, not mine – I think she must have had a visit from Angel Lexi.


So, without further ado, heeeeere’s Ella!

We have joined Athena Cat Goddess today in her Caturday Art Blog Hop.

Caturday Art Day