Sunday Selfies Show & Tell

Lucy: Hi, and Happy New Year, friends! *wiggles* When last we met, Mom was going to take me to the Smart Pet store for a new sweater. That was great! So many people pet me while I was there! I got a really pretty sweater too, and it even fits me like it was made for me (but not made by Mom, BOL!). Then I found out I had to pose for a picture. I really don’t like getting my picture made.

Chia: C’mon Lucy, you can do this! I just got lots of pictures taken and it doesn’t hurt a bit. Give Mom a good picture and it’ll all be over and you can go back to doing nothing.

Lucy: *gulp* OK, I’ll try. But it’s hard to look happy like Xena does in her pictures when I’m doin’ something I don’t wanna do.

Lucy: There. I hope everyone can see my pretty new sweater. I’m done.

Mom: No you’re not, sweet girl. Chia photo bombed you.

Chia: I was just giving moral support.

Lucy: Are we done yet?

Chia: Yep, it’s my turn. First, you probably noticed I’m wearing my big girl panties. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to wear them.

I managed to get them off during the night and now there’s blood on the bedsheets and Dad’s underwear. I was laying up against him. Hmmm. I didn’t know that would happen. Xena! Are you back there photo bombing my picture?
So, what I really wanted to tell you is, I got another present, too. Mom decided I needed a new collar after she put my pretty pink collar on me and I made choking sounds, sorta like, “ghagrk.” I’m a big 1 1/2 years old now and I outgrew it. Off we went to the Smart Pet store!

Can you see it? Instead of a bow it has a pretty sunflower on it. And it’s not pink, yay! No, you can’t see it? Well, that’s ok, there’ll be plenty more pictures of me wearing it other days.

Xena: My turn! I got new stairs to be able to get on the bed without hopping up and down asking Mommy to pick me up. Riley’s bed is always on the side where the rug is, and the floor on Mommy’s side is too slippery for me to try to jump up. I wasn’t too sure about these stairs at first. But when treats suddenly appeared on them, I made it the whole way up to the top.

Now the trick is to get back down. Riley’s sleeping on his bed, so I can’t jump down that way. OK, I’m gonna try this…

OK, I think I can do this. One step at a time.

I’m doing it, Mommy!

Chia: Did you see me run up and down and back up the stairs, Mom? I’m so fast, just like the Flash! You probably missed it. That’s OK, I’ll do it again!

The next night….

Xena: Mommy, Mommy, Mommy lift me into bed Mommy.

Mommy: *sigh*

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Riley Paws Says So

Riley: Shhh, everyone take a nap. We need to rest up so we can go to bed early tonight. We want Santa Paws to come.

Xena: Y’all are joking, right?
I mean, why would you have to nap to go to sleep early?

Riley: Because Santa Paws says so.

Santa’s Elf: Wow! That came outa nowhere!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from Santa Paws Riley, his elf, Lucy, Xena and Chia (zzzzz…)

Christmas Week’s Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: The New PJ’s Argument

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Chia: We’re goin’ up North next month, and Mom wanted me to have something warm to wear, so she lengthened something called a pattern that she used to make Xena’s clothes and tailored it just for me. The first problem occurred cutting the plush fleece material. The cut edges shed like a reindeer in the middle of summer so she did a zig zag stitch along the edges. (Do you wanna see me zig zag? I’m good at it!) Then she discovered the material was too thick and her machine wouldn’t sew it. But Mom loves me sooooo much that she sewed it all by hand. That took about 87 hours (that she should have used playing with me!)

She was finally done and it was time for me to try it on.

Seriously? I look like an armadillo. Is this really next Halloween’s costume?
Mom, did you notice one leg is longer than the other? And my hiney is hanging out.
What did I ever do to deserve this. Wait, don’t answer that.

Mom finally had mercy on me and helped me out of it before I chewed my the pajama leg off. I hope I never see that torture thing again!

A very short while later…

Chia: Hey you! Who said you could wear that?

Xena: Mom said it didn’t fit you and you don’t want it. It’s mine now. It sure is cozy warm.

Chia: No! It’s MINE!

Xena: *yawn* I’m so comfy I think I’ll take a nap.

Do you like my new jammies?

I am Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess with Warrior Wolves Jammies.

Giving Thanks for Arty and Adam

We are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

Lucy: We thought a flashback to our Thanksgiving weekend this year would be a good Thankful Thursday story. We told y’all about Arty staying with us Thanksgiving week. His Mom and Dad came to get him that Sunday, and it was chaos. Xena kept barking and I *hangs head* kept asking them to pet me. Riley kept pushing his way in to get pet, and Arty’s Mom looked like she was about to turn around and run back out the door. And Chia, well, was Chia.

Arty: Hi Mom!! Hi Dad!! I’ve had so much fun and am so glad to see you!
Chia: Play with me Arty!! Why aren’t you paying any attention to me?! Grrrarrr!!

Lucy: In any case, we’re all thankful for a new friend, and would welcome Arty back to stay and play any time. (If his mom will bring him!)

You may also remember on Halloween our brother Adam had to go to the hospital emergency room. Turns out he had an ulcer that had been bleeding for months and no one knew. It took it bleeding out and almost killing him for him to admit to everything that had been going on and agreeing to get help. He had to have surgery. It was one scary Halloween!

Mom lived at the hospital with him for a while, until she knew he was going to recover.

Fast forward a month to the Friday after Thanksgiving. Dad knows Adam’s favorite foods, so he went out and bought him a pound of steak and also some shrimp. He even cooked it for Adam. Riley kept watching and saying no way could one person eat all that, and he would be getting a lot of good leftovers, but there weren’t any! Brother Adam ate it all! We knew right then that he was better.

Then on Saturday our brothers Adam and Andrew took our peeps out to Red Lobster.

Adam (left) and Andrew (right) The bag with leftovers are Andrew’s.

We heard they had a great time and Adam didn’t bring home any leftovers from that meal, either.

The home where Brother Adam lives has lifted it’s visitation restrictions, so Mom will be going up to visit this weekend and taking him all the stuff they ordered from Amazon while he was here! Then he’ll be back to stay with us for a long weekend on Christmas. We’re all so thankful that our Adam is well again!

I’ll be back soon reporting on new grooms, that we are also thankful for.

Wags and kisses, Lucy

Arty: Part of the Pack

Arty: Well, I’m still here, so I’m making the best of it. I’ve got my own pack now. Xena’s already explained that she’s in charge. Riley just laughed when she said that. We all ask to go outside a lot. I figured out the doggie door into the dog lot the first day I was here. We go in and out a lot. We all play together, too.

Hey, who’s gonna play with me this time?

Chia: I will! I will! I will!

Arty: OMD! Chia is The Flash! OMD!

Lucy: She’s more like The Blur. C’mon let’s play.

This is Arty, Lucy, and Chia the Flash wishing you a happy weekend.

Thanksgiving Week Visitor

We are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

Hi, I’m Arty. I live just around the corner and up a few houses. I walk past here every day with my Mom and once in a while stop to get my nails cut. Now I’ve been left here. For a day. For more than a day. For ever. I don’t know. I asked Miss Amy to put my bed in the living room facing the door so I can watch for my Mom to come get me. Even when I’m not in my bed I try to keep an eye on that door.

Well, except for when it’s supper time. At least that hasn’t changed. Everyone’s run to the kitchen and I hear bowls banging around and the sound of kibble hitting the bowl. Lucy’s even sliding down off her Dad’s lap to go eat. Well, guess what. I really liked my kibble with yummy soft food mixed in with it. Then I smelled and saw what the dogs who live here eat. Not fair! I tried to eat it too, but they all said NO! That little schnauzer even tensed for battle. So I only ate half of my food last night – I went on a hunger strike. But this morning my tummy was growling so loud it scared me and I gave in and ate my whole breakfast.

Miss Amy said I can have more ‘puter time tomorrow. For now we all want to wish you a Happy Turkey Day. Uh, Miss Amy, where’s the turkey? Shouldn’t I be smelling it by now?

Amy: Don’t worry, Arty. We aren’t having roast turkey today, but I’ve got some ground turkey I’ll cook to put on your kibble tonight. The “boys” are coming over and we’re having eggplant lasagne, homemade cranberry sauce, Tuscan apple cake, challah, and sweet potato pie.

That’s one
thankful turkey!
Happy Thanksgiving
Riley, Lucy, Xena,
Chia and Arty.

I’ll be back soon. I sorta like this blogging thing. *wags* Arty

Natureless Friday

We are joining Arty, Jakey, Rosy and Sunny of the LLB Gang with much thanks for hosting Nature Friday.

Xena: Mommy promised to take pictures of me checking out the huge tomato plants when she got home from work today. I like to stick half my body into the tomato forest and hunt for little red tomatoes. Yummy! It’s only got green ones now, but I’ve heard those are delish sliced and fried in cornmeal. Mmmm. Mommy said she’s not going to try to slice and dip and fry little maters that aren’t much bigger than my nose, BOL! Anyhow, it was starting to rain hard when Mommy got home, and it hasn’t stopped all evening. So. No. Pictures. That’s why we’re having a Natureless Friday.

Chia: Xena! Hey Xena! Look what I found in the recycle bin on the kitchen counter!

Xena: So what? Oooo, you opened someone else’s mail. You could go to jail.

Chia: No, numbnut, come look closer. Just whose mail is this!? Do you see the name right there under $0

Xena: DON’T CALL ME NUM…it’s…it’s got my name on it! It’s my mail! Wowzers! First I make a new texting friend, and now I’m getting my own mail! I need to call them. Has anyone seen where Mommy left her phone?

Chia: I want mail! I want mail! I want mail!

Xena: Look at this! This mail’s for me, too! I can’t believe it!

I’m going to be busy for a while, Chia. I need to answer my mail. Maybe I’ll have even more friends…and maybe they’ll all have treats…

I am Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess with mail

Late Thankful Thursday & World Peace Day

Lucy: We all love our Dad, and are thankful he was here to feed us and take care of us and sleep with us. Uh, or let us sleep with him. I guess it’s the same thing. We surrounded him with love both nights Mom spent in the hospital with our brother Adam.

Xena: We are all thankful that our brother Adam made it through the surgery OK and is in a hospital room recovering. Every day he gets a little better. I sure wouldn’t like to have a hole in my stomach letting icky stuff out into my body or something called an ulcer leaking lots of blood into my stomach. *shiver* He had both those things! That was the scariest Halloween ever for Mommy and Adam. But he’s going to be alright. We want to thank everyone for your prayers and POTP and purrayers and good thoughts and wishes. It all helped!

Riley: I will be super thankful next week when I get the stitches out of my ear and hopefully the ear wrap and the cone of honor removed. Right now I’m thankful for good food and my pack.

Chia: Mom has decided I’m way too thin and has started giving me more food. Yay! Thanks, Mom!

Xena: You oughta be thankful Mom even gives you food after you unstuffed Riley’s bed and Mom’s bed quilt and chewed up the zipper on Daddy’s favorite fleece.
Chia: *Grrr*. You can’t prove any of that!

Lucy: Girls, this seems like a good time to finish up our post with World Peace Day. I’ll start. I think if everyone could just agree to disagree, and to accept each other’s differences, there would be peace in the world.

Chia: Ummm, let me think…I know! If everyone played nice together, there would be peace. So, who wants to play with me?

Xena: I think life would be more peaceful if little sisters didn’t bug their older sisters; if everyone was held and loved; and if everyone’s tummies were full.

Riley: Peace be with you.

Lucy, Xena and Chia in unison: And also with you!

We are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

Sleepy Selfie Sunday: The Couch Slowly Fills

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Lucy taking a lazy Sunday nap.

Chia joins her.

Chia gets her new, organic flea collar on. They both turn around, and Chia decides Lucy is more comfy to lay on than the pillow.

Riley completes the trio.

Happy Sleepy Sunday.

Awww Monday: Final Chapter of Our Visit

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Xena: Thanks for holding me Auntie Jen. You’ve had a busy day and I’m glad to be here for you. Uh, where’s my Uncle Bill? Did Mommy leave my comb so I could look pretty for him?

Lucy: Mmph, mm, mmph. *pushes up head* Ah, I couldn’t talk with you laying on my head, sister. I want to be next to you, Auntie Jen, and cuddle and let you know I love you, too.

Xena: Is it time to eat yet? Where’s my Uncle Bill? Mommy gave him the instructions for feeding me, um, I mean feeding me and Lucy.


Achilles: Ella? Don’t you wanna play with me and Lucy? What’s wrong?

Ella: My back legs hurt. You know, the ones I had surgery on. Mom warned me about running and playing too hard, but I was just so excited that you’re here, Lucy.


Xena: I’m rested and ready to help you with quotes again, Uncle Bill. I think I got us a lot of liver treats yesterday!

Uncle Bill: Yes, well, about that…uh, I think we’re all set with liver treats, and I’ll have them sent to you when they arrive. How about if you just cuddle here on my lap while I work?


Achilles: I love you, Lucy. I want you to live here.

Lucy: I love you too, Achilles. I would stay here with you and your sister Ella, but I can’t ’cause it would break my Dad’s heart. Why don’t you and Ella come home with me? You’d have fun playing with Chia – if you didn’t mind her hanging off your cheek – and we could be together forever.

Achilles: I can’t, my love. Riley and I don’t get along. I can’t stand the thought that he used to be your boyfriend. Grrr.

Lucy: But I never loved him like I love you, honey.

Both: *sigh*

Lucy: Mom and Dad will be here soon. Please ask Auntie Jen and Uncle Bill to bring you to visit me. And take good care of my BFF Ella, please. Bye bye until next time. *smooch*

I’m So Excited!

Lucy: Are we there yet?

Five minutes later...

Xena: I heard Mommy ‘splainin to Uncle Bill all about how to feed me and Lucy. That’s when I realized I was gonna get left! Aghh! After her and Daddy left, I laid by the back door for 87 minutes waiting for her to come back, while the three “biggies” got all the excitement out of themselves.

Uncle Bill works from home, and everyone collapsed in his office. Since I hadn’t been running around like a crazy dog, I was able to help Uncle Bill with his work.

Uncle Bill even texted Mommy to let her know how great I was helping him with quotes on Dell products. Let’s see, I think this one could sell for about a gazilion liver treats. I love my Uncle Bill. Hmmm. Maybe it won’t be so bad being here for a few days after all…as long as I get to cuddle with him all night.

To be continued…

Riley’s Vet Visit and Chia Working for Mom

Riley: I can’t believe Mom Amy and Dad Jeff up and left again. Wednesday they took me to the new vet and left me all day. I was on my best behavior this time and everyone was super nice to me. They even helped me relax and take a little nap while I was there.

Chia: I wondered where you were. What happened?

Riley: When I woke up Wednesday morning after having a rough night with “the runs,” my left ear flap was swollen up like a balloon. I found out after the folks picked me up from the vet hospital late on Wednesday that it was something called a hematoma. While I was napping, the doc drained all the extra blood out of my ear flap and strapped my ears down to the side of my head. She said both my ears have fungal and bacteria infections and I must have hit something hard with my head when I was shaking my ears. They cleaned out my ears and put medicine in them while I had my nap, too. I found out they also stole some of my blood to send off to the the labs. If I catch those labradores, they’re in big trouble. But they must be smart dogs, cause they’re gonna let us know if I have heartworms, why my abdomen is so big, why the lymp nodes on my back legs are swollen (I don’t limp), why I had liquid poop, and if it would be safe for me to come back next week and take an even longer nap. I might have to do that if my ear flap swells up again. So where’s Mom Amy and Dad Jeff, and where’s Lucy and Xena?

Chia: I heard something about an anniversary trip. Mom took Lucy – my best buddy – with her. And she took Xena – my second best buddy and the only dog in the house who can make Alexa obey her.

And she took the laptop with her. So I’m gonna try to get on the work ‘puter as Mom. I can pound on that keyboard type really fast. Then she will get paid for working while she’s gone. And I’ll (hopefully) get more treats. Pretty smart, huh? But I’m gonna take a work nap first.

Riley: Did someone say it’s nap time?

Lucy: Are we there yet?

To be continued…

Thankful for a Playful Riley Thursday

Today we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

I am very thankful that Chia has brought out the playful puppy in our 11-year-old senior citizen, Riley. With no more pain in his ears, his eye ordeal over and won, a big change in his diet (Healthy Kitchen Human Grade dog food), a regular routine, his own pack, and a one-year-old pup who wants him to play, he is so much healthier and happier. We love our big sweet boy.

Lucy the Referee

Today we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday. Thanks, Brian! And I am so thankful for my sisters and brother. Lucy

As you know, I have a career as Zen Dog in Mom’s Grooming Business, and Ace Reporter, mostly reporting on Mom’s grooms. Hmm, this seems to have a pattern to it. I also tried my paw at modeling, but I’m not super crazy about getting my picture done, so that didn’t work out very well. However, I may be adding to my resume the title of Referee.

You’ve watched me play with the new pup, Chia. And you’ve seen Xena play with Chia. These events took a few weeks to happen, but weren’t totally unexpected. What was unexpected is who played with this little pup with no boundaries next. When I saw 11-year-old, almost 80 pound Riley go into the play position with Chia, I thought, uh oh, someone needs to monitor this.

Lucy: No hard biting or squishing or grabbing of personal parts.
Chia: I’m gonna get you!
Riley: Mmm, keep scratching my face with those little teeth. It feels good.
Riley: Are we fighting or kissing?
Lucy: I think Chia’s got this.
Riley: Ow! You’re gonna get it now.
Lucy: Riley, don’t hurt her.
Chia: Get away Lucy! I’ve got this!
Riley: Ya think so?
Lucy: One…two…
Riley: I let you up little dog. Do your worst.
Chia: Why don’t you lay down on your back when I do this?
Lucy: Match over and it’s a tie!

Xena and Chia Playing

Wednesday, Lucy and Chia got the entire post. Today is my turn. I know at first I was pretty mean to Chia, but you’ve gotta understand, I had to teach her some boundaries and make sure she understands who is in charge. Lately, it’s been said around the house that Chia has brought out the puppy in me again. Well, I guess it’s possible to be a four-year-old puppy, right? However, I am secretly practicing pretend submission in case I ever need it, as well as honing up on my Warrior Schnauzer Princess skills.

Chia: OK, so here’s how we’re gonna play…

Riley: Hmm, I can’t wait to see what happens next.
Xena: Bwahahahaha. So you think that you can set down the rules? Bwahahahahahaha.

Xena: That’s right, head over my shoulder, then step to the side. Be sure to cross your legs. This is how you dance.

Chia: I don’t wanna dance. I wanna wrestle! Gotcha! Now I’m gonna flip you on your back.

Xena: *thinking* That’s it. I’m playing dead.

Chia: OMD! Did I kill her? C’mon XeXe, wake up! Please don’t be dead.

Xena: I’m not dead, you fool. But come any closer and I might hurt you.

Chia: Can we play again?

Xena: Sure, let’s play “dance”.

And on it went. For an hour. Or maybe 87 minutes.

When Your Son Comes Home with a Dog

6:30 a.m. today

Jeff: Amy, I was meditating downstairs and I started hearing a dog whine. It kept getting louder. Come down and see if you hear it.

Jeff and Amy standing downstairs while Amy tries to not tell her husband she thinks he’s hearing things.

Amy: I’ll take a look outside. Begins to walk through the groom room and sees a dog in the kennel. She walks upstairs and wakes up son.

Amy: Andrew, do you know anything about the dog that’s in my grooming kennel this morning?

Andrew: *yawn* I’m keeping her there until I can figure out what to do with her. She’s only 10 months old and she poops in the house and chews up things. Followed by long explanation.

Amy: No you’re not. I’m going to clean out Xena’s nice kennel upstairs for her. Then we’ll start working on housebreaking her and she can go out in the dog lot to play. When we can’t watch her closely she can stay in Xena’s kennel in the living room. I’ll get the stuffies out of it first.

Meet and Greet

Chica (orignally named Chico, but we changed it since she’s a girl) did her business outside and is ready to play!

The girls were still trying to sort out why this new pup is here and what to do about it. They all went back out a few minutes later and played in earnest. They haven’t had this much exercise in a while. Chica went into Xena’s open kennel and is taking a nap in her own bed. We are guessing she’s a jack russel terrier terrier/dachsund mix. Her body is way too long for just a terrier. She’s good natured, willing to submit to both Lucy and Xena, and full of energy.

Who knows where this will all end…in the meantime, we’re hoping for the best with her. (Stay in a little kennel by herself downstairs indeed! Not on my watch!!)

A Shared Sunday Selfie (or Riley’s Revenge)

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

Lucy: Mom, could I do the Sunday Selfie today? Please? I’ve been a good girl all week, and I’ll pose real pretty.

Hey, wait, what’s Riley doing there behind me?

Dagnabbit! Get outa my selfie, Riley!

Riley: You photo bombed my selfie. (See here.) Fair’s fair.

Riley: Ahhh, I finally got my selfie.

Wordless Wednesday Sisters Video

Thanks to Comedy Plus 
for hosting Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

Lucy: Right from the first time I met baby Xena, I was so happy to have a sister. We played a lot, inside and outside.

This video was taken when she was still a puppy in 2017. We still run together and play outside every chance we get.

Happy Saint Patricks Day, my friends! May the road rise to meet you and may the wind be always at your back…and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

XOX Lucy


Xena: My Daddy is my only Valentine, so Mommy helped me and Lucy make him a card.

We’re going to print it to give it to him, maybe with one of the cookies Mommy made for us and our friends.

Lucy: Xena, I know you mean well, and even though the cookies are made with yummy stuff that he could eat, I really don’t think Dad wants dog cookies.

Xena: Phtthh.
Anyhow, Mommy made cookies to send to Achilles, Ella, and Morty the pig — if they want to share with the pig. One broke, so we got to taste test them. Mmmmm. Cheesy goodness. We heard that Ella loves cheese. Well, who doesn’t, right? Then we made a card to go in the package with the cookies that we’re mailing. I wrote a note on the back, too.

Lucy: I made a special card just for my special guy, Achilles, that’s going in with the cookies too. I sure hope he likes it. I wrote a note on the back of mine to Achilles, too.

We hope you have a good Valentine’s Day and get lots of love and treats.

XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO from Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess