When Last We Met…

(This was supposed to be published 30 minutes before the eclipse, but I must not have hit the “publish” key hard enough – Lucy’s typist)

Mom said she would help me tell ya’ll what happened over the weekend while we wait for the solar eclipse. Mom didn’t get us any solar eclipse glasses, so we can’t exactly watch it. But Mom said it’s more fun to wait and see if anything strange happens, like if any zombies come out while it’s dark in the middle of the day. She promises to post pictures tomorrow that Dad is taking – that is, if we still have our brains.

When last we met, my brother Andrew had driven off and my pawrents were packing to leave (me). I was worried what was going to happen (to me). Well, here’s what happened:

On Thursday, Mom had me hop in the back seat of the car and took me to work. Woohoo! It was the day the peeps come in for paper food or vows to get food, or something like that. Anyhoo, I was able to make lots of people smile, and I think my Angel Sis was smiling, too. 🙂 Oh this is a picture of me exhausted from working so hard. The volunteer who gives the people paper is sitting behind the desk, but didn’t really want to be in the picture. Aren’t peeps silly?

You will never guess what happened next…Mom said I was going on vacation! She took me to my friend Ms. Martha ‘s house, where I vacationed earlier this year. Mom had my vacation bag all packed with my raw food and snacks. I was so excited, ’cause I just knew Ms. Martha and I were going to have a great time together. Ms. Martha had already made me doggie cookies. Mom told her that the oatmeal in them would make me run Ms. Martha out of the house, and then pointed to a spot under my tail. I have no idea what she meant, but I didn’t get the cookies.

I explored a bit before I went in for my supper. I went back outside and was still feeling a bit hungry so I grazed on some grass while watching for critters.

PicMonkey Collage


The next day I house sat for Ms. Martha while she was gone to a meeting. I did a good job and got some apples and blueberries for dessert. Can you see my ninja eyes in the first picture? That evening I guarded the back yard from the porch, where it is safe. I also met some new people who came with a loud machine that cut off all the grass so I couldn’t eat any more of it.

PicMonkey Collage (1)


After breakfast on Saturday I took a nap in the sun. I had to rest up for my visit with my pals Jax and Brody later that day.  We played and played until we were all worn out. The next day I laid in the front yard working on my bone while I waited for Mom and Dad to come and get me.

Lucy at Marthas collage 3

Now I’m back home after a good vacation. It’s nice to be with my Mom and Dad again! I hope to be back tomorrow with my brains still in my head and pictures to show you.

Love and wiggles, Lucy

20 thoughts on “When Last We Met…

  1. That’s a great vacation Lucy. I’ve just had one when Mom and Dad both had to fly out to check on Mom’s Dad and do some house repairs (usually Mom goes on her own so Dad can work and take care of me.

    I like all the things you got to do!

    Abby Lab

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  2. Sounds like you had a great vacay Lucy! Too bad you couldn’t have any of those doggie cookies but grass sounds delicious too! I love eating tall grass but my humom hates having to pull it out of my bum…(Was that too much information? BOL!) Your brindle coloring is so beautiful in the sun!

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  3. you live the life as it should be… one day at work and then 2 or 3 or 87 days of vacation with snacks and food… pawsome… I think all bosses of slice earth should follow this way and they will get the happiest staff ever ;o)

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    1. Te he. It never got really dark, and no walking dead. Mom’s gone off to work without me this morning, so I am definitely all here. ~Lucy


  4. I, m glad that you had a vacation. Mom hasn’t gone on one since 2002. She had her solar glasses, but it never got dark here. She did see the eclipse at 2:56. We did not know the difference.


  5. I’m glad that you had a vacation. Mom’s last one was in 2002. She had her solar glasses and she said that it never got totally or anywhere near dark. She did see the eclipse at about 2;56.

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  6. Lucy, Your own vacation! How cool is that! Sounds like you had a really good time with Ms. Martha. ~nose nudges Belle Pup

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