Grooming with Mom on Thankful Thursday: Moe

Lucy, Ace Reporter on the Groom Beat

Hello friends! We had a slow grooming weekend, but we do have one new client. Moe is the not-biological brother to Chub, who I reported on last Thursday. We are told that Moe was here once before, but the Groomer has no records or recollection of it. It’s like her memory was wiped….*scary music.*

Moe is some sort of terrier mix. By his looks, we would guess that he’s part yorkie because of his coloring. His dad usually shaves him, but his mom wanted him to have a “professional groom.” He really didn’t look bad when he got here, so no “before” picture was taken. Here is Moe, groomed and waiting on his dad.

Wishing everyone a good day and weekend coming up. Lucy, Ace Reporter signing off with love, licks and wags.

We are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it!

24 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom on Thankful Thursday: Moe

  1. Lulu: “Hello Moe! Looking sharp! Hey our Mama does our Dada’s hair with clippers ever since this whole pandemic thing started, kind of like how Moe’s dad does his fur. I wonder if that means Dada has fur instead of hair.”
    Charlee: “Whatever it is, I hear he hasn’t got as much of it as he used to.”

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    1. Xena: BOL! Don’t you know, Lulu, that some dogs have hair, not fur? Take me for instance. Schnauzers have hair. That’s why we need bathed *shudder* weekly instead of just whenever. We hear that poodles have hair too. Maybe your dad is one of those breeds.
      Lucy: Uh, Xena, their Dad is a person.
      Xena: Charlee, did your Mom “scalp” him with the clippers like what sometimes happens on dogs’ chests cause the hair grows the opposite direction? Gotta go now before Lucy tries to correct me again.


  2. If I had a pup and I were close to you you’d be grooming my pup. You do a fabulous job. What a little cutie pie he is too.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to your furbabes. ♥

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