Xena and the Pie Lady

Hi friends, it’s me, Xena. It’s poetry Thursday and we’re joining Angel Sammy with another great picture deserving another great poem! Click here to go to the blog of Two Spoiled Cats and you, too, can join in the fun.

Here’s the picture Angel Sammy gave us, and I managed to jump into the picture, too!

The Mean Pie Lady by Xena

She’s big and she’s mean
And I just wanna scream,
“Help me Mommy, please help me, please!”
She’s goin’ for Chia, whose loud growls shook the trees.

“Hey lady,” yelled Mommy, “you’d best put that down.
No one hurts my babies, no one in this town!”
Then Mom stomped her foot and gave her “that look.”
Mean Lady stepped back and her whole body shook.

“I just came to ask you a question,” she lied.
“I’m baking and would you all like a pie?”
A pie would be good, and so would a flan.
But none of us ever saw her again!

25 thoughts on “Xena and the Pie Lady

  1. Well Done Mama! I am happy she saved you from the rolling pin. she was Just In Time! I have a rolling pin like this one, it was my mothers and her mothers.

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  2. What a PURRFECT poem!!! YAY for Mom coming to save the day – that’s what Moms do isn’t it. Thanks for joining us in poetry fun on Thursdays – we LOVE to see what people write to go with the photos. FUN!

    Hugs, Teddy

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