Almost Wordless Wednesday

Thanks to Comedy Plus for hosting the
Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!

The peeps are eating different than they used to. And sometimes they don’t even eat dinner.

Now they think it is a good idea for me and Xena to not eat dinner one night a week too. They call it a “fast,” but I think it should be called a “slow.” Do you know what we think of our forced participation? Phhthhhh!

Love and wiggles, Lucy and Xena Schnauzer Warrior Princess

24 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday

    1. Well, they can’t exactly leave us alone, either, or there would be noone to feed us at all. Oh wait, you meant don’t make us starve. Maybe we should start a petition… XOX Xena and Lucy


    1. Neither do we! We bugged them both all evening, thinking they had just forgotten. But the second time it happened, we sorta figured it out. Doesn’t mean we liked it! XOX Xena and Lucy


  1. Mom never eats dinner. And hasn’t for a long long time. Her medicine tells her tummy not to do it. I, on the other hand, eat dinner TWICE. I have been getting a snack before bed to keep my hungry belly filled longer. If Mom takes away either one of my dinners, I will eat her!

    Love and licks,

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  2. We have an avocado tree and this avocado cartoon is absolutely true. It lays there in the bowl beautiful and green and big and then suddenly is black and have to throw it away. I must say dear Lucy that you are looking absolutely stunning today I kissed your nose I hope you felt it. How dare they make you miss a meal

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    1. We get the avocadoes when they turn black, Miss Sandra. They are still delicious, but don’t tell our Mom or Dad that. I sure wish we could fix our own meals. We’d eat like hobbits! XOX Lucy


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