Hard Time Helpers

Hi, this is Lucy, and since I’m the Ace Reporter in the family, I was asked to let y’all know where we are. Our Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill have to be out of town for a very difficult situation in the family involving someone they love very much. I’m not at liberty to give details. But I can tell you that Mom brought me and Xena with her on a three hour drive to take care of my BFF Ella, my boyfriend Achilles, and the pig Mortimer, aka Morty. Let’s see how it’s goings…

Lucy: When we arrived last evening around supper time, Ella was super excited to see me and I was grinning from ear to ear. It was past our supper time (we had driven to where it was an hour earlier than where we live) so Mom got right on with fixing everyone their meals. She read the instructions Auntie Jen left and had just scooped Achille’s food into his bowl when Morty the pig threw his nose up against the bottom of her hand that was holding the bowl. Kibble flew everywhere and we stood back while the race was on between Mom and Morty. Who would get the most kibble from the floor!? The kitchen floor is slick for someone who walks on hooves, so Mom was able to keep pushing Morty back, but he was determined. In the end, we think it was a tie.

After breakfast today, we all got to go outside for a while.

Mom knew to shake the treat bag when she called Morty to come in. He came running!

He got a treat for coming, then some more when he followed her back to his “bathroom apartment.”

Then Mom checked on the rest of us…

Mom: Ella, what are you doing?

Xena: She’s hunting chippies, like I do, Mommy.
Ella: Mmph, mmph.
Mom: Ella, please get your head out of there.
Lucy: After Mom made Ella move her head, it appeared that Ella had been licking dirt and stones. (Sounds more like a Chia move.) So Mom put something over the hole. That’s when Ella decided she wanted to go back in the house, too.

Lucy: I spent the whole day outside enjoying the sunshine and the grass and the big yard.

I rolled and watched birds and shared the yard with Morty and sometimes Xena and Mom, too. Achilles had to stay inside most of the time because of his allergies.

But when he was out here, he had a good time. Mom threw his toys for him to chase and he played keep away with her.

After Xena snoopervized Mom “cleaning” the yard, they both went inside, too.

Mom: Come on Xe, let’s get all those allergens off you with a nice bath. Wait, what are you doing?

Xena: I’m practicing my “back” for Freestyle. See how fast I can do it?

Mom: *catching Xena* I know you had a bath yesterday, but (and here comes those dreaded words) it’ll be good for you.

Achilles: What’s goin’ on? Xena, you gettin’ a bath?

Xena: What’s it look like, Achilles? Did you think I was running the 500 or something? Sheesh, you can be almost as big a dufus as Angel Lexi used to say Riley was.

Xena: Why do you keep staring at me?
Achilles: I like to watch.


Ella: Lucy, you might want to check out what’s going on in the bathroom.

Lucy: Achilles! What are you doing?

Why are you in here with Xena when she’s taking a bath?

Xena: He said he likes…

Achilles: *interrupting Xena* Uh, well, you see, she’s your little sister, and I like to make sure she’s OK. Looks like your Mom has everything under control and I can leave now.

Lucy: Mom, when are we going home?

Mom: Well, friends, it seems my Ace Reporter is done reporting today, so I’ll help her sign off with wags and hopes that Achilles and Lucy make up tonight.

18 thoughts on “Hard Time Helpers

  1. Lulu: “Achilles! Scandalous!”
    Java Bean: “Wait, so we can lick dirt and rocks? I wonder if I should give that a try …”
    Chaplin: “I think we need to get ourselves a pig like Morty here to knock kibble on the floor for us. If we all go at the spilled kibble at once, Dada won’t stand a chance. Charlee, you tell Dada to get a pig.”
    Charlee: “Why me?”
    Chaplin: “Pfft, we all know you’re Dada’s little Princess and he gives you anything you ask for.”

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  2. Mew mew mew so THAT iss what hapened inn THE Bathroom at Aunty Jen’ss 😉
    Now wee understand!

    An Morty you look furry hansum!
    Ellie yore heelareeus with yore facedownahole!
    An Riley iss lovelee to see you again!!!
    All inn all a guud time.
    Miss Amy yore tussel wtih Morty was purrty funny two~~~
    44 pawss up Lucy fore a GRATE reeport!!
    ****nose bopss**** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

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  3. I am sad to here there are problems but so happy for the gang that you were all ready and able to get there when needed. it looks to me like Mom and her Asisstants are doing a great job with everyone. Morty is adorable, you already know I love the two of you most of all, but there is plenty of love to pass on to Achilles, Ella and Morty

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  4. Hari Om
    It is always sad to read about somepeeps being less than well so I send POTP to all concerned… but meantime, what entertainment you all provided for my very late Saturday night!!! Achilles- watch your paw… ‘s all I’m sayin’! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

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  5. I’m glad you went along with your Mom but I’m sorry to hear about the family ordeal, we’re all sending prayers. Wonderful photos everyone!!!

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