Santa and Me

gracie-with-santaWoof! This is Gracie. I got to sit on Santa’s lap and whisper in his ear exactly what I want for Christmas. No lists that first go through elf hands for this pup! Santa said no problem, but that I would have to wait until the end of next week for my present. That’s ok, I can wait. Oh, and I have a personal message  straight from Santa to pass on to you:

Yes, pups and kitties, there really is a Santa Paws!

Merry Christmas to all my new friends.

Love, Gracie.

29 thoughts on “Santa and Me

    1. 🙂 Aw, thanks, Ms. Monika. I’m going to get my wish, I know I am. Shelby’s Mom figured out I am something called an Imperial Shih tzu. I am still tired from panting the whole way back from our trip to Indiana, so I a going to take another nap now. ~Gracie

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  1. Nice to meet you Gracie! You have already had adventures with Auntie Amy, the church ans now Santa. How did Santa smell, I have never seen him, eventhough he lives in Finland. You look very comfy with Santa, I am sure he likes all of us, I mean anipals.
    Have a joyful Christmas with Auntie Amy`s family!
    a cat in faraway Finland.

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  2. Oh that is such a wonderful photo… and you had the direct line to Santa that way…. I bet he will bring all the things you want and he enjoyed the time with you so much that he has your house as the first on his list ;o) Merry Christmas…

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  3. Gracie, you are a wee one. Are you a pup? You know what….we think you are a little charmer. You say there really is a Sandy Paws….I believe you and am trying to be on my best behaviour, in spite of what my paws tell me.

    Big hugs to a little lady.


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    1. Of course I’m a pup, Shoko. And you are a kittie. I am a shih tzu kind of pup and yes, I am pretty little (charmer). I have a strong feeling Santa will bring you and your sister good presents. *hugs* ~Gracie


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