A Dog and Her Bone

Chia: Xena thinks that’s her bone. It’s not!

I got it!

Where’d she go?

Uh oh, I think I hear Riley coming. He always wants my bones.

He passed right by the couch and so did everyone else, heading for the door.

Now I can safely lay in a sun puddle with my stuffies, my blanket and my bone!

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Fun with Freestyle

Me and Mommy are having so much fun going to practice our dancing on Sundays. We’re getting our moves and routines together to go get our Title 4 in Cleveland, Ohio in June. I think Mommy still has a lot of work to do. Here is what we’re going to do at the beginning. First, we walk in and Mommy honors the pretend judges and audience. Then we get set up to start. Then we start our Freestyle dance.

After that we worked on our ending. Yep, it needs more work…

We went to our class again today and changed up some things to look better and fit the timing better. Just wait til you see us dancing at the Titling Event in June!

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Xena Schnauzer Dancing Princess

Riley on Happy Tuesday

Hey there. This is Riley. I’ve had a bit of a hard time this month. Mom Amy got a new product to rub on my “lower” tummy to try to help it feel and be better. Besides, she can’t stand the sound of me licking and chewing on it. “Riley! Stop doing that!” That’s what I kept hearing from the other room at the far end of the house. I think she has superman or vampire hearing. I hope it’s superman. Anyhow, I started getting the squirts. Bad. And I started throwing up clear liquid. At least it wasn’t my food coming up. It was all shooting out the other end!

Then came the starvation diet. No food for 87 hours. Then just rice and pumpkin. Then half portions of my regular food. I’m normally — yes, I’ll admit it — a picky eater. By this time I was waiting to see if Chia left any of her veggies in her bowl that I might scarf up! Since my head’s almost as big as her whole body (OK, I exagerate) she started backing away and saying, “Here you go Riley, uh, help yourself.” Unfortunately, Mom Amy was right there stopping me. Strangely enough, I stopped itching during this time. And I never actually felt bad, except when the cramping hit. I still played and went for walks and bugged Dad Jeff for my nightly walk and gave a lot of happy tail wags!

Anyhoo, I got back on my regular Honest Kitchen beef nuggets diet, and all was well. Until I started itching again. Until Mom Amy put more of that medicine on my itchy area. Until I started squirting from the nether regions again. Dad Jeff was taking me out every time I asked and he started seeing bright red blood in the squirts. That went on for over a day, and that’s when I was stuck in the car and taken to the vet’s. It was a different vet ’cause our regular vet was full. It was a vet my Dad Andrew had taken me to years ago and we both liked them. I got to stay a while cause Mom Amy had to go to work. They ran some tests and x-rays and stuck that glass stick up my butt. And you know what? I didn’t fight them or scream or complain or threaten them, I just wagged my tail. They said I was the best boy ever! Mom just looked at them like they had grown horns and tails when they told her that. Then she explained how I normally act at the vet’s. (We won’t go into that!) I just looked at them and wagged my tail some more, like, “Don’t listen to her.”

So now I’m on metronidazole and just finished my low-dose opium drug. *wags* That’s good shi…uh…stuff. No more blood and no more squirts. No more itchies and my ears are better, too. I feel really, really good right now. *wags* And I’m very, very happy about that…

Just sleepy…*little wag* Oh look..my reindeer’s snoozin’ with me. His name’s..uh, name’s… Zzzzzzzzzzzz

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Mom Amy’s notes: So, is his itching caused by any allergy to beef? I’ll have to try changing his diet, but I won’t change the brand, since it is the only human grade dog food I can find, so… I may be cooking for the big boy until things other than beef and chicken come back in stock.
Was his “squirts” caused by what I rubbed on his tummy? Probably, so sure won’t do that again.”
Did the antibiotics clear up his ears? If so, it was within a day, which would be odd. Or was it, again, an allergic reaction to the beef in his diet, which he wasn’t getting both times during his “squirts.” During both those times– the first without any meds — his ears and lower belly cleared up. So, probably. So now the search for non-beef Honest Kitchen dog food begins. (In the meantime I really am cooking for him and he’s licking his bowl clean!)

Grooming: Caesar and Rusty

Ace Reporter Lucy here today on the Groom Beat.

There’s an old saying, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Today, however, I have a story for you about how good begets good. Let’s start at the beginning…

Our pastor put out an email asking if anyone could help one of the members by taking her a meal while her husband was out of town. She had recently been in the hospital with an injury and was having trouble getting around. Because Mom has never done this, she decided it was about time she stepped up. The member (let’s just call her M.A. for short) lives very close to Mom and Dad’s favorite Mexican restaurant, so Mom called and asked M.A. what she would like. After picking up the order and finding M.A.’s house Mom was greeted at the door by two sweet pups. (You knew dogs had to be involved, right?) Mom and M.A. settled in to visit for a while with Mom on the floor petting the dogs. Toward the end of the visit, M.A. said she sure wished she had someone who could groom her dogs. She was very excited when Mom revealed that besides working as the Office Manager in a Jewish synagogue, she is, in fact, a dog groomer. M.A. immediately made an appointment for her daughter or grandson to bring her two pups that coming Saturday.

Here’s Caesar, who is a 14 year old long-haired dachshund, doesn’t show his age at all. Here he is before his groom.

Caesar is a very good boy, but he doesn’t like his picture taken. Groomer Mom must have taken a dozen or more shots and finally gave up with the one below after his groom. Groomer Mom asked me to add that she didn’t cut the top part of his face hair at all, but after seeing the picture realized she could have blended it with her thinning shears to look better.

When he got home to his mom, she texted to say how much she loved his cut and that it was the best groom he’s ever had. Caesar will definitely be coming back!

Next up is his nine year old brother Rusty. Rusty supposedly has lab and poodle in him. He and Caesar were both rescues, so it’s hard to say for sure. Rusty has an auto-immune disease, and was recently diagnosed with diabetes, for which he gets daily injections.

Rusty is now the tallest dog Groomer Mom has as a client since Aoife moved to Denver, but he still fit just fine in the grooming sink. He’s a real sweet boy, even though he’s a bit “busy” on the table. Here he is post groom.

Excuse me Miss Groomer, there is a hair sticking up on my nose.

Groomer Mom corrected those misbehaving hairs on Rusty’s nose before he went home. We look forward to seeing Caesar and Rusty back again in a few weeks.

Lucy, signing off with thanks to Comedy Plus for hosting Happy Tuesday.

Waiting for Mom and a New Groom

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Xena: We’re still waiting for Mommy to come home. She’s still at the hospital with our brother Adam. We haven’t seen her since Sunday morning. We are all going to be sooooo happy when she walks through that door. It’s true, she sent instructions to Daddy about how to feed each one of us, and what supplements or medicines we get, and how to cut the aloe plant and who gets it rubbed on their poor tummies. He’s trying really hard. We even saw the email she sent him saying, “Now, don’t you wish you had let me teach you how to feed them their raw diets?” And we all curled up tight next to him in bed last night.
Anyhoo, I guess — no, I know — we’re all very happy that Daddy is still here with us. Lucy, haven’t you been wanting to introduce a new groom?

Lucy Ace Reporter here with another episode of Grooming with Mom

Today I want to introduce our newest groom, Katie. Katie is a peach-colored miniature poodle. Her 5th birthday is coming up this month. Groomer Mom loves doing the poodle cut, and only has one other pooch she can subject to this, so she was tickled to get this pretty girl in for a groom. Katie’s Mom asked for what Groomer Mom refers to as a modified puppy cut. Groomer Assistant Dad was recruited to hold Katie while she had her front paws shaved and nails cut. Groomer Mom is quoted as saying, “He’s extremely good with the dogs.”

Since Katie was not in bad shape to begin with, there is no “before” picture. Here she is after her groom.

We want to thank Lily Parker’s Mom for the referral! If you missed Lily, you’ll get to see a real before picture by clicking here. I also want to report that Lily has been back twice since her initial groom in August. She was still covered in fleas, but her Mom’s working on that, and ordered the special collar her excellent groomer told her to get after the first visit! After her last groom, her Mom texted Groomer Mom: “Perfect! I really love the way you do her cut. Keeps her looking like a sweet little baby pup!” Groomer Mom said it made fighting all those fleas worth it.

Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with a promise to keep you updated on our brother Adam’s progress.

Riley Gives 4 Paws Up for His New Dry Food

We are happy to join The Cat on My Head for Sunday Selfies.

As many of you know, I choose to feed raw meat, as well as fresh fruit and lightly steamed veggies to my pups. Chia has successfuly – and joyfully – switched over, also.

Then there’s Riley. He looked longingly at the other dogs’ bowls as I placed his bowl of kibble on the floor. Technically, he is my son Andrew’s dog. Andrew is not in a situation where he can keep Riley right now, and probably not for the foreseeable future. We had Riley before he became Andrew’s dog, and we continue to love him more and more as each year passes – he’s a 75 pound 11-year-old. But, eventually, RiBoy will go back to living with Andrew. The two of them are closely bonded. Anyhow, if we switched Riley to raw now, he would not to continue on that diet.

We always want the best for him, things that can continue after he moves out again. So what to do about his food?

When my sister-in-law was here visiting this summer with her daughter and dog, I took a good look at the bag of dog food she brought.

This intrigued me, so I went to their website. I learned that the food was never cooked at a high temperature (it also says this on the back of the package, below. High cooking temps are a big contributor to cancer. There were a few ingredients I didn’t recognize, so I researched them, and they’re all good.

On the website I learned they only use human grade ingredients, and test batches by tasting them. Yes, the people eat the dog food!

So, now you know what Riley eats. He loves it. And it doesn’t bother me if one of the other pups eat a few chunks of his food. I couldn’t believe I had never heard of this food before!

After a couple of weeks of this, he began eyeing the fresh food that Lucy, Xena and Chia were eating, and looked a bit sad. So I began adding some “extras.” Fresh broccoli, homemade sauerkraut and beef bone broth, greens, carrots, greens beans, etc. There were a few he didn’t care much for at first; it took him a little time to get used to them. Now, he looks for what is hidden in amongst the other food and gobbles it all down together. Until I got this Honest Kitchen dog food, Riley never, ever cleaned his bowl, no matter what was added to it.

So, along with this new, healthy diet, becoming part of a pack, and the addition of 1-year-old Chia, Riley’s puppy side has once again emerged.

I want to add that I am not being paid or given anything for this post. I care, so I’m spreading the word. Let me know if you try it! Oh, and I just learned that the company is adding cat food, made with the same integrity, to their line of products.

Happy Tuesday to you!

Mom’s Trip Part 1: Parrot Mountain

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Lucy: Our Mom’s home! (So’s Dad.) Dad got home Saturday afternoon in plenty of time to feed us our supper. Mom had everything all pre-made with instructions of what to add. He did a good job…16 paws up. (Me, Xena, Chia and Riley). In fact, he did a good job every morning and night until Mom finally got home around noon on Monday, just in time for our mid-day snacks. Great planning, Mom!

Today Mom wants us to share with you one of the highlights of her trip — Parrot Mountain and Gardens just outside of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It is a peaceful Bible-inspired garden & parrot preserve offering chances to interact with rare birds. Many of the birds are given to the preserve when their owners are either too old to care for them or by their estate once their mom or dad have crossed the rainbow bridge. Others are hatched there and raised by their own moms!

The weather has been very hot with almost 100% humidity. That, along with the fronds and trees and all the other greenery and the many birds who had their freedom to sit in trees and pn perches gave the illusion of being in the Amazon where many of them originated.

This Blue and Gold Macaw and Red and Green Macaw are two of the handsome birds who reside here. Can you guess which is which, BOL?

Some posts had the words, “Birds bite, do not touch.” Everyone was supposed to leave those birds alone except to just stop and look at them. For the rest, you could offer your hand or arm for the bird to step on if they wanted. Some did, others had had enough of it for the day.

This pretty Macaw liked Mom’s friend, who we will call “Rhonda.”

Xena: Why are we “calling” her “Rhonda?” That’s her name.

Lucy: Can you just go with it for once, Xe? It’s a literary style I’m trying!
Where was I? Oh, yes. This bird – whose name is Rosy – decided she wanted the clasp on “Rhonda’s” pack.

Every time Mom tried to get Rosy to step onto her hand, Rosy bit at her. It seemed “Rhonda” was going to have to surrender her pack! Then, she got the idea to turn the pack around…

She finally got the clasp away from Rosy and returned her to her own perch.

This yellow parrot was a friendly bird, but didn’t want held.

This Macaw had fluffed up all his feathers. I think this is where the phrase, “Don’t get your feathers ruffled” comes from!

That’s it for today. We’ll be back on Nature Friday with Rosy and the Gang with more pictures and stories from Mom’s visit to Parrot Mountain and Gatlinburg.

Love and wags, Lucy and Xena

Pee Ess: This is for everyone who came here to see us, not birds. Xena

Xena and Lucy

Happy Tuesday Riley Update

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Riley had his one week recheck after his eye surgery. Lucy explained the best she could about how the veterinary ophthamologist removed some of his inner eyelid and sewed it with the tiniest of stitches over the large and deep ulcer eating away at his right eye. We’ve noticed over the past week that the yellow puss has all but disappeared and he has been keeping his eye open more, which means that the new antibiotics are also working, and it isn’t hurting much.

First the really gross picture, so you may want to just jump over this one if you are squeamish.

Riley’s right eye is all red – even the colored part – because of the overlay of the thin film of blood vessel-filled sheath that is sewn onto it. The job of this sheath is two-fold: 1. protect the eye, and 2. carry the healing medicine via blood to the eye.

We can also tell he is feeling better because he has started to play again. He is interested in his reindeer stuffie again, as well as the chew bones laying around the house.

We had to laugh at him standing up with a bone perched on the end of his cone, much like this picture of him laying down with the same thing going on. No one’s getting that bone from him without getting caught in his big cone. He has actually caught Lucy in it this past week and backed her through the kitchen. Yes, our boy is feeling better.

The specialist said his cone can come off in two weeks and his re-check is in three weeks. I feel like I can breathe again. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers and concern. It has meant so much.

Amy, aka The Mom

Happy Xena Tuesday

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One day last week me and Lucy followed our peeps bro Andrew outside. Mommy didn’t miss me until she heard me out front barking at an interloper walking past our house. She started calling me, but couldn’t find me anywhere until she looked out the front door. I ran in when she called, and I got lots of “good girl’s.” I don’t know why I got good girls, but along with them came a super good treat, so I’m not going to ask why. Treats make me happy.

Today we were headed out for a walk, and I hadn’t gotten my hated harness on yet when I made a dash for the yucca plant. If there’s one thing I love (and there’s lots!) it’s hunting small critters. That makes me super happy! Here’s how it started:

And suddenly I, the mighty [lizard] hunter, sighted my prey:

Do you see my happy indicator going? Now y’all know what I was doing out front by myself last week! That sly lizard is still there, so I will have another go at him soon.

I am Xena the Mighty Hunter Schnauzer

Wordless Wednesday Sisters Video

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Lucy: Right from the first time I met baby Xena, I was so happy to have a sister. We played a lot, inside and outside.

This video was taken when she was still a puppy in 2017. We still run together and play outside every chance we get.

Happy Saint Patricks Day, my friends! May the road rise to meet you and may the wind be always at your back…and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

XOX Lucy

Happy Simchat Torah

Our Mom is home today because it is a Jewish holiday and the office is closed.

Happy Simchat Torah, everyone!

Xena: What’s Simchat Torah?

Riley: We don’t know, your Mom just told us to say it. Did you get that guttural c h sound right? Keep looking at the camera – we haven’t gotten our posing payment yet.

Xena: What’s gutteral?

Riley: Just pretend like you’re trying to dislodge a piece of food from your throat. If you can’t do that, then just say happy Shemini Atzeret .

Xena: Oh, Mom, Mom, Mom. I think Riley just swore.

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Lucy Celebrates Rocktoberfest

I got to go to Rocktoberfest on the very first day with Mom and Dad. Just me! Mom says please forgive the shadow–the day was sunny and warm with a nice breeze, and Mom got in the way of the sun.

We walked the trails, up and down stairs, through fat man’s squeeze, and saw some strange things, like this fellow here.

This is a gnome. He was distracted and didn’t see us.

Along the trail, I posed on this hard block shelf in a cutout in the mountain.

Then I decided it was time to keep exploring.

Which way now?

It was time to take a drink and snack break. Mom shared her pork and sauerkraut with me, and let me taste her locally brewed Rocktoberfest beer.

I didn’t like it very much, so I decided to stick with water.

But do you know the very best part of Rocktoberfest?

Everybody asked if they could pet me. And they did! And they told me how beautiful I am and sweet, too. I had to keep apologizing for hitting them with my tail; I just couldn’t help it cause I was so happy!

With wags and wiggles and smiles, I am Lucy the happy Rocktoberfest dog.

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