Oz was almost real

Me and Karley

Me and Karley

March 3, 2012
Hello again, my adoring fans. In my last entry I mentioned the fun Pedi cab ride I was about to take to promote the Wizard of Oz. Well, wouldn’t you know, tornadoes started ripping through town, and there I am out with my newest Dorothy, thinking I am about to get blown all the way to Oz!! We went in a restaurant (yes, I said WE went in a restaurant – a lifelong dream of mine – and walked around and nobody even cared that I, a dog, was there. The smells about drove me mad, but I managed to retain my professional composure and didn’t beg or steal anyone’s food. Meanwhile, Mom was in the basement where she worked, just like in Oz when everyone went in the storm shelter. People still on the street kept looking at the skies and saying, “How did you manage the weather?” to my Dorothy. It was pretty cool.

Lexi, still in Tennessee

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