Grooming with Mom: Barkley

Lucy, Ace Reporter with another episode of Grooming With Mom on WGWM. And many thanks to Brian’s Thankful Thursday, with special thanks to Brian for hosting it! 

Today I have another new groom to introduce to you. We are always thankful for new pups to groom, and this one is no exception. Barkley was one of those little “designer” puppies that gets sold to big dog store enterprises and was purchased by his first owner sight unseen. The woman kept him in a cage most of the time and said she couldn’t get him house broken. Fast forward six months, and Barkley finds himself being carried into a dog shelter. His current owner intercepted the woman and asked to have him. “No problem!” the woman said as she handed Barkley over to the next chapter in his life.

Barkley’s new Mom is crazy about him and has a six-year-old daughter who adores him. It took less than a week to house break this precious little boy. He was sold as a schnauzer/yorkie mix, but neither his new Mom nor Groomer Mom can find those breeds just by looking at him. He definitely has poodle hair! His new, furever Mom is a hairdresser, and was referred to us here at Small Dog Grooming by one of her clients. She takes him to work with her, where he gets to interact with people all day.

Barkley’s first grooming appointment started off with him refusing to have his nails cut, even with his Mom staying and helping. You’ve all seen the picture of Chia in the hanging body device to get her nails cut, right? If not, here it is!

This is NOT Barkley. This is Chia.

Barkley did great at getting his nails cut while he was “hanging around,” and his Mom thought it was ingenious! The rest of the groom went well, and Groomer Mom got lots of kisses. Barkley got what Groomer Mom calls a “winter cut” where she leaves the hair on his body long. Here he is with his new “look.”

Just for fun, here are his before and after pictures side-by-side. The lighting was different, but the color he is in the “after” picture is his true color. Didn’t want you to think he got a dye job, BOL!

We think his Mom’s clients are going to be very pleased with Barkley’s new look!

That’s it for today, folks. This is Lucy, Ace Reporter, signing off with *wags* on another successful episode of Grooming with Mom.

29 thoughts on “Grooming with Mom: Barkley

  1. Oh gosh, sweet Lucy…little Barkley looks adorable! And yes, he’s definitely part poodle. You mum did a fur-bulous job on him. So glad he found his new home, sounds like he won the dog lottery after that first owner. Good grief-that part of his story made us sad but is all too familiar. But now he can thrive and be happy. Hurrah!

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  2. Lucy Lucy Lucy!!!! You gotted to see an woof to Barkley??? Hee iss so so so cute! Mee thinkss mee mite have a wee crushie on Barkley….
    Wee are so happy THE Unnyverse put his Meowmy rite in place fore him to find his mew home an that hee came to Miss amy fore sum furabuluss groomin!!!
    Miss Amy….you did pawtastick!
    An Lucy yore reeport iss wudnerfull purr usual 😉
    ~~~head rubss~~~ BellaDharma~~~ an ((huggiess)) BellaSita Mum

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  3. WOW, Barkley is most handsome and his new cut is fabulous. What a terrible start that poor guy had but it sounds like he hit the jackpot with is forever home. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

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  4. Wildly clapping while standing for a standing ovation! He is absolutely adorable and I’m so glad that she got him before he had to go and be dropped off and be so sad that he was left and that he went to someone who loves him and takes him to work is even better. Good job new Mom and Grandma Mom. Love the cut love the color and my Google search land came up with Cavapoo. Most definitely some kind of poo which means part poodle haha

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