Wordy Wednesday Skype-ing

Thanks to Comedy Plus 
for hosting the
Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

Since March of this year, so many folks who never “attended” an on-line meeting or used that type of media are now old hands at it. Our precious Angel Lexi, always a precocious schnauzer, was way ahead of the curve in her use of social media, and I don’t mean just blogging. It seems timely to revisit her skype call with her boyfriend Noodle. Be sure to hit the little square on the bottom right to go to full screen and have your sound on. You’ll probably have to watch it twice to catch the text portion as well as the video portion. (At least we had to, it goes by quicky.)
Lexi the Schnauzer and Noodle (of Noodle for President) talk about their Valentine’s date and future plans. Enjoy!

22 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday Skype-ing

  1. AWWW! That was super cute and very sweet! A precious memory as well.

    Years ago, petcretary was taking care of our Auntie’s pup…(Angel MJF and the visitor was Angel Murphy). When she came back to her home, she called us to let us know she would be picking Murphy up the next day…we let her say hello to Murphy…and hew went all crazy, and looked out the window to find her, etc. He was distraught! It even made Auntie weep…and that pup was only 3or4 months old at the time…we dared not ever do that again!

    A video? Who knows what that would have done to Murphy’s head:)

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  2. So cute and so well done. I’ve done conference calls back in the day, but not Zoom. I’m sure I would do fine.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

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  3. as soon as I stop laughing at the thought of the WIEMS mom doing a zoom meeting, i will type my comment. brahahah. this video is darling.. my first ever zoom canine style… i have never zoomed or skyped or facetimes. i have done maybe 5 FB video chats, but i don’t know anyone who wants to do any of this, most of my family are to busy and all 4 of them have only smart phones to use

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