Lucy’s Sunday Selfie and a Quiz

Thank you so much, Cat on My Head, for hosting Sunday Selfies.

This is Lucy. While I do not like having my picture taken, I will do it for my Mom and my friends in Blogville. If you’re a regular reader you already know that with our selfies, we’ve started doing a little quiz to see how well you know us. Don’t worry, you won’t be graded; it’s just for fun. We’re doing one each Sunday until each of us has had our turn. This is Sunday #3, so just one more to go. Here’s my selfie *sigh*.

Now for the quiz. I came up with these. I hope you get them all right!

  1. Mom has assigned us all numbers, just like on the Netflix show, The Umbrella Academy. Which number am I? (Hint: It’s the order in which we joined the family.)
    a. #2
    b. #4
    c. #1
    d. #3
  2. Mom says my picture is in the dictionary next to this word:
    a. Quiet
    b. Vicious
    c. Fussy
    d. Compliant
  3. My favorite pastime is (Hint: Look at my selfie.)
    a. Going for car rides
    b. Laying in the sun
    c. Watching TV
    d. none of the above
    e. all of the above
  4. Which of these statements is true?
    a. I growl at anyone coming in the door.
    b. I am scared of strangers.
    c. I am the healthiest dog in our household.
    d. I love to learn new things.

The answers are at the bottom of the page.
Happy Sunday! *wags and wiggles!* Lucy


25 thoughts on “Lucy’s Sunday Selfie and a Quiz

  1. Thanks, Beanie! That’s why my Hebrew name is Ora. It means shiny, and other stuff. I don’t know why I have a Hebrew name, cause I’m not Hebrew or anything, but I like it. Hey, maybe we could ask lay out in the sun together! *wags* Lucy

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  2. I missed 2 which is half and I thought I knew you. so I am guessing you like laying in the grass and shade not sunbeams. you and Big Boy and Beau all share the compliant and best dog ever thing. LOVE your selfie, even if you did not enjoy having it taken… want to hug you. if you ever need a home, I am here for you

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    1. 2 is half of what, Miss Sandra? I’m not very good at math. And did I do something wrong on my quiz, Miss Sandra? I love laying in the sun. I’m wagging because you think I’m one of the best dogs ever! But I promised Dad I’d never leave again. XOXO Lucy


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