Giving Thanks for Arty and Adam

We are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

Lucy: We thought a flashback to our Thanksgiving weekend this year would be a good Thankful Thursday story. We told y’all about Arty staying with us Thanksgiving week. His Mom and Dad came to get him that Sunday, and it was chaos. Xena kept barking and I *hangs head* kept asking them to pet me. Riley kept pushing his way in to get pet, and Arty’s Mom looked like she was about to turn around and run back out the door. And Chia, well, was Chia.

Arty: Hi Mom!! Hi Dad!! I’ve had so much fun and am so glad to see you!
Chia: Play with me Arty!! Why aren’t you paying any attention to me?! Grrrarrr!!

Lucy: In any case, we’re all thankful for a new friend, and would welcome Arty back to stay and play any time. (If his mom will bring him!)

You may also remember on Halloween our brother Adam had to go to the hospital emergency room. Turns out he had an ulcer that had been bleeding for months and no one knew. It took it bleeding out and almost killing him for him to admit to everything that had been going on and agreeing to get help. He had to have surgery. It was one scary Halloween!

Mom lived at the hospital with him for a while, until she knew he was going to recover.

Fast forward a month to the Friday after Thanksgiving. Dad knows Adam’s favorite foods, so he went out and bought him a pound of steak and also some shrimp. He even cooked it for Adam. Riley kept watching and saying no way could one person eat all that, and he would be getting a lot of good leftovers, but there weren’t any! Brother Adam ate it all! We knew right then that he was better.

Then on Saturday our brothers Adam and Andrew took our peeps out to Red Lobster.

Adam (left) and Andrew (right) The bag with leftovers are Andrew’s.

We heard they had a great time and Adam didn’t bring home any leftovers from that meal, either.

The home where Brother Adam lives has lifted it’s visitation restrictions, so Mom will be going up to visit this weekend and taking him all the stuff they ordered from Amazon while he was here! Then he’ll be back to stay with us for a long weekend on Christmas. We’re all so thankful that our Adam is well again!

I’ll be back soon reporting on new grooms, that we are also thankful for.

Wags and kisses, Lucy

34 thoughts on “Giving Thanks for Arty and Adam

  1. It sounds like a Thanksgiving with much to be thankful for. As for Arty, I think it is great that your pack is so flexible and welcoming. A. Neighbor’s pit bull jumped our fence a few times, visited out back yard, and made use of the dog door to come in the house. My pups were scared, but I declared Roscoe a new friend and treated him well until his family came over to fetch him. After several times, I think that my pack was scared and jealous! They never warmed up to the Roscoe but I did. He tried to chase the cats, but left the dogs alone.

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      1. My pups were pretty intimidated. At first the owner was puzzled – Roscoe must have been interested in my dogs. By the second retrieval he changed his tune to “He’s here to see YOU!” Whatever; it was a beginning of a family friendship of sorts.

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  2. What a wonderful Thankful concerning Adam. Scary and I’m happy he’s fine now and has his appetite back. Sorry you didn’t get any bites though. Not right.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches all around. ♥

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  3. HURRAH!!! Mistur AAdam wee are so-o reeleeved you made it thru surgery an gotteed bettur an are eatin efurrything you can!!! Keep on ‘keepin on’ OKay?? Here’ss sum xtra POTP just inn case!
    An Chia try to bee calm…Arty will come back sumtime to vissit you….if mee were there mee wuud give you a ‘run fore yore $money4’ mew mew mew…
    ***purrss*** an ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~ an <e BellaSita Mum

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    1. I would chase you all through the house and up and over furniture and under beds and round and round, Miss BellaDharma. Then we could turn around and you could chase me! Wouldn’t that be a blast? XOXOXO Chia

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  4. Yay for Adam getting better and for your mama helping him through it all. Mom admires his appetite so much. She always wishes to eat more than she usually can, but her tummy gets full too fast. She is envious of people who can eat and eat. Adam is her idol!

    Love and licks,

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  5. This is a great report on Adam and so happy he is doing well. I would love to have seen the chaos when Arties mom showed up… happy chaos is what i am thinking. good news you could go out to eat with your sons. Happy Holidays to all of you

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