Lucy’s Friends on Awww Monday

Xena: Mommy and Daddy went away Friday just before lunchtime. Daddy had some work thing in Nashville, and he and Mommy went from there to our Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill’s house for the night. In case you’ve forgotten, that’s where Lucy’s BFF Ella and her boyfriend Achilles live. They asked Mommy to show Lucy this, so come look, Luce!

Achilles: I love you Lucy. Do you still love me even in this cone of shame?

Xena: Lucy, stop drooling on the ‘puter.

Achilles: Lucy honey, will you come over my house and help me deadie this stuffie?

Look, Lucy, I’m playing tug o’ war with your Dad! My foot’s almost all better and I feel good enough to play with you, too.

Xena: Lucy, could you please stop licking the screen?

Ella: Hey girl! When ya’ gonna’ come visit me. I miss your pretty face. It makes me feel real good to just chill with you. You know you’re my BFF and I love you lots!

You could come in the kitchen and catch falling food with me while my Mom cooks!

Lucy: Awwww. I remember when Ella came to visit, just a couple of weeks ago. I sure do miss her!

Xena: I hope Ella can see how hard you’re wagging your tail, Luce. You remember, that tail you wrapped around hers while she was here. She really is a good friend to you. I know you would like to be friends with the pig, too, even though it’s unlikely that will ever happen. So just to make you smile some more, here’s a picture Mommy took of Morty.

Lucy: Awww.

Xena: Happy Valentine’s Day a day early, Sissie!

Me and Lucy and Ella and Achilles want to thank Miss Sandee at Comedy Plus for hosting Awww Monday!

Lucy’s Prayers for Achilles on Thankful Thursday

Y’all know that my BFF Ella was here last weekend for my birthday. A coupla days after she got back home, her Mom found an area on her brother Achilles’ foot that looked like it was swollen. The next day it looked like Achilles had licked it until it burst and he cleaned it out real good. We got a picture, but it’s not for anyone with a weak tummy, so I decided not to post it. The picture shows two deep holes between two of his front foot toes. Instead, here is a nice picture of my precious boyfriend Achilles. I’m so thankful he’s my guy.

Aunty Jen and Uncle Bill took him to the dogtor the next day and he got a diagnoses: paraneo plastic syndrome. It’s cancer, with something that makes his immune system go wild. He’s had some other symptoms that something was wrong, like bleeding a lot out of his behind. No one could figure out what was wrong. None of the tests showed anything. But it’s very likely that it’s connected to what is going on with his paw.

My aunt and uncle are devastated, and so are me and Mom. The last time I saw him, I was upset with him for watching Xena get a bath. Now I feel bad and I want to go see him and give him lots of kisses. The only good thing is he isn’t in any pain.

He’s such a sweet, funny, goofy boy.

Please send up woofs, meows, prayers and good health into the universe for my Achilles. *sob* Lucy, hoping for a miracle.

And thank you, Brian, for hosting Thankful Thursday.

We’re leaving in a fast car…don’t know when we’ll be back again.*

Xena: It’s been quite a visit. I learned a few things, like what it’s like to have unwanted attention, how to let someone down easy, how good pig poop tastes…speaking of which…

three days ago in Auntie Jen’s back yard

Mom: Xena, stop eating that grass and come on in the house….Xena….do you hear me?? Xena!
Mommy walks toward me and sees this (WARNING: The next picture contains a poop image and may not be appropriate for all readers)

Yep, real, fresh pig poop. Mmmmm

Mommy: OMG, you’re eating pig poop!
Xena: Don’t freak, Mommy. Wait, why are you texting Auntie Jen? No, please don’t make me vomit, I won’t do it again (paws crossed).
As it ended up, I wasn’t forced to vomit and my tummy never even got upset! However, a couple of days later, Lucy also discovered these delectable morsels. Mommy suspected Lucy had eaten some, but since I didn’t get sick, she didn’t do anything about/to Lucy. Then at 2:58 a.m. Mommy woke up to a retching sound. One of the big dogs jumped off the bed and there was a vomiting sound. The culprit jumped back in the bed and acted like nothing had happened. Mommy finally got up and turned on the bedroom light. She saw a pile of fresh-ish meat, apple, broccoli, and some unidentifiable matter. . yep, it was Lucy’s. After that, she began cleaning the yard up every day and following us around outside.

Xena: Yesterday when Mommy opened Morty’s Bathroom Apartment door for him to come out for supper, she found this:

That’s Morty’s Teddy facedown in Morty’s used litter. Did Teddy need to go potty? Or maybe he was hungry!

Xena: That takes us to today, and boyfriend drama. *sigh*

heard very early this morning…

Achilles: I wish you wouldn’t keep your back to me, Lucy

Lucy: I wish you wouldn’t flirt with my little sister.

Later in the morning:

Ella: Hey girl. I hear you’re leaving soon. Love you, friend.

Lucy: Hey girl. I love you too, friend.

Xena: I’m sorry, Achilles, that I hurt your feelings. I want you to know it’s not you, it’s me. I just want to stay single and close to my Mommy.

Why are you looking over my shoulder, Achilles?

Achilles: Lucy! I’m so glad to see you! Ignore her. You’re my girlfriend, remember?

Lucy: Goodbye, Achilles. I’ll see you next time. I’m going to have to think about our relationship.

Achilles: Why do girl dogs have to make it all so difficult? I’m a good boy. Everyone says so. Xena is just…different. She looks and acts so different than me or Lucy. That’s why I keep looking at her. Maybe next time I can just look at Lucy and she’ll be happy.

Xena: Uh, Mommy, after my shampoo and blow dry and pedicure, I’m ready to go home and cuddle in my daddy’s lap. I’m even ready to play with Chia. I hear she and Riley have been playing a lot while we’ve been gone. I also heard she managed to get the porch screen door open and had a bit of a runabout.

Are you packed? Are we ready to go? I call dibs on the backseat kennel!

*John Denver, I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane lyrics:

All my bags are packed I’m ready to go I’m standin’ here outside your door I hate to wake you up to say goodbye But the dawn is breakin’ It’s early morn The taxi’s waitin’ He’s blowin’ his horn Already I’m so lonesome I could die So kiss me and smile for me Tell me that you’ll wait for me Hold me like you’ll never let me go ‘Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane Don’t know when I’ll be back again Oh babe, I hate to go There’s so many times I’ve let you down So many times I’ve played around I tell you now, they don’t mean a thing Every place I go, I’ll think of you Every song I sing, I’ll sing for you When I come back, I’ll bring your wedding ring So kiss me and smile for me Tell me that you’ll wait for me Hold me like you’ll never let me go ‘Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane Don’t know when I’ll be back again Oh babe, I hate to go Now the time has come to leave you One more time Let me kiss you Then close your eyes And I’ll be on my way Dream about the days to come When I won’t have to leave alone About the times, I won’t have to say Kiss me and smile for me Tell me that you’ll wait for me Hold me like you’ll never let me go ‘Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane Don’t know when I’ll be back again Oh babe, I hate to go But, I’m leavin’ on a jet plane Don’t know when I’ll be back again Oh babe, I hate to go.

Morty vs Achilles

Hi people. It’s me, Sir Mortimer. But you can call me Morty. Did you hear what happened to me? Achilles tried to kill me. No, really!

Here’s what happened: It was nice outside, and we were all – and by all I mean me, Ella, Achilles, Lucy and Xebe, or Xela, or something like that. Aunt Amy was there too…she was brushing Achilles. She was brushing him hard and fast and hair was flying and he was loving it. I came over to see what all was going on, not knowing he was “in the zone.” He jumped at me and grabbed my ear and bit down. I screamed, and that just fueled his fire. He scraped the skin off the top of my ear; he punctured the side of my face; he scratched the top of my neck and head. I just kept screaming. It hurt, and I was scared. *squeal!* I am a prey animal after all, and he’s a predator. Did you know he’s bigger than me? I’m just a poor little 150 pound pig with a waddle. To make things even worse, the other dogs started closing in on me. It’s something called pack behavior. Aunt Amy kept screaming at them to stay back while she worked on getting Achilles off of me. I sure do wish I had a pack to protect me.

Aunt Amy – I’ve just started calling her that – saved me. I was bleeding and really freaked out. I could tell she was too – freaked out that is, not bleeding. She took me to my bathroom apartment so I could calm down. Afterwards, she shut all the dogs in another room and let me come in the kitchen with her. She sat on the floor and kept talking real nice and soft to me, and I decided I could trust her, that she is my protector. So I laid down in front of her. She pet me until I got back up and moved next to her. Then I laid down and got pet some more. Finally, I moved onto my side and let her rub my belly. We’re friends now. And Achilles had to sleep in his kennel the last two nights.

Why am I always in trouble? I hope I get to sleep in the bed tonight.

Anyhow, with a lot of treats to bribe me, I let Aunt Amy wash my boo boos and put medicine on them. That was two days ago, and it’s not hurting anymore and it’s all starting to heal.

None of the dogs (except Lucy) are allowed out when I’m grazing and playing in my swimming pool. I’m a happy piggy again.

Love, grunts, oinks and squeals, Morty

Hard Time Helpers

Hi, this is Lucy, and since I’m the Ace Reporter in the family, I was asked to let y’all know where we are. Our Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill have to be out of town for a very difficult situation in the family involving someone they love very much. I’m not at liberty to give details. But I can tell you that Mom brought me and Xena with her on a three hour drive to take care of my BFF Ella, my boyfriend Achilles, and the pig Mortimer, aka Morty. Let’s see how it’s goings…

Lucy: When we arrived last evening around supper time, Ella was super excited to see me and I was grinning from ear to ear. It was past our supper time (we had driven to where it was an hour earlier than where we live) so Mom got right on with fixing everyone their meals. She read the instructions Auntie Jen left and had just scooped Achille’s food into his bowl when Morty the pig threw his nose up against the bottom of her hand that was holding the bowl. Kibble flew everywhere and we stood back while the race was on between Mom and Morty. Who would get the most kibble from the floor!? The kitchen floor is slick for someone who walks on hooves, so Mom was able to keep pushing Morty back, but he was determined. In the end, we think it was a tie.

After breakfast today, we all got to go outside for a while.

Mom knew to shake the treat bag when she called Morty to come in. He came running!

He got a treat for coming, then some more when he followed her back to his “bathroom apartment.”

Then Mom checked on the rest of us…

Mom: Ella, what are you doing?

Xena: She’s hunting chippies, like I do, Mommy.
Ella: Mmph, mmph.
Mom: Ella, please get your head out of there.
Lucy: After Mom made Ella move her head, it appeared that Ella had been licking dirt and stones. (Sounds more like a Chia move.) So Mom put something over the hole. That’s when Ella decided she wanted to go back in the house, too.

Lucy: I spent the whole day outside enjoying the sunshine and the grass and the big yard.

I rolled and watched birds and shared the yard with Morty and sometimes Xena and Mom, too. Achilles had to stay inside most of the time because of his allergies.

But when he was out here, he had a good time. Mom threw his toys for him to chase and he played keep away with her.

After Xena snoopervized Mom “cleaning” the yard, they both went inside, too.

Mom: Come on Xe, let’s get all those allergens off you with a nice bath. Wait, what are you doing?

Xena: I’m practicing my “back” for Freestyle. See how fast I can do it?

Mom: *catching Xena* I know you had a bath yesterday, but (and here comes those dreaded words) it’ll be good for you.

Achilles: What’s goin’ on? Xena, you gettin’ a bath?

Xena: What’s it look like, Achilles? Did you think I was running the 500 or something? Sheesh, you can be almost as big a dufus as Angel Lexi used to say Riley was.

Xena: Why do you keep staring at me?
Achilles: I like to watch.


Ella: Lucy, you might want to check out what’s going on in the bathroom.

Lucy: Achilles! What are you doing?

Why are you in here with Xena when she’s taking a bath?

Xena: He said he likes…

Achilles: *interrupting Xena* Uh, well, you see, she’s your little sister, and I like to make sure she’s OK. Looks like your Mom has everything under control and I can leave now.

Lucy: Mom, when are we going home?

Mom: Well, friends, it seems my Ace Reporter is done reporting today, so I’ll help her sign off with wags and hopes that Achilles and Lucy make up tonight.


We are joining The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Achilles: Is that a Christmas present for me from Lucy?

Dad: No, Achilles, it’s my birthday present from your Mom.
Achilles: Are we going to visit Lucy over Christmas? We missed Thanksgiving, you know.
Dad: I’m sorry Achilles. Right now, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to because of your Mom’s work schedule.


Achilles: I miss my girl so much. It’s seems like 87 months since she was here.

Ella: I miss Lucy too, but I try to not think about it.


I sure do miss Achilles. Maybe he can hitch a ride with Santa Paws in his sleigh to come visit me. I think I’ll go to sleep now and dream about my dreamy guy.

We are Achilles and Lucy, the lovesick pups.

Awww Monday: Final Chapter of Our Visit

We are joining Comedy Plus with much thanks for hosting Awww Mondays.

Xena: Thanks for holding me Auntie Jen. You’ve had a busy day and I’m glad to be here for you. Uh, where’s my Uncle Bill? Did Mommy leave my comb so I could look pretty for him?

Lucy: Mmph, mm, mmph. *pushes up head* Ah, I couldn’t talk with you laying on my head, sister. I want to be next to you, Auntie Jen, and cuddle and let you know I love you, too.

Xena: Is it time to eat yet? Where’s my Uncle Bill? Mommy gave him the instructions for feeding me, um, I mean feeding me and Lucy.


Achilles: Ella? Don’t you wanna play with me and Lucy? What’s wrong?

Ella: My back legs hurt. You know, the ones I had surgery on. Mom warned me about running and playing too hard, but I was just so excited that you’re here, Lucy.


Xena: I’m rested and ready to help you with quotes again, Uncle Bill. I think I got us a lot of liver treats yesterday!

Uncle Bill: Yes, well, about that…uh, I think we’re all set with liver treats, and I’ll have them sent to you when they arrive. How about if you just cuddle here on my lap while I work?


Achilles: I love you, Lucy. I want you to live here.

Lucy: I love you too, Achilles. I would stay here with you and your sister Ella, but I can’t ’cause it would break my Dad’s heart. Why don’t you and Ella come home with me? You’d have fun playing with Chia – if you didn’t mind her hanging off your cheek – and we could be together forever.

Achilles: I can’t, my love. Riley and I don’t get along. I can’t stand the thought that he used to be your boyfriend. Grrr.

Lucy: But I never loved him like I love you, honey.

Both: *sigh*

Lucy: Mom and Dad will be here soon. Please ask Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill to bring you to visit me. And take good care of my BFF Ella, please. Bye bye until next time. *smooch*

Achilles & Ella Vacation Day 8

Lucy: I came in to kiss you before I go to work. That’s what Mom and Dad always do. But I see you’re in da Hood. I’m going downstairs now. See you tonight, honey.

Achilles: What does she mean, she’s going to work?

Ella: So, this is where Aunt Amy works? She’s home with you all day?

Lucy: Yeppers. And this is where I stay with her all day and help her. Sometimes Mom’s assistant is here with her dog Hank, and sometimes Bridger, her little baby person, comes, too. I like that a lot.

Ella: I think I will stay right here and help Aunt Amy, too, since it doesn’t look like her assistant or Hank or Bridger are coming today.

Lucy: Which reminds me, where’s Morty? I was so excited about you and Achilles being here with me that I forgot all about him.

Ella: I hear that your Mom didn’t feel quite ready to take on caring for him yet. We know a vet who takes care of pigs like Mortimer, so he is boarding him while we are on vacation.

Mortimer on his way to the vet

Achilles: Hey y’all. What are you doin’?

Hi Aunt Amy. What’s everyone doin’? Can I do it too? Where’s Miss Brooke? I helped her yesterday when she went in the bathroom. I didn’t want her to be lonely in there all by herself. She sure looked surprised and didn’t get the door shut fast enough and pet me while my head was on her lap. I thought she might need some help today, too.

Xena: Hey! What’s going on here? Why’s everyone in my office?

There’s not room for two of us with cones on down here. You’re gonna knock something over or break something, Achilles. Go over by the fridge and lay down, or go upstairs or something. You’re in my way. I want in Mommy’s lap. I need to sleep there so she can work.

a few minutes later

I thought I was in da Hood [see previous post] with Xena. She sure is fickle…and bossy!

The Mom: Sometimes it’s more of a zoo than a workplace around here. It’ a perk of working from home!

Lucy, Ella, Achilles and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Achilles & Ella Vacation Day 5

Lucy: You look bored, Ella. Why don’t you tell me a story about what’s been going on at your house. I heard some of it from Achilles, and now I want to hear it from you, girlfriend.

But you didn’t want to hear how I almost died, Lucy. *thinking* OK, I’m going to give you the quick version.

I stopped eating ’cause I felt uncomfortably full. And I stopped pooping ’cause it couldn’t come out no matter how hard I tried. I felt all “bloated.” My regular vet who I love couldn’t help me ’cause she didn’t have the diagnostic equipment, so Mom spent most of the rest of the day trying to find someone who both could and would help me. Seems a lot of docs aren’t taking new patients during this awful COVID-19 thingie. Finally we went to a great dogtor who used a machine that could see me inside and I had something called a blockage way down in that messy coil of intestines. Can you see the ring on my front arm? That’s where they shaved me and put in a needle to help me go to sleep for my surgery. They fed me and gave me drinks like that too for a while, until I was able to eat again. Do you see the huge black square on my tummy? That’s where they shaved me and cut me open and removed the block from inside my tummy. Who knew my skin is black!?

Lucy: I think your black skin is beautiful, Ella. That is a very scary story, but it has a happy ending. Umm, I’m also glad you gave me the short version!

Ella: Me too, I’m thirsty now. But first, tell me some more about stuff that’s been happening around here.

Lucy *thinking*: Hmm. OK. Riley was spending a lot of time here. Can you believe he still has an ear infection that’s been going on a year or more?

He seemed to really like being here, and would even ask my Dad to play ball with him every night. The first time he asked, he stood right in front of Dad, staring at him, and started barking that really loud, deep bark of his. Dad’s usually really good at understanding us, but this time he just looked over at Mom with a “Why is he doing this?” look on his face. Mom knew right away. “He wants you to play ball with him,” she said. I don’t know how she knew; I mean, even I didn’t know. But she can “read” that boy. After doing the same stare and bark two nights in a row, Dad finally knew what Ri-boy wanted at the same time every night, and would get up and play ball with him.

Ella: He is a good looking dog, isn’t he? I wish he liked me, but he was pretty hateful to me the only time I’ve been around him. I really don’t understand it. I like everyone and everyone likes me! We could have made pretty puppies when we were younger… *sigh* But what about his ear infection?

Lucy: Oh yeah. Mom picked him up from Andrew’s and took him to the vet. They came to the car and got him and took a little of the gunk out of his ears to do a culture.
Oh, and me and Xena went too, and gave blood for our twice-yearly DNA HW test, which came back negative. In this case, negative was a good thing.
Anyhow, about a week later, the new vet – who never met Riley – called and said he has two types of staph in his ears, and they would work him in to treat it. She said it would be fast and easy to clean out his ears and put in the medicine. I could see Mom covering her mouth and her whole body shaking. I was afraid she was having a seizure, but turns out she was trying not to laugh. Finally, she told the new vet that four grown men can’t hold him to clean his ears or cut his nails. But he trusts his dad Andrew to clean his ears, so she promised that he would do that before she brought him. At the vet’s, the vet techs put the medicine in his ears while he was still in the car. He wore a “just in case” muzzle, but he was surprisingly good. Now we’re waiting to see if it works.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen…

Xena: Hey ‘killies, when’d you join the gang?
Achilles: I don’t know what you mean.

Xena: We’re both “in the hood!” BOLOLOL!!
‘Killies: *groan*

Lucy, Ella, Achilles and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Ella and Achilles on Vacation: Day 2

Achilles: So, Lucy, to continue with telling you about the stuff I have to put up with at home… that pig! After all this time, he hasn’t even learned our language. He goes around grunting at us and using body language that me and Ella can’t understand. I used to try to stay out of Morty’s way, but it gets so tiring.

Lucy: But what does he do? And what do you do, my darling?

Here, let me show you Morty’s latest travesty.

I was sleeping peacefully on the couch when he jumped up, laid down next to me, and threw his back leg right across my nose, in front of my eyes. Aghh! I guess it could have been worse…

Lucy: What did you do, dear? Did you bite him?

Achilles: No, no, no. I might look big and intimidating, but you should know I would never hurt a fly. Well, maybe a fly. But I’m a pacifist, like you. Sometimes I get a bit worked up when I see other boy dogs, but I try to keep it under control. Anyhoo, here’s what I did.

Achilles: Enough about me. What have you been doing, beautiful?

Lucy: Hmmm. Mom’s been extra busy grooming during this COVID thingy. I’ve been working tirelessly helping her.

Sometimes I catch the hair so she doesn’t have to sweep it up. And when the pup on the table is nervous, sometime this makes them laugh!

We’ve been getting quite a few new and “haven’t been here for a long time” dogs in to be groomed. The last one was a tiny Yorkie puppy. Dog, was he a handful. Literally.

Finally, Mom agreed to let him lay in her lap while she worked on him.

Mom must have taken her patience pill that day. She said that Chief is only about three months old, and this is his first groom. First grooms are hard on everyone, so she tries to make sure the pup doesn’t get scared.

Achilles: How did it end? Did Chief survive? I’ve never been groomed, or even watched a groom.

Lucy: Like you showed me pictures to explain things, I’ll do the same for you. Here’s how it all ended.

Achilles: What happened to the table in the “after?” Did Chief get so light from losing all that hair that he floated?

Lucy: BOL! Mom just played with the picture so that Chief was the sole focus, BOL!
Give me another kiss and then let’s go see what Ella’s doing and if my Mom’s fixing us anything for lunch.

To be continued…

Does Xena Have a Boyfriend?

Daddy, it’s time to send Ludwig another text. We’ve got pictures to send, too.

OK, Xena, let’s do it.

Dear Ludwig, I went to Nashville, visited Achilles who previously asked Daddy for my paw in marriage. Got re-acquainted. Asked me again if I would marry him. Said I would think about it. He promised me fresh steak every night if I said yes. He’s such a handsome, big dog. Hope you are doing ok and taking good care of Mr. Eleephant. Pee S: check out pic attached.

Dad: Is that the best pic you could get of the two of you? You don’t look very amorous.

Xena: That’s too hard to pretend. And it’s better than this other one where Achilles asked me if we were done. He said he didn’t mind helping me out, but he didn’t want Lucy to see.

Xena, the getting back at Ludwig Schnauzer Warrior Princess.

Special Pee S from the Dad: Look closely at the first picture. I think Achilles got busted.

Our Visit- Ella, et al

Hi, this is Xena again. I read in one of Angel Lexi’s posts that she loved the phrase et al, so I had to keep reading to find out what it meant. I quickly discovered it meant whatever you want it to mean. So, let’s start with who is still the reigning queen et al.

Ella, Queen of her Domain, et al

Lucy: Ella and I are still best friends, et al.

Speaking of et als, Mom asked me to include this picture in our post today. She thinks it’s a lovely picture of me in Auntie Jen’s living room.

We all fell back in like we had never been apart.

Here I am between my BFF Ella and my guy Achilles, et al, watching a black cat walking along the fence line. We saw him on and off throughout our visit.

Can you guess what had happened here?

Xena: We all spent a lot of time after lunch sitting around visiting and snoozing in our chairs. There was a dog for every person, plus a bonus pig for Auntie Jen et al.

Achilles picked Mommy as his bed.

Lucy: The real reason we came this particular weekend was to celebrate Aunty Jen’s birthday – and also Dad’s birthday that was last week. Oh yeah, and Lucy’s, too. So the peeps went out to the “Snow Ball.” Dad and Mom et al danced all evening to a big band.

Mom danced so much her left foot felt like it was getting a blister (it wasn’t), and Dad danced so much his previously injured ankle started to scream. But they said it was too much fun to worry about a little pain.

Xena: Aunty Jen and Mommy got up really early on Saturday morning to do a pod cast or something like that on Facebook, I think. All I know was that Aunty Jen was talking into a camera while holding up clothes called lularoe and Mommy was frantically unpacking a box, ripping open the bags, hanging the clothes and numbers on hangers, and handing them to Aunty Jen. I made the mistake of hanging out with them, and got used as a “sales tool.” I didn’t even have my beard washed or combed, and it was so early that I was still in my sock monkey jammies. It was rather embarrassing, but people kept typing in comments about how cute I am. *grin* So anyhow, if you want to buy any lularoe for Valentine’s Day – or anytime – Aunty Jen is selling them. Tell her Xena sent you.

Love and wiggles, Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess, back home et al.

Mortie’s First Day Home

Lucy: We haven’t met our new cousin yet, but we got lots of pictures and some stories. Aunty Jen got home safely to Nashville after picking up Sir Mortimer aka Mortie from Indiana. Turns out that Mortie is half mini kheune and mini-Juliana. He got to ride in her lap on the way home. This was all new for him, and we kinda understand how scared he must have been, and how being tucked in Aunty’s arm and listening to her heartbeat must have helped.

Once they got home, she had to introduce Mortie to Ella and Achilles, without a clue as to how they would react.

Xena: I mean, they might have been thinking that their Mommy just brought home the bacon, why isn’t she frying it up in a pan, right?

Lucy: Xena!

Xena: *hangs head* Sorry. I know, I know, Cousins don’t eat Cousins. And Siblings don’t eat Siblings.

Lucy: Where was I? Oh yes. So Aunty Jen still has the playpen that Angel Cousin Piper used to sleep in last year. New Cousin Mortie was happy to take a nap in it, all snuggled down in his blankie. Ella quickly showed her maternal instincts.

Xena: I’m telling Ella you said she is matted and stinks, Lucy.

Lucy: I’m ignoring that. So, Ella laid by the pen and growled at Achilles every time he came near. We don’t know if she was protecting him or claiming him. Mom thinks it might have something to do with her remembering Piper in that pen. Ella and Piper were very close and she grieved a lot – along with everyone else – when he left to cross the rainbow bridge. Now she’s got little Mortie to watch over.

Turns out, Achilles loves Mortie, too.They even napped together. 

Xena: We can’t wait to hear more, and especially we can’t wait to meet Cousin Mortie. 

Lucy: We’ll be back soon with more stories.

Love and wags, Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess



Visiting Our Aunt and Uncle

Xena: Auntie Jen must have heard me say I missed her, ’cause she invited us to come to her house near Nashville. I get a bit nervous on car rides, and I panted for the whole three hour trip even though Daddy held me and pet me the whole way there while Mommy drove. At least this time I didn’t puke in the car.

Lucy: That’s only because Mom didn’t feed us before we left home.

Xena: I had a much better trip home. Auntie Jen put lavender oil on my ears, then Mommy put some on my paw pads after we got in the car. I only panted a tiny little bit once or twice. I hope we have lots of that oil around.

We returned the Santa toy that Achilles forgot at our house a couple of weeks ago. He was so over-the-moon happy that he played with it all weekend.

Lucy: He ignored me all weekend, too. Xena: That’s ’cause he remembered the talk I had with him when he was at our house! And he let me ride the horsie he got for Christmas. At first it was a little scary. I mean, I had never ridden a horsie before. I thought maybe I should watch for traffic behind us like Mommy does when she is driving.Then I said, “giddy up,” and urged horsie to go faster while I hung on tight. I rode bareback my first time out!OK, Mommy, horsie said he’s done. You can help me off now.

We all played outside, too. Here we were playing follow the leader. That’s cousin Ella in the lead.

As the day got later, something strange happened. We think that aliens were coming down and making shadow monsters out of Lucy and Ella. The girls ran into the house with me and the monsters disappeared.

That Saturday night the peeps put Achilles in his kennel and left. The rest of us got free run of the house and we were all Very. Good.  My folks brought home pictures of what they did while they were gone. 


They went ballroom dancing to celebrate Daddy’s birthday and Auntie Jen’s birthday. In that picture they were doing something called a foxtrot, he, he.

That wraps up our big out-of-town weekend. I heard that this coming weekend, Mommy and Daddy are going to something called a Convention in Knoxville. That means that our most favorite doggie sitter – other than our Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill – is coming to stay with us. We lo-o-o-ve Miss Christy!

Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

Pee S: I can’t wait to tell you the stories about how I stood up to two dogs who got nasty with me and They. Backed. Down! I am getting very, very brave.

Pee Pee S: I don’t never start the trouble, neither!


Thursday Three Day Throwback

Mom: I guess it’s time to take down the tree. I’ve enjoyed it so much this year, I’m going to miss it.

Dad: Look at the bright side; only ten more months and we get to do it all over again.

Achilles: Can I help, huh, please. I’m really good at taking off the bulbs. Mom: Uh, why don’t you just watch and make sure I’m doing it right?

Two minutes later…

Achilles: You missed one, Aunt Amy. There’s another one you missed.

Mom: Move please, Achilles.

Achilles: I could get under the tree and get that one you dropped.

Mom: Move out of my way, Achilles.

Achilles: Oops, didn’t mean to step on your foot.  Look, I can even fit back behind the tree. Is that my Mom driving by the house? Isn’t she coming to get me today?

Mom: That’s not her, and she will be here later. Now, will you please get out of my way?

Ella: I think you missed one, way up at the top. Mom: Thank you Ella. Now I think we are done, except for Uncle Jeff putting away the tree.

That was hard work.Yep, I’m exhausted.

Wake us when our Mom comes.

Achilles and Ella, the helper pups waiting on our Mom.