We Lost a Friend

Roxie was one special Cairn Terrier girl. She lived with her Mom and Dad within a short walking distance of us, and her Mom brought her here to be groomed about every 3 months. First, though, Roxie would take a dose of something to calm her nerves about getting groomed, especially having her nails cut. I would often sit next to the grooming table and send Zen thoughts her way. Roxie started coming to us way back in 2013, when she was six.

This picture is when she was about 10. She was so happy to be going home, and had already gotten her beard wet from getting a drink of water.

Mom always gave her a scissor cut, which takes longer and left more time for her and Roxie’s Mom to visit. Roxie’s Mom always had lots of good stories to share, and sometimes brought homemade goodies for them to eat. (I never got any.)

Roxie’s almost 12 in this picture.

Sometimes Roxie would be out in the front yard when Mom took me and Xena for a walk past her house. She would always come over, wagging her tail to say hello and wassup? After a few minutes of visiting she would return to her house and we would return to ours.

We could see her going downhill. She lost a lot of weight and just looked old. In this last picture, her Mom had said to just trim everything short so Roxie didn’t have to keep getting her face washed (like Xena does).

We loved Roxie, and are so sad she had to leave us. POTP for her Mom and Dad.

“A house without a dog is not a home.”

Rest in peace, sweet girl, and please give Angel Lexi our love when you get to the other side of the bridge. She’s probably in the “Oz” section.

Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

28 thoughts on “We Lost a Friend

  1. Wee furry sorry to reed ’bout Roxie goin to Purr Land to bee with ‘angelss’ Lexi an Unkell Siddhartha Henry an so many otherss. Roxie sure was a furry purrty doggie…..iss sorta like you lost a Sistur mee thinkss….
    Wee sorry….. 😦
    **purrss** an ~~head rubss~~ BellaDharma~~ an {{huggiess}} LadyMew too

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  2. This is Roxie’s Mom. I am overwhelmed with all your kindness. Roxie was one of those dogs who was a character right off the bat. If she was a person she would have been Betty White in a bedazzled track suit, a bad perm, who drank whiskey, smoked cigarettes, cussed and played cards. I always swore she was one of my husband’s or my great aunts reincarnated. She could look at you and you knew what she was thinking. She loved other dogs, kids of any age and never did anything she didn’t want to. If we went on a walk and she wasn’t in the mood she would lay down and not move. She loved running through cornfields (in our home state of Illinois), a good mud puddle and a nap in the grass under a shade tree. She loved wearing dog clothes. She rang bells hanging on the door when she wanted out. She loved road trips. She was super smart and learned commands easily but only performed if she was in the mood. She loved her humans fiercely. We learned she had a membrane like tumor covering her insides last summer. There was nothing that could be done and sweet Dr. Lindsay at Main Street Pet Wellness traveled our sad journey with us. She lasted 9 months. She was a great girl!!

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  3. Run free precious Roxie…what a beautiful lady. I am so sorry about your friend’s passing
    My long time friend and her family have had three Cairn Terriers. Currently they are owned by MacGyver…Gyvie for short. When we visit them Gyvie sleeps outside our bedroom door.
    When we open it that sweet little Cairn tail nearly wags off.

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